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File 141173794045.jpg - (29.55KB , 504x341 , 1409282421466.jpg )
10630 No. 10630 ID: 53548a

Swear to God there was a kobold picdump on here. The fuck happened to it?
No. 10631 ID: 436cdc

This what you're lookin' for, anon?
No. 10632 ID: 53548a

It is not.
No. 10633 ID: 436cdc

Try this one, this is probably it. Only other 'bold thread I could find in the catalog.
Speaking of, seems a bit weird not having a link to that like you got over on /quest/. Wonder what the deal is with that.
No. 10634 ID: 53548a

Naw, it was a huuuuge dedicated picdump of kobolds.
No. 10657 ID: 4c2072

Found this hiding in the general discussion board.

No. 10666 ID: 2fd516

Bless you.
No. 10770 ID: ab0ecc

No. 10836 ID: bc7b81

it got censored.
No. 10847 ID: 4c2072

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