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File 138764157808.png - (536.08KB , 1680x988 , 2013-12-22_00_00_18.png )
10414 No. 10414 ID: 399fd4

Hi everyone,

Just posting to make people aware of our minecraft based Dwarf Fortress Roleplay server. Four races, mechanically adjusted with plugins and with a heavy emphasis on true dwarf fortress experience. Come on by and check the server out!
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No. 10415 ID: e2e4bd

Grom reportan in.
>Dat glorious Dwarven architecture.
No. 10416 ID: 399fd4
File 138764214052.png - (1.16MB , 1680x988 , 2013-12-22_00_09_17.png )

Races include: Dwarves, Humans, Elves and Kobolds.

Pic related: It's the elfhome.
No. 10417 ID: 67647a
File 138764236505.jpg - (49.15KB , 796x114 , DMSFb.jpg )

Anon here,

As someone who has been playing here since summer this year, I can only say I've had an awesome time.

I shant ramble, since no-one wants to read a giant wall of text. But the number of dickish people I have met during the entirety of my stay here can be counted with one hand. On the contrary, if you asked me to list all the fun times I've had or the friends I've made, well - my skills in the field of mathematics wouldn't be good enough for that.

So, if you own MC and have the time, try this out as I did all those months ago. Even if I'm lying, what have you to lose? And if I'm telling the truth - well, you have good times ahead.

(PS. Dwarf is stronkest)

Pic related, for all Elves are born from the deepest pits of Hell.
No. 10418 ID: 33372f

The corpse formerly known as Mukluk of da hi tower here,anyone have pics of that old junk pile?
No. 10419 ID: e607cd

not from before it collapsed into the ocean and everybody died, alas.
No. 10529 ID: e61ede

Is the server down? I can't connect to it.
No. 10540 ID: e607cd

no, must have been a temporary state. Or possibly you were on the wrong minecraft version. Server is still up running 1.7.5
No. 10743 ID: 1eda5c

Mort isn't still there is he?
No. 10744 ID: 6f2a44

Mort is the least often seen of the 10 or so staff members, but still technically present.
No. 10764 ID: ab0ecc

no more
No. 10833 ID: bc7b81

mort is gone
No. 10839 ID: 8c1166

Thanks for that.
Your diligence is commendable.
No. 10843 ID: 4c2072

no really. gone gone.
No. 10875 ID: fddc52


I ain't gone. Server is winding up last story arc. My attention is getting the new server set-up done. Custom maps don't build themselves. You'll probably hear from us once the changeover is done. Taking time however as we're also working on integrating elements of the conversion mod we're doing into the server- namely the dialogue system which allows people to speak in the DF languages, and have race specific chats.
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