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File 159172923141.jpg - (439.86KB , 824x570 , 0a.jpg )
969292 No. 969292 ID: 19da02

Two people are requesting Decision Assistance.

Age: 33
Gender: Male
Likes: GANime, girls, staying inside.
Dislikes: Webtoons, pepper, deep thinking.
Form Factor: Generic biped 4667533a.16g, Height 1.25 Weight 53.

Age: 33
Gender: Female
Likes: GANime, girls, staying inside.
Dislikes: Webtoons, pepper, deep thinking.
Form Factor: Generic biped 4667533a.16g, Height 1.25 Weight 52.

Please select a person to asssist.

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No. 969295 ID: 3d369d

No. 969298 ID: 0055dc

Eliminate both for disliking pepper
No. 969299 ID: 9876c4

Send them on a date, serve them Pepper steak until they're better
No. 969300 ID: cdabe3

No. 969301 ID: 5877dc

Pom Pom Pomothy!
No. 969302 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 969303 ID: 094652

No. 969304 ID: 03c06d

No. 969305 ID: d88d26

The only difference between them are their gender and one unit of weight. They even have the same serial number. How is that possible?
Are you sure they aren't the same person using two accounts?
No. 969306 ID: dce46f

Pomothy, We'll need that extra kilogram!
No. 969307 ID: c4bf6f

Ground control to major Pom!
No. 969311 ID: 12b116
File 159174059225.jpg - (2.20MB , 2362x1843 , 0b.jpg )

That is a model number, not a serial number. People don't have serial numbers, as they aren't produced in sequence. They do have ID numbers. That information isn't relevant to your activity.

Instructions You have connected to Decision Assistance for Pomothy. 1. Directly input commands are not designed to be literally read by the user, and instead are impulses sent directly to their brain. 2. Anything input following a "greater than" symbol will be translated into natural language and heard by the user. So, Use the bug paste dispenser and eat some bug paste will directly influence the user to take that action. If there is a contradiction, the majority action will be processed and delivered. however, >Go get some bug paste will translate the input into the sentence "Go get some bug paste" and transmit it as if the user heard it spoken aloud. Their response is transmitted back to your browser as text. Thank you for choosing Decision Assistance as your activity today. User Request Pomothy Writes: I just got my Funbux for the month. After my subscriptions, I have 1500 fun bux left. I want to spend the rest of my money on OnlyStalkers. Not sure if I should watch a stream, or go private with one of my subs.

You are now interfacing with Pomothy.
No. 969312 ID: f56a2b

>Stop watching porn. We need to bring down the system.
No. 969313 ID: cdabe3

open faingx's and nicelyng's streams and see what they're up to
No. 969317 ID: e7c7d3

>Why is one of your subs ally murders?
Check out the snake
No. 969319 ID: d88d26

What "go private" means exactly? I don't want to make assumptions in regards to the level of interaction this option offer, so for now I'm supporting the "watch a stream" alternative.

The selection seem promising.
Fuzyass seem to have the best theme. I'm intrigued by whatever is going on in Sodone stream. Fainyx have a good camera angle and is a reptile, bonus point.
But regardless of all other technically superior options my support goes to odormoth because snake.
No. 969321 ID: 5877dc

You're a good Christian boy so you should leave this page and go pray to get absolved of all your sins.

But you can go say hi to Justine4U, since she seems to be lonely, with only 1 watcher? Is she the only one watching her own stream?
>Has Justine4U really been streaming for 8 years straight?

Other than that, my second and third picks would be Krissi and Sodone.

Just check out the streams for now, before deciding whether you want to go private.
No. 969323 ID: 6f7a5a

Trouble______3 is a cute wolf wolf boy and only solo male.
watch him
he is fluffy and seems shy/feux shy, which is extra cute
No. 969324 ID: 0055dc

Eat pepper
Subscribe to odormoth
No. 969325 ID: ca2950

Eat a big, heaping handful of pepper.
See who Ally is trying to murder.
No. 969329 ID: 0fae41

Bugstream? Bugstream.
>When was the last time you saw the sun?
No. 969331 ID: 5fc3a0

Gotta watch Trouble______3, it's fun getting into trouble
No. 969338 ID: 2aa5f0

might as well start out with the channels you're subbed too. Go to the bug.
No. 969367 ID: beea23

...Ok we have to at least look at Justine4U for a second.
I suggest either eleliscbee or killer_tits
No. 969370 ID: cfc80f

Check out faingx and see what the murderin' is about.
No. 969372 ID: a9af05

Go with the bug in the bottom right corner.
No. 969374 ID: 094652

>If you are indecisive, you might consider investing the money in a BuxBank. Remember, companies want your money. Corporations want your continued existence justifying theirs.
No. 969396 ID: a307f1

>its gotta be justine4u
No. 969397 ID: b1b4f3

I vote for snake or bug.
No. 969435 ID: 86794b

hahahahaha i see what you did there XP

I also find amusing the implication about subscriptions accounting for most of his spending money.

No. 969577 ID: 19da02
File 159197845501.jpg - (1.93MB , 2473x1683 , 0c.jpg )

>Stop Watching Porn. We Need to bring down the system.
"No thanks!"

>Why is one of your subs ally murders?
"I dunno. I used Decision Assistance to decide who to sub to a few months ago. I haven't ever seen anybody get murdered in the alley, but the girl is cute when she shows up."

