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File 140859140436.png - (198.12KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPGtitle.png )
10538 No. 10538 ID: 9dd1ee

Going to run a fun little game, I'll need 3-6 players

I will choose the most applicable characters, bonus points for character sketches!

to create your Astranian determine your 4 stats

Action: for fighting and body things
Guts: for how much bad stuff you can take,
Smarts: for smart guys stuff like computers and fixing things
Looks: for talking and being pretty

each stat starts at 1, and you've got 8 points to spread around

Also you'll need to pick 3 things your Astranian is really good at
And 3 things they are really bad at.

Each Astranian starts with a set of clothes(gravboots not included), 10 vapins(money) 2 tech items, and 2 extra batteries to fuel them

and finally you gotta write a short Bio about your Astrannian.
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No. 10539 ID: 436cdc

Action: 4

Good at:
Stealth; Tech macgyvering; survival in harsh conditions
Bad at:
Talking to people, using modern technology safely (or even in its intended manner), and any aspect of common sense not immediately applicable to survival situations.

Stranded on the wild and harsh atmosphere early on in his military career, Engineer Inconcinnus
Mast spent a good chunk of time fighting to survive. By the time he was rescued from that horrible place, he was a half-mad monster of a badger who nearly killed the rescue team from the shadows before some spark of recognition of his own species finally stayed his hand.
Several years of intensive recuperation therapy later, and he is still kind of out there.
Standoffish and blunt (even moreso than most astranians), Engineer Mast is a bit of an outcast. And his extensive unfamiliarity with the current technology that has developed since he was stranded haven't helped him out terribly much, either, especially given his profession.
On the bright side, he can rig together just about anything out of things on-hand, and with enough tinkering can make something do what he needs it to, though this rarely is the intended purpose of the original utility.
Is accompanied by an outdated robotics brain he refused to give up upon his rescue, having bonded with the insolent device over the course of his isolation. Talks to it through his wrist computer.

-Outmoded wrist computer
-Outmoded Robotics Brain
No. 10541 ID: 6e85c8

Senuvia Mask

Action: 3
Guts: 2
Smarts: 4
Looks: 3

Good at:

Piloting/Driving, Deception, Codebreaking/Decryption

Bad At:

Controlling Impulses, Fighting, Domestic Skills

Senuvia Mask (pseudonym, real name unknown) is a reckless, daring pilot with a penchant for thievery and piracy, though not much skill for either. She has made a few raids on small shipping lanes, darting in and out impossibly quickly in various small stolen ships. She claims to be following in the footsteps of her 'hero,' Cassandra Task - Scourge of the Alliance.

Mask has been pressed into service for various organizations and even the alliance military before, the young anteater's skills being a valuable commodity for many missions or jobs that need doing. She can pilot or drive nearly anything that moves with at near-expert status.

Mask always wears a particular mask while on the job, which actually contains a small computer with a HUD on the viewports (tech 1). She usually carries her 'hotbox' as well, a codebreaking and hacking device that she uses to 'hotwire' vehicles, though it isn't necessarily a fast process.
No. 10546 ID: 79391f
File 140880352294.png - (147.75KB , 1000x1000 , Austerine.png )

Name: Austerine Jakk
Sex: F
Height: 3'8" (1.12 meters)
Rank: Squadron Leader

Smarts: 1
Looks: 4
Action: 4
Guts: 3

Things good at:
Good at hitting things to make them work
Good at hitting things accurately
Good at influencing others

Things bad at:
Terrible liar, easy to read emotions
Bad at keeping her cool
Bad at piloting/driving anything

Austerine Jakk grew up in a family of politicians in the Kumatan (Jackal) capitol with a pampered, high-class life that she never much cared for, loathing the gridlock of politics and bureaucracy and having to play nicely with everyone she met. She is inherently a good person, and extremely rational, but very impatient and direct to the point of rudeness. She joined the military, served as a soldier, went to university, "left" (dropped out), and then went back to the military to be a squad leader.

Equipment: Blastgun, Cutter-Blade Claws (A la Wolverine)
No. 10547 ID: 79391f
File 140880408557.png - (39.56KB , 640x340 , austerine character card.png )

And here's a character card based on the thing I made in Excel for her.
No. 10551 ID: 436cdc
File 140909320095.png - (1.49KB , 160x480 , mastbig.png )

A quick sketch of Mast's design, complete with horribly-maintained space armor and his little wrist-mounted computer friend.
No. 10552 ID: e852ab

Telemachus Varu

Action: 1
Guts: 1
Smarts: 1
Looks: 9

Good: Diplomacy, Cooking, Stealth

Bad: Medicine, Fixing Tech, Combat

Inv: Clothes, 10 vapins, cookbook, cutter blade, 2 batteries

Varu is a well bred noble fox, who naturally thinks he is better than everyone else. Born and raised a noble by a rich upper class family, Varu has always intended to become a representative of his species. He was entered into the best schools and universities, where he focused solely on acting, political and artistic classes. Varu pursued acting further, playing starring roles in theatrical performances and movies.

