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File 160264660908.png - (125.61KB , 439x700 , 12-1.png )
978484 No. 978484 ID: c70ff4

Chapter 11
+18 Adult content

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous chapter https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/954051.html
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No. 978486 ID: c70ff4
File 160264693505.png - (102.59KB , 620x700 , 12-2.png )

“Are we ready?” Casey’s tail swishes back and forth in the foyer: mild annoyance swinging it like a metronome. She taps her foot impatiently as Kol and Gabe bustle around.
No. 978487 ID: c70ff4
File 160264694381.png - (119.70KB , 500x700 , 12-3.png )

“Just a sec.” Gabe dashes by the mirror and pauses to touch up his lips.

“Gabe, what happened to your suit?” Casey asks

He caps his lipstick and stows it in a pocket of space. “Ugh, fuck that suit. Last time I wore it, I felt like I couldn’t breathe the whole night.”

“You couldn’t breathe, so you opted for a corset instead?”

“Ye- uh...” He bites his lip, leaving the faintest smudge of pink on his incisors. “Look, that suit didn’t fit me!”

“You could have just had it adjusted, you know?” Casey sighs. "You had weeks to get it done."

“Didn’t fit me on, like, a spiritual level!” He wags a finger. “I’m done with them! I need a fresh look!”
No. 978488 ID: c70ff4
File 160264695160.png - (180.91KB , 700x500 , 12-4.png )

“I don’t know, I could grow to like them.” Kol shrugs against his suit jacket, and steps up next to Casey.
“Shouldn’t we have been there already?”

Casey sighs, “We should have been there ten minutes ago. You guys took forever getting ready.”

“Hey, if we’re doing this, my look has to be perfect.” Gabe takes his position between them and opens a gate.
No. 978489 ID: c70ff4
File 160264695734.png - (133.96KB , 486x700 , 12-5.png )

Together they step through into the sunlight. Breezy sea air catches their clothes as they stride across brilliant, white marble. The campus of the college of senders stretches out around them in crisp angles and perfect lines. Before them, a wide causeway of steps climbs the slope: leading to the statue of Madam Moot herself. At the base of the monument a small crowd has gathered, murmuring excitedly to one another in anticipation.
No. 978490 ID: bb2f99

Is this Miki's wedding?
No. 978491 ID: fa2754

Graduation? Wedding?
No. 978499 ID: 02d6c8

Doesn't seem to be the wedding since it's in senders' college. Could it be for their departing to etherial plane?
No. 978523 ID: cdabe3

i hope it's the wedding or some other ceremony; a corset is a terrible choice if there's a risk of danger or of needing to be dexterous
No. 978529 ID: e86fab

gabe is a cutie
No. 978545 ID: f8fa51

I agree on all points. Gabe <i>is</i> a cutie and they're all dressed up more suited for an event than for an expedition (with the possible exception of Kol). I like the idea of a wedding.
No. 978646 ID: c70ff4
File 160281528213.png - (170.00KB , 700x500 , 12-6.png )

Climbing the staircase, they make their way to the edge of the crowd. Waving hello’s to familiar faces, they find Cecil Ochre standing with a clipboard. Next to him is a table with a small collection of lanterns, each burning with a different colored flame.

Cecil checks their names off of his clipboard, “I was wondering when we were going to see you! Glad you made it in time.”I hope you’re all ready.”
No. 978647 ID: e8cde9

Oh good. Do we get to pick our colors?
No. 978695 ID: b1b4f3

See if you can get colors that match or compliment yours.
No. 978706 ID: f8fa51

"Yes, we're all ready." I'm assuming you are, since you spent the time to get gussied up.
No. 978980 ID: c70ff4
File 160314960721.png - (141.92KB , 647x700 , 12-7.png )

“I think so. Raithe tried to explain it all to us but we’re not quite sure what all to do.” Casey admits. “We’re not exactly adept at elemental magic.”

“Neither am I, I’m afraid.” Cecil’s pencil taps thoughtfully on the clipboard. “Most of it seem’s pretty simple: flame bearers will take their positions and one after another we add our fires to the ritual.”
He holds up a lantern of his own and points, “There’s a lever on the side that’ll open the bottom, which will drop the fire into a trail of oil.”

