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File 125186600858.jpg - (129.33KB , 900x1165 , eclipse_phase.jpg )
1995 No. 1995 ID: 1b3493

Everybody else has a thread on it, why not /tg/chan?

Glad to see transhuman gaming getting some love. Hopefully it will spur Steve Jackson Games to release more Transhuman Space.
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No. 1996 ID: 789c25

Unlikely, Transhuman Space lacked much potential for gameplay not totally centered around social stuff.
No. 1998 ID: 8d3faa

This is awesome. I love it.
No. 2309 ID: 0a90bd
File 125291799084.gif - (13.57KB , 450x450 , SCIENCE.gif )

No. 2359 ID: 5a1906
File 125325587281.jpg - (22.78KB , 400x500 , 1241552238384.jpg )

Balancing suggestions?


Enhancements: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical
Stack, Cyberbrain, Mnemonic Augmentation, Enhanced vision
Aptitude Maximum: 40
Durability: 40
Wound Threshold: 8
Advantages: +10 COG, +5 REF, +10 SOM, +5 to two
other aptitudes of the player’s choice, Armor 8/8
Mobility System: Walking (4/24)
Disadvantages: Uncanny Valley trait, Social Stigma (Clanking Masses) trait
CP Cost: 70
Credit Cost: Expensive (minimum 40,000+)
No. 6228 ID: dbbe4a

I'm digesting the sucker now. I plan on running a mix of Magnum PI meets Mission Impossible on Venus. It's going to be grand.
No. 6233 ID: bf1e7e

The funniest thing I've heard about this is that, in the long run, the best body to have is a standard human one.

No. 6236 ID: 8c73c8

most likely because computer viruses and stuff.
No. 6243 ID: 900c9c

Eclipse Phase is pretty good as a concept, and the background fluff is amazing! The rules though, some of them are questionable. But as a setting and concept work, it is true genius.
No. 6251 ID: f5c7b6
File 130230240333.jpg - (131.73KB , 417x496 , Transhuman Space Police Cordon.jpg )


Not really. You could have, say, combat heavy games.

You just couldn't really have them in First-Wave nations, much like how in the modern day you don't have frequent bouts of murderous mayhem erupt in the streets. First-Wave is more for social stuff and stuff in the vein of CSI or so on.

If you wanted messy, combative shit you set yur campaign in 3rd-Wave nations, much like how pretty much all current-day wars, mercenary operations, etc. are set in our 3rd-world nations.

Or you did stuff in space. Space is serious grey-area shit in THS.
No. 6255 ID: 41f341

Fluff is good. Mechanics are terrible.

Needs a re-write.
No. 6260 ID: 900c9c

Agreed, the background fluff for Eclipse Phase is great, and the fiction in the books is awesome (Sunward!) but the mechanics can fall flat at times. If you play with a really good group, you'll get some great mileage out of the game.
No. 6269 ID: 41f341

The mechanics just need a new system.

d100 and they way they've used it, is too complex for what they're doing. Some neat ideas in there, like faster reflexes allowing more actions, but again, they make it too complicated, and the more complicated it gets the worse the balance is, and Eclipse Phase pretty much throws attempts to balance out the window.

It's tempting to try and re-write all the mechanics myself, but I'm not sure I really want to invest into doing that...
No. 6270 ID: 900c9c

Again, if you play with a good group, it's awesome. Balance only comes into play when dealing with THAT GUY.
No. 6284 ID: dbbe4a

How did I know it was THAT GUY again...
No. 6463 ID: 35ae80

What do you even DO in these kinds of games?
No. 6529 ID: 41f341

Son, you never played an RPG before?

It's all about telling a story, except instead of gathering around grandpa and listening to him tell it, you get to join in the fun and create the story with him as you go.
No. 6571 ID: 30df25

You can't play it like a video game dungeon romp, nor a tabletop skirmish game, that's for fucking sure. This isn't your dad's "fantasy wish fulfillment" gaming; this is the even-older-school "what would you do if ...?" speculative role-playing.

If you're stuck for how to GM a transhuman & postscarcity setting, you can always hit The Big List of RPG Plots.
No. 11173 ID: 201f97
File 145809201106.jpg - (218.97KB , 1200x758 , MARS__Valles_Marineris_by_Grafik.jpg )

I've had a lot of fun with Eclipse Phase. My current attention is focused on Mars due to the potential for mixing up cyberpunk and western tropes (with a layer of transhuman goodness and conspiracy).
No. 11231 ID: af6e04

Sorry for bumping an old thread but I LOVE Eclipse Phase. I have physical copies of the books. I've made like a dozen characters. I really REALLY want to play but I can't find a group. All my friends are only interested in D&D
No. 11236 ID: bfbff9

EP looks really neat but unfortunately the two games I've been kind of fell apart more or less in the first session.

One, alas, was more or less due to the strain on the GM of arbitrating space-google and our team was... not very coherent. We had a megalomaniacal socialite, a stealth operative guy with no feelings (which made him very sad) who wanted to take his sniper rifle everywhere, a small annoying child, a psychic OCD space gypsy, Cortana and an octopus.

Unfortunately they couldn't all be the best character like the space gypsy.
No. 11435 ID: 9d1e7c

I'm trying to run Cowboy Bebop/Futurama in the vicinity of Mars, sounds like some overlap.
No. 11436 ID: 9a7d5a

Has anyone tried the Fate hack of Eclipse Phase? I like the setting but feel the game system's really clunky.
No. 11437 ID: af6e04

Yeah, it is pretty clunky. (especially combat is awful)

I'd like to give the Fate hack a try but haven't had the chance.
No. 11475 ID: 96ad17

>Glad to see transhuman gaming getting some love. Hopefully it will spur Steve Jackson Games to release more Transhuman Space.

do not wat
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