His cookbook is a device that contains thousands upon thousands of recipes.

His cutter blade is a smaller sword or dagger which can be concealed.
No. 10553 ID: 436cdc
File 140910090836.png - (2.19KB , 320x480 , mastheadgearbig.png )

And here is a version where he's wearing an older variant of the patented Ridiculously Large Astranian Space Helmet, complete with air pack.
No. 10554 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140920893918.png - (334.04KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPG1.png )

Space Station Gazron-Alpha.
not much more than a floating reactor , privately owned but used for military refuelling

A starship docks with the stations, Shadow-Class explorer ship.

The ship's crew are performing mercenary work to deliver a package to an officer named "Dernio Bitz"

4 of the ships 6 crewmen have entered the station

Jakk: Ship's owner and "captain" she bought the ship to see the galaxy . . . ran out of money shortly after

Varu: Ship's cook and friend of Jakk, Varu didn't want to leave home but Jakk needed a nutritionist for space exploration and couldn't afford a medi-bot.

Mask: Ship's Pilot, Backround didn't check out, but Jakk was desperate for a pilot.

Mast: Ship's engineer, claims he understand's the ships tech, Jakk has her doubts

the other 2 crew men currently are unimportant, there are also 4 crew bots, they are even less important.

what do you do?
No. 10557 ID: 436cdc

As has been happening the whole flight, Mast tromps his way out of the engine room, swearing rather explosively at his wrist and making exaggerated gestures with the 'broken' pipe he's been on about the entire trip.

"I'm telling you, you little shit, that right thruster is miscalibrated! You are GOING TO CHECK IT OUT before I turn you in for scrap!"

As it has pretty much the entire voyage a tinny voice responds, with no small amount of annoyance.

>"And I'm telling you, I don't have enough processing power to DO that! I'm already stuffed up from all the junk data you REFUSE to clean out! What possible purpose could you have for an itemized list of videos detailing so many ABSOLUTELY ABSURD ways to utilize paperclips?"

This comment only exacerbates mast's almost-constant moodiness,and he puts his computer on mute to unceremoniously shove the length of untarnished pipework into Jakk's hands. Several wires and assorted office supplies hang out one end, the other sealed shut with what looks like dried-up chewing gum.

"I need to make a replacement of that part, doesn't do what I need it to do. Until then, the coffee machine wont have power, I had to reroute all that to keeping the life support running."
With that Mast storms off, resuming his argument with the outdated A.I.
"And YOU: Don't you DARE speak ill of papercliffnote's revolutionary work, you little freeloader. I'll have you know that his work was INSTRUMENTAL to-"

The rant is cut off as the door closes behind him, mercifully cutting off the bridge from his tirade.
No. 10558 ID: 01745f

Character application:

Name: Epirus Lanike
Species: Bat

Action: 1
Guts: 4
Smarts: 5
Looks: 2

Good: Medicine, Keeping Calm, Knowledge of Xenobiology
Bad: Combat, Physical Strength, Cooking

While Epirus Lanike is generally stoic, he has always had a driving curiosity and desire to see the universe that has kept him from taking a normal job in civilian medicine. Excelling in school and medical training, Lanike considered entering the military as a medic for a while but was not up to the physical standards for a military life. Somewhat embarrassed by this and still desiring travel in some form, he signed on to work as a medic for rather low pay on a small explorer vessel shortly before it left the planet.

Tech: Medical kit, Wrist computer used as encyclopedia and a notebook
No. 10559 ID: 9dd1ee


Just a note, as Lanike is not a typical Astraniam clan name, most NPC's will refer to him as Lnik until corrected
No. 10560 ID: 01745f

Ok, so last name changed to Lnik. Should I delete it and remake the character sheet post?
No. 10567 ID: 6e85c8
File 140963358630.png - (96.57KB , 877x620 , jakk 1.png )

Austerine Jakk rubs the right side of her temple with a grimace, eager to momentarily get away from her crew (particularly her yammering engineer) and take a walk through the small station and try to separate herself from her guilt and anxiety to think clearly. It's no wonder only misfits and crazy people go on adventures, she thinks. Just breaking even is messing up and failing in the long run. Now she has six others she has to lead and failure isn't an option, she couldn't bear to face her relatives back home if she had to go back empty handed just so her crew doesn't /starve/ to death.


But then again, things... should turn out okay if she can get this job done. Austerine Jakk may be desperate for cash but at least... well, maybe something good will happen today? Maybe?

