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File 12498385389.jpg - (127.21KB , 500x410 , devil-may-cry-4.jpg )
1469 No. 1469 ID: a91907

sup /tg/chan?

I really wo0uld like to see a quest on Devil may cry serie.
What d'ya think about it?
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No. 1472 ID: c80cec
File 124984523317.jpg - (52.71KB , 572x322 , nero.jpg )

I think you've got a pretty jacked up notion of fair play, pal.
No. 1473 ID: 1afd58

The problem is that Dante's only tool for doing anything is SHOOT DEMON or CUT DEMON.

Feels like it'd get old rather fast.
No. 1474 ID: 4f736e

Don't forget FLIP THING THROUGH AIR. But that's usually in cutscenes.
No. 1476 ID: 88e337
File 124985140344.jpg - (28.22KB , 365x362 , Devil_May_Cry_3_mission_9_puzzle.jpg )

He also solve puzzles sometimes...
Ok slashing thing, but that's not the whole point...
No. 1477 ID: 88e337
File 12498525198.png - (69.31KB , 240x400 , Character-Dante.png )

C'mon kid show me what do you got!
No. 1478 ID: 9a71e2

The other problem is the general style of the games translating badly to the quest format.
>Shoot minions
>Do backflip
>Shoot more minions
>Jump onto spire and pose
>Shoot minions
>Become tired of shooting minions, kick them apart instead
>Punch minions to pieces
>Acquire larger gun, shoot minions
No. 1479 ID: a91907
File 12498539114.jpg - (183.12KB , 454x342 , devil_may_cry_-_lady.jpg )

Well you can just borrow the badasses characters and think something different of slashing your way trough 20 levels of fuckin' walkin' hell.

Thinking "out of the box" Dante is a sort of detective of mysterious cases related to demons, so he can get involved in a investigation quest. Of course with the occasional slashing and shooting at the occasional minions but not centered on it.
And of course the occasional cool posing (pick related)
No. 1480 ID: 88e337
File 124985420621.jpg - (83.94KB , 677x685 , demonelephant.jpg )

For example Dant can get involved in a investigation conducted on a behalf of a dorf customer who want to find out what the fuck happened in the dorf fortress name BOATMURDER, so Dante have to investigate the smoking ruin of the fortress getting involved in a story of madness, flaming dwarves, lava traps not handled rightly and fuckin' demon elephants!
No. 1482 ID: 4b96a7

>demon elephants

I'm sold.
No. 1483 ID: 9a71e2

Then it sounds like you want someone similar to dante, not specifically dante.
No. 1484 ID: a91907

I'll say something with devil may cry characters that doesn't specifically follow the hack'n'slash style
No. 1530 ID: 9a71e2
File 125022610015.png - (183.02KB , 944x2966 , 1224549896004.png )

No. 11768 ID: c7757d
File 157302114923.jpg - (32.12KB , 678x452 , BFF20536-298A-4B77-A774-C6B8EB185333.jpg )

You know what is funny the next game that you’ll get you’ll want to forget
And you will have to wait 10 years for the game you actually wanted
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