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File 124784716577.jpg - (129.11KB , 411x411 , 89nobilis.jpg )
1097 No. 1097 ID: 48f652

Nobilis appreciation thread.
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No. 1136 ID: c3eff5

No. 1137 ID: f98e0b

i liek it
No. 1139 ID: e5b684

It's a fucking monster to GM! But such a sophisticated game. Hail to Nobilis!
No. 1140 ID: f74047

Someone actually plays? Ye gawds. I've been trying to get a group together, but no-one seems interested.
No. 1159 ID: d892d8

IF you get a group together, try to bully someone else into dming. By. All. Means. Necessary.
No. 1160 ID: e7e4e6

Heh, mine volunteered.
No. 3357 ID: a9a096

Fuck yes, I play a crippled, blind Domina of Sound who is durant, immutable and dedicated to the wild.
No. 3388 ID: c3ce7f

We had a group all set up, plans on characters, settings, and even some pretentious styles of game play going - like removing the usual table and using the empty space as as stage and try to personalize the chairs and stools with our characters and so on. I wish we actually got the game going. Magic Tea Party (free form) would indeed fit the bill and it all felt like the perfect game for embracing all our pretentious urges.
No. 3911 ID: dcad41

Been trying to get a game going for two or so years now. Still little to no hope.
No. 3918 ID: 620bfb

I have no idea what this is but it looks pretty.
No. 4207 ID: 2ecb93
File 128315077511.jpg - (42.15KB , 800x600 , weeping angels.jpg )

Every time I see the OP I think of this.
No. 10273 ID: a01b62

No. 10274 ID: a01b62

Motherfucker I forgot to sage. Oh well, nobody looks at this board anyway.
No. 10776 ID: ab0ecc

No. 10819 ID: bc7b81

It's a fucking monster to GM! But such a sophisticated game. Hail to Nobilis!
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