The white-haired kumatan wrings her hands and frowns before shaking her head and putting on a more confident face, striding into the station with two goals in mind: To get some information on Dornio Blitz, and to see if she can sell any star-maps or information on asteroid mineral deposits her exploration ship has collected, starting with a search for the station's cafe(s) or bar(s). She makes a mental note to go over her finances with Mast again later.
No. 10568 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140968117378.png - (178.19KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPG2.png )

Lnik - Ship's doctor and 5th member of the crew, was an easy hire for Jakk as no other ship would take him considering his frailties

* * *

As Mast returns to engineering there is a Crew Bot waiting for him

CB-01: "Engineer Mast this is a regulated report informing you the power stores have dropped below 10% immediate battery supplementation recommended"

* * *

Jakk enters "Eats' Diner" apparently the main food and drink establishment of the stations.

There is a Server-bot minding the bar serving food and drinks.

There are two shrouded Astranians at a nearby table whispering to each other.

There is a cloaked individual slumped at the bar.

there is a bulky looking Astranian at the far end of the bar using some manner of hand device.

None of pay Jakk any mind, and continue about their own buisness
No. 10569 ID: 436cdc

Mast stares at the robot helper, then with a grunt pushes past it.
The engine room, once a clean and fully-operational wonderland of brand-new parts and functional components, had over the course of Mast's stay as engineer turned into a veritable jungle of hazardous sharp things and precarious workarounds that only Mast himself seemed able to navigate with anything approaching safety.

In one corner stands what would be best described as a safety code violation to most, and as a treadmill to a select few. A large patchwork of carpeting and bedsheets makes up the loose-fitting tread, wrapped haphazardly about repurposed plumbing and dinnerware.
Several large wires pour out of one end leading directly into the main battery of the ship, and fallen down atop it is the second ship droid.

Mast sighs, righting the poor robot and setting it down atop the treadmill once more.

"Alright, get going now. Ship power's low again."

>"You know, I really don't approve of you using my simpler brethren like that. It's creepy, it's like child labor to me."

"Shut up, Albert. It's fine, they are built specifically to do this stuff."

>"That doesn't make me feel better."

"If I can talk Mask into letting you fly the ship, would that make you feel better?"


"It's settled then. Now, what say you we go see what the rest of the crew are up to?"

Mast heads out of the engine room, and almost immediately crashes into...
>Enter character here
No. 10570 ID: 01745f

>Mast heads out of the engine room, and almost immediately crashes into...
Lnik, knocking over the small doctor, who had been typing on his own wrist computer without paying much attention to where he was walking. He got back up, said a vague "Excuse me" to Mast, and continued where he left off pacing and typing in his journal.
-where to find this Bitz. Perhaps the captain knows more about his likely location. The other crewmembers are rather odd (especially the engineer with his dubious devices), but I suppose a normal crew would not go unusual places. Our ship has recently docked at Space Station Gazron-Alpha, a small station near-
Lnik didn't recall much about the area the station was in, and looked up maps to see if there was anything of note nearby.
No. 10572 ID: 436cdc

Mast grunts an acknowledgement at Lnik, continuing on into the bridge once more then on into the cockpit.

No. 10573 ID: 6e85c8
File 140980209929.png - (192.21KB , 877x620 , jakk 2.png )

Austerine Jakk makes her way to the bar and orders herself an astranian ale before asking the bartender rather bluntly, "So, you ever heard of someone named Dornio Blitz?" with the most confident grin she can put on.
No. 10574 ID: 8526d6

Varu silently strolls in behind Jakk, his every movement graceful and elegant. He scans the room as if he owns it, eyeing each cloaked or hooded figure with suspicion. His eyes fix on the bulky Astranian at the end of the bar.

The slender fox glides across the room, one paw infront of the other as if he's on a catwalk, his fluffy tail sweeping and curling with each step. As he reaches the bulky Astranian, he smiles and takes a quick bow. "Ahem. Good day sir, I can't help but notice that many of those in this fine establishment have very.. ahem.. unusual attire." He pauses for a moment, before continuing. "Oh silly me! I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Varu, Telemachus Varu." He maintains his smile, confidently putting his hand out to shake.
No. 10575 ID: 8526d6
File 140987720193.png - (348.71KB , 1000x1000 , 8IvFnzP.png )

Here's an awesome pic of Varu that Beakie did!

Thanks Beakie!!
No. 10577 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140993551099.png - (131.74KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPG3.png )


Lnik knows that Gazron-Alpha station is in orbit around Gazron-Alpha the planet, a habitable (yet rocky) world with nothing more than a couple survey outposts on the surface.

there are five other planets in the Gazron system as well as an Asteroid belt, Gazron alpha is the most "settled"

Lnik successfully uses his "Smarts" to find out a little bit more

Gazron system is not uninhabited out of chance, rumors has it there used to be a whole civilization on the planets . . . yet a couple hundred years ago they all vanished from any records

* * *

Jakk successfully influences the robot to tell her what she wants to know

When the robot speaks Jakk takes note of it's fem designation
DSR-B24: "Dornio Blitz? : no record.
DSR-B24: "Analysing divergent speech patterns . . . Ah! you must mean Dernio Bitz!"
the robot points to her right at the cloaked figure down the bar
DSR-B24: "He's right over there! . . . oh no! I gave away free gossip to non-paying customers again!"
DSR-B24: "Miss Eats is going to be so angry . . ."
No. 10578 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140993651040.png - (135.06KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPG4.png )

Varu's Diplomacy proves successful
At first the bulky female Mokathian seems annoyed at being addressed "sir", but upon hearing Varu's silky smooth voice and laying eyes upon his perfect feature any complaints die in her throat.

