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File 153598447374.png - (218.38KB , 1574x1140 , princess_template.png )
11537 No. 11537 ID: ab52c1

Hey, remember towergirls?

I recently got caught up on it and I thought it might be fun to start a tgchan generation. Something full of princesses that are near and dear to tgchan's heart.
Expand all images
No. 11538 ID: ab52c1
File 153598457932.png - (2.01MB , 1800x3212 , towergirls_gen_1.png )

Here's the final form of the first chart, in case anyone needs a reminder.

Now, what I feel is important is that each princess can't be just a direct reference to a single character from a single quest. They should be something more archetypal, although their items and traits might (and probably should) be call-outs to various quests.

So what we need to start is a big pile of ideas for princesses and items and traits, then all those things that can get refined into a set of twenty as concepts and designs solidify.
No. 11539 ID: ab52c1
File 153598460438.png - (62.63KB , 380x420 , towergirls_template.png )

Here's a few thoughts of my own to get the ball rolling.

Blank Slate Princess: Or chargen princess. Tabula rasa but your early decisions are extra important and prepare for unexpected consequences.

Amnesia Princess: Maybe they were evil or just prone to bad decisions in their previous existence. Time for a fresh start. Possibly too much overlap with blank slate.

Lab Princess: You wake up in a lab and... is a time honoured opener.

Critter Princesses: There's quite a few fantasy, sci-fi and original races that tgchan likes. Goblins, slimes, gnolls, cutebolds, mimiga, tozols, scellor...

Clothing Damage RPG: It's a literally a quest category in the wiki.

An idea I can't take any credit for but that I really liked is that the dragon of the generation is an undead dragon residing in the Quest Graveyard.
No. 11540 ID: ab52c1

Oh and I have just discovered that there's a word filter still in effect changing the names of those space rabbits from Lagotrope's quests to 'mimiga', which we all know they actually are.
No. 11541 ID: 33cbe7

-Badass Princess: A secret agent, lone wolf, killing machine, who shoots first and kills later. Solves puzzles by jamming the mechanism with corpses. Suggested influences: Static on the Wire, Polokoa Quest, tozols again.

-Creator Princess: Seemingly limitless powers to create, overwhelmed by the possibilities, easily distracted. Includes elements of TCP, Genesis, and far too many shorter-lived void filling quests to count.

-Date Princess: Her life seems to revolve around you, love at first sight. But, something darker lurks beneath the surface? Comes from quests about dating: Enemy Quest, Coxwette, Dragon Romance, Spookquest. Datequest
(Might want a lighthearted counterpart - sort of a dwarf i/dwarf ii situation?)

-Bodyswap princess: Always waking up in a new body. Sometimes even your body! Perhaps it's the same body, but radically changed in some way. Idiom quests are a genre unto themselves, but there are certainly other authors (*cough* OP) who do this too.

-Scientist princess: Look, someone's got to be running the lab Lab Princess ran away from. They don't understand why their test subjects keep making things so difficult. They only want to help! The procedure is totally safe. For Scientist Princess. On the protagonist side, we have Tory, Eezeryh, the Science Team, maybe others. On the antagonist side we have the Voice of the Alchemist and a whole lot more (and Tory again).

-Shipwreck princess: Where else do protagonists wake up? Next to the smoking wreckage of a vehicle. Survivalist by trade or necessity. Might not have had a lot of company before you came along.

-A princess somehow embodying the concept of body part days (and perhaps tgchan's lust for lewd fanart in general). Hard pressed to think of a name (Bodypart Princess suggests something else entirely, Exhibitionist is too broad)

-A certain ant-shaped princess representing a certain spoiler function of the board. The counterpart to the TGChan holiday princess above, illustrating the duality of man.

-Talisman of infinite psyche is a natural dowry choice, though its usefulness (and wisdom) is questionable.
-Perhaps John as a courtier? Coincidentally, another gen has already incorporated a sergal princess.
No. 11542 ID: ce9d3e
File 153602543771.jpg - (82.99KB , 372x400 , CuteboldTG.jpg )

This is not following what you wanted, but I haven't done any art in a while and I wanted to post something!

Also the template you linked is super tiny, so I just screencapped the template on the actual image.
No. 11543 ID: ab52c1

ohno, she's cute.

The likes and dislike are just perfect too!

That's odd though, I just cropped the template out of the original image at 100% zoom. I'm still not really used to working in rasters instead of vector art. I should have remembered people prefer to work at a higher resolution than the final version!

