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File 160041794977.jpg - (386.46KB , 1920x1200 , 20200918012150_1.jpg )
976580 No. 976580 ID: 094652

Oh wow. It's another glorious day in my fortified prison cell. Surrounded by my playful guards who will enjoy a round of 'punch the prisoner' with every guest. I wonder what fun things I can do today.

Oh wait. I can't.

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No. 976690 ID: 094652
File 160049405087.jpg - (225.90KB , 1920x1200 , 20200918223550_1.jpg )

Wait for it...
No. 976691 ID: 094652
File 160049407461.jpg - (215.07KB , 1920x1200 , 20200918223654_1.jpg )

Yep, right on time.
Two of the better-trained guards follow a strict schedule.
Lha'ri glances at the prisoners every 30 seconds and inspects their cells every two hours. He only stops for lunch and at the end of his shift, when three guards take over. They love this guy.
Churl'hi sits near the exit on the left. There are six cells and he generally leaves us alone. Don't mistake him for a softy, though - I heard he raped the family of a heretic. On principle. He's a competent fighter, especially when it comes to the rowdy new inmates.
there used to be a priestess named Moe, but she was killed by rebels during patrols according to the chatter. Good men, too bad they were slaughtered.
Those three were planning to rise through the ranks through honest dedication to the Everlasting Light. Five miserable years later and one casualty among friends, and they still haven't taken the hint.

Bonhwai! We have a winner!
The secret question was, "What is the lead cause of Solaris casualties in combat?"
According to what I heard from prisoners of war, whatever resistance or coalition is out there fighting against the Solaris has realized that the solution to repelling an enemy that worships fire is to burn them right back. The fire shows of flaming arrows and oiled blades (and some weird hammer thingy that does a *bwoosh* thing, I don't understand what he meant either) can be seen all the way from the horizon. In fact, using flaming weapons calms the Solaris troops instead of sending them into a frenzy, because they think their enemy is coming around to their way of thinking.
Of course, most of the guards have some kind of flame-resistant armor, and they will put themselves out faster if there are more lit torches or light sources in the room.

After what they've done to us, I don't care how many or how few I have to kill to make this nightmare end.
No. 976704 ID: 5cb1b2

Unless you intentionally didn't make those links please don't do that, you need to use double '>' before the message number
Mouth, rectum, nose, bladder. (Vagina if female) More practical that holding something with your feet, and probably more effective, hold it in your armpit. (Just be sure to keep it in the shadow of the fire when you let it out.)
No. 976707 ID: e19a40

Can you set fire to the planks from the bed?
No. 976727 ID: 12b116

Pull a toilet spike out and cover it in oil, then set it on fire so when you stab a guard it will go under their armor and set their bodies on fire.
No. 976792 ID: 5cb1b2

>After what they've done to us, I don't care how many or how few I have to kill to make this nightmare end.
Killing yourself would end it. But permanent solutions to relatively transient problems.
No. 976793 ID: 094652
File 160057658230.jpg - (307.48KB , 1920x1200 , 20200919212700_1.jpg )

Please don't give the guards ideas.

I guess, though I'm not sure what that will accomplish. Yet.

Yeah... Yeah!
That might be enough! One thing I noticed was that the guards didn't notice if we accidentally spilled our share of oil, they just beat us afterwards! So if I "accidentally" poured some oil on a spike, broke it off, lit it on fire from the torch, and shoved it straight into the first guard through the room, I might be able to kill him and take his sword! From there, it's a mad dash to the left and hopefully a way out of this place!

Before all this, I was good in a fight, but I can hear like a dozen guys to the right of my cell, so I need to know if you think I'm ready to put the plan in action. Is there anything else I should plan or inspect before we get this over with?

Anything at all?
No. 976831 ID: 5cb1b2

whatever you know about what is beyond those doors.
No. 976841 ID: 094652

* There are six cells in rows of 2, and this one is a middle cell.
* To the left is a hallway that connects the cells, and branches left and right. The right hallway is where all the screaming and strange chanting comes from.
* To the right is probably the mess hall. Dozens of voices and smacking noises come from there, and the same number of people go in as they go out each day, so there's probably no exit that way.
* Lha'ri is diligent at patrolling, his usual skill in a fight is about average.
* Churl'hi is lazy and rests near the exit, but he's skilled at combat and cruel when torturing prisoners.
* Moe is dead.
* Solaris troops are resistant but not immune to fire. They will not douse bodily fires if it is the only source of light in the room.