“Seems simple enough.” Gabe nods along.

“And as you do so, you’re supposed to keep some kind of truth held in your mind: something true to yourself, I suppose.” Mr. Ochre shrugs. “I’m not entirely sure what is meant by that part, to be honest. But I shall do my best.”

“After the truefire is lit, Miki and Raithe will say their vows and ask the guests to give their blessings to the couple. That’s about it for the ceremony itself.”
No. 978987 ID: e7848c

Oh this is interesting. Let's think of some truths about ourselves. Things that haven't changed about us for as long as we know.
No. 979041 ID: 4d6de9

As far as I can tell, the truest idea in our hearts is the love uniting us.
No. 979146 ID: c70ff4
File 160324881770.png - (155.00KB , 700x500 , 12-8.png )

"Something true..." Casey eyes her lantern as she thinks aloud.

"Raithe says it doesn't have to be very complex, just something true." Mr. Ochre shrugs again.

Gabe picks up a lantern for himself, burning with a bright ruby flame. "We've got time to think about it at least."

“Where’s Flashing Feathers?” Kol cranes his neck, eyeing the crowd. “Would be nice to get a blessing from a god, or former god.”

“Oh he’s already at work on that.” Cecil gives a beaky smile and looks out to sea, “There’s a line of storms headed this way: he’s giving us a window to hold the ceremony, but he’ll join us for the reception.”

“Are we the last ones? I hope everyone can make it.” Casey looks around at the various flame bearers mixed in the crowd.
No. 979147 ID: c70ff4
File 160324882306.png - (171.59KB , 500x700 , 12-9.png )

“Still waiting on-“ Cecil checks his clipboard but is interrupted by the swish of red silk. A curtain appears in midair and is pulled aside by the blazing figure of Cauldera. At her side is-

“Vivian La Fey...” Cecil breathes and drops his pencil.
No. 979148 ID: 094652

"Cecil, no.
Do not turn this into a battle of the fans."
No. 979149 ID: e7848c

She never fails to impress, does she?
No. 979156 ID: b1b4f3

Tell Vivian she's looking good.
Tell Cauldera she looks good and also... the same? Phoenixes don't change after a rebirth huh?
No. 979312 ID: c70ff4
File 160341905460.png - (143.05KB , 585x700 , 12-10.png )

Cecil scrambles to recover and stands ramrod straight as he checks the guest list. “Uh-um- C- Cauldera, I believe?” His eyes flicker between the pair frantically.

“-Plus one.” Cauldera beams, taking a lantern. The flame within burns same hue as her plumage, now refreshed and glowing in the sun. “Are we late?”

“N-not excessively so!” Mr Ochre stammers. “O-one might say fashionably late?” He smiles back nervously.

“Heya Viv!” Gabe steps in to rescue the bowerbird. “Love the dress! Have you met Cecil Ochre? Big fan, Isn’t that right?” The mouse wraps an arm around him amicably and winks.

The hapless bird nods mutely and Vivian cocks hear head, “Ochre? Mr. Ochre, right? You always buy box 17? No, I don’t believe we’ve met. Thank you for the roses, though. Pleasure to meet you.” She smiles warmly, reducing the poor bird to a stammering mess.
No. 979313 ID: c70ff4
File 160341906145.png - (135.79KB , 700x500 , 12-11.png )

“And I don’t think you’ve met my partner Casey yet, either.” Gabe continues, giving Casey a nudge and a wink.

“A pleasure.” Casey beams at the fey. Vivian offers her hand and Casey pecks a kiss on the back of it.

“I heard through the grapevine you recently uncovered some writings by the old teacher herself. Is this true?” Vivian asks in a kind of meandering curiosity.
No. 979314 ID: fa2754

As a history buff, it's exciting stuff. Another time though.. there's more pressing matters afoot.
No. 979326 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, you're working on translating it.
No. 979330 ID: 651ae0

Absolutely this is the case. If she feels up to talking about it sometime later, why not invite her to chat? Might help clarify things to bounce it off someone else.
No. 979712 ID: c70ff4
File 160376214831.png - (119.97KB , 700x462 , 12-12b.png )

“Tuvara-Malli? You mean the book we found? How’d you know about that?” Casey shoots a glance at Gabe, who shrugs helplessly.

