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File 137694361185.png - (649.70KB , 1466x1494 , Discworld_Political_Mapp_by_BlamedThande.png )
10325 No. 10325 ID: 0e2370

I'm really lazy/bad at drawing my own dungeons, caves, encounters.
I was looking for some sort of software I can use to generate dungeons/ caves and what not automatically.
I downloaded autorealm but there is no support or anything for it to tell me how to use the program.
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No. 10326 ID: c16a16

Try this; http://donjon.bin.sh/d20/dungeon/

Just experiment with all the dropdowns. It can do dungeons or caves, and sets up various room features/encounters/doors/etc. automatically.
No. 10328 ID: 0e2370

No. 10329 ID: 0e2370

one problem i encountered with this was i cant figure out how to make mutli level dungones that connecton generated stair cases.
No. 10331 ID: e8b3f9
File 137729019154.png - (80.75KB , 1443x600 , mine.png )

Maaaaan... I just use paint...
No. 10335 ID: 0e2370

I'm to lazy for paint
No. 10342 ID: be79e2
File 137871179742.jpg - (99.82KB , 1024x731 , 1364358314645.jpg )

What do people use (besides minecraft) to design ships in games?
Campaign Cartographer has Cosmographer
which can be used by those who know how - but how many own it - through either purchase or having it "fall off the back of the tubes" ?
I'm guessing the next two suggestions are sketchup or MS Paint.
No. 10359 ID: be79e2

I have used (and don't laugh) a copy of "My Sweet Home" it is not great for curved / angled features but gives you a 3d image with skin-able objects. I know it is not perfect and I just started out - It's not CAD but it works -sort of.
No. 10390 ID: 0e2370

Op here. I ended up finding some really high quality discworld maps online.
For every thing else I end up using Fractal mapper to give the basic shape of a place then draw the rest in in photo ship. It's a bit of work but achieves the desired effect.
No. 10399 ID: 30df25
File 138483055744.png - (664.90KB , 600x600 , tmp_foAQasLq.png )

This is my favourite tool for making land maps. Always does islands, but they are very very well-made islands.
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