Eats: "Welcome to Eats' Diner what can I do for you?" she manages to get out she nearly drops her hand computer her distraction to Varu is so complete.

Eats: "Kothama Eats" she responds quickly and strongly shaking Varu's hand, she then realizes she's been asked a question.
Eats: "Oh this? it's a Mokathian Roll-suit, you never know when a fire fight will break out!"
No. 10580 ID: 6e85c8
File 140998069529.png - (118.05KB , 496x550 , jakk meets dorito blitz.png )

Jakk blinks at the robot, saying "What!? I just ordered an Ale..." but then refocuses, walking over to the cloaked figure and thumbing towards herself, saying "Hey, Officer Blitz, my name's Austerine Jakk and I've got a package for you."
No. 10582 ID: 6e85c8


>Mask pivots around in the captain's seat to face Mask

Of course I'm here! If nobody's here to fly the ship, it certainly isn't going to be going anywhere!

Have you finished breaking my ship for the moment? Ready to fix it up so it'll work again?

>Mask leans back into the chair and crosses her arms impatiently
No. 10584 ID: 436cdc

Mast waves it off, his wrist-mounted A.I. screeching in frustration at the sudden gesture.

"Nothing was broken. The drone just fell off the treadmill. It's fixed now. I came in here because Albert here wants to pilot the ship."

Al pipes in immediately afterwards, hastily attempting to make up for Mast's gruff manner of speaking.

>"If you would, sir. It's nice having something to call a body, every so often."
No. 10589 ID: 6e85c8
File 141021463969.png - (144.45KB , 583x800 , Strakirov Zolf.png )

Name: Strakirov Zolf

Action: 4
Guts: 5
Smarts: 1
Looks: 2

Good at: Hitting things hard
Getting hit hard

Bad at: Fixing technological devices
Problem solving
Utilizing non-weapons based tech

Originally stationed at a colony on a frozen world, Zolf's personality was shaped by a harsh life. Days were full or hard work and labor helping keep the colony running in the harsh climate and protecting it from indigenous life forms. Zolf became well known by the colony when he single-handedly fended off a large beast that had smashed its way past the defenses. Word spread around the colony of his deeds and when time came to send soldiers into the frontier, he was selected by the colony's leaders. Reluctantly, Zolf was sent into the reaches of space to aid the alliance.

Despite his gruff outward appearance, Zolf is often jovial and boisterous, eager to share a pint and a story with his comrades.

Tech Items: 1 suit Astranian Military Power Armor
1 Extendible Two-handed Cutter Blade
No. 10591 ID: 436cdc
File 141024305551.png - (1.12KB , 32x50 , sketchbear.png )

Working on a rough sketch of Mr. Laz-weihand-er bear here, colors are super not done but it's a good idea of what it's gonna look like and want to make sure there are no outstanding errors before I continue on it tomorrow.
No. 10592 ID: 436cdc
File 141024308487.png - (1.00KB , 16x48 , jakk.png )

Also one for the good captain.
No. 10593 ID: 436cdc
File 141024515450.png - (1.16KB , 32x50 , pls.png )

the hottest memes fresh, straight from satan's burning asshole
No. 10595 ID: 6438bf
File 141030371597.jpg - (901.86KB , 1952x3264 , IMAG0048.jpg )


Mask stares incredulously for a few seconds before responding.

'Look, three things.

One, no, because your watch probably isn't rated to fly a ship of this size.

Two, no way in the worlds, because I'd have to be insane to let you put one of your machines into the ship's control systems after what you did to the engine room.

And most importantly, three: no way in Hell, because I want to fly the ship and that's what I got hired to do, because I'm the best in the alliance!

If your dumb computer wants to 'have a body' so badly just let it 'run on the treadmill' or whatever in the engine room instead of destroying MORE of the ship.

Mask sticks her tongue out at mast, then swivels the chair away.
No. 10596 ID: 436cdc

Mast scowls, gesturing WILDLY in anger.
"Hey, that mess of an engine room is running off a SINGLE TREADMILL and a SERVICE DROID because of me! FUNCTIONALLY, even! Before I got it wired up and got rid of all those energy-leeching 'safety systems' this ship was consuming 100 energy cells a trip! By the time I was even a THIRD done it was using HALF that! And as for Al, he'd be PERFECTLY able to pilot this thing! Probably better than YOU could, you horrible little-"
>"MAST! Mast, calm down, just... let it go. She's right, I'm twenty-three years out of date and I haven't even interfaced with anything more complex than your wrist computer in half as long. Maybe we can find a vacuum cleaner for me to roll around in or something, just calm down."

