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File 148873928704.jpg - (6.30KB , 205x246 , 1488653032472s.jpg )
11428 No. 11428 ID: 23b7e2

Magic requires the mage to speak words of power from the language of creation, and use their soul's energy to give the word power. These words of power allow the magic user to impose his will upon and command reality, temporarily bending or disregarding the laws of physics to cause an effect in accordance with the word of power spoken, or a "spell" in layman's terms. By speaking several words of power, the effect is changed in accordance to those words of power. A magic user's state of mind, grammar, pronunciation, and accent all influence the spell's result.

For example, Bob the Wizard wants to cast a fire ball spell, so Bob speaks in the language of creation, "FIRE-BALL-THROW", depending on Bob's discipline, enunciation, and intent, the spell could fizzle out, summon and throw a fire ball, summon and throw dozens of fire balls, summon and throw one enormous fire ball, or light Bob on fire. When casting a spell, the magic user must use his soul as fuel for the language of creation, to give the words the power to command reality.

The soul is layered, made up of the consciousness, memories, personality, emotions, and thoughts of the magic user, in that order. When a magic user casts a spell, their mind essentially dissolves a part of itself to power the spell. At first, the magic user only loses the thought that went into the spell, but if they continue, they'll begin to lose their emotions, personality, memories, and eventually, consciousness, suffering total oblivion.

The loss of a magic user's thoughts and emotions can be easily replenished with enough rest and meditation, but damage to their personality, memories, and consciousness is either permanent, or requires a herculean effort to repair.

Wizards are those who learned some of the words of the language of creation and how to channel them in spells themselves. Sorcerers are those who made a pact with a supernatural entity, allowing it to graft a part of its soul onto the Sorceror's, giving them highly specific magical powers with no need of knowledge or technique to apply, in exchange for the Sorceror's soul upon death, lifelong mortal servitude, or the completion of a favor of some kind.
No. 11433 ID: 952ab0

Seems like you might want to differentiate between sort of broad and acute levels on the thoughts and emotions level.

What does pulling a thought out of the head of the caster mean? Just the thought "hey, I want to cast a spell now?" or does a bigger spell pull more thoughts? Is a wizard in danger of forgetting the flow of an ongoing conversation, or what he is doing in the kitchen now that he used his fire magic to light the stove? If this reaches too far, grabbing thoughts out of your head, it could become very crippling, and leave a wizard open for a few seconds after casting a spell in a fight while they figure out where they are again. Which maybe isn't a bad thing for the system.

As for emotion, if I am angry at that man and cast a lightning bolt that eats into my emotion, does it eat that anger I lashed out with and render me calm again, or does it broadly sap at my capacity to feel emotion at all, leaving me somewhat less angry in the moment, but also less able to enjoy spending time with my daughter later?

My initial thinking is that the system works best if the Thought case is extremely specific to the present situation. They can lose Thoughts, but not the ability to Think, because pulling too much out of that bin starts to interfere with conscious awareness right away, instead of stepping down the power progression presented here. I assume the intention is that very small/simple spells could be cast all day long with just Thought power.
Emotion I could go either way on, general or specific to the moment, but I think it makes more sense as a broader lessening of capacity to feel emotion in general, and that fits better with the loss of personality that would come next. That step has to be a broad lowering of levels almost by definition.
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