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File 145549613695.png - (396.93KB , 1287x768 , YandMAdventures.png )
11132 No. 11132 ID: 265534

Herein is chronicled the exploits of all those furries that do things.
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No. 11133 ID: 265534
File 145549848124.png - (566.09KB , 1446x574 , Cast.png )

On a lovely day in early autumn, Charlotte Desjardins, on business from her father, Baron Gerrard Desjardins, is delivering a letter to the local constable in the port town of Vinevale.
At the same time, a ship from Zhongguo in the Far East is delivering its cargo, as well as two passengers; Shan-Dian, a fox mystic and Huo Coi-Shi, a pyromaniacal phoenix.

Everything goes on without incident and nothing erupts into chaos at any point.
No. 11134 ID: 265534
File 145549893901.jpg - (37.80KB , 620x300 , Captain.jpg )

The Constable is currently engaged with the ship's captain, arguing over a discrepancy on the cargo manifest; the two slaves are not listed. The Captain assures the Constable that it's a simple clerical error. Shan approaches the Constable and tells him that they are paid passengers. The Constable immediately attempts to arrest the crew of the cargo ship for illegal slaving practices and a bear tackles him. The rest of the crew and city guard engage in a huge brawl on the edge of the pier.
No. 11135 ID: 265534
File 145549957122.png - (121.67KB , 430x430 , X1ObsxB.png )

The brawl comes to an abrupt halt when Shan casts a spell over the group, causing them all to stare at her like idiots. Only the Constable resists the effect and throws the bear off of him and becomes angry with Shan for hypnotizing the city guard. She convinces him that she was merely stopping a brawl.

The irate Constable finally notices Charlotte and receives the letter, then has a return letter drafted and hands it to Charlotte.

Everyone goes to the nearby tavern and Shan begins manipulating the local horse knights with Tarot readings and Charlotte warns them to be careful; this fox is a witch.

The horses dismiss the warning and show interest in knowing the future. They invite Shan back to their hostel for the night in exchange for divination. Charlotte pretends to be Shan's friend and convinces the horses, despite Shan's protests that they are good friends and she should get free, fancy lodging too.

Coi Shi lights Shan's robes on fire and wanders over to stare at the flames in the fireplace, throwing a flask of oil onto the fire to watch it burst even larger flames.

He follows Shan and Charlotte. One of the horse knights, who is less than brilliant, believes him to be Shan's son. He receives free lodgings as well. Shan insists she really doesn't know any of these people.

Her protests go unheeded.
No. 11136 ID: 265534
File 145550142590.png - (333.96KB , 1089x1089 , JxG125I.png )

While staying at the hostel, the horse commander asks to speak with the group. Having been insulted by a local noble, who questions the legitimacy of his birth, the horse requests the party to go to the noble's manor lands and maybe do something to his detriment as payment for making implications about his mother's fidelity to her husband.

They agree to help, Charlotte finding the subterfuge exciting, Shan seeing a chance to manipulate the situation and Coi-Shi, a opportunity to burn things.
No. 11137 ID: 265534
File 145555017528.png - (272.78KB , 1024x768 , fun time.png )

The group proceeded out for breakfast the next morning, Coi-Shi loudly proclaims that he desires a certain level of ambiance with his meal. Charlotte, who had never slummed it up that hard, was interested by this, causing the group to choose a horrible dive bar. Shan once again expressed disdain for the choices of the others and was once again ignored.

The bar was full of drunkards and brigands, despite the early hour and the heroes use the opportunity to gather information. Shan borrowed a gold Aureal to buy beer and Coi-Shi jitters about glaring at different people.

The bartender rambles on about something relevant to what the party is interested in, but only restates what they already knew, so after some checking around, they ask a rough looking rat woman about the local politics, after some tough talk and fire-starting.
She tells them about the feud between the horse, Florent and the local baron, Fagan and his son, Frederick, who has a brewery on his manor grounds.

The horse monks brew a superior beer, driving Frederick's operation to near bankruptcy, but a sudden change in the recipe causes it to become wildly popular.
Thanks to her rampant, early morning alcoholism, Shan recognizes the secret ingredient to be opium and the group reports back to Florent about the drugged ale.

Florent tells the group he knew Frederick was spiking his beer, but tells the group he will reward them for any proof of Frederick's ties to Zhongguo drug operations. Shan casts a spell to make herself sluttier and tries to molest Florent into giving them a larger reward.
Florent eagerly expresses interest in giving Shan his "large reward" and Coi, who was listening at the door, becomes enrages that that whore would go behind his back to get more treasure for herself.