>Has Justine4U really been streaming for 8 years straight?
"Justine4U is frikkin awesome. She's a program that creates a new instance of herself when somebody joins the stream, so you always have her for yourself when you watch without having to go private. She basically reacts pretty much the same as a person, so it's basically just as good."

>When was the last time you saw the sun?
"Sometimes to relax I watch naturecams. So, like, pretty much every day?"

>[spam has been removed]

>its gotta be justine4u
"I feel compelled to look at a different stream for now, but she is frikkin awesome."

"It's pretty much just as good as stuff made by people if you ask me."


Pomothy considers a lot of the streams. He doesn't even consider the humans, and barely thinks about the robots. It seems he's in a reptile mood today, although he also finds himself looking at trouble_______3, who appears to be a cute dog boy in the dress, with interest.

He even considers closing the page for a second before the impulse is rapidly discarded.

Worst of all, he considers eating pepper. The thought revolts him, and he rapidly pushes it from his mind before he decides on nicelyng from his subs, and adormoth, who catches his eye by virtue of being a snake.


The streams load.

Adormoth is talking, whereas Nicelying is mostly quiet, choosing to respond in the chat.

"Yes, all of those are mine," Adormoth says, her voice very cute.

Pomothy stares at both beauties when he gets a PM from Nicelying.
No. 969578 ID: d88d26

Oh God! I feel nothing but shame looking at those price lists.
Have a moment of self awareness.
No. 969579 ID: 5877dc

>1500 funbux is for a whole month? What will you do for the rest of the month if you drop them all here and now?

Tip Nicelyng 50 for abdomen and then go check up on Justine4U
No. 969583 ID: 2aa5f0

so if I'm reading lay's PM right, for $1000 she'll give you a private show. How's that differ from a public one? because if you go for it, it's more then likely going to be your only choice for the day.

Also give moth $5 for a blep.
No. 969584 ID: b1b4f3

>do you have more subs than those three?
No. 969594 ID: d186fc

Tip moth $7 for a mlem as a special request.
No. 969595 ID: a9af05

Tip Adormoth 100 for a sensual wiggle.

Tip Nicelying 50 to show ass and another 50 to show abdomen.
No. 969607 ID: 12b116
File 159200205629.jpg - (1.82MB , 2480x1935 , 0d.jpg )

>1500 funbux is for a whole month? What will you do for the rest of the month if you drop them all here and now?
"Uh, wait for next month? It's not like I need anything. Besides 1 funbux buys 10 BeMyStalker tokens, so."

>do you have more subs than those three?
"I'm subbed to like, five other channels. Those are the most active ones though."

Pomothy converts his 1,500 funbux into 15,000 BeMyStalker tokens, because what else does he have to spend money on? Now, he starts sending tips to both girls, appreciating their elegant forms.

Adormoth says "Thanks, NeverAlone! here's a wiggle for you! And a mlem"

It's a pretty good wiggle. Definitely erotic. The mlem is also definitely hot.

Nicelying's assets are also so curvaceous, smooth and shiny when she shows them off for him. Well, him and several hundred other people.

Pom is jonesing for a private show. He wants to be able to chat one-on-one with the girl and get a personalized erotic experience.

He isn't sure if he should ask nicelyng or adormoth or somebody else, but he desperately desires intimate personal interaction.
No. 969608 ID: f56a2b

Get a couple minutes private with adormoth.
No. 969609 ID: 5877dc

Ok, then PM Nicelyng you'd like her all for yourself until you're satisfied.

Not sure if it's time-based or not, or if you have to pay in advance.
No. 969610 ID: 2aa5f0

well nice did give you that PM for a private show so might as well take her up on it.
No. 969611 ID: 36784c

Well, Nicelying did send you a private message saying she’d give you a private show, so you might as well take her up on that offer.
No. 969612 ID: cdabe3

Aw yeah
No. 969613 ID: f56a2b

>How do you get more funbux?
No. 969614 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, did Adormoth reach the cloaca goal? Don't miss that.
No. 969615 ID: e7c7d3

>Just need to tip Adormoth about, what, 44 more to be the chat fave? Honestly, it seems like her audience is being a bunch of cheapos. You might get a good deal on a private session with her.
No. 969618 ID: 0055dc

No. 969619 ID: e7a377

The snake! The snake!
No. 969620 ID: e2f5cc

what monsters wouldn't go for the snek?
No. 969622 ID: ce39da


> Have we sufficiently fulfilled your need for decision assistance?

Let's not keep the other customer waiting too long.
No. 969640 ID: c2edf6

>Gotta stay active, y'know?
Tip nicelyng 300 for jumping jacks.

A lot of jumping jacks.
No. 969690 ID: ffd062

its simply time for snake!
No. 971066 ID: 19da02
File 159354147315.jpg - (10.11MB , 11811x9213 , 0e.jpg )

>How do you get more funbux?
"You just get them every month. People can give them to you for goods and services, but that's a lot of work."

>Just need to tip Adormoth about, what, 44 more to be the chat fave? Honestly, it seems like her audience is being a bunch of cheapos. You might get a good deal on a private session with her.
"You have to donate that much as one tip to be the chat king/chat fav or whatever."

>Have we sufficiently fulfilled your need for decision assistance?
"Are you kidding me? Of course not."

>Gotta stay active, y'know?

Pomothy tips nicelyng 300 tx for jumping jacks before he sends adormoth a PM to go private.

She requires a 1000tx up front "deposit," so that's the minimum Pom has to spend in the private chat. She charges 10tx a minute on top of whatever he wants her to do.

She replies almost immediately and they go private.