... This is starting to freak me out. I'm about to try to stab a guard with a flaming shiv I haven't created yet, make my way past a well-trained, well-equipped fighter who will stab me in the ass if he manages to win against a malnourished prisoner with a shiv, and then run away from a dozen other guards through a fortified whatever-this-place-is with no understanding of the layout or any traps, let alone the exit.

But what else is there to do?
No. 976904 ID: 5cb1b2

This is about as good a plan as we are likely to manage if we are dead set on attempting something when next that door opens.
No. 977079 ID: 094652
File 160093443314.jpg - (242.90KB , 1920x1200 , 20200924004526_1.jpg )

They want fire? I'll give them a motherkilling fire to remember!
Let's do this!

I pour a unit of torch oil over the flimsy spike - holy crap this one's pretty long - and tear it off!

[Obtained Metal-Wood Crude Combat Stake!]
No. 977080 ID: 094652
File 160093467311.jpg - (309.73KB , 1920x1200 , 20200924004540_1.jpg )


I only have a few seconds to pull this off! I quickly stab the flame with my new stake! It doesn't look like it will burn very long, but a second is all I need!

No. 977081 ID: 094652
File 160093478574.jpg - (316.74KB , 1920x1200 , 20200924004711_1.jpg )


"I am spreading the faith of flame through the divine sacrifice of my remaining luxuries."

"WAIT. Really?"
No. 977082 ID: 094652
File 160093496134.jpg - (272.48KB , 1920x1200 , 20200924004720_1.jpg )



"Goodbye, Lha'ri. You were always a bigoted sadist."


"Oh. You're still alive. Good - for me."
No. 977083 ID: 094652
File 160093533494.jpg - (273.95KB , 1920x1200 , 20200924004808_1.jpg )

I use Lha'ri as a human shield and walk towards - wait. That's odd, I swear the kitchen was to the right, not the left. Did they move me? What else did I get wrong? Oh well...

I turn left, and the hall is still there, while Churl'hi is finishing up inspecting the empty cell.

"Hey Lha'ri, I think the last prisoner lactated on the - OH WHAT THE @#$%?!


"I-You're lying! You'll just kill him when you're ready to escape!"

"I'll kill him NOW if you don't get the hell out of my way."
No. 977084 ID: 094652
File 160093581229.jpg - (249.23KB , 1920x1200 , 20200924004830_1.jpg )


"Maybe, but I'm done getting tenderized every half-day. All this time, you've forced us to worship a thing you can't possibly hope to become, let alone control. When are you going to realize that the reason we refuse to be taught is because you refuse to understand the material?"


"I think I'd prefer that to drowning in my own blood, like Lha'ri here."


"Close the door on your way out, dear."
No. 977085 ID: 094652
File 160093600607.jpg - (269.10KB , 1920x1200 , 20200924005014_1.jpg )

Holy crap, it's working! All this time, I could have just stabbed my way through these two bosom buddies! For the first time in five flaming years, I'm walking into that hallway just tantalizingly out of reach! I can feel a glimmer of freedom right now!

There's just one teensy, tiny, micro, mini problem:
No. 977086 ID: 094652
File 160093625318.jpg - (298.67KB , 1920x1200 , 20200924005050_1.jpg )

I've got seven angry swordsmen ready to chase me through a fortress. Oh, and they have the home advantage while I'm apparently confused to the basic layout.

I'm busy trying to take Lha'ri's sword from its scabbard. Lha'ri has almost passed out from blood loss, and I can't lug his dead ass around while fleeing. Should I just throw him, or something else? I also need to choose a direction - left or right - and fast.

Alright, voices - let's get lucky.
No. 977101 ID: f56a2b

Hmm... Right is right, but that's what they want you to think. So left is right. But that's not right, but then again that's what they want you to think too... "left or right and fast..."

Lets go FAST! that's the right direction!
No. 977104 ID: 5cb1b2

In the words of Rincewind: "Don't you worry about 'to', In my experience that always takes care of itself. The important word is 'away'.”
The 'to' only matters if it would be a dead end. So we know which is the 'away' direction.
No. 977187 ID: b1b4f3

You still have oil... you could dump some oil on the ground and set fire to it to prevent them from chasing you.
No. 978096 ID: 094652
File 160211955796.jpg - (242.76KB , 1920x1200 , 20201007175959_1.jpg )

"You know what, Lha'ri?"
"I think the lights could use some extra wax."