Mast takes a deep breath, deflating visibly.

>"Sorry miss Mask. He doesn't mean any insult, he's just not fond of people criticising his work. And also me, I suppose. You have a good day. Mast?"

Mast remains silent, shuffling his feet for a bit.


He stands there awkwardly for a few more moments, then slinks off to the bridge again.
No. 10599 ID: 436cdc
File 141047555844.png - (1.26KB , 32x50 , pls.png )

Aight, the Bearzerker's sprite is done. Next up: I refine Jakk's to not look shit, and after that Varu and Mask. also Lnik, if I can get a description for 'em.
No. 10600 ID: 436cdc
File 141047577597.png - (2.31KB , 320x500 , plsbig.png )

big version
No. 10601 ID: 650b8d


Varu shifts nervously. A place where astranians hide their face and the servers wear body armour? He soon realises he's in a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Besides Kothama Eats of course. His smile slowly disappears.
Varu: "Do you get many... altercations here?" He looks around the bar with a worried look on his face.
Varu: "Is this a.. safe place, miss Eats?" His eyes fix on Eats, wide and innocent, wanting her to reassure him that he is in fact, safe.
No. 10605 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141087572573.png - (135.29KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPG5.png )

Zolf- Cheif of security Assigned to keep an eye on Jakk by order of High-Command. currently his security force consists of two security bots.

one said minions reports to him
SB-01: "security breach cheif! sabotage recognised! records indicate we've suffered a 10$ loss in power efficiency loss! Prime suspect: Engineer Inconcinnus

* * *
the robot seems incredibly flustered
DSR-B24: "oh no! oh no! I failed to process an order again!"
DSR-B24: "Miss Eats is going to scrap me for sure! . . ."

The battered Vishan responds with a snarl
Bitz"You think I care about the name of some smug faced green rookie who can't even show the intelligence of remembering someone else's name?"
Jakk is about to respond but is interrupted
Bitz"Don't answer that you dumb piece of shit, it was a rhetorical questions. I don't need to know your name, you'll be dead in a week probably with that dumb ass smile still plastered across your face. Now where the hell is my package it's twelve days late!."
The grizzled soldier snarls, he looks ready to kill at a moments notice.
No. 10606 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141087787668.png - (173.09KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPG6.png )

The engineering bot from earlier rolls up to Mast again

CB-01: "Engineer Mast this is a warning report informing you of a ship wide arrest warrant filed against you by one of my security counterparts"
CB-01: "According to the report we are suffering a 10% power efficiency loss, you are accused of malicious intent."
CB:01: "Initial findings believed this report to be in error as power consumption gauged a 100% increase in power efficiency, but as this did not explain our current power loss I ran further tests"
CB:01: "Tests indicates our preliminary engine monitor is faulty and giving false data, utilising 'Gant's flawless method' I have discovered the security report to be correct, we are indeed suffering a 10% power efficiency loss, CB-02 is draining excessive amounts of our power stores to remain operating in constant movement and the treadmill is producing zero power in return."

* * *

Mask gets back to lounging about on the bridge. as she turns back to the console she notices a blip on the radar, but when she blinks it is gone.

* * *

Eats: "haha! don't worry, you'r safe as long as I'm around! just don't wander without security escort and you'll be fine! . . .well probably, I mean security will fold like paper if the assailant has any military tech."

Eats pauses and thinks
Eats: or if Guilders come in for a raid, then you're on your own . . ."

Eats then adds

Eats: or if one of the bulkheads corrodes enough to break open into space, without gravboots you'de be super dead!"

Eats seems ready to list off more horrid fates
No. 10607 ID: 436cdc

Mast sighs heavily, rubbing his temples.
"Augh, damn it all. I thought I had it working finally."
Mast trundles off for the engine room again, and upon arrival immediately starts thwacking the big box O' wires bolted above the treadmill.
"Come on you piece of shit, work!"
When that fails, he crouches down and prys off the panel, grumbling as he rearranges the internals, occasionally popping out to make sure the treadmill is hooked up right.
Finally, after about a half hour of cursing and one particularly noxious-looking puff of smoke, Mast closes it and gives it a final whack.
>Waits on roll results
No. 10608 ID: 6e85c8

"Sabotage? Dis vill not do at all. SB-01 come vith me, ve are to be detaining suspect Mast for de questioning. SB-02, be locating kapitan Jakk, keep eye on her, report any problems directly to me vith radio."

Zolf waits for SB-02 to head out, then begins to make his way to the engine room.
No. 10609 ID: 6438bf

Mask shrugs, just waiting around on the bridge has been proving pretty boring so she decides to check on that blip. Using her considerable smarts and knowledge of ship systems, she attempts to get the ship's scanners to actively search in the direction from which the blip was coming.