Adormoth says "Hey there Neveralone! Do you want me to call you something else? I'd be glad to do any kind of scene you want. You seem really nice, and I'm glad you requested a private chat with me!"

She gives Pom a probably-sultry look.

"So hot stuff, what're you lookin' for?"
No. 971067 ID: 19da02

Kill yourself
No. 971068 ID: 19da02

ask her how much to kill you
No. 971069 ID: 19da02

tell her you'll give her all your money if she'll kill you
No. 971071 ID: e7c7d3

Ask for an elephant drawing before things get saucy
No. 971073 ID: 7d9195

I feel it is very important that you stay alive.

Tell her that you want to see her drinking water.
No. 971080 ID: b1b4f3

How rude! Don't do that. (those are "in-universe" suggestions btw, in case anyone's confused)

>I wonder how much it'd cost to get an in-person visit from a streamer? Probably a lot considering travel time.
Let's see some more scales. Can she fit her whole body on camera?
No. 971090 ID: cdabe3

Yes, do this
No. 971101 ID: c2d154

No. 971109 ID: d186fc

If you use a vpn or a different device when doing your artificial suggestions, it will change the poster ID and make it look like it is a real suggestion. Windscribe is a free vpn that I have used in the past.

Logistics of a snek that is who knows where killing you is ridiculous. Hell, we can ask, but she will probably say the same thing, along with saying you probably need some help.

I say you just talk about your personal issues and maybe get some advice.
No. 971186 ID: 12b116

I intentionally wanted to make it very clear that it was me doing those
No. 971834 ID: 4286b4

>Is using Decision Assistance confirmed to be safe?
No. 973631 ID: 12b116
File 159630595727.jpg - (515.10KB , 1417x1106 , Decision Assistance5.jpg )

Pomothy breifly reflects on the quality of his life, and concludes that he's mostly fine with things as they are.

>I wonder how much it'd cost to get an in-person visit from a streamer? Probably a lot considering travel time.

"It's usually not that bad, depending on the streamer and how far away they live, to be honest."

>Is using Decision Assistance confirmed to be safe?

"Uh, I mean, yes? What do you mean? Why wouldn't it be safe?"

Pomothy has his mic on and goes through some of his ideas.

"It would be cool if you can fit your whole body on camera. And how much for an elephant painting? I really like them. M-maybe drink some water? We can just talk too."

"Haha, your voice is so cute!" adormoth says. "Let me put the camera down."

There's a bunch of jank and tearing as she relocates her webcam to the floor, and Pomothy can almost see her cloaca as she waves her tail at him.

"Uhm, Hmm. I'll take two point five kay for your very own custom pröööt. Five for water drinking? 'Course, can't really chitchat and drink water at the same time, can I cutie?"
No. 973632 ID: 12b116

if you died it would probably make her cum
No. 973639 ID: b1b4f3

That seems very unlikely!
Is it even legal for Decision Assistance to give suicidal urges?

Nice, 100 minutes with this hot snake. Tell her she looks lovely and long. She probably gives really great hugs. Ask her what kind of kinks she's into.

>What kind of kinks are you into, Pomothy?
No. 973641 ID: 12b116

lol they let anonymous people control their brains. Their fault if something bad happens.
No. 973652 ID: e7c7d3

Show us that snake belly, get them sensual wiggles going.

Pfft, in control of someone's brain and all that edgelord can come up with is "kill yourself." Get out of here, scrub.
No. 973657 ID: 8ca8f0

Tell her that she should drink water, at least for a little bit, because it's cute. Also, to show you her cloaca at the same time :B
I mean, watching a snake guzzling cu-, I mean, drinking water, it's a very intimate thing in itself. Combine that with showing you her everything, and it would be intimacy overload.

Other than that, you could ask her if she's got any hobbies other than drawing elephants...
No. 973693 ID: 12b116
File 159637870388.jpg - (399.14KB , 1181x921 , Decision Assistance6.jpg )

>What kind of kinks are you into, Pomothy?
Uhh, I like girls and stuff but I use Decision Assistance so basically anything you tell me I'm turned on by I will be.

Pomothy says "Hey, uhm. uh. I think you're hot and I like how long you are, and I bet you give good hugs. What kind of stuff turns you on? Would it be OK if I could see your belly? Also like, if I could see you drink water, and maybe see your, you know, thing, that would be really hot I think."

"Aww, you're so cute!" adormoth says, rolling over to expose her belly in what is an extremely lewd and erotic display, so incredibly hott that it would be almost impossible to depict, really, and then slithers off camera before pulling a huge tub of water on screen in her coils.

"It's ok to say you want to see my snoaca," she says, not winking physically, but winking emotionally. "It's cute how shy you are. I'm really into showing myself off, and I love it when guys appreciate my body. Getting paid turns me on like nothing else!" There's another metaphorical wink.

Pomothy asks if she has any other hobbies besides painting.

"I like jogging, yoga, riding, hiking and listening to music. Clover Underhorses is my favorite band."

She dips her head into the water and begins to open and close her mouth, sending little ripples through the pool. At the same time, her tail wiggles slowly into view, and Pomothy can definitely see everything. It's so hott! SO HOTT!
No. 973694 ID: 12b116

dude this is a fundamentally broken person. it's ok to use them to get off urself.
No. 973699 ID: e7c7d3

Those hobbies seem like they're not suited for a snake body.

You even listening to yourself dudebroguy? Takes the broken to know who's broken
No. 973700 ID: 8ca8f0

Very hot yeah... uhh, anything else we want to see here?