There's a lot of good ideas here. I'd argue the body part days will probably work better if they're worked in as a sub theme of a few princesses though, they don't stand alone well.

Bodyswap might work as a robot? Memoriam and Rollback sprung immediately to mind. Static on the Wire had a little bit of that as well with Sev-Three-Six-Two. Perhaps a Wetware item to load the princess into organic bodies, a Shell Upgrade to modify the current body and the lust item can be the Upload Chip for sharing the digital immortality around?

Orb of Infinite Psyche could be a Grave Dragon Princess item? It gives questionable advice, but things tend to work out if you follow it.
No. 11544 ID: ce9d3e

Wait, you're right, it ended up being the same size either way. I don't know what I'm talking about evidently.
No. 11545 ID: ab52c1
File 153606046781.png - (32.25KB , 720x470 , blank_princess_face_trial.png )

I thought I'd take a stab at a princess I had some ideas for. Also trying out two options for the face. Considering using 'X Y Quest' instead of 'X Y Kingdom'.

Fresh Start Kingdom's

+Charmingly naive
+Fast learner
+As you like it
-Bland at first
-Prepare for unexpected consequences

(might replace a minus with 'Inconsistent')

Love: 2
Lust: 2
Wealth: 2
Power: 2

Item 1: ???
Item 2: ???
Tabula Rasa: Raise a princess's Love, Lust, Wealth or Power but lower another

"On the cusp of making a life for herself, this princess was kidnapped by a dragon! Where will her journey take her?"

<3: Vanilla
<3: ???
</3: ???

Let me know what you think.
No. 11546 ID: 33cbe7

Perhaps later, we'll determine the queens of bodypart days and incorporate those into the likes/assets of whichever archetype they inspire.

Meanwhile, a princess concept from a stranger land:
Evolution Quest's Evo/Mutant Princess. Pro: A product of millennia of natural selection! Con: terrifying alien biology. Oh god, where's the everything? Evo games are relatively sparse on this board (Cthulhu runs one presently and Puruu Quest is based off such a setting), but they are apparently popular on /qst/, and /tg/ before that.
Items: natural defenses (a venomous stinger or something), tribal jewelry, a lostech bord artifact.
No. 11547 ID: 33cbe7

I like the right's exposed eyes more! Really sells that blank, mannequin-like stare.
I'd definitely replace the first negative with Inconsistent.
One item could have the Amethyst Gossamer's 'select a dowry' function. Another could be a scanning lens that lets you analyze the 'stats' of things.
No. 11548 ID: 0c3c2c

Seems interesting. What kind of unexpected consequences though?
No. 11549 ID: ab52c1

Oh the idea is the choices that set the character may have follow-on effects.
No. 11550 ID: ab52c1

Not much time to art today. It's looking like it'll be easier to fill out a list of twenty than I thought though.

Some ideas that have come up from talking about common quest archetypes were slime, wizard and revenant princesses. For goo, wacky magic and vengeance from beyond the grave.

I think I'll rewrite the Blank Princess to be a bit clearer about her gimmick. She still needs two items, a like and a dislike to be finished too.

I was originally going to make Tabula Rasa a copy of the 'pick a dowry' item but thought I'd try out something different.
No. 11551 ID: b1b4f3

What about Hurry Princess?
No. 11552 ID: b58718

Why the hurry?
No. 11553 ID: ab52c1
File 153624009741.png - (37.37KB , 300x450 , blank_princess_chibi_draft_1.png )

Needed a few colour tweaks to make something that works with the towergirls style's heavy black lines but I think this is getting there. Tried out a belt of slates, but it might be better to keep it as a simple summer dress style outfit.

Tweaked pros, cons and blurb:
+ Charmingly naive
+ Develops quickly
+ Open to suggestions
- Inconsistent
- Prepare for unexpected consequences

"On the cusp of making a life for herself, this princess was kidnapped by a dragon! Still a blank slate in need of guidance, how will she develop?"

Still feels like it's missing something but ah well. No luck thinking of good Blank items so here's a possible pair of items for Clothing Damage RPG (Modest?) Princess because I cannot resist alliteration.

Bare Blade: Strips enemies of their will to fight.
Shorn Scarf: Clothes are damaged instead of the wearer.