[2 Oil Units used!]

No. 978097 ID: 094652
File 160211974577.jpg - (374.12KB , 1920x1200 , 20201007180046_1.jpg )

BAM! I didn't know I had the strength left to kick him like that!

Better yet, Churl'hi is also on fire, and the blaze is turning into an inferno, trapping the other guards! It's too bad I can't stick around and ensure they both roast, the other guards in the fortress have heard the screaming by now.

I have to run, now.
No. 978098 ID: 094652
File 160211980996.jpg - (333.68KB , 1920x1200 , 20201007180108_1.jpg )

Heading right!

What is this? Forget it, it's doors that need to be closed behind me!
No. 978099 ID: 094652
File 160211985551.jpg - (321.70KB , 1920x1200 , 20201007180119_1.jpg )

Almost thro-

No. 978100 ID: 094652
File 160212003988.jpg - (357.25KB , 1920x1200 , 20201007180729_1.jpg )




"You can't break that. It's hydraulically locked."

The hell is this guy talking about?

"I... so... close."
"Mhm. Yes, a fine job. Tell me, what was your plan if you made it past this security checkpoint?"

Why isn't he shouting at me?
What should I do now.
No. 978128 ID: 19da02

To leave peacefully, never come back, and tell no one of anything that happened here?
No. 978265 ID: 87a01c

No. 978277 ID: 0fae41

To get a job at Majestic 12.
No. 979165 ID: 094652
File 160326822184.jpg - (365.90KB , 1920x1200 , 20201021005300_1.jpg )

"That is not what I meant, though your ingenious strategy is... overripe."

>... Child. You know that you lied with every syllable.

"T-to get a... get a job? At majestic twelve?" What the heck is-
"Ah. And there it is. In my life, I've found that the most important answers don't matter. It is how they are said that answers every question never spoken aloud."

What the @$%^ is wrong with this guy.
"Is this how you plan to torture me? Or are you waiting for an unspoken ideal time to stab me at my most dramatic?"
"I wish to unwind you. This concentration camp has taken your heart and crushed it into a withered pulp. Yet it pulses still, and may beat yet again. Come closer, the soup thickens."
No. 979166 ID: 094652
File 160326940793.jpg - (351.76KB , 1920x1200 , 20201021005316_1.jpg )

I look over at the vats filled with-

What the heck was that?!

I don't feel too well... why am I drinking this stuff?! And why can't I stop?! Literally, I'm halfway through the barrel and my stomach still feels empty, but it's like I can feel the warm, fluid soup churning through my intestines and my legs and my arms and my fingers all the way up to my brain-
[Cognitive Slot Obtained, New Total 1 C-SLOT]

"Ah, it has taken well to your soul. This will be essential to the escape of you. Well, not this escape, particularly. And just to celebrate your new spiritual memory, I'll give you this information for free:"
[New Memory Acquired: "There is something behind the wall of your cell; you just need to look where you once had belief in your despair."]

"There was something behind the bedrock wall?"
"That is incorrect, but not for the reasons you believe it is. If you had looked around further, you would have found something the guards could not see."
"Gee thanks, but it doesn't matter now. I'm never going back in that cell, even if it kills me."
"One might never return where they once began, and yet find themselves where they started."
No. 979167 ID: 094652
File 160326985980.jpg - (414.55KB , 1920x1200 , 20201021005705_1.jpg )

"Gee, any further nuggets of wisdom for my soon-to-be mutilated ass?
"Well, there is one, but... oh, I may as well tell you what I expect you to learn on your own: The Solaris See in the Light, yet Hear in the Dark."
"What does that mean?"
"It means whatever you will discover it means".
"Then it means nothing. Get this over with.
"...Very well."

He... opened the door?
Why would he do that?! He's going to get himself nailed to the wall by the other guards!
No. 979168 ID: 094652
File 160327005058.jpg - (355.68KB , 1920x1200 , 20201021005722_1.jpg )

"Hey, what's the big idea?! Why did you-"
What?! Where... where did he... HOW did he...
... Why am I staring at an empty room? I have to keep moving.
No. 979169 ID: 094652
File 160327011030.jpg - (370.06KB , 1920x1200 , 20201021005736_1.jpg )

rolled 5 = 5

I just need to get past th-
No. 979171 ID: 094652
File 160327040780.jpg - (387.51KB , 1920x1200 , 20201021005750_1.jpg )

(Stealth Check: DC 10, Roll: [5, +4 modifier (Dexterity)] = 9, Failed!)