If not, then tell her she's been very nice and that you're happy to have talked with her. She can keep the rest of the deposit as a tip. I'm sure she's got plenty of other customers waiting.

Then switch to Justine4U
No. 973702 ID: b1b4f3

He wants us to provide him with kinks, which would generally be our kinks too, so you're technically correct. I'm sorry yours involves death; you should stop trying to bring it into reality. Fantasy is fine too, you know. Try some VR stuff.

50 minutes already? How short is a minute?! Let's kick things up a notch.
I am really curious about how yoga works with a snake, but I also want to see her using a dildo. A BIG one.
No. 973751 ID: 12b116
File 159649747114.jpg - (459.89KB , 1181x921 , Decision Assistance7.jpg )

Pomothy wonders if he's done yet, but then gets the idea to have her show him yoga and do a big dildo.

Adormoth says that'll be 2,500, and Pomothy readily agrees.

The yoga is basically exactly what you'd expect. She does downward dog, cat-cow stretch, triange, cobra and tree. Still, easy to imagine and pretty hot.

Then, she gets out a massive double-ended dildo. She slathers it with lube and starts to swallow it. Using her face to hold it tight and for leverage, she begins to press it inside her snake cloaca (snoaca), fucking herself with a massive, floppy dong.

Very erotic.

Pomothy grunts and sighs, clearly in the throes of passion himself.
No. 973752 ID: 12b116
File 159649760263.jpg - (501.98KB , 713x1060 , ohnosheshot.jpg )

not a dude but ok nerd. Why the fuck are you whiteknighting a pod person?

VR stuff is lame. Help me out here, yo.
No. 973755 ID: f56a2b

Killing animals for entertainment disgusts me, and I have a chance to prevent it. It doesn't get simpler than that. Nice piercings.

Blow your load, then clean up and go outside.
No. 973757 ID: 894f15

Go outside, get some air after you're done for the day. Who knows? Maybe something interesting's happening.

Geez. Isn't it against protocol for you to be posting pics of yourself while engaged in Decision Assistance? (Wonder if that'll affect the client.) Anyway, we have a job to do, even if it's glorified people-herding. Get your sick kicks elsewhere.
No. 973758 ID: b1b4f3

Well if he dies that's also an end to our fun. When does Decision Assistance normally end anyway? This is my first time contributing.

Edge it, yo. See if you can cum when she does.
No. 973759 ID: e7c7d3

You called me dude first, dude. And why the fuck should we do you a favour? You want help getting off? Then get on Decision Assistance like our pod friend
No. 973760 ID: cdabe3

edging is great idea
No. 973762 ID: cdabe3

wait, what's that pile on your bed

is it gore?!?!?!
No. 973768 ID: 15aef8

Don't be dramatic, it's only a cabbage.
No. 973798 ID: 4286b4

Don't blow your load yet. It's time to check out other girls as well.

Are "Jumping" and "Old Things" your alts?

>pod person
Tell us more about these... pod people. Aren't you one as well?

>VR stuff is lame
Yeah? What would you do if we brought Pomothy to you?
No. 973809 ID: 19da02
File 159656082222.jpg - (634.08KB , 1417x1106 , Decision Assistance8.jpg )

>>pod person

>>Vr stuff is lame
ffff busy right now

A very clear image of a female sheep anthro, naked from the waist up, becomes present in Pomothy's mind. He's thinks there's a cabbage on the bed in the background. It's pretty hot.

He thinks that it would be really cool to edge and try to cum when adormoth does. He also kinda thinks going outside might be nice. But it's also really difficult to think about anything other than what's in front of him. Adormoth is going at it like gangbusters: Lube is going everywhere, he can clearly see the outline of the dildo move both through her body and her throat, her whole body is wriggling like crazy. Fuckin' hott. There's no way he's going to be able to hold on for any length of time whatsoever.


Pomothy's mind goes blank.
No. 973810 ID: 19da02
File 159656086578.jpg - (669.04KB , 787x1060 , Lam62.jpg )




You can totally send pictures. They get embedded in their brain. You can really fuck with them.


Once they finish the task or w/e, but if you send them commands you can keep it going. Like, this one probably would have dropped but I just sent that picture like, asap.


I can make it worth your while, dude. There's no way Im gonna let randoms control my brain. What if some sicko wants to masturbate while I die?


That's my boyfriend. We're about to break up though.


def cabbage


nah. they were probably just random trolls. They didn't sick around. You get a lot of drive bys like that in Dec Ass but when they realized you nice people were taking shit seriously, they moved on. Not me tho. I'm invested ;9

u can see I have a bed and a window so I clearly dont live in a pod. pod ppl have no life worth living and live in tiny little rooms in pod blocs. 'people' is generous tbh.

I can totally help you get him here if ur serious. I can do whatever u want before I do my thing ;9

I can send u pics if decision assistance goes out before we get finished.
No. 973814 ID: c8edab

Hmm, it has been kinda boring until you came along. Sure, let's get the two of you together. But be warned, Pomothy isn't the kind of person you think he is.

Pomothy, dress up and exit your pod. Exit your pod~
No. 973815 ID: b1b4f3

If you're thinking of trying to fight her, that sounds like a very bad idea to me. She can see where Pomothy is and what he's doing, and listen in on our plans. Heck, if Pomothy goes outside at all she may be able to figure out his address from any landmarks he sees.
Better to call the authorities.
No. 973816 ID: e19a40

You can make him leave that chair? That is bold claim.
I though it would be an improvement if he stop paying people to pretend to like him through the internet and hired a prostitute. Small steps.
Let's see where this go.

