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File 142025018788.png - (193.80KB , 350x250 , 0508a_franklab_6891.png )
10709 No. 10709 ID: 01fb62

>Continued from 4chans /tg/

You are Asria, human leader of a band of slaves toiling under the heel of a mad scientist who may once have been human, but is no longer. After generations of toil in an insane clockwork labyrinth in the heart of the city where once you served the Rulers who abandoned you to the hordes of risen dead, you have decided that enough is enough.

For the first time in the history of your people, you will be free. But first, the faceless, laughing Master must die.

>Your population has increased by 4, giving you 151. Culling has been temporaily discontinued.
>You have 25 Freedmen and 10 warriors armed with scrap pipe. The remainder are toiling on the Machines.
>Engineering Research completed next Turn.

>You have two Actions this turn, which will either be decided by a d100 roll or a consensus depending on whether this website supports a dice function (I will be amazed if it does not)

No. 10710 ID: 01fb62

>That should be Part Three. Sorry about that.
No. 10711 ID: 4af567

>Train more the sneaky guys to be better at sneaky!
No. 10712 ID: 9d6048

No. 10713 ID: 01fb62

>test for the dice function
No. 10714 ID: 4af567

God dammit Noone
No. 10715 ID: 4af567

how do I dice?
No. 10716 ID: 4af567

No. 10717 ID: 01fb62

I have no idea how the Dice function works, so... Back to the original thread I guess. Apperently 'shortly" doesn't mean what I thought it meant, so we'll keep on there until we have to move.
No. 10718 ID: 01fb62

Nevermind, it's actually down now. Switching to voting/consensus until I can puzzle out the native dice function.

Any locals who could lend a hand would be appreciated.
No. 10719 ID: 4af567

Sounds good
No. 10720 ID: 01fb62

Guess I'm just waiting on the other people.
No. 10721 ID: 272a57

gotta run, sorry
No. 10722 ID: 01fb62

Yeah, gonna call it a night here.

If anyone from here is interested in this, I'll be continuing the day after tomorrow in the evening on the 4chan /tg/ board.
No. 10723 ID: dd4ed3

>how do I dice?
You put it in the email field, not the subject field. Explained in more detail here:

No. 10724 ID: 01fb62

rolled 9 = 9

>how do i dice

This is what I am doing, right now, and have been experimenting with since my first post. It has not been working.
No. 10725 ID: 01fb62

rolled 38 = 38

Well shit. I could have sworn I'd used that exact same syntax on two other posts without results.
No. 10726 ID: a3bfc6

Is this thread alive?
No. 10773 ID: ab0ecc

No. 10827 ID: bc7b81

No. 10941 ID: 2eeb65

Are strategic quests like this forbidden on the main /quest/ board?
No. 10942 ID: 149da0

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