Offensive and defensive options! Not sure what to set for general character traits though.
No. 11554 ID: ab52c1

To work in some quest references, I was thinking of making a straw hat item for Cutebold Princess (You get one free miracle?) as a reference to Chee Quest. I'd like something that references Labyrinth too, but it's late and I'm struggling. Any thoughts?
No. 11558 ID: 33cbe7

Battered crown, grants you one wish (within reason). Now your cutebold has a choice of headwear!
No. 11559 ID: 33cbe7

Or if a wish is too broad, it could grant mega strength like they used it for.
No. 11560 ID: 12b116
File 153629389253.png - (77.21KB , 930x765 , deem princess.png )

Golem Princess, her lus-
No. 11561 ID: 2474dd
File 153630046259.png - (122.69KB , 378x411 , GaelishPrincess.png )

Not really what Arhra had in mind but wanted to take a stab at it.
No. 11562 ID: ab52c1
File 153640765028.png - (35.36KB , 300x480 , shell_princess_chibi_draft.png )

I felt like drawing a robutt so I worked on a princess idea.

Visually a bit of a mash-up of Marie from Rollback, Mnemosyne from Memoriam and Sara from Static on the Wire. Debating changing the hair to reference someone else if I can think of a good example.


Brain Bank Kingdom's
SHELL PRINCESS (also considering backup)

+ Full of useful devices
+ Lifetimes of experience
+ Replaceable body
- Accident prone
- Occasionally a roomba

Love: 1
Lust: 4
Wealth: 4
Power: 3

Shell Upgrade: Modify an upload's current body.
Wetware: Allows transfer into a biological body.
Upload Chip: Upload anyone.

"A digitised consciousness in a robotic body, this princess craves new experiences."

<3: ???
<3: ???
</3: ???

I'll be honest, unless there's bad jokes to be made, the likes and dislikes has always been the weakest link for me. This should maybe be reworked into a more general robot princess, but there's been a fair few quests with more general transhuman themes so maybe it's fine? I've been debating a Scrapyard Princess for post apocalyptic robots (of which tgchan has quite a few!) too.
No. 11563 ID: 0c3c2c

I think Backup Princess would be a good idea! Also, try playing with civil rights issues for Likes and Dislikes
No. 11564 ID: 33cbe7

A transhuman robot princess, a posthuman robot princess, and perhaps a... pre-human robot princess? One that's learning to be human. Can't think of any off the bat except maybe nanogoo.
No. 11566 ID: de6d84

Attempting to think of ideas to throw to this, but how would ideas/princesses encapsulating various authors and their quest styles/tropes/patterns/whatever work out possibly maybe?
No. 11567 ID: ab52c1

Both work. Might be able to work in a Chop's Dojo reference if it's the strength option.

Lust 0! I'm a little on the fence if we've got enough builder type quests to theme a princess after that though!

Part of the idea was being able to try to reference a few different quests with each princess so I'm a little hesitant, but give it a spin. There's twenty spots to fill after all.

Hmm, for Backup Princess how about:
<3 Version control
<3 Civil rights
</3 Malware

I was thinking of the Scrapyard Princess because broken robots is a theme that comes up a bit. Survivors is one prominent example! There's Power Quest too, and Imitation Glass Flowers was less post apocalyptic but it's still set in the aftermath of something. There's more quests like that short cute one based on Engine Hearts that died too young.

Also since I've realised this thread is a great opportunity to link quests for people who haven't read them before:
No. 11568 ID: 33cbe7

We do have several dungeon quests, to the point where Dungeoneer isn't even in the top search results! Like Scientist Princess, Dungeon Princess could represent the overseer of one such setting.
Or you could push the golem aspect instead and be about stats stats stats. She could have additional stat bars instead of likes/dislikes as a joke.
No. 11569 ID: 2474dd

When I did a search Dungeoneer was in top results. I'm curious how/where you did your search.
No. 11570 ID: 33cbe7

On the wiki. Typing in 'Dungeon' won't bring it up in the autocomplete, you have to spell the whole name out.
No. 11571 ID: 2474dd

Eh, the Wiki's search isn't the greatest so I'm not surprised there. I find the real test is Google, which is what I used.
No. 11573 ID: 51d5a1
File 153697263275.png - (42.18KB , 300x450 , NSFW Princess.png )

[REDACTED] Spoiler Kingdom's

+Tame nudity isn't spoiled.
+Knows how to hold secrets.
+High chances of being a porn princess
-Or gore, a lot of gore.
-oh god everything is a black nsfw box now.