Go to AlleyMurders. Not the channel, the physical location.
No. 973818 ID: f56a2b

No. 973819 ID: fb3fa2

You got that body proccessed down real far, a bare ribcage is a lot of work to do cleanly. You eating or just having fun with them? Is there a good underground market for organs?

You can have our guy if you want, not like we are getting much out of them as is. Not sure how we actually accomplish that though.

Hey pom, great fap, after the afterglow would be a great time to stretch your legs. Clean up and exit your pod now that you feel great after that great orgasm.
No. 973821 ID: c8edab

Fight her? Things are not as simple as that. I have many motives, but revenge is not one of them. Also, since she can read what you say, you should not be exposing any of your own motives.
No. 973822 ID: b1b4f3

Okay I guess we're going out then. Don't forget your manners. Let adormoth finish and then thank her for the great show.
No. 973824 ID: d186fc

Wow, definite 180 from the crowd on whether we LITERALLY KILL THEM so some rando can get their rocks off. By the way, isn't this kind of illegal?

Anyway, while I support going outside, I don't want to kill them. Lets try to better their life instead (cuz I totally get off to making people feel happy and being successful. I also like handholding).
No. 973825 ID: d186fc

Actually, pin going outside for a sec. Are these pod blocs in space or underwater or in some other environment where leaving would result in instant death? That would be something important to know before we actually have them leave.
No. 973834 ID: 12b116
File 159658406343.jpg - (270.18KB , 908x516 , Decision Assistance 9.jpg )

Pomothy lays there in the afterglow for a moment while an image of a hott fit lamb chick with a cabbage? Maybe a cabbage next to her in the bed presses softly into his mind. He thinks she's pretty hot.

He waits for adormoth to finish and says "Thanks so much. That was great."

She says "You're very welcome! Please come watch me whenever and you can message me if you want another private show!"

For some reason, though, Pomothy feels compelled to actually stand up instead of looking at more streamers.

He rinses off and puts on his t-shirt, shoes and cargo shorts, and opens the door.

He also has some confusing thoughts about organ harvesting and maybe meeting people in person. Somebody looking for him?

Dry, cool wind caresses his face as he steps outside on the little balcony, watching the land drift by beneath him, past the bow of the transport. He feels compelled to seek out the AlleyMurders location, maybe, and definitely to go outside somewhere.
No. 973835 ID: 12b116
File 159658413759.jpg - (269.69KB , 603x1018 , Lam623.jpg )

You think I'm super hot. Remember my face and think about how attracted to me you are and how you want to do what I tell you to.


Ok sure.


Nothing illegal going on here! And yeah I absolutely already know where he is.


thanks for the compliments! some of the stuff I don't want, other people do.

Just keep him travelling and outside and I can get us to meet up.


lol I'm not some rando. I showed you my tits. I can even tell u my name. Lyllia. So now were friends rite my friend?

by the way as long as he agrees to everything its all good. which isnt gonna be problem thanks to dec assssssss
No. 973836 ID: f56a2b

>where's the nearest pawn shop? the nearest liquor store? the nearest gun store?
No. 973837 ID: f56a2b

You know what would be fucked up? if we direct Pomothy to kill someone, we'll be liable for that, or at least Decision Assistance will. If Pomothy is directed to get himself killed, it'll probably be legally seen as his decision and consentual.
No. 973838 ID: b1b4f3

Have you consensually killed anyone without manipulating their minds with DA? Which, if you ask me, is not consent at all.
I'm not going to guide this guy into your waiting jaws, no matter how pathetic he is.
(the laws in this world must weight consent very highly... I am worried that we might run into legal trouble with our usual approach to conflict)

Pomothy, don't listen to Lyllia. You hold no unusual attraction to her. Let's go for a walk somewhere nice, but more importantly safe.
>What kind of laws are there on physical conflict, where you live? Also, can you spend funbux out here?
No. 973839 ID: cdabe3

Pomothy, absolutely do not seek out this woman, she is likely a murderer
No. 973840 ID: e19a40

Go to the nearest business and ask for a job. If they aren't hiring go to the next closest business. Repeat until someone hire you.
No. 973841 ID: f56a2b

Get a job.
No. 973842 ID: 944f3b

Go out and explore, who knows what new friends you might meet. Sheep are always nice people, you should look forward to hanging out with a sheep, you might even find a sexy lady sheep. Sheep are always trustworthy.
No. 973853 ID: f2320a

Support lets not get him killed and the sheep is not even atractive and i think its like a fluffy skinny wolf?
No. 973856 ID: c8edab

Go out, and have a walk down the street. Don't worry about the lamb girl.
No. 973881 ID: 19da02
File 159664343710.jpg - (582.58KB , 1014x566 , Decision Assistance 10.jpg )

>where's the nearest pawn shop? the nearest liquor store? the nearest gun store?

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have no idea. there's an armory but i'm pretty sure i'm not allowed in there

>What kind of laws are there on physical conflict, where you live? Also, can you spend funbux out here?

I dunno. People don't really get into fights. I can cash out my BeMyStalker tokens for funbux and yeah you can go to the commissary and stuff but there's no reason to because you get free food.

Pomothy sits himself on the lift seat and it begins to lower him down the face of the hab bloc with a clank of rattling chains. The metal frame wobbles slightly once it's no longer adjacent to the bloc face as it slowly descends toward the deck.

