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File 137098226605.jpg - (92.34KB , 674x501 , 674x501_126266_216980_1338415572.jpg )
10175 No. 10175 ID: b51251


Basically, I was annoyed at Pathfinder, 3.5, 4th, and Next not doing what I wanted; so I began making a set of houserules for Pathfinder to mitigate the glaring problems I noticed.

Then they sorta took off and I completely re-wrote them from the ground up.

Then I started making races and a lore and realized I had bitten off more than I could ever manage to chew myself.

So, I'm asking for help, suggestions, playtesters, anything to move this along. The ideal plan is to eventually publish this as Either way, here it is; I'll be buttdating some stuff about classes and races later tonight; stay tuned.
No. 10179 ID: 454d6b

I've updated Rake, https://sites.google.com/site/d20reborn/heroes-of-legend/archetypes/rake to have some neat mobility-based abilities; I'll be filling out his Infliction tree this afternoon.

I've also got Warrior updated and almost ready for level 4-5 play, but I'll post that on the site when I have more time.
No. 10221 ID: ca1c58

I don't think there is currently enough here for me to intelligently comment on. You should probably finish filling out the rules. An example of play would be nice.
No. 10239 ID: 67e689

If you need, I can probably playtest it for you.
No. 10248 ID: bac511

When a system is built from scratch, there is usually an idea of what kind of games this systems is suited for, since this determines char gen, resolution mechanics and whatnot.

Have you given this any thought?
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