“I hear all kinds of things.” The kitsune replies cryptically. “If its true, I would love to see it. Her verse is...” She sighs deeply, ending with a purr of adoration.

“I know, right?” A dreamy eyed look of mutual appreciation comes over Casey. “I never thought I’d see her work with my own eyes. Would you be interested in seeing it some time? We’re honestly hoping someone can help translate it.”
No. 979713 ID: c70ff4
File 160376215983.png - (111.61KB , 700x500 , 12-13.png )

“I’d certainly love to try! Its a date, then.” The kitsune nods conclusively and grins. “We’ll get together soon.”

“I think I’ll skip that date,” Cauldera chuckles, “old books and me don’t agree with one another. Though, I do like when you read to me.”
No. 979715 ID: e7848c

Serenading a songbird sounds like swell soiree
No. 979790 ID: c70ff4
File 160384930703.png - (142.68KB , 700x500 , 12-14.png )

Vivian and Caulera bid them adieu to go mingle with the guests, the crowd parting in amazement around the starlet and the phoenix. Casey waves them goodbye and blinks absentmindedly. “Did... did I just make a date to read fey poetry with Vivian?”

“Sure sounded like it.” Kol puts an arm around her shoulder.

“Okay.” Casey nods while staring off at nothing in particular. “Wanted to make sure I didn’t just dream that.”

Taking their flames, the guests start to assemble into a loose line as they file towards the statue.
No. 979983 ID: 094652

"Psst... when do we get the dancer-in-a-cake?"
No. 979985 ID: 8fab7a

File towards the statue, then! File like you mean it!
No. 980189 ID: 651ae0

You go, girl. You're absolutely on point!
No. 980288 ID: 07b0f1
File 160436581123.png - (185.80KB , 700x500 , 12-15.png )

Taking their flames, the guests start to assemble into a loose line as they file towards the statue.
The guides find themselves behind a pair of older chinchillas chatting amiably to one another, about seeing the city from above.
No. 980291 ID: b1b4f3

Miki's parents? Grandparents? Say hello.
No. 980293 ID: 0e2eb1

If those are her parents you absolutely have to chat them up.
No. 980294 ID: 094652

Ask them how they feel about their new spirit-in-law.
Then explain the sex.
No. 980421 ID: 07b0f1
File 160462971285.png - (118.96KB , 437x700 , 12-16.png )

“Excuse me, are you Miki’s parents?” Casey asks politely.

“Got it in one!” The husband passes his lantern to his other hand and offers his palm to shake. “Name’s Claude. Pleasure to meet you!” He smiles from behind an uneven hedgerow of a mustache.

“And I’m Della. Nice to finally meet some of Miki’s friends.” Miki’s mom exchanges a couple of fluffy hugs with the guides.

“Nice to meet you both!” Casey beams, “I’m Casey. That’s Kol and this is Gabe. We’re spirit guides. Miki’s been a big help, and always a good friend.”

Della gasps and nearly drops her lantern. “The spirit guides! Claude its them! Miki talks about you all the time! Its so wonderful to finally meet you!” She bustles in place frantically. “Claude its so exciting!”

“So these are the mice who helped my girl find her love!” Claude laughs and claps Gabe on the back with a callused hand. “I was wondering whether she would ever find someone. She put so much of herself into that bakery, we were wondering if she’d ever find someone. Little did we realize she was conspiring to marry her oven!”

“Claude!” Della baps him in the shoulder and the dad belly laughs. “Seriously, thank you. Miki’s spent so much of her life in a kitchen, its good to see all of the people she’s met.”
No. 980428 ID: 4ff6ee

"Her kitchen is pretty frantic, you got your money's worth on that fire charm!

So we're busy looking for the history of Augustine Moot and the undead won't stop bugging us until we tell them what the flip happened at the weird end of the war."

(Because apparently talking to random people gets you answers)
No. 980437 ID: fa2754

It'd be no understatement to say that she has touched many peoples' lives for the better. Sometimes, it feels our luck really turned around when we helped her meet Raithe.
No. 980630 ID: 07b0f1
File 160486439030.png - (160.08KB , 700x500 , 12-17.png )

“Miki’s pretty incredible that way. Everyone she meets she seems to help in some way.” Kol grins as he thinks back, “Even we were struggling until we helped her and Raithe meet. She’s put us in touch with a lot of people who we were able to help and even gone with us on a case or two.”