Another image of the smug face of the sheep presses into his mind, leaving an imprint there. He struggles to decide on the level of hotness she holds, and while she doesn't stray from the 'hot' side of the equation, he thinks she's maybe lower than his orignal assessment, possibly in the exact same place it was when he saw the last one though?

He thinks about going to look for something to do. He knows there's a social area for residents, there's a mixed commissary, there's a staff section that he's allowed to go in but normally doesn't, where, like, the machines and stuff are and maybe somebody would give him some funbux to do something, and then there is a resident business area where residents sell crafts and stuff. He could also just wander around on the deck and look for somebody, or something else. He's barely been outside of his pod so there's possibly other stuff onboard that he could ask about or look for.
No. 973882 ID: 19da02

Sheep girl makes your weenie hard

Yes. All the time. Many people willingly fall to my obvious deadly charms! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hey. ow, dude.

I would never do a crime. Never ever!
No. 973885 ID: cdabe3

so, do you normally haunt DA channels hoping to lure people in to your murder den?
No. 973886 ID: c8edab

The bloc number was 426, but camera number was 462

You like girls with piercings. And girls with moles on the left of their nose.

Pomothy should avoid going anywhere with a lot of people, since it would make an introvert like him feel uncomfortable.

Go cash out some funbux and rent a transport vehicle.

How many boy/girlfriends have you had, and what was wrong with the last one?
No. 973890 ID: e8eff5

That sure was a sexy snake, what was really sexy was how they fit that huge thing in their mouth. That snake could of easily fit your whole body in their mouth and gobbled you up. Too bad you don't have a snakefriend to gobble you up. Get to feel the warmth of being hugged from all sides. Then never have to worry about anything ever again. It would be great if you can find a lady who wanted to gobble you up even if they weren't a snake. Even a sheep could gobble you up if they took you piece by piece.
No. 973894 ID: ce39da

> "Please ignore the images of the sheep-wolf thing; she's posting them directly into your feed to try and influence you, and likely wants to brainwash you into letting her kill you. Cut the feed now and try to get her out of your mind, and do be careful about overusing Decision Assistance in the future."

You're satisfied with your wank, and want to cut your session with Decision Assistance right now; RIGHT NOW. That voice is right, and you should be scared, and you want to cut the feed before something bad happens. Don't hesitate.
No. 973897 ID: b1b4f3

Continue to not be influenced by sheep thoughts or vorey-murdery fetish thoughts.
Check out the business area, look at the crafts on sale.

(waaaaait a minute... this would all make a lot more sense if...)
>Do you have a backup of your brain somewhere? Or something that protects you from true death? Who is Alexis?
No. 973900 ID: e19a40

Go work in that staff section.
You need interact with people offline more than you need money, but the responsibility of work should motivate you more than finding someone at random.
No. 973902 ID: f133dc

Hey Pomothy.

You can't even manage the names of one of the people in your building. You don't know anything about where you live except where the most basic facilities are. Your personality consist entirely of being aroused by porn or not.

You basically aren't even a person. So the sheep woman, she's probably a better bet than going back to your apartment, where the only value you have to anyone is to pretend they like you so you'll give them your monthly stipend. Yes, she'd probably kill you. It'd be preferable to fuck a real person in person, even once, and then have them murder you because that one experience will Trump every cam session you'll have for the rest of your life.

Or you could cash out, buy some supplies, and go exploring. Try and meet people. Find out what you like. Find out what's out there. There's options if you wanna be somebody.

But even the weird murder sex sheep would be preferable to sitting down in front of that screen and waiting for your cock to recover so you can jack off again.
No. 973904 ID: 6f7a5a

sheep girl is super ugly and gross, she looks like 90 and is definitely not your type.
Adormoth blows her out of the water

hell you'd probably get more funbux on be-my-stalker, then she would.
you're just out of her league. you can do way better.
No. 973905 ID: f2320a

These are good questions and the sheep looks more like a wolf and i do prefer chonk
No. 973910 ID: 0055dc
File 159666790314.png - (377.57KB , 588x880 , Pepper.png )

sheep are hot like pepper
No. 973911 ID: f56a2b

Message to Central Processing
Central processing, does this message reach you?
What are the terms and conditions for Decision Assistance operators?
No. 973915 ID: 12b116
File 159667203793.jpg - (396.79KB , 1014x566 , Decision Assistance 11.jpg )

> "Please ignore the images of the sheep-wolf thing; she's posting them directly into your feed to try and influence you, and likely wants to brainwash you into letting her kill you. Cut the feed now and try to get her out of your mind, and do be careful about overusing Decision Assistance in the future."

I can't really ignore things that go right into my brain tho. I dunno being mind controlled is pretty hot if you think about it. I think the first or second time i did it i started thinking brainwashing was super hot to be honest.

>Do you have a backup of your brain somewhere? Or something that protects you from true death? Who is Alexis?

Nope! i'm definitely the only me! Alexis is the transport. She's super cool.

An image of the sheep slowly presses itself into Pomothy's brain, but she has hot peppers, which Pomothy can't eat because of the spicy, and a green pepper, which he actually likes, and on the bed is black pepper, which he really doesn't like. It makes him feel confused. He isn't sure how hot he thinks the sheep girl is, really. She definitely gives him feelings.

He also thinks about how cute adormoth is and how much he likes her, and he also thinks that it might be kinda hot to be hugged super intimately by her and maybe ...

