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File 147604386102.gif - (404.46KB , 550x600 , 1468761049886.gif )
11245 No. 11245 ID: 4dc2d2

Advancing the setting in 40k means that the Tau have taken over the entire galaxy. But don't worry, all your favorite factions still remain because the Tau are the most accepting and obviously logical race in the setting!

Unfortunately a lot of very unique tactical geniuses all want to control the empire because they all have different ideas of what the greater good actually is. Each one leads a different tau army with a xenos detachment.

This does mean that in order to take anything non-Tau you would have to take them as allied detachments to your primary Tau detachment.

Space Marines
>Now wear Tau-style power armor
>culled into 5 pre-heresy style legions, all are Ultramarines successors
>Dreadnoughts are scrapped and the occupants are put to sleep as it is seen as abhorrent

Chaos Space Marines
>The Tau have become so prevalent that their Greater Good Gods have usurped the chaos gods in the warp. CSM now take Tau god marks.

>Have been replaced with greater good angel daemons
>Many wield very large katanas and generally take the appearance of a large-eyed, stylized Tau, usually dressed in flowing capes and with sharp teeth

>Have realized that the Tau are the true inheritors of the galaxy and appreciate their superiority
>Are the only race that has a chance to become a leader/person of importance in Tau society

Dark Eldar
>Due to the chaos gods usurpation, they now are eldar that strive to achieve perfection according to the greater good and Tau idealogy

>used similarly to kroot
>are used as mounts
>controlled by the captured golden throne Psyker conduit on Terra

>Have been uplifted by the Tau, but this causes them to lose their WAAAAGH psyker fields.

>through diplomacy they signed an alliance with the Tau because they were swayed by the greater good

Adeptus Mechanicus
>have been disbanded due to irrelevancy caused by superior tau technology
No. 11334 ID: 9876c4

8th edition setting, you heard it here first.
No. 11336 ID: 398fe1

This is super dumb.
No. 11345 ID: 665ed8

This is the best thing I have ever read in my entire life
No. 11388 ID: 4cc846

this is the worst thing that has ever existed.
No. 11422 ID: b3f8f4

This is some high value comedy at the least.
No. 11429 ID: 23b7e2


This is obscene, Anon. In the wildest depths of Slaanesh's depravity, not even he/she/it would sink this low.
No. 11459 ID: fb21be

Extra heretical.
No. 11476 ID: d80eee

>superior Tau Technology
You know that the tau are the lowest tech race in 40k, except for deamons (which are magic not tech). And I guess tyranids, unless you count bioengineering as tech.

Yeah the tau treat their technology like technology (as opposed to like art the way the elder do, or like mysticism like the imperium). But there is nothing that tau tech can do that the other races arnt capable of (and the other races can normally do it with smaller devices).
No. 11495 ID: 52f197

My favourite Adeptus Mechanicus / Tau thing is how the last crusade apparently ended by the tech priests getting sick of Tau bullshit so they just set a few cubic light years of space on fire. Because that is apparently a thing they can do.

Tech levels in 40k are beautifully wonky.
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