Love: 4
Lust: 4
Wealth: 1
Power: 1

[EXPLETIVE] Tooth: Can hide the presence and true intentios of anyone that it's holding it.
Spoiler Dagger: If someone is stabbed with this knife, they will tell their deppest secrets.
[CENSORED]: NSFW Princess will reveal her true identity to you.

"This princess cursed her own body to hide the secrets of her people."

<3: Secrets
</3: Snitches.
No. 11574 ID: 2474dd

No. 11589 ID: 094652

I'd give you two thumbs up but they might be censored
No. 11595 ID: ab52c1

Haha, I wasn't sold on a spoiler princess initially but that's really cute.

I'm hoping to keep producing about one design per week but for now I think I'd like to work on firming up the list.
No. 11596 ID: ab52c1

My general litmus test is they need to have shown up in quests by multiple authors and be complicated enough that they can fill out a sheet by themselves.

Decided to add five that felt like pretty solid inclusions:

Neumono Princess: So many murder rabbits. I wonder if a Polokoa reference might be overkill?

Tozol Princess: Tozol Quest is one of the quintessential lab escape quests so I'm going to go ahead and put this down as a bit of a mashup of the badass/lab princess ideas.

Slime Princess: Several slime protagonists, and more quests prominently featuring them. Probably the next one I'll make a design for. Traits and item ideas are giving me trouble though.

Scrapyard Princess: Broken robots! Patched up robots!

Elder Princess: Oblitus is the main quest that springs to mind here, but cosmic horror is a theme in a fair few quests.
No. 11597 ID: ab52c1

Perhaps quest formats would be a proper term? This feels a little dry as a category so I've tried to stick to specialised or popular groups. Again, went with five examples mainly from ones that have been talked about so far.

Horror Princess: Between Rubyquest, Nan Quest and Book of Worms, horror's a pretty popular quest genre. Completed quest genre even. Needs a better name!

Date Princess: So much romance, so little time.

Clothing Damage RPG: Bit un-embroidered still but I feel this is a definite include. The punssssss.

Evo Game Princess: Little tricky to find common elements considering alien biosphere, but a few suggestions that have come up were planimals and helium floaters.

Dungeon Princess: Runs a dungeon. Needs more research for examples. Maybe blend in villainy as a job, like Earth Defence Force?

We need a total of 20 so if these all work out we'll be two thirds of the way there.
No. 11599 ID: 5bad2e
File 153727807427.png - (66.62KB , 200x200 , 2jiniki.png )


[REDACTED] Kingdom's
Spoiler Princess II (like Dwarf i and ii)

+ too cute
+ seriously, doesn't even swear
+ always looking out for you
- naive
- your new mother-in-law likes to meddle

Love: 4
Lust: 1
Wealth: 1
Power: 4

lunchbox: food inside is never spoiled
aerodynamic spoiler: makes the cart go faster
ice cream: simply delicious

"This princess cursed her own body to protect the innocence of her kingdom."

<3: Surprises
<3: Suspense
</3: Being forgotten

...I should probably read up on Jiniki more for this. Still, spoilers wouldn't be the same without her.
No. 11615 ID: 2007b6

mimiga/Mimiga Princess's items should probably include some sort of combined red flowers/bioarmor reference. Stamina-boosting underwear, maybe?
No. 11654 ID: 094652

(Too bad Adventure Time already invented her but might as well put her in a parody. Ahem:)
Sunrise Kingdom's
Breakfast Princess
+ Every morning is the best part of your day
+ Lots of protein, plenty of milk
+ And she'll serve you breakfast after you're done!
- Slowly goes from sweet and energetic at the start of a new day to spoiled and lethargic by the time night falls
- Occasionally schizophrenic or outright irresponsible when it comes to choices

Love - 1
Lust - 2
Money- 3
Power- 3

Phonetic Supplements - Gain a temporary boost to all stats, but it can only be taken in the morning and lasts like two hours.
Endless Pitcher - Once per day, you can drink from this pitcher and it will not stop pouring water until you take a breath. Great for refilling camels!

<3 Mornings
<3 Variety
</3 Procrastination

The breakfast princess is an essential member of her court who prepares the entire kingdom for a whole day of tireless work and spreads joy to all as they wake up. But her demeanor changes by lunchtime, and her agitation is so vile by night that the king had to resort to making the kingdom's capital punishment a month of night-shift servitude.
No. 11656 ID: 40df11

I don't really see how that's tgchan related, sorry.