He really wants to find a person to interact with. Or a lot of people? Touching a person is probably really cool. He definitely wants to go hang out with some IRL people, that's for sure.

He isn't sure where he wants to go though. He wants to go to the staff section, and the craft part and other place, so he kinda walks slowly down a corridor next to the guardrail without a clear destination in mind.

He also thinks about how to talk to Central Processing. He remembers that something has to match something, but he can't remember exactly what.
No. 973916 ID: 12b116
File 159667219920.jpg - (389.69KB , 478x1166 , Lam62334.jpg )

You can feel your littel heart go pitter patter and your balls also go pitter patter when you see this sheep girl. MMM so fit so sexy.

Hey y'all just finished my shower. Thinking about what to put on. Any suggestions?

It's definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon.

why, you wanna come over? ;9

haha. That's definitely a new one. That's clever.

dude. nobody likes a narc.
No. 973920 ID: 6f7a5a

sheep is definitly not your type, way too many hard muscles and hard piercings

you like soft girls like Adormoth, girls who don't have much in the way of muscles at all.
you would love some soft snake hugs.

>you're really cute, I bet people would love to see you in person!
No. 973922 ID: ca2950

The snake is good. The sheep is evil. The snake does oral-vaginal dildo shows. The sheep rips out your ribcage and not in any way that is sexy. Also the sheep's ribcage is way too short, not many feet long, like Adormoth.
No. 973923 ID: e19a40

You want to do something useful. You want to contribute to the development of whatever the fuck this social structure you are living in is. You will find a job that you can do and feel very proud afterward for being able to help someone else.
You are starving for feelings of pride. You want to have dignity.

Do you have a slutty cop costume?
No. 973926 ID: 0055dc
File 159667721960.png - (345.42KB , 800x792 , Pepper2.png )

It's what's inside that counts
No. 973927 ID: b1b4f3

Do not let lust cloud your mind.
Also sure let's go see what jobs are available. We can browse the shops after.
>Are you saying you wouldn't mind it if someone brainwashed you into letting them kill you? Someone that *isn't* the sheep you saw? You don't seem worried about her.
No. 973928 ID: 0055dc
File 159667723217.png - (384.03KB , 802x802 , pepper3.png )

No. 973930 ID: ce39da

Even if you think getting killed is hot... wouldn't being the one that does the killing be even hotter? The reason you feel so conflicted about that lamb is that she doesn't look as good alive. Oh, especially with her naughty, naughty hobbies. I mean, if you kill people for fun, and are capable of escaping justice for this long despite your methods having an audience, do you get to complain when someone finally decides to resort to vigilante justice? Yes, she's been very naughty indeed.
No. 973931 ID: b1b4f3

That's illegal in this place's justice system. Pomothy should not do illegal things.
No. 973933 ID: ae4393
File 159667923181.jpg - (166.96KB , 721x1000 , comfy_cabbage_girl.jpg )

Touching a person is really cool, but having a person touch you is both cool and sexy. What is really cool is when a person is touching you ALL over. You wish that sheep you keep thinking about could gobble you up and hug you from all around. Much more comfortable and sexy than anything you have experienced so far. If only you could find that sheep you've been thinking about.
No. 973966 ID: 4286b4

>When was the first time you saw the sheep girl?

Pomothy go to the residents business area.

The things which you enjoy, and the things which I enjoy, they're not the same... yet. But aren't you already invested in Pomothy? Tell us more about this... investment of yours. What have you done so far and what do you expect to get?

Put on something inconspicuous, since you're going out as well. Like belts. Wear only belts ;)
No. 973967 ID: 16e6e8

>Hey Pomothy, we're here to help you decide but just sit down for a minute, clear your head and think: what do you want?
No. 973993 ID: 19da02
File 159674363381.jpg - (519.50KB , 1014x566 , Decision Assistance 12.jpg )

>you're really cute, I bet people would love to see you in person!
you too!

>Are you saying you wouldn't mind it if someone brainwashed you into letting them kill you? Someone that *isn't* the sheep you saw? You don't seem worried about her.
it's a pretty hot scenario though, isn't it?

>When was the first time you saw the sheep girl?
uhhhhhhh the one that shows up in my brain? when a picture gets in your brain like that you really don't remember exactly when it happened, so I have no idea because all the pictures of her are just in my brain with nothing around them or anything.

>Hey Pomothy, we're here to help you decide but just sit down for a minute, clear your head and think: what do you want?
I dunno. whatever is fine really

A picture of a sheep presses itself into his brain, then a similar-looking animal that breaks a pepper open and peppers come out, then he thinks the same as the first sheep with feelings of being secure and safe, and like a cabbage but the cabbage is also ...

He isn't sure about the sheep. She's dangerous to him? he's dangerous to her? She's peppery? She's comforting? He also thinks about adormoth and how hot that was, and how long she was, and how hot being long is.

Some small part of his brain smoulders slightly with the very faint seed of the idea that he should possibly be doing something for reasons other than immediate gratification. It is a very fleeting thought that gutters pitifully for a fraction of a moment in his consciousness.

Pomothy is winded by the time he gets to the residents business area. There are only a few people here, slowly wandering around, and almost none of the booths are actually selling anything.

He does see a few staff members. He wanted to go to a place where people are, which is what he's done, but he's not sure what to do now, so he kind of just stands there looking lost.
No. 973998 ID: c8edab

Ask the nearest member of the staff about access to Central Processing.
No. 973999 ID: 0055dc

Talk to the longest person you can see
No. 974000 ID: b1b4f3

Resist all suggestions/brain injections from Decision Assistance in previous sessions.
>Pomothy do you even know what death is? Are you not afraid of dying? No problem with ceasing to exist, so long as you get a boner before the end? Or the pain?

