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File 140036678698.png - (19.69KB , 600x385 , dnd3_character_sheet_std_105.png )
10456 No. 10456 ID: 5b4b49

Is there anyone out there who knows Photoshop/GIMP/whatever enough, and of course is into tabletop RPGs, that would be capable of making a character sheet for me? I would like to commission that person and start up a correspondence for future sheets (I write a lot of RPG stuff).

If anyone knows someone skilled in this art, please direct them to this thread; we can correspond further by e-mail if needed.

Pic sort of related
No. 10457 ID: 2f4b71


Try Excel. Seriously, it's going to be dramatically easier than trying to create a spreadsheet in an image editing package.
No. 10485 ID: df620b

I do a lot of my own sheet work and can send you some examples. Most of my work is done in Open Office Draw so I can get very professional arrangements.
No. 10762 ID: ab0ecc

No. 10830 ID: bc7b81

No. 11467 ID: 35add2

Seconding Excel or some other spreadsheet program that can do the math for you.
There's Inkscape if you want FOSS. It won't do math for you but it'll look nice.
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