>waiting for result
No. 10610 ID: 01745f

Lnik sees the alert, and leaves his room to see Zolf and his security bot walking towards the engine room.
"Zolf, what's this the reports say Mast engaging in sabotage? Is there something I can do to help keep the ship safe?"
No. 10613 ID: ec409a

Varu gets more and more worried as Eats lists off each and every potential incident, almost shivering at the idea of being attacked by Guilders. He tries his best to regain his composure.

Varu: "Ahem uhm.. Miss Eats. Where might the safest place be if any of these... things.. do happen? What would a knowledgeable and resourceful person such as yourself do?"

Varu smiles nervously, flicking his ears up and trying to keep things nice and positive.
No. 10614 ID: 6e85c8
File 141124396525.jpg - (208.17KB , 1102x1122 , Jakk meets dorito blitz 2.jpg )

"Whoa whoa whoa!" the captain responds rather quickly, her voice a little higher pitched than before, "The package is in my ship's storage, I'll have one of my crew deliver it wherever you like! I'm, uh, sorry for the delay..."
No. 10615 ID: 6e85c8

"I am in the going to investigate dee suspicions. Security Bot 01 and myself should be in the able to deal vith leetle engineer. I guess prep dee seek-bay in event of dee ugly happening, would not be vanting doktor to come to harm now vould ve?" Zolf shrugs before continuing on his way to the engine room.
No. 10617 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141133881892.png - (252.20KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPG7.png )

"Right away sir!" SB-02 salutes and heads off in search of the Captain.

* * *

Mast's Tech macgyvering is successful!

Some how despite breaking a dozen laws of Astranian science Mast manages to get his treadmill to actually generate usable energy, unfortunately the robot is still draining far more power by rolling on the treadmill then the treadmill itself is able to generate.

At this moment Zolf and one of his security cronies bust into engineering.
"Prime suspect: Engineer Inconcinnus Mast! you are under arrest for suspected sabotage!" SB-01 Recites.

* * *

Mask successfully uses her smarts
Scanning the area, she finds minor energy residue
it could be anything, it could be nothing, it could just be a glitch

or it COULD be a Guilder Storm Galleon, that ship class has a stealth field which would explain a blip disappearing.
and the energy residue would be consistent with a guilder ship's typical run off.

* * *

Eats considers the question. "I dunno about safe, but from what I've seen the best way to avoid getting shot, is to shoot them before they get a chance!"

* * *

Bitz growls "Just bring the damn thing to pier 03" he then turns back to his drink gulping it in a final swig and starts to head off.

Jakk notices one of the security bots walking up to her.
SB-02:"Hello Captain, I am here to keep you safe!"
No. 10618 ID: 436cdc
File 141134338305.png - (1.54KB , 64x64 , mastprofile.png )

Mast glances over for a second, then returns to his work waving them away with a "Yes yes, good for you. Bit busy, arrest me after I fix it please."
Mast reaches for a spanner, tweaking yet another bit inside, then closes the hatch and screws it shut. After that, he flops the droid off the treadmill, taking it's place immediately and with far more gusto than the primitive droid would have ever managed. The droid, for its part, flounders helplessly on its side where it landed.

The lights, noticeably dim the last few hours, immediately brighten to normal capacity once Mast's jogging hits its flow.

"So, why am I under arrest? Gotta keep this thing moving. If it stops too long it leaks power."

Albert winks on soon after, his voice more quizzical and slightly-angry than a pre-rendered monotone has any right to be.
>What's going on? Mast, what did you do this time? Why is security officer Zolf here?
No. 10619 ID: 01745f

Lnik heads off to prepare the medical bay, hoping he would not need to use it. Considering Zolf's greatsword, though, he supposed that any violence which did occur might not leave much of the engineer to treat. Still, best to be prepared.
No. 10620 ID: 6e85c8


'Oh dammit!'

Mask immediately begins prepping the ship for launch, if necessary decrypting any sort of ignition locks the captain put in place. There's no time to wait!

As she fires up the ship, Mast hops onto the ships comms to call the captain:

"Hey Jakk, you need to hurry back. Guilder Vessel approaching, and we don't want to wait around for them to get here!"
No. 10621 ID: 6438bf
File 141151588903.jpg - (0.96MB , 3264x1952 , IMAG0054.jpg )

>made a quick sketch of mask, sorry about the resolution
No. 10622 ID: 436cdc

Can I get some colors for everything? That way I can get the Mask sprite done accurately
No. 10623 ID: 6e85c8

"Guilder vessel? Can you verify that? Like, you have a for-sure reading of a guilder vessel?"

The captain blinks as she furrows her brow in frustration, wincing as she looks from her comms to her client but doesn't say anything yet, the jackal-like astranian clearly intimidated by the big man.