In other news, I did actually clean up some ideas over the Christmas break now I've had some time to myself again, but getting references together to pin down their design has been a little trickier than I thought. Should I post some of the ideas or just wait until I have some more final drafts?
No. 11657 ID: 080aaf

Maybe posting them will help refine them!
No. 11819 ID: cadb36

Hello hello. Felt like digging up some older projects and my big brainstorm has ended up with a list of 27 potential candidates for this.

I liked the idea of Spoiler Princess but decided to keep a light touch for suggester types and board features. They probably will sneak back in as knights, items and princess traits.

My rough cut of finalists is:

1 - Blank Princess - Blank slate protagonist
. Sample quests: Many
2 - Horror Princess - Escape from the spooky place
. Sample quests: RubyQuest, NanQuest, Book of Worms
3 - Lab Princess - You wake up in a strange place full of horrors/experiments
. Sample quests: Tozol Quest, Bloom, Venji Quest, Another Quest
4 - Tozol Princess - Some kind of weasel
. Sample quests: Who knows
5 - Cutebold Princess - Some kind of kobold that's into nose rubs
. Sample quests: Driblis Quest, Chee Quest, Cutebold Slaughter Quest, many more
6 - Neumono Princess - Murder rabbits
. Sample quests: Asteroid Quest
7 - Goo Princess - Some kind of slime
. Sample quests: Amorphia, Work of Chaos, I Am, Slime Quest (A), Slime Quest (B)
8 - Romance Princess - Gotta smooch!
. Sample quests: Enemy Quest, Dragon Romance, Coxwette, Date Quest
9 - Clothing Damage RPG Princess - What if clothes were made of tissue paper?
. Sample quests: Innumerable
10 - Dungeon Princess - Run dungeon, be your own boss monster
. Sample quests: Dungeoneer, Audit Quest, Dive Quest, Earth Defence Force
11 - Creator Princess - Make stuff
. Sample quests: The Creator, Tiny Cat People
12 - Upload Princess - Transhumanism wheeee
. Sample quests: Rollback, Memoriam
13 - Scrapyard Princess - Broken-down maybe post-apocalyptic robot
. Sample quests: Survivors, Rusted Sky, The Deadlands, Rho Quest
14 - Science Princess - By the power of SCIENCE
. Sample quests: Tory's Tower, Salikai
15 - Evo Princess - Evolution games, maybe also evolving protagonist quests?
. Sample quests: Common but having trouble thinking of questden examples.
16 - Wizard Princess - Yer a wizard
. Sample quests: Council of Wizards, think of other quests with neat magic systems
17 - Adventure Princess - Travel around righting, maybe causing, wrongs
. Sample quests: Lots, need to pin down more specific examples/split up
18 - Operator Princess - So tacticool, maybe merge with Tozol
. Sample quests: Static on the Wire, needs more
19 - Stranded Princess - Man vs nature, maybe man vs locals too
. Sample quests: Crash Quest, ChunkQuest, Planetfall
20 - Hybrid Princess - A lot of quest protagonists are biological mash-ups.
. Sample quests: Not enough recent examples?
21 - Friend Princess - Talk and make friends!
. Sample quests: More of a trend than a specific quest
22 - Delver Princess - Quests about exploring a place, often dungeons
. Sample quests: Labyrinth, Crawling in the Dark, Awesome Death Dungeon
23 - Drunk Princess - Absolute madness
. Sample quests: ONE NIGHT ONLY drunk quest
24 - Psychic Princess - Mind bullets pew pew
. Sample quests: Will of the Undermind, June Quest, Bubble Bucket
25 - Paper Doll Princess - Play dressups, make pretty pretty princess. Merge into Blank?
. Sample quests: Steve'd!
26 - Oneshot Princess - A little more spontaneous than most quests
. Sample quests: category/one shots
27 - Grave Dragon Princess - The manifestation of the quest graveyard
. Sample quests: Too many

Seven need to be culled or merged and I'd like to get opinions on who. If people have ideas for races or items or traits for certain princesses, please go ahead. I'd like most princesses to be referencing at least three different quests!
No. 11820 ID: cadb36
File 158928055193.png - (34.05KB , 480x720 , grave_dragon_princess_v1.png )

Also needs refinement to work in questden references but a skeleton ghost dragon was an idea I had to draw.
No. 11821 ID: 0fae41

>Wizard Princess
See also: Gnuk's Wild Wizard Tournament, Bitequest's BiteQuest, Heretic's D3Quest. Wizards: No sense of right and wrong!

