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File 136428147252.png - (162.29KB , 743x962 , Kerosis-1.png )
10097 No. 10097 ID: ec1490

Because character sheets gotta go somewhere.
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No. 10104 ID: ec1490
File 136459393487.png - (167.45KB , 743x962 , Kerosis-1.png )

No. 10280 ID: cf8f63
File 137544941289.png - (11.72KB , 800x600 , Zehrahlixia hat.png )

HP: 21/21
EXP: 0/10
Attack Dice: d6
Evasion Dice: d6
Coins: none
Tracking I
Visual Acuity I
Survival II
Craft Literature (Tombdog Remnant) I
Equipped: Shirt&Skirt, Mantle
Inventory: Shirt&Skirt, Mantle
Weight: 0/20 pounds
Dominant hand: Left

Backstory- Zehrahlixia was the daughter of a beggar, who was exiled from House Kaliaxix as part of a scandal. While the beggar now is no more than yet another ghost in the town's tomb, Zehrahlixia was not content to live on the pity offers and wait until she joined her father, and spent more time out in the wilderness, slowly and painfully learning how to survive out there. In time, she eventually honed her skills enough to become an outsider-in-waiting, to the house that she actually hails from, despite not being aware of it.
No. 10282 ID: 5663f2

ok, because of both schedule conflicts and because I can't connect to IRC for some myterious reason, I probably won't make it to tonight's tombdog meeting. Sorry!
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