“My baby’s having so many adventures!” Tears glisten behind Della’s glasses.

Miki’s dad flicks an anxious ear. “Nothing too dangerous I hope..."
No. 980641 ID: 8fab7a

"Er, nothing too serious we think. And we've been very grateful to have her along the times we've hung around. Maybe we can tell of some of them in more detail later?"
No. 980645 ID: b1b4f3

Nah you didn't take her to plunder an ancient lich's tomb or anything.
No. 980777 ID: 07b0f1
File 160505996755.png - (147.07KB , 700x500 , 12-18.png )

“Nah, ‘s not like we took her to a lich’s tomb or something.” Gabe waves dismissively.

“Well...” Casey reminds him, “she did come with us onto Caleb’s boat, which was haunted at the time.”

“Yeah, but Adrian wasn’t hurting anybody! he was a really sweet guy for a lich!” Kol gives Miki’s parents a nervous sorry we took your daughter into danger grin. “He just needed our help!”

“We didn’t exactly know that though. Buuuut it was kind of an emergency, since I’d just fallen off that cliff.” Casey concedes.

Miki’s parents stare back with a glassy-eyed smile of polite horror. “Oh, that’s... interesting!” Della remarks primly.

“We’ll have to tell you the whole sto-“ Kol stops and his eyes dart sideways, “-most of the story later. Miki was a huge help though: figured out where Adrian had hidden Caleb’s skin and helped him move on to the other side.”
No. 980778 ID: 07b0f1
File 160505997330.png - (147.07KB , 700x500 , 12-18.png )

Claude’s agape mouth twists into a fascinated rictus. Della’s eye twitches as her smile remains in place.
No. 980779 ID: b1b4f3

You should probably add that Caleb is a selkie, his skin is detachable and is part of a marriage ritual. He wasn't, uh, skinned.
No. 980783 ID: 36784c


And then shut up before you upset them even more!
No. 980828 ID: fa2754

Selkie! Normal for Selkies! Uh, we promise we're professionals.. your daughter is a joy.
No. 980829 ID: 094652

Tell them about the strip volleyball match.
No. 980866 ID: f57349

Maybe explain it as a harmless magic item and symbol of trust, like Miki's own fire resistance amulet? Also make sure to clarify that nobody got seriously injured in any way associated with that job, not even when you accidentally cut a tree down while chasing the client off a cliff.
No. 980891 ID: 07b0f1
File 160523132434.png - (142.08KB , 700x464 , 12-20.png )

“No, I mean- Caleb’s a selkie! They take their skin off to change forms! Its part of a marriage ritual for selkies!” Kol backpedals desperately. His darting eyes catch sight of a familiar silhouette among the crowd. “ Oh wait- look there he is! Hey, Caleb!”

The sailor turns at the sound of his name and stares at the frantically waving mouse. He waves back hesitantly, happy to see Kol but struggling to read the situation.

“See? Heheheheh-heh.” Kol takes a deep breath as his pulse drums in his ears. “It was all quite an adventure.” Casey pats him gently on the back and squeezes his shoulder reassuringly.

“That’s uh- fascinating.” Claude remarks after his brain has had a bit of a reboot. He glances back up at the selkie, who’s scars rise up out of his old wedding kimono and wrap up around his head. “So, that was you guys with the lichfire a couple of months back? I tell ya, gave us all a scare. We thought the old lords were back or something.” He chuckles nervously before asking, “They’re not, right?”
No. 980892 ID: 3ed3c3

Oh, no! Not at all! In fact, they've vanished so completely that we're having trouble researching them. They didn't leave much behind that was comprehensible.
No. 980893 ID: 3c4fd8

"Well, a lord's general at least, no biggie."

Also reassure them that Miki is already settled down and is better off leaving the adventuring to us Guides.
No. 980897 ID: 094652

"Actually, that's the problem. Since the Lords and Saints mysteriously vanished at the end of the war, their surviving armies have spent their spare time trying to find out what the heck happened. Hence the mountain-sized undead dog that walked up to the city.

