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File 125648825013.jpg - (109.54KB , 873x627 , Holy dicks I'm orgasming.jpg )
2728 No. 2728 ID: 8e18cd

So who's hyped up for the new Skaven models and lack of battlefield domination from clan Skyre?

Clan Pestiliens is getting a whole lot of new stuff. Same goes for Clan Moulder. And there's something for Clan Skyre too...

I'm all hyped up.
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No. 2731 ID: bd36a1
File 125649348016.gif - (51.15KB , 393x447 , ScreamingBell.gif )

hyped up like CRAZY, though now I don't know what I want to do with my army, since I really like the new Moulder and Skryre stuff, but in the few games I've played, my Plague Monks are the only things that have done a damn thing :<
No. 3392 ID: c3ce7f

The Army List has lots of great ideas in it but I still think they dropped the warpstone on quite a lot in the list, sadly, and that's not touching on all the stupid rules errors that's in it too.
No. 3419 ID: 4da923

Stormvermin look absolutely fucking epic. Clanrats look okay, too, but the Stormvermin... Fff.
No. 3492 ID: 95ab41

if only Stormvermin were as good as their new models look
No. 3498 ID: c5ce35


I'm *so* glad I'm not the only person who imagined a seer singing that.
No. 10955 ID: f96a1d

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