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File 157003786826.png - (3.37KB , 200x200 , placeholder.png )
11750 No. 11750 ID: e7c7d3

Lost Mine of Phandelver

Over five hundred years ago, a pact was made between a clan of gnomes and dwarves which became known as the Phandelver Pact. Together they mined the magically rich ores within Wave Echo Cave. Human spellcasters from nearby Phandalin joined forces with them and together they combined their collective skills to create a forge to craft magical items dubbed the Forge of Spells. Everything came to an abrupt end when orcs, craving magical treasures, sieged Phandalin and the Wave Echo Cave mine. The battle destroyed Phandalin and much of the mine as well, causing various cave-ins throughout. Very few survived the conflict to relate the tale. The Forge of Spells become legend and the entrance to Wave Echo Cave was lost.

Hey everyone, Doomsby here Looking For Group!

As the title says, I'm going to be running The Lost Mine of Phandelver. I feel it'll be a good way to shake of the cobwebs on my DM'ing skills and also this module appears to be fairly friendly to new comers. Ultimately, the goal of running this is to help find other players that I can mesh with and have some good TTrpg times, not to perfectly go through this module. So while this sounds pessimistic, if there's a problem with the group, you just don't like how I run things, or things just don't work out, there's no stress to drop out. I'm willing to restart things and retread over stuff to find a group to have fun with. Hopefully we all can find a good group fairly quickly. That all said, let's go over some things.

About myself:

I got into D&D at the tail end of 3.5, joined in on a campaign as a half-orc wizard. Most of my D&D experience is with 4th edition. Both playing and running games. Just had a consistent group that we did a lot of short campaigns together. Unfortunately, when playtesting for 5th edition started rolling out, the group moved apart due to life things. So my experience with 5th was shaky until recently. I've played enough of it that I can say I'm confident about the rules, but this will be my first time running a game in this particular system.

Now how do I describe my style of DMing? I do tend to prefer style over structure. I'm fine with bending the rules if it means it'll help a characters narrative and theme, but not for someone looking for a powerful build. I also try to make fights a bit more interesting beyond some baddies standing in a room. I do have the flaw that I'm bad at balancing said baddies, usually my fights swing wildly between cakewalk and fatal. Since we're doing a premade module, that shouldn't be a problem for this campaign. I don't think that a game should be heavily in combat or in roleplay, but a good mix of the two. I believe that some sessions should be dungeon crawling, and some sessions should be roleplaying against random npcs. Although, for the most part this module does lean more towards combat, with a good chunk of roleplaying more in the middle. On the scale of serious vs. silly, I do tend to fall towards the serious side of things. I do have the policy that everything presented to the players will be straight-faced, and I do expect the players to do the same with their characters. That said, humour is part of having a good time and I have no issue with people telling jokes or making silly suggestions for laughs outside of character. With the standard caveat of as long as it doesn't completely distract from the game. I also like to think that I can handle players going off the rails and blazing new trails, but that's more of something that has to be proven rather than said.

I am accepting players new to the game. I have no problem help walking people through the games mechanics and I like to think that I'm a patient DM. However, I'm not necessarily the best teacher, so I ask new players be patient with me as well.

I do hope to do a session 0.

Currently aiming for playing every week at 6:00pm MDT on saturday evenings. However, my schedule is currently very flexible, so times can change to meet the need of the entire group if need be. Going to also aim for about four hour-long sessions.

Game is going to be ran on Roll20 with chat happening over Discord.

How about yourself? I've got some questions to introduce yourself and help see if we can work together as a group. I would also like to stress that this isn't school. There are no marks or even really a right answer for most questions.
For new players, if a question seems to be about D&D specifically, you can use your experience with other RPGs, such as Skyrim or WoW.

1.)Name: Not necessarily your real name, but rather what you'd like to be called while playing the game.

2.)Time: Does the time work for you? Do you need it nudge in one direction or another? Does it just really not work?