They've agreed to stay away from us for now but they won't leave until they get closure for how the war ended."
No. 980899 ID: b1b4f3

No, they're gone as far as you can tell, only remnants remain. Actually you're looking to find records of what happened to them at the end of the war.
No. 980901 ID: f8fa51

Yeah, don't lie, but definitely say no. "No, just some of the things they left behind. We're actually trying to research some related information right now."
No. 980910 ID: baa6c7

This sounds like the best option.
No. 980947 ID: 07b0f1
File 160531940313.png - (167.32KB , 500x700 , 12-21.png )

“No, no.” Kol reassures Miki’s parents, “nothing like that. Mostly just the remnants of a lost era.” His gaze flickers sideways for a moment, unable to avoid glancing at the looming shape of the bargast. He tactfully decides not to mention the horde of undead threatening to awaken and march on the town.

“We did catch one of them and trap him in a crystal!” Gabe interjects, beaming at them, “This old lich tried taking over Kol’s body and Kol was able to force him out and- oh yeah that was kind of my fault...” His grin twists itself up in embarrassment. “What ever happened to that guy anyway?”

Casey reminds him, “Three Horns still has him. They’re hoping he’ll give them some clue about how to run the quicksilver machine. No luck so far.”

“Ahh. Well, I’m glad we were able to help kobolds with their water supply, at least. I wouldn’t mind dropping by to visit them again some time soon.” Gabe sighs wistfully, remembering their first night among the kobolds.

Miki’s parents listen, fascinated but unable to follow along. Before they can inquire more a sudden light lances up over the crowd as the truefire ceremony begins.
No. 980959 ID: f8fa51

Does this ceremony involve quiet? Probably better to focus on it rather than chatting in any case.
No. 980988 ID: 3ed3c3

"Woop! Showtime! Sorry, folks, but we're gonna have to continue this conversation later."
No. 980996 ID: fa2754

This is exciting!
No. 981238 ID: 07b0f1
File 160566535298.png - (138.56KB , 549x700 , 12-22.png )

Above them, a bonfire of pristine white pine logs blazes merrily, set on a weathered stone platform traditionally used to for signal fires. The roaring conflagration leaps hungrily into the air, fed by the steady wind coming off the coast. The guests “ooh” appreciatively as Delilah adds the first of the lanterns to the pyre; causing it to flare purple for a moment as its consumed.
No. 981239 ID: 07b0f1
File 160566538059.png - (85.88KB , 700x500 , 12-23.png )

“Oh shoot, we need some kind of truth to add to this thing, right?” Gabe mutters, looking at the tiny flame in his lantern. “I should have been thinking of what to think of, uhhhh. So what do we need, like... something objectively true? Because I know a lot of math, would that work?”

Claude shrugs, “I’m quite not sure myself. Miki tried explaining it to us and I think its supposed to be some kind of personal truth? I don’t know if math counts.”

“I think she said that’s one of the reasons why the ceremony takes so many people.” Della explains, “It takes a lot of little truths and kind of... distills them together. It’s all very exciting!”

“Ugh, introspection.” Gabe sags and mutters, “my one weakness.”
No. 981240 ID: b1b4f3

Alright I'll give it a shot.

Gabe: Go for shallow introspection. It's a personal truth? You like looking pretty.
Kol: you're looking forward to getting closer to Caleb.
or if Kol wants something deeper he can reaffirm his feelings about death.
Casey: uh
I know the least about Casey. What does freedom mean for a Binder?
No. 981241 ID: 8fab7a

Nah man, don't worry, you got this.

"I... fuckin' love boys and girls fuckin'."

Or more seriously, since this is supposed to be a proud and happy moment:

"Becoming a Sender was one of the proud-happiest moments of my life."
No. 981282 ID: fa2754

Honestly, one that applies to all three of you would be that you're happy in your relationship with each other.
Gabe, are you proud of yourself of for how far you've come as a sender? Long ways away from snipping people's tails.
Kol, Death means nothing if you didn't make your life worth it. Wouldn't you say that you've lived your best life so far? And yet more to come.
Casey, your pursuit of knowledge and learning has brought you before old gods and forgotten tribes. You know the hunt is not over yet.

