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File 136364065965.png - (271.51KB , 624x259 , Decoder Title.png )
10073 No. 10073 ID: 6c1738

This seemed like it should go here but I dunno if I'm doing something wrong tell me.
The point of this game will be to de-code messages I have written in a cipher of my own design. You guys can ask for clues, of which I will give you three, each more revealing than the last. Please post your answers in black so as not to spoil it for others!
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No. 10074 ID: 6c1738
File 136364070575.png - (327.09KB , 476x602 , DC First Puzzle.png )

First puzzle! Is tgchan up to the challenge?
No. 10075 ID: bbf245

I resent being only called 'semi-intelligent'. You didn't even spell intelligent correctly!
No. 10076 ID: 7edb58

The difficult ones have purposeful spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, but the target is the picture below it. I would guess you already got that one
No. 10078 ID: bbf245

I'm not sure you understand cryptograms. Longer ones are not more difficult. Also there is no way to solve your first puzzle without extra information. I *had* to half-solve your original picture in order to solve your 'first' puzzle (and at that point there wasn't any reason not to finish solving the original picture)

That said I did like what you did with th, that threw me off for a decent while
No. 10079 ID: 7edb58

Hm, alright, I'll keep that in mind. The idea may have been lacking foresight but I did have clues handy if you peeps needed them. This is just my first time doing anything like this
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