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File 127244748389.gif - (47.58KB , 1231x1083 , buttons_computer1copy.gif )
3628 No. 3628 ID: 0a3f01

amazing. this place is even worse that the real /tg/. i immediately regret coming here.
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No. 3629 ID: ceac17

Are you complaining about your transfer, as ordered by Friend Computer?
No. 3631 ID: 1ac39d

no one come here for the /TG/ they come here for the quests.
No. 3632 ID: 7524b0

Define 'worse'. Just saying it's worse in all respects is inaccurate. We have far less trolling here.
No. 3633 ID: f98e0b

That's because we don't have any posts.

Also namefags everywhere grr i hate them
No. 3635 ID: 25fc10

We have a /tg/?
No. 3636 ID: 3441fa

I dunno, the real /tg/ is kind of boring by comparison.
No. 3637 ID: f95872

>implying trolling is negative
No. 3638 ID: 43d730

You're right, I don't even think any of the quests have gone the transgender route yet.
If you want it, then just start up another thread.
No. 3639 ID: 1ac39d

shoujen is about a dude who was cursed by a evil wizard into becoming a girl. so yes, we have a quest involving transgender.
No. 3640 ID: 43d730

Blast, haven't been paying attention.
But there's still no TG on the /tg/ board.
No. 3893 ID: 92bbac
File 127561788347.jpg - (32.07KB , 207x500 , JimSmoke105.jpg )

Well, I wouldn't go as far to say worse. /tg/ was pretty bad...

But this place is certainly dead. It's even deader then Linktu.
No. 3894 ID: f98e0b

yep we are so dead
No. 3895 ID: e973f4

Yeah we almost might as well not have this board, to be honest.

Told Flynx we shoulda called it questchan. :V
No. 3922 ID: 6550ad


And people said that sounded silly.

But it totally doesn't.
No. 3923 ID: 8337d0
File 127603227842.jpg - (16.61KB , 294x294 , ohboyherewegojimcarrey.jpg )

>Jim Profit
No. 3934 ID: 9cb4b3

Me too, actually.
No. 3941 ID: 329d59

Is it supposed to be a bad thing? You can't ruin something that is dead.
No. 3943 ID: 692347

You would think that wouldn't you.
No. 3944 ID: 2eac65

If you have issues with him, bring them up when they manifest. Until then, there's no reason not to show him the same basic courtesy as everyone else. That's my philosophy on that.
No. 3946 ID: 059120

If he posts another Shikamaru they're all getting deleted, though.
No. 4091 ID: 35080f
File 128018089880.png - (892.83KB , 800x1050 , Sexydborn.png )

Damn people here can't draw.
No. 4092 ID: 93ebff

It's probably more a case of people not wanting to invest the time needed to make something look good.
No. 4094 ID: 047bb2

Excuse me, but saying "I could be good, but I can't be bothered" is like the worst excuse ever.
No. 4096 ID: c4c313
File 128025317592.jpg - (24.49KB , 640x480 , 9001hoursingimp.jpg )


Your mom is like the worst excuse ever.
No. 4099 ID: 526102

Not as bad as YOUR FACE

ooh burn
No. 4100 ID: 4f6e37

Good art ruins update speed, sad but true. The quests on /tg/'s art were exactly the same, if not worse, in quality than the quests on here. I think more people here want to tell stories than do art.

You're measuring Draw thread style concept art-type stuff (note how there's no background in your pic) against pictures that need to be consistent in telling their story and relatively fast in doing so. Which means that art like that, while impressive, would be fucking stupid for what we're trying to do here since it signifies very little and takes too long for something few people would bother noticing since they're too busy paying attention to the story.

6/10. Bettah luck next time.
No. 4101 ID: 70d9eb

Personally I find a lot of quests' art more visually appealing than that picture.
I pop bones to Weaver pictures.
No. 4102 ID: c1c607

He could have meant /draw/ or the fanart thread, in which case I agree with him.
But yeah, basically this:
>More people here want to tell stories than do art.
No. 4108 ID: d560d6

/draw/ doesn't really attract many drawfags. It's mostly quest authors larking about. This isn't an art community so much as an interactive fiction community who use art for effect.
No. 4109 ID: fcb1c4

Newfag here, what's /draw for anyway? I mean, who's supposed to post there and what?
No. 4114 ID: a6008c

Anyone can post there, and you post any art you have drawn that you want posted there.

It is an art dump for art you yourself have drawn.
No. 4116 ID: 586db0

It may be a bad excuse, but that doesn't prevent it from being true. To ad-lib a pseudo-formula, i'd say (skill + talent) x (motivation + time) = quality

...or something. I dunno.
No. 4219 ID: 44484c

I hope my recent use of /draw/ as drawthread porn dump has been acceptable. I've been trying for a while to get the place more active and get some more of the drawfags to make the trip over. At the very least they know about it and know it's an open option for posting there. I got a few ideas other threads there, and while I never expect it to be the fastest board, I think it'll be far less neglected.

Not to be too insulting, but I think it might have been the board that really has gotten the place a bad reputation.
No. 4220 ID: 754124

>Not to be too insulting, but I think it might have been the board that really has gotten the place a bad reputation.
Nope. Every board on the site sucks for its own reasons.
No. 4221 ID: 44484c

Well, all I really see is a lack of posts for the most part, here. General does a bit better, though I haven't been drawn into many of the topics. Not sure about the quest boards, cause I honestly don't check them much.
No. 4222 ID: d677cc

The boards that aren't /quest/ or /questdis/ are slow because they aren't /quest/ or /questdis/, which are basically what the website is centered around.
No. 4223 ID: 320280

I do wish our /tg/ were more active. Near everyone here is a traditional gaming fan and this is a nearly derp free zone. By all rights the game stories thread should be packed for instance. Hell, I'd even listen to DH and "my awesome paladin" stories.

Ok, that last is a lie.
No. 4229 ID: 2dd0ba

Silly Stranger, Quests are what we do here.

So many quests, good god.
No. 4230 ID: 8e18cd


Go away, Gnome. Let people discuss what they want. The world doesn't resolve around quests.
No. 4232 ID: 44484c

Why don't you put the whole world in a quest, Gnome?

Though, thanks of course for bringing me here. I still haven't made any real plans for that ONE quest I talked about.
No. 4233 ID: 4531bc

No. 10281 ID: 2964de

No. 11758 ID: e83ce8

RPG Chan when
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