Shan tells the others about the new goals of finding the link between Frederick and the Zhongguo druggist and destroying the opium operation on the manor grounds. Coi only squawks angrily about being betrayed, until Shan uses her boob magic to calm him down.
This confuses Coi and he becomes more upset, claiming Shan bewitched him with her Slutromancy.
No. 11138 ID: 265534
File 145556429264.png - (145.83KB , 929x746 , Constable.png )

Heading to the local records office to find some maps of the Baron's manor, the party finds the Constable, screaming at some skunk for no reason anyone can discern.
Coi-Shi marches right up to him to report Shan-Dian for the crime of making him look at her boobs, but can not get a word in edgewise over the screaming wolf.

Shan asks a scribe about maps of the local manors, claiming the spirits were leading her to a location of spiritual importance, while Charlotte browses the stacks for what they're looking for.

The scribe finds the map, which Charlotte and Shan look over, trying to figure which building would be best to search from the unlabeled document.

Charlotte notices a small building off in the woods and makes note of it, while Shan creates an elaborate deception to break into the manor house while she makes a distraction by presenting herself as a wandering mystic who has been led by the spirits to warn of impending doom.

Coi-Shi fails to report Shan for giving him a boner and the group leaves to wait for nightfall.
No. 11139 ID: 265534
File 145556684248.png - (353.48KB , 769x578 , disasterbird.png )

Under cover of darkness, the intrepid arsonists split into two groups. Shan carries on up the main road to the manor house, and Charlotte and Coi-Shi, who has smeared himself with ashes, sneak through the woods.

Shan wanted Charlotte and Coi to break into the manor while she distracts the Baron and his guards, but they head toward the building in the woods that Charlotte had noted earlier.

The building is a small hunting lodge filled with Zhongguo artifacts, seemingly belonging to someone from that region. Charlotte searches for documents that might relate to the business with the Baron, while Coi-Shi steals some trinkets.
Having found what they were looking for, Coi-Shi hurls an oil lamp at the wall and sets the house on fire.

They move on, back toward the manor and find the barn, with fields of opium poppies growing between rows of traditional crops. The pair sneak into the barn, just in time for the guards to notice the blaze at the hunting lodge and run off.
Inside they discover the equipment used to infuse opium into the beer and recipes for creating the drugged brew. Coi-Shi pockets the recipe and lights the barn and fields, making escape a top priority.

The guards return as they are slipping away, but fail to notice Coi-Shi. Charlotte is spotted, but confused for one of their fellows in the ruckus.
The guards tell Charlotte to help put out the fire, but in her gruffest voice, she tells them she will get more help and more buckets, then runs off, disappearing into the night and not actually helping at all.

Meanwhile, Shan had been in the manor with the nobles, flirting with the Baron and convincing them she had foreseen a terrible disaster in the near future, just as Coi-Shi broke into the next room through the window.
In his pyromaniacal frenzy, the freaked out firebird lit the mansion on fire, causing general panic inside.
No. 11140 ID: 265534
File 145556787483.png - (708.53KB , 900x900 , firefirefire.png )

Shan attempts to flee the burning building and is tripped up by a guard trying to detain her inside the burning building for her own safety. Unable to convince him of how stupid he is, Shan attempts to dash past the guard, but ends up falling over on top of him and becoming entangled.

After rubbing her tits all over the guards face and failing to get through to safety by normal means, Shan mesmerizes the guards and orders them out of the house with her. After getting outside, she snaps them out of it and has them run back in to help douse the flames.

Coi-Shi, still in a frenzy, swoops down and casts fire magic on Shan, as retribution for his perceived bewitching earlier.
Shan bursts into flames and fails to make a meaningful counter-attack, before being forced to run into the nearby river to put herself out.

Confronted by the guards, Coi-Shi breaks off the attack and flaps away, causing the guards to relay that a raven had caused the fires.

Drenched and burned up, Shan is given lodging for the night by the Baron, thoroughly convinced of the veracity of her predictions. Charlotte and Coi-Shi return to the horstel for the night and meet up with Shan in the morning. She has words with Coi-Shi.

Amidst the screaming, Florent doles out the reward for bringing him incriminating evidence and destroying his competitors production capability. The horse is especially pleased they managed to not only avoid detection, but deflect the blame on the northern raven tribes.

Coi-Shi and Shan manage to patch things up, which will surely create lasting stability in their relationship and everyone prepares to leave the region, before Coi-Shi's pyromania gives away that maybe it wasn't a raven that started the fires after all.
No. 11141 ID: eaf326

Sounds fun! Titfox used tits. Firebird used fire. 10/10

I appreciate the pictures and writeup. Pretty funny stuff.
No. 11142 ID: 7f2a72


BTW the GM is Numbers.
No. 11143 ID: 2d538d

What a marvelous clusterfuck. Drawings are great too. Fuck yeah/10
No. 11146 ID: 02422f

gg, would light slutty tits on fire again.
No. 11147 ID: 265534
File 145585518936.png - (170.45KB , 909x768 , Bath.png )

After returning from sneaking around and burning up, the ladies wish to bathe. Coi-shi wallows in his own filth, because he is a bird.