Who to cull:
>Blank Princess
Could be a knight
>Evo Princess
Primarily the domain of other sites. Unfortunate, but we're not obligated to put a Homestuck princess in either.
>Adventure Princess - Travel around righting, maybe causing, wrongs
Not sure the description really embodies something unique. Maybe shift to knight?
>Operator Princess
mimiga princess could also be merged with this instead of tozol. Poor Sev, subsumed by the furries.
>Friend Princess
More of a suggestor-driven trend, so knighty knight.
>Drunk Princess
Not every crazy oneshot is inebriated. Perhaps meet in the middle with Oneshot - examples of spontaneous oneshots include Whatever Quest, Do Not Look and Punch Quest
No. 11822 ID: 0fae41

TIL this board has a word replacer. Guess which one!
No. 11823 ID: cadb36

Based off feedback from here and the discord, decided to make the following cuts:

Operator Princess: Merge into Tozol Princess.
Drunk Princess: Merge into Oneshot Princess as an item.
Paperdoll Princess: Merge into Blank Princess as an item.

Twenty-four princesses remain in the battle royale!

Ones in the maybe cut pile are:

Adventurer: Definitely too open ended right now, needs to get a better identity or get merged into a species princess (cutebold?).
Hybrid Princess: A fair bit of overlap with Lab Princess.
Evo Princess: Needs some stronger questden examples. May potentially replace with a Monster Princess for an evolving protagonist instead.
Science Princess: Merging with mimiga Princess was suggested, due to science hives. I feel science hasn't had enough of a protagonist mimiga representation though.
Friend Princess: Another example who needs a stronger identity or to be cut.

Sergals and tezakians were suggested as possible races to use. More short princesses may be needed too.
No. 11824 ID: cadb36
File 158944702307.png - (14.57KB , 350x450 , tozol_princess_starter.png )

To get things started, here is:

??? ??? Kingdom's

+ Biological super soldier
+ Has a certain set of skills
+ Probably will rescue you instead
- Complex diet
- Tozol gonna tozol

Love: 3
Lust: 1
Wealth: 2
Power: 4

The Stalls: Acquire exotic hardware.

"A witty blurb about tactics and weasels goes here."

<3: ???
<3: ???
</3: ???

The placeholder design here is a tozol in a Static on the Wire themed trenchcoat. Please suggest more quests to work in for appearance, items, likes and rest of the text!
No. 11826 ID: 0fae41

to start:
><3: Flanking
><3: In the dark
></3: DRM
No. 11827 ID: cadb36
File 158954238926.png - (19.62KB , 360x640 , blank_less_chibi.png )

I like the likes. The dislike could be a little more generalised I feel.

While waiting for some more tozol/operator suggestions to trickle in, made an attempt at a completed Blank Princess.

Fresh Start Kingdom's

+ Charmingly naive
+ Great listener
+ Malleable look
- First impression very important
- Prepare for unexpected consequences

Love: 3
Lust: 3
Wealth: 3
Power: 3

Paper Doll: An infinite wardrobe
Tabula Rasa: Replace a princess's +/- with another's
Orb of Infinite Psyche: Its bearer is the protagonist!

"On the cusp of making a life for herself, this princess was kidnapped by a dragon! Still a blank slate in need of guidance, how will she develop?"

<3: Vanilla
<3: Talking about feelings
</3: Blood

Also trying a chibi style with a larger body instead of sticking 100% to the towergirls style. I'm thinking this will allow more quest references to be put in.

On that subject, do you think it should be Kingdoms or Quests?
No. 11828 ID: 33056f

using Quests instead of Kingdom could work if the conceit of the prompt is that each of these princesses was the star of their own kind of adventure before being kidnapped. On the other hand, implying that there is a whole kingdom of people like them could lead to some humorous results.
No. 11833 ID: 8fab7a

No. 11919 ID: 96112b
File 168116907549.png - (1.05MB , 1884x1412 , towerlaprines.png )

Behold! All 8 varieties of Whistler and GraphieGraphy's laprines, now in date-rescue format!
No. 11920 ID: 96112b
File 168116913513.png - (0.97MB , 3296x3157 , towerlaprines 2.png )

I tried to be accurate, but I couldn't get past the word filter.
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