And you all will do so together.
No. 981301 ID: f8fa51

You don't need anything deeply profound, just true: "little truth's". You're happy with each other, and that's a simple enough truth.
No. 981313 ID: 1ebee5

"Everything that we know and love is reducible to the absurd acts of chemicals, and there is therefore no intrinsic value in this material universe."
No. 981338 ID: eec00e

Just say you love sex with Delilah and see where it goes from there.

Also, what happens if too many people lie?
No. 981388 ID: fccbcb

I think that to keep the truth related to Miki, one of them could mention that helping her and Raithe started the spirit guides on their path of successes. Before that, they were clumsy, but helping a friend helped them out a lot.
No. 981453 ID: 07b0f1
File 160583829953.png - (128.95KB , 700x500 , 12-24.png )

The line shuffles forward as one by one, the lanterns are added to the ceremony. Murmured excitement runs through the crowd as the roaring bonfire flashes a spectrum of colors. The guides near the top of the mountain, each quietly contemplating their own truths to add to the sacred fire.

Ahead of them, Miki’s parents step up to the peak, closing their eyes and adding their flames to a line of oil. The brilliant violet fire races into the heart of the blaze and washes upwards with a roar.

“I- I hope we did it right.” Claude says, stepping back from the heat. “Uh, your turn I believe.”
No. 981454 ID: 07b0f1
File 160583830501.png - (104.61KB , 410x700 , 12-25.png )

“I guess I’ll go first.” Kol steps up and releases the lever on his lantern. As the fire roars with a sapphire hue, he thinks to himself.

”I’m living an amazing, full life; I’ll give it as much meaning as I can before I must accept its end.“
No. 981455 ID: 07b0f1
File 160583831328.png - (99.24KB , 406x700 , 12-26.png )

Casey takes his place and opens her lantern. A rich sea green flame flickers over the bonfire as she thinks.

”Ive pursued knowledge and history and seen old gods, lost tribes and spells spoken of in myth.
There’s so much more to see and learn, and I'm proud of all I've discovered.”

No. 981456 ID: 07b0f1
File 160583832263.png - (114.60KB , 497x700 , 12-27.png )

“Uh, okay...” Gabe steps into place and thinks for one last moment before opening the latch and letting a blood red flame burst forth.

”Everyone thought I couldn’t be a sender because I was just a horny goofball, but you know what? I did it! I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished!”

”Also spite me, Delilah, looking good! I wonder if she wants to hook up after the reception? I hope she likes my look: I’m feelin’ really pretty today. Pretty horny, I mean. Heheh got’em. Oh wait, is all this going in the fire? Shit-fuck, uh disregard all that. Can I start over? I- I’m just gonna stand over here.”

Gabe sidles over and joins the crowd who’s already added their flames. Blushing with a tinge of socian anxiety, he sets his empty lantern down with the rest of them and stands near his partners.
No. 981476 ID: fa2754

Amazing how something so simple as a truth makes you freeze up when put on the spot.
No. 981494 ID: 06204b

Kol no...no no no no no...
I don't like that sentence.
No. 981704 ID: 07b0f1
File 160601410544.png - (171.83KB , 552x700 , 12-28.png )

As the last of the lanterns is added the crowd murmurs expectantly. Excitement and concern flicker from person to person.

”Did we do it right?”

”Where’s Miki?”

“And Raithe? Wouldn’t he know if its working?”

“What do we do now?”

The guests mill about anxiously, watching the fire for signs of the completed spell.

As they do, a whoop calls out from above. Soaring in on blazing wings, Raithe lazily circles the monument, cradling his bride in his arms as he descends.

“Hey everybody!” Miki waves at the crowd and calls, “Sorry about the wait! I guess we could have timed this better!”
No. 981734 ID: b1b4f3

Hey Miki, you are slightly on fire, is that normal?
No. 981735 ID: 36784c

We should put out the flames on her clothes before they burn away completely and leave her naked. I don’t think Miki would enjoy being naked in front of everyone on her wedding day!
No. 981736 ID: 651ae0

It's your wedding girl! You time things however you dang well please!
No. 981738 ID: fa2754

Still a killer entrance! And that dress is lit
No. 981861 ID: 7cc864

I hope the dress is only a special effect...

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