She turns to Eats and Varu, pointing at Eats this time and saying "Hey... My pilot is showing a reading of a guilder vessel, can you verify that with like, Station Security or something..?" She swallows, considering her options, looking from the security droid to Bitz to the door, idly feeling for the claw-gauntlet hidden under her coat.
No. 10624 ID: 6438bf


'There was a reading on the radar that blinked out as it closed in, and active scans show the same energy runoff as a storm galleon. Any time you spend not believing me is time you're not spending getting back to the ship, and you won't want to be there still when they get here.'

Mask switches channels to the ship's internal PA.

'Hey mast, I hope you have the engine running because we're gonna need a lot of power really soon.'

As she talks, mask continues readying the ship for launch.
No. 10625 ID: 436cdc

The command flows tinnily out of the slapdash speaker made of repurposed ration tins, and Mast immediately breaks from his light jog into a full-on dash.
In response to this, the engine room's usual background noise sharpens into a borderline roar, Mast's shouting across at the security officer barely audible over the sounds of gears turning and engines revving.
No. 10635 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141200962663.png - (163.22KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPG8.png )

the medical station is topped up and ready for action.

Eats shrugs "You're the one with the fancy new starship, any sensors on the station would be inferior to yours"

Bitz turns around "You blasted naive fool! you've doomed us all with your glowing power beacon!"

As Mask is preparing the ship for launch she makes a very unpleasant observation.

Though Mast has fixed the power expenditure problem enough damage has already been done. The ship is critically low on power, Mask recalls the captain making a point to refuel while at this station.

at current power levels it will be impossible to make an FTL jump to another system with out diverting power from life support, weapons, shields and communications. (note diverting power from these vital systems is completely not recommended by the ships user manual)

Mast automatically succeeds his first run check

Unfortunately even at a full on run the amount of power that Mast is able to generate is minimal.
No. 10637 ID: 6e85c8

"Power beacon my ass! Come on, Oh-Two!" Jakk shouts as she runs back towards her ship, grabbing her rifle on the way inside. "Status report!" she calls over the comms, "How close are we to flying?"
No. 10643 ID: 5089fc

Varu glances towards Jakk, growing ever more worried at the mention of guilders. He bows before Eats.

Varu: "Apologies miss Eats, it seems that my crew might be getting themselves in quite a panic. I'm sure we'll see eachother quite soon, in the case that there are no problems of course."

The astranian turns and walks towards the ship, his tail curling against Eats as he trots towards it with confidence. He catches up to Jakk and whispers to her.

Varu: Jakk.. is there a problem? What's happening?
No. 10644 ID: 6e85c8

"Svitch off? I am in the thinking of not. It is sounding like there is possible problems soon and I vill be needed elsevhere. I am going to fetch doktor, SB-02, keep Engineer Mast motivated until he is arriving. Use shock if have too, very motivating."

Zolf hurries to the med bay, leaving SB-01 to keep an eye on Mast. "Doktor! You were asking if you could be helping Zolf with suspect, well Zolf has idea how you can be helping!"
No. 10645 ID: 436cdc

Gears start turning in Mast's head as Zolf turns to leave, spurred on by the neccessity of the situation.
"Shock, shock.... SHOCK! THAT'S what I need! SB-02, go fetch me any energy weapons you can find! I need them ASAP!"
No. 10646 ID: 01745f

Lnik: "Yes? Does Engineer Mast need sedating or something?"
Lnik checks whether he has the supplies to do so if that is indeed what the security chief needs.
No. 10647 ID: db2d60

"No, opposite! I am vanting you to doktor Engineer Mast vith things to keep him running, adrenaline, 'go-juice,' vhat-ever, at least until danger is gone."
No. 10648 ID: 01745f

Lnik: "So he isn't a traitor then. I'll see what I can come up with."
Lnik checks what stimulants are available in the medical bay.
No. 10649 ID: db2d60


'Well, We can fly just fine. But we can't jump without turning the ship into a powerless coffin. Weren't you supposed to be out there refueling it?'

'If we can't get power into this ship, we aren't getting out of here. Unless we take some other ship. There are other ships docked here, right?'

Mask uses the external cameras to survey the docking bays, looking to see if there is anything else nearby that they might be able to pilfer or 'borrow' some power/fuel from in a pinch.
No. 10650 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141268495266.png - (172.79KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPG9.png )

SB-02 who had just followed Captain Jakk back onto the ship, takes Zolfs new order and travels to engineering to accompany SB-01

Mast succeeds his second run check easily

SB-02: "Negative, scuzzbag. I don't follow your orders."

SB-01: "Keep running criminal, or you'll get the shocks!"

* * *

Lnik does have the stimulants required to keep Mast running, there are however some obvious health risks from the practice.