No. 979398 ID: b1b4f3

(hmm, not returning and yet winding up at the start point implies a respawn mechanic)

Well direct combat probably won't work. Try ambushing the guard at the corner?
No. 979410 ID: 87a01c

>The Solaris See in the Light, yet Hear in the Dark
This might be quite literal, it would also be a reason to be angry all the time if you hear everything happening in the dark, and see everything in the light. Seeing may be less overwhelming, thus they want everything lit.
No. 979411 ID: 87a01c

Wait at the corner, then right as he arrives bolt past him, and continue practicing 'away from' fleeing techniques.
No. 980384 ID: 97752b
File 160455590177.png - (2.99KB , 250x250 , The Prisoner.png )

Well, the 'corner' is that open space right in front of him, but I see what you're saying.
I jump into the guard post and hide behind the counter.
No. 980385 ID: 97752b
File 160455625669.png - (4.17KB , 250x250 , The Fool.png )

rolled 18 = 18

I like the way you think!

"Hey, is this a prank? Wait, why is the post empty? Damnit, Lha'ri was right, conscripting converts from Atreon was less useful than hiring a sack of potatoes... *sigh* I guess if I take this asshole's shift, I can get his paycheck when we 'dismiss' him. I wonder if he left his gambling earnings under the hammock...

The fool! He's ripe for the blood harvest, now's my chance!
No. 980387 ID: 97752b
File 160455672310.png - (4.46KB , 250x250 , THIS IS WHAT YOU GET YOU SICK MOTHMAN THIS IS WHAT.png )

(Stealth Attack, DC 15: [Rolled 18, +2 Dexterity Bonus, +1 Sneak Attack Feat, -2 Strength Bonus] = 19 Success)

I remember that I have a thin canteen in my hand for some reason and toss it while the guard is distracted!

"Hey, what was-"

And then I lunge, stabbing him in the neck and pulling him into the counter! He squirms for air as I continue sawing through his throat-hole and pulling him further and further! His tale is over and his final pleas for vengeance are but soft hums echoing throughout my aura, giving me the strength to lumber the neck again and again!
I resist the urge to scream at him for everything he and his brothers have put me through until he dies. I still want to do that today.
No. 980388 ID: 97752b

Ha... whoo... on a roll here.
Need to rest my eyes a little.

[Saber Obtained!]
[Light Feather Helmet Obtained!]

Now, I'm going to need your help on an important decision.
I have a dead body, with some delicious, fire-resistant armor. The problem is, the guards should have fully dealt with the fire by now.
If I waste too much time removing the armor, you know what happens. And I've lost most of my strength these five years, though apparently those beatings kept my reflexes sharp.

On the other hand, I feel naked without some basic armor to prevent death by attrition, and the real soldiers in this dung heap are likely equipped with self-igniting swords and flaming arrows, which a set of anti-fire armor is appropriate for.

I'm less eager to grab the lower garments as they seem restrictive, but the upper chestpiece will take time to unfasten and re-fasten. Still, these pieces are designed to be fitted faster than most armors, so I might not lose too much time.

Please make a choice quickly or I'll have to be spontaneous about this.
No. 980394 ID: 9c48ac

Somehow, this is exactly what I expected from a kome quest. :)

Your advantages right now are in stealth, speed and surprise.
Even with the armor, you're weak enough that you'd probably lose a fair fight.
Leave it and keep moving.
No. 980407 ID: 894419

Agreed, leave the armor and stay light on your feet!
No. 980431 ID: ce1a37

grab the upper body armor and see if you can put it on while running for your miserable life! if not, awkwardly hold onto it until you find a crevice or nook in the eh, bedrock wall, and hunker down there to figure it out.
No. 980674 ID: ecb3d0

This seems like the best plan. Also lets us just ditch it if it proves more trouble than it is worth
No. 981501 ID: 094652
File 160592020133.jpg - (342.36KB , 1920x1200 , 20201119160548_1.jpg )

Huh, this plate is easier to remove than I thought-
Oh, it's just leather. This should do!

No time to think, through the door!
No. 981502 ID: 094652
File 160592023701.jpg - (400.89KB , 1920x1200 , 20201119160554_1.jpg )

Three doors in front of me, which one should I take?
No. 981517 ID: b1b4f3

Left door.
No. 981875 ID: ecb3d0

no time for hesitation, left door.
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