3.)Experience: What's your experience with RPG's? Are you a veteran of D&D? Only played videogame RPG's? Played a videogame based on D&D? Read the books and want to give it a try?

4.)Making a character: How do you go about making a character? Do you like to go with what'd look cool? Do you come up with a giant backstory first? Do you go with what gives you the best stats and dice? Do you let the dice decide things? Do you just go with whatever the group needs after everyone else has decided? There are many ways to go about it and I want to know what you do.

5.)Seriousness: I mentioned about what level of seriousness I like for games, but what about yourself? You looking for a good romp through the woods, stomping on all the elves? Do you like it when everyone is treats a NPC with sincerity? Are you just here to watch and see what the others do? Do you start to itch if people get too into a joke?

6.)Scenario: Here's a scenario. You and your party just got out of a vicious fight. You're all low on health and tight on healing when suddenly your character notices a small side-room just filled with gold. Let's be honest, it's obviously a trap. But your character is described as greedy and has a low wisdom stat. What does you character do, and why?

6.)Expectations: What are you wanting out of this game? Is there anything that you expect from me as a DM? Are there things that would make you drop this game?

If you have any questions, leave a post or feel free to bug me on the TGchan Discord.
No. 11751 ID: 0efe8e

1.I mostly go by Vios.

2.The time works fine for me, if it needs to be changed for others that doesn't really bother me.

3.I have been playing D&D as both a player and GM for about 6 years, though I haven't played in a while so I might be a bit rusty.

4.I try to come up with a basic idea for a character, then I refine them based on the needs of the party and the way the dice roll. Once I've got down the the skeleton of a character I write a small bit of background for them unless the GM asks me not to.

5.Serious is fun, but you need some comedic stupidity to balance it out, so long as the jokes never escalate too much.

6.If I'm playing some one greedy yet dumb, and I smell treasure you bet I'm going for it, consequences be damned.

7.I'm just looking to have fun and get back into playing D&D.
No. 11752 ID: 7ebbf9

1) It me, Arhra.
2) Time works for me.
3) Played D&D before but the 5e campaigns I've been in have been pretty short-lived. Have tried a fair few other systems though.
4) Go for a mix of role filling and what I think is a neat idea for a character that is also fun to play in the game mechanics.
5) As far as plots go generally should be something serious enough that you can get invested but humour in the moment is good.
6) "Hey guys, gold!" Gotta grab that gold (and give the party a chance to stop me ruining everything)
7) Be good to get back into a game. For me I always really like seeing the players interact with each other and the characters and world around them.
No. 11753 ID: eb1fcc

1. Riotmode

2: that actually seems to be the worst possible time for me unfortunately, converting it to utc 6pm for you is the dead of midnight for me and I work at 4 AM

3. Decent experience, been through about 6 campaigns across varying characters though I can't claim to have gotten a proper ending in any of them.

4. I usually focus on backstory and character dynamics, I like flawed characters that clash with other party members for fun interactions. Notably, one character I'm looking to bring to the table is Scamper Tallow, a masked and heavily scarred engineer who has a deep-rooted loathing for magic and, by extension, wizards. She'll work with them, but she's not comfortable in the slightest around them.

5.I quite like semi-serious settings, about at the level of terry pratchett. Japery is welcome, but must be tempered to the world's overall tone.
I don't want to be conversing with a character named King Bonerton Gonnadie if it's an intrigue plot and we're tasked with preventing his assasination, but some rogue popping out of the shadows and shanking someone in the dick for killing their buddies in a previous mission wouldn't be out of place, as an example.