* * *

there are four other docked ships at the stations, two small civilian shuttles, a small military robotics transport, and a civilian cargo freighter
No. 10651 ID: 436cdc

"Well hufh-fuck you too, buddy!"
Mast throws a very rude gesture towards the droid, followed by a short string of silence.
"So, out of -haff- curiosity, what -huff- date -hooo- were you manufactured?"
No. 10652 ID: 01745f

Lnik: "I can keep him going for a while, but only so long. Hopefully by then he can get the power issue fixed."
The doctor gathers his supplies and heads over to engineering, and stops in surprise on seeing Mast running on his ramshackle treadmill talking at an annoyed robot.
Lnik: "Why are you running on a treadmill instead of fixing... is that your plan to fix what you did to the power supply? Mast, the Astranian body isn't a perpetual motion machine; even if you could keep running like that without resting or collapsing any energy collected would come inefficiently from caloric intake. And if you are about to suggest that we buy a vast stockpile of food, we could also just buy power directly for less."
No. 10654 ID: 436cdc

"No, this was only supposed to supplant power generation, -haff- not replace it! -ohgeez- I missed a patch somewhere while hooking it upand we lost energy! -whoof- I can MAYBE jumpstart a few cells to get us going again, but I need something capable of a violent-haaaagh- burst of energy. Was THINKING an energy weapon might do it, but -heeeesh- THESE HORRIBLE TIN CANS refuse to get me one!"

Mast is sweating profusely, but he hasn't stopped running.
No. 10659 ID: 01745f

Lnik: "Using the energy from an energy weapon sounds more plausible than this treadmill stuff. Zolf, do you find engineer Mast trustworthy enough to let him attempt this energy weapon plan?"
No. 10660 ID: 436cdc

Mast shakes his head, waving him down.
"Would -huff- only get a few cells charged -hoo- at the cost of our only weapon. Screw that. We are at a station, get fuel there -hah-.
Bad idea, lightheaded."
No. 10661 ID: a86f27

"*I* was out trying to settle our deal and get paid!" Jakk shouts into the comms, "Can we get confirmation that it *is* a guilder vessel? Mask? Mast? Anyone?"
No. 10662 ID: 6438bf

"Well you probably should have done a better job!"

"Also, It's either a guilder vessel or something with exactly the same energy wake, and I don't feel like taking my chances on it being a brand new ship."

Mask hurries out of the bridge, making her way out of the ship to try to find anything that isn't nailed down that they might hold enough power for an emergency jump.
No. 10664 ID: db2d60

"Engineer Mast ees under suspect of sabotage, I vould not be trusting him with veapon anyvay. Eet vas my understanding zat ve vere needing to be going wery soon, othervise I vould have just made engineer fix zee engine back to vay it vas."

Zolf speaks into his helmet's com system, "Mask, Vhat is situation vith guilder wessel? Saboteur suspect has been detained for now."
No. 10669 ID: 6438bf


"The situation is that it cloaked itself and is almost certainly approaching the station as we speak. And the further situation is that we don't have enough power to make a jump without cutting basically every other system on the ship. So I'm trying to find a way to fix it."

"Now that I think of it, you should probably come too. Might need to get some heavy lifting done. I'm leaving the ship now."
No. 10671 ID: 6eefd3

Varu: "I don't like the sound of guilder's Jakk. What do we do?"

The fox starts to panic, keeping close to Jakk and looking for somewhere to hide.

Varu: "What about the station, Eats and the others on board? What do we do Jakk?"
No. 10672 ID: a19cd5

"Just a -haff- thought, but if it-haaah- turns out that we can't get fuel -fff-, I can turn some of what we do have into bombs. If we can't -hagh- get out, there is no pissing way I'm getting taken by guilders without a good fight."
No. 10676 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141469569541.png - (197.65KB , 826x420 , StrannerRPG10.png )

Mast manages to continue running, but it is getting more difficult

Mask enters the station looking for a solution to the power problem.

She notices a nearby auto-console, she could use it to purchase charge power from the station's reactor.

She also notices two shifty looking Yerots carrying a huge power cell of some sort.

Varu knows there are many places to hide aboard the ship, even a few small crawl spaces
No. 10684 ID: a70e53

Varu decides that he would just get in the way, and before Jakk has a chance to say anything, he slips away to the best hiding place he knows!
No. 10685 ID: 01745f

Lnik: "Alright, if you are really sure it will help I can administer some stimulants to help you run longer for a time. How long will you need?"
[Medical check on recieving response about how much damage that amount of stimulants would do.]
No. 10691 ID: db2d60

"Mask, give me your position, I em heading your vay." Zolf speaks into his comm as he begins heading out of the ship.
No. 10728 ID: a19cd5

Mast pants a bit, eyeing the doc nervously.
"That's a very big needle."
No. 10774 ID: ab0ecc

His cookbook is a device that contains thousands upon thousands of recipes.
No. 10824 ID: bc7b81

akk grew up in a family of politicians in the Kumatan (Jackal) capitol with a pampered, high-class life that she never much cared for, loathing the gridlock of politics and bureaucracy and having to play nicely with everyone she met. She is inherently a good person
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