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File 147985849872.jpg - (30.92KB , 301x341 , IMG_3554.jpg )
11358 No. 11358 ID: 383927

So I want to create a cavalier/bard character that rides a bulette as a mount. I want the rider to be some sort of recognizable creature which is distinctly monstrous, like a bugbear or a troll, but I've been having trouble deciding what monstrous creature to make them. The only rules are that they have to be capable of singing for their bardic performance because I'm not faffing around with having to equip and unequipped my weapons and instrument all the time, and of course have to be able to ride a bulette. Any monsters you're particularly fond of? The bulette isn't set in stone either but I'm rather fond of them.
Any play system is welcome, old or new, just looking for cool monster ideas at this point
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No. 11362 ID: 13d7b7
File 147992385669.png - (12.46KB , 261x268 , bulette_.png )

No. 11363 ID: 6ed01b

A pure a beautiful pairing. How could I not have thought of this. Who needs a lance when your body is your weapon. Surprise motherfucker, I've got times 4 damage and a base move speed of 40ft you're not escaping these hands
No. 11365 ID: 9876c4

Something with an underground theme. Maybe a Duergar or Svirneblin, After the debacle in the 90s, I can't in good faith suggest anyone play a drow.

I love the little hat.
No. 11366 ID: 6ed01b

Deep gnome is an interesting idea- I was originally thinking something large and horrible, known for grinding the bones of children kind of deal because I like the gental giant group and the idea of a silly singing monster amuses me.
The juxtaposition though of a tiny gnome covered in heavy armor riding a massive bulette is quite fun as well and I'm a little torn now
No. 11373 ID: 9876c4

I mean, there's also the duergar and derro, which both have unsavory reputations.

A deep gnome would leave them in the cold with it's silliness, though.
No. 11380 ID: 57463b

Well you could always do the TGChan cliche and go kobold. It kind of works actually; kobolds are known for ambushes and what better for an ambush than a mount you can hide underground?
No. 11383 ID: 383927

My Current thought is going to be a pair of travelers, George and Lenny style, except that in this instance it's going to be a tiny owl creature of my own design who is small and witty but perhaps a bit lacking in the smarts department, and the role of George will be played by a were-bulette who at heart knows they are truly meant to be a bulette and is happiest in their bestial form. I'm currently looking for character ideas to draw from though for prisoners and slavers so if anyone wants to throw something out there I can use all as much help as I can get right now
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