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File 12509267786.jpg - (109.60KB , 402x599 , 402px-MkVIII_Errant.jpg )
1635 No. 1635 ID: a91907

I fucking hate the Corvus armour. I really think WH40K needs more Errant armours. They look so fucking cool.
No. 1638 ID: 1afd58

It is errant because you have to cut off your right arm to use it.
No. 1639 ID: a91907

The guy in the figure is sobstituting his right arm with an anal drill, but the anal drill was to crude to be showed in the PGV website where the illustration originally belonged
No. 2974 ID: 5d1d88

How does one differentiate an anal drill from any other large drill?
No. 2975 ID: 697b23

Location, location, location.

Also, wai 2 necropost.
No. 2976 ID: 43d730

I think they need bubble helmets, pulp serial sci-fi style.
No. 3105 ID: 046432

>I think they need bubble helmets, pulp serial sci-fi style.

haha, if I find the plastic for it that's a convertion waiting to happen.
No. 3117 ID: 308169

I always assumed that was what the sergeants and such wore, just they were really, really clear.
No. 3118 ID: f348ea

I figure they're just so badass they can breathe in space.
No. 3121 ID: 4553b2

Much like Batman?
No. 11256 ID: 4dc2d2

Only Guilliman can breathe in space anon.
No. 11258 ID: 398fe1

No. 11265 ID: 4dc2d2

Very powerful necromancy at that.
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