After failing to bargain with Coi to heat water for her, Shan storms off and has Florent prepare her a bath, then has him guard her like the cocktease she is.

Charlotte mocks Shan behind her back, causing Coi to offer to heat her a bath if she shows him her family castle later. She agrees and the pair sneak off and steal bath amenities. Charlotte steals an entire washtub full of water and laundry out from under the nun's noses, emptying the contents out the window.
Coi is caught stealing soap and is asked not to use up the entire bar.

Charlotte convinces Andre that he was supposed to have been hauling hot water to her room and after Charlotte refuses to let Coi stay in the room while she bathes, the squawk bird informs the nun that Charlotte was in the tub using up all the soap.
The nun bursts in, demanding the tub back and Coi gets to see titties.

The nun slaps Charlotte with a ruler and calls her sinful, then tries to hit Coi when she realizes he's staring at Charlotte, but when she can't catch him, just hits Charlotte again for being a wick tempter of men.
Shan returns from her bath and tries to defuse the situation with the nun, but the nun is angry and sexually repressed, stating that bathing in a comfortable manner is sinful and that cold water once a month is more than sufficient.

Charlotte broods about Coi escaping unharmed.
No. 11148 ID: 8340ec
File 145590482276.jpg - (206.93KB , 990x659 , witchcraft.jpg )

I would like to note that Shan-Dian is not actually a slut, she's just a manipulative bitch with a lot of pride in herself that craves attention. She has a large incentive to not actually sleep with someone, because the less people that have had her in bed, the more 'valuable' the act becomes, and the more alluring she can be... plus she couldn't seduce nobles or someone of high standing if she was actually known for being a slut. Her best skills are diplomacy and seduction, in that order, but you can often get more favorable results when seeking personal gain with seduction.

Then, when she needs someone or some people to do something quickly, she can also mind-control people with a spell.

Her other skills she's been using a lot have been Augery, which she's used to give people Tarot readings on more than one occassion, and the spell "Phantom Servant" which she's actually casted quite a lot for various things. Phantom Servant gives you a faceless, ghostly minion that can't fight, but can perform simple tasks for you. When they were at the sleezy bar, she noticed the bar was paying more attention to the other two than her, so she summoned a phantom servant to hang her mug up with the other dirty cups and glasses like a Mr. Meseeks to draw attention back to herself.

Oh, she's also used a channeling Ki skill quite a lot, to both relieve the pain in the baron's son's face a bit (Frederick there just about got his jaw broken for claiming that Florent was a bastard) and to give Coi-Shi a horrible, sinking, guilty feeling in his gut when he was annoying her... and one of her other spells is called "Illicit Rendezvous" which she's mostly cast on herself so far. It loosens the target's moral fiber and gives them a bonus die to all situations that require sensuality, so she's REALLY good at seducing people.

Pic related. Shan-Dian using her "witchcraft" to try to manipulate Coi-Shi in the first session. She probably won't be trying to do that again for a while, given what happened as a result of this later.
No. 11149 ID: fe06ff
File 145592253297.png - (512.30KB , 900x900 , FireFox.png )

>given what happened as a result of this later.
No. 11150 ID: 265534

No. 11151 ID: fe06ff
File 145594788572.png - (141.67KB , 360x640 , XdgwTKL.png )

Beakie didn't want me to post this one, but I like it so I'm posting it anyways
No. 11152 ID: 8340ec
File 145595965669.png - (215.51KB , 720x1280 , EnoBJnn[1].png )

Because that one is shit and drawn on a phone.

This is also drawn on a phone but it's slightly less shit.
No. 11153 ID: 7f2a72
File 145598204977.png - (190.81KB , 387x834 , Real Thing.png )

No. 11155 ID: fe06ff
File 145605854330.png - (596.86KB , 900x900 , SoapCoi.png )

Coi-shi had fun carving the soap before it was snatched away by Charlotte
No. 11158 ID: 2d538d

>The nun slaps Charlotte with a ruler and calls her sinful, then tries to hit Coi when she realizes he's staring at Charlotte, but when she can't catch him, just hits Charlotte again for being a wick tempter of men.

