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File 149085208298.jpg - (532.36KB , 533x800 , 1490418647545.jpg )
11438 No. 11438 ID: 67b7d6

Banned from the blue boards,
Too hot for /tg,
Allow me to present,
Here girls from across the world come, some of their own free will, some to pay debts, and are sold to you loveley gentlemen as brides, slaves and concubines!
Some girls cost gold,
Some have set their own price,
Some are just looking for love!
Huh, what do I cost! Oh sir you're too forward! <3
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No. 11439 ID: 67b7d6
File 149085291978.jpg - (837.27KB , 1820x1254 , __original_drawn_by_houtengeki__a7c14d26b6e75dc2be.jpg )

First on the block are these delicious beauties!

Here we have a drow ex-priestess! She'll be going home with anyone willing to keep her safe from lolth and her minions!
Next we have this adorable little wood elf maid! At only 18 years old, we can only guess how that gorgeous figure of hers will fill out over the centuries!
Over here is a gorheous example of Eladrin nobility! Mommy didn't pay her debts, and now this sweet little virgin can be yours for the right price!
Finally we have a high elven spinster. This beautiful Christmas cake is still as sweet as they come! All she wants is a handsome young man to keep warm at night!

Gentlemen, place your bids! <3
No. 11440 ID: 9876c4

>Cheesecake elves
You're doing god's work OP
No. 11441 ID: 67b7d6

There are more to come! But only when these four are sold.
No. 11443 ID: 9876c4

What the hell. I'll buy a wood elf.

I'll bid half of my internet-fame.
No. 11444 ID: 67b7d6

One wood elf to the gentleman with the raccoon! I warn you sir, she's a tight one.
No. 11445 ID: 9876c4

Full of energy. too.

You might get more takers on the /quest/ board. it's sort of a goto for audience participation.
No. 11446 ID: 2ce7cb

I don't understand what is happening here but dang it, I wanted the wood elf.
No. 11447 ID: 67b7d6
File 149100151997.jpg - (359.06KB , 689x970 , 1486836807461.jpg )


Sorry sir! You snooze you lose! But here, let this little darling show you a menu of our other options!
No. 11448 ID: 67b7d6
File 149100357290.jpg - (134.18KB , 1024x1542 , 1487893252909.jpg )


For starters, may I reccomend this set?
No. 11449 ID: 67b7d6
File 149100366304.jpg - (298.01KB , 1000x1452 , 1489633379857.jpg )


Or if you're looking for something a little meatier...
No. 11503 ID: 8c71fc

Mind if I take the haired one?
No. 11504 ID: d36af7

*cricket noises*

Market's closed, pal.
No. 11507 ID: 9876c4

I remain annoyed at that thread for selling my rightful wood elf.
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