6. my expectations are mostly good worldbuilding and open-ended encounters. Things that would make me drop the game would be inconsistent player characters, time-slot conflicts, or learning my playstyle is negatively impacting other players.
No. 11754 ID: 3ce8ff

2.)time works baring changes in my life.
3.)back in highschool i participated in some freeform roleplays and some dnd but they tended to not get far past character creation. I am currently participating in a drop in dnd table.
4.)generally let dice decide unless i see something cool, work better trying to work a given set of traits then come up with them myself.
5.)much of my early RP experience was mostly hanging back and watching. I would suspect I would be part of the group of people who might get too into a joke.
6.)if it is an obvious trap to the low wisdom character there is room for internal debate depending on just HOW low health I'm at, however if that is out of character knowledge then that is a room full of free gold and I would be stupid to turn down such an opportunity just cause i'm hurt.
6.)i'm not entirely sure, as i think this drop in game i'm in now (an in person game on wednesdays) is the first campaign that is reasonably well DMed, so my hopes are as high as 'not another character creator simulator'
No. 11755 ID: 867391

1.)Name: cragum

2.)Time: 6 peem saturdays in my time zone is fine, yeah.

3.)Experience: I have been an active player and DM in multiple systems, i started in dungeoneer, then ad&d and continued from there. My experience with 5e is limited to a test run my group did that we didn't think very highly of when 5e was shiny and new. I'm interested in giving it a deeper try because reasons.

4.)Making a character: Context is pretty important here. I do try to fill in missing roles if I'm aware of a lack, but otherwise I'll generally try to come up with a concept and build the character and backstory as the mechanics come together. by the end of creation i will usually as a rule have a personality in mind for said character and some sort of long term goal which resulted in adventuring, though it usually doesn't end up on paper just reflected in the actions of said character.

5.)Seriousness: I enjoy any and all levels of seriousness from the goofy romp through candyland to the desperate battle through an evil king's dungeon to save the last known survivor of the kingdom's true royalty. The only caveat to that is i generally don't enjoy visiting the DM's 'magical realm.'

6.)Scenario: Call the party's attention to it and either go do the looty-looty (if i'm rogue) or let the party figure it out (if they are my keepers).

6.)Expectations: As a long time veteran player and DM, I am always interested in experiencing new groups and systems in order to try to get inspiration and keep things interesting for my mainline group. I expect you as a DM to keep things fair and to herd the cats all players are known to be. I do not forsee anything that would cause me to drop the game, but if something does come up I will do my best to give as much warning as I can.
No. 11756 ID: 33056f

1) Name: A giant hat.
2) 6 pm Saturday is a claimed time slot for me, and so few aren't that I'm just hoping to be a spectator really, it was a fun questionnaire.
3) Only been in 5e games that lasted more than a few sessions really, but I've also played to both extremes of narrative (dungeon world) and mechanical (shadowrun). Side note, don't play Shadowrun unless you're prepared to rewrite the rules from the ground up.
4) I like to come up with a build that sounds fun to play which then informs the character. Once the character is created though, any leftover choices are about what the character would choose.
5) I like a game where the players can joke around even if the characters stay in it.
6) I would probably try to defeat the trap with cleverness instead of brawn. Even if my character is not so good at cleverness, if they squint hard enough they might see a pulley or tripwire to toss an axe at... Triggering it anyway.
7) Like I said, not expecting I'll be able to get in due to time constraints (I can dream though), but I'd like to see how a trip to Phandelver goes.
No. 11757 ID: e5e15e


2.)Time: Works

3.)Experience: Played SR, have no actual experience with D&D. Have played Skyrim and other RPGs.

4.)Making a character: Come up with a concept I want to play and character build around that. Can stat to fit the party, but I think I'd prefer to stat around the character.

5.)Seriousness: I think I prefer more serious games, and am very plot oriented. If we're progressing that I'll probably be happy. Not opposed to ooc shitposting though.

6.)Scenario: Hypothetical scenario, and assuming low wisdom doesn't mean dumb, they'd start focusing on how to get the gold out without putting themselves in danger. If this means manipulating a NPC or trying

6.)Expectations: I want a game that'll let me play the character to the end, and ideally allow for inter-party conflict without it being an ooc issue. Something that has a hard goal we're working to that we'll reach in a defined period of time (i.e. within six months of sessions for example) that'll complete the game.
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