Cracked me the fuck up, I tell you.
No. 11159 ID: fe06ff
File 145607483184.png - (247.87KB , 599x599 , HorseNun.png )

Sister Solange Busts in on Charlotte with righteous fury.
No. 11162 ID: 7f2a72
File 145619348423.png - (231.02KB , 640x360 , breaking-news.png )

No. 11201 ID: 265534
File 146142019708.png - (236.87KB , 743x768 , Charlotte Pose.png )

After getting into a fight over who has the better figure, Charlotte poses in front of a mirror or something, wondering why it was even a question.
No. 11204 ID: 265534
File 146280175164.png - (2.60MB , 1036x1536 , 145577708722.png )

The party takes a carriage to the next town, where Charlotte's uncle, who is a badger somehow, is a local lord. He invites her and her new, weird foreign friends in for a banquet he was having the next day for regional dignitaries and merchants.
After meeting several of them, including a knight errant, a church official, a wolf lord and his brooding son and Pepper, a bat doctor who is actually a street bum that stitches up criminals in back alleys, they all head to bed.

Several of the party hear loud talking in the night and sneak out to listen at the door of one of the guests. The horse knight and the raccoon church official are having a homolust rendezvous in secret.
Coi-Shi knocks on the door, causing everyone to scatter back to their rooms, but not before he speaks to the pair through the door, ominously mentioning that he heard everything.
No. 11205 ID: 265534
File 146282910119.jpg - (225.03KB , 1280x773 , 1455353169_sildre_thingum_33_png.jpg )

The next night at dinner, Coi mentions that the manor might be haunted. He then asks if ghosts can have sex.
This upsets the more polite company and Charlotte's uncle, Feargal asks him why the hell he would want to know that.
Coi-Shi responds that the ghosts sounded suspiciously like two men humping, but Pepper dumps him off of his chair before he can finish his sentence.

Feargal's brother who will be leading the new church being built in town gets into an argument with Daigh, the wolf lord's son about his devotion to the religion and the wolf storms out.
No. 11207 ID: 49f18e
File 146371088542.png - (395.86KB , 1089x1089 , Xeizi.png )

Diqiu Xeizi a scorpion merchant, from an offshoot Yaffclaw Adventure

here she is showing off her stylish undergarments
No. 11212 ID: 49f18e
File 146453067499.jpg - (268.88KB , 1325x809 , YYHUs7x.jpg )


Before entering the town some very important things happened!

The party stayed in a fancy tavern
Charlotte ran into an old Suitor, some snotty skunk named Antoine
She managed to drive him off by pretending Coi was her Lover, the bird was confused but appreciated the attention
Antoine left in a huff, Charlotte decided to forget the whole thing by drinking excessively.

Meanwhile Shan-Dian went about her usually business of cheating people out of their money via fortune telling.
Coi-Shi Pranked Shan-Dian by clamping her dress to the stone floor via earth magic
hilarity ensued (also hot lewdness) when she got up from her table.
Shan got super pissed and tried to mind control the awful little bird, but her magic failed
Coi was forced to spend the rest of the stay outside for bad behavior.
No. 11218 ID: a788b7
File 146583752038.png - (584.64KB , 1200x600 , roomsharan.png )

Pepper said that Coi-Shi never did anything weird when they were sharing a room.

That's partly because she tends to sleep in.
No. 11434 ID: d1d42a
File 148951047277.png - (179.56KB , 900x900 , FancyCoi.png )

Pictured is the fancy clothes Coi-Shi was given by Feargal(original an outfit for a child)

After the dinner mentioned here
Shan went around town in borrowed clothes looking for clothing to call her own

she went to the warehouse and the rabbit dockmaster told Shan he had only bulk orders which Shan could not afford.

She went to the tailor, a fellow native of Zhongguo ran the shop, but the dragon woman told Shan-Dian she only had Calabrian clothes, which weren't good enough for Shan as the stuck up fox desired nothing but imported clothes from her oriental home.
Shan continued to wander to less and less likely places and hope was quickly giving out.

It was Coi-Shi who discovered the shop of a collector of exotic goods.
The porcupine man who ran it became completely flabbergasted when the Curvaceous forms of Charlotte and Shan-Dian enter the store
The perverted collector seemed unable to do much other the gape at the blossoms of the two women before him.
Even when Coi-Shi sought to purchase a very strange box and chalice the Porcupine brushed him off entirely.
leaveing the phoenix no choice but to swipe the artifacts.
ultimately Shan wasn't pleased with the selection in collectors store either, despite having a robe from Zhongguo Shan found it complety unacceptable as it was the robe of a courtesan.

Coi-Shi tried to convince the fox that it suited her, but the snooty fortune teller would not hear it and went back to the manor empty handed.

Charlotte's uncle Feargal promised to have the dockmaster import a dress for her specifically, but it would have to take several weeks to arrive.
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