Ask a staff member where you can go to get a hug.
No. 974001 ID: e19a40

Ask around for a job.
No. 974002 ID: bcda15

Avoid thinking too hard, what desires are currently unfulfilled? Are you hungry for something that can be satiated? Is there a sex mall around here somewhere?
No. 974008 ID: bcda15

Changing my vote to this >>973999
No. 974009 ID: f133dc

So sheep lady, you talk a big game but seeing you with those peppers tells me it's all fake. You just get on decision assistance to fuck with people, don't you?

You probably wouldn't even fuck Pomothy if he went over there. I'm betting your all tease. Show them some skin and some danger. Confuse them, freak them the hell out. Maybe even shake one or two out of their jerk-off stupor.
No. 974025 ID: 12b116
File 159676044339.jpg - (1.93MB , 2668x1490 , Decision Assistance 13.jpg )

>Pomothy do you even know what death is? Are you not afraid of dying? No problem with ceasing to exist, so long as you get a boner before the end? Or the pain?

sure but im going to die sooner or later right? It might be really cool, who knows?

Pomothy can't really not remember things already in his brain.

He does keep thinking about the sheep tho, and how hot it would be to get freaked out and jerked off by her.

He decides to go talk to the staff member, mostly because she's long and he thinks that's hot. He tugs on the safety vest thing.

"Hello, can you help me?"

The staff member turns around and tenses up as if she's going to be annoyed with him, but closes her eyes and takes several deep breaths. Pomothy can tell she's a girl because he's short enough to see underneath and there isn't a weenie down there. Pretty hot though.

"Uh, sure, let's go over here." Her voice is very thick, and all of her teeth give her a bit of a speech impediment, but Pomothy can understand her Ok.

She nudges him up onto some crates under a tarp, and Pomothy sits down. She smells kinda sweaty and he can tell her coat is all dusty, so she must have been working or something.

Kinda hot.

"How do you do Central Processing for Decision Assistance?" Pomothy asks.

The worker's expression changes. He can't tell if it's maybe slightly disgusted? Kinda hot if you think about it.

"Ah, well, that makes sense. Random people are making you wander around outside, I guess. I'm assuming those random people handling your Decision Assistance are trying to access Central Processing, then. Text input using bracket 'code' bracket will be interpreted by Central Processing as a direct message, and it'll respond in that same style or font or whatever."

Pomothy considers this, for some reason. He also asks "Can I have a hug?"

She just kinda sits there, closing her eyes and taking deep breaths. Her lips move slightly as if she's saying something to herself.

"Suuuuure. It's fiiiine. Have a hug." She leans forward and Pomothy wraps his stumpy little arms around her thick neck. Her fluff is wonderfully soft, and Pomothy can feel how warm she is. He rubs his cheek against the thick muscles on her neck.

Pomothy lets go after a bit.

"Do you know where I can get a job?" he asks.

"Uhhh. You probably won't be interested in doing anything once Decision Assistance ends, so you probably shouldn't go annoy people about getting a job, to be honest," she says.
No. 974028 ID: b1b4f3

She's right you know. You shouldn't try to get a job, not unless you can grow some brain cells that can think of something other than your boner. Apologize for bothering her, then go over to the craft area to browse.
(Since the guy who wanted to know hasn't posted yet...)
What are the terms and conditions for Decision Assistance operators? Are there any things we are not allowed to suggest to the user? Should we report operators doing so, and if so, how?
No. 974029 ID: cdabe3

Pomothy, ask her if anyone has ever been killed because of decision assistance

Ask about a sheep lady you’ve seen and how she seems like she wants to kill you
No. 974030 ID: 6f7a5a

Desire Life Pomothy! you have it all! you got looks (you're cute!) fortune (you're unspent funbux) and fame (cute girls like Adormoth and Nicelying know who you are and want your attention)

don't through away decades of fun times just to get organ harvested once.
getting organ harvested is way over rated
No. 974031 ID: 0055dc

dead people can't find more hot things
No. 974032 ID: e19a40

Ask her to tell you about this place. Ask her what her job consist of. Ask why pod people, or at least you in particular, don't have any ambitions or genuine desires.
No. 974034 ID: ca2950

Buy some food that isn't bug paste. Get cheesy potatoes
No. 974036 ID: 6f7a5a

Get some icecream! it's delicious
No. 974037 ID: e8f48b

>That was a good talk with the lady. Now it's time to go, leave after telling them thanks for the help.
Feelings of that being a great talk and to leave now.
>Now it's time to find and consume some ice cream.
Desire to explore and find some ice cream
>Don't forget to buy two so you can give one to the sheep lady when they come to pick you up.
Desire to buy the sheep some ice cream and then hang out and be sexy murdered by them.
No. 974045 ID: bcda15

Organ harvesting is boring as hell. You want to do things that are not boring, like thinking about what you really want to do. Planning out fun stuff to do lets you enjoy doing it more, and that feels good. You want to get ice cream, it's tasty and fun.
No. 974046 ID: b1b4f3

Does Decision Assistance have any lasting effects after the session ends, or do all the implanted urges stop?
No. 974048 ID: bcda15

>what has life been like for you in the past?
>how did you grow up?
>what is your favorite GANime?
No. 974072 ID: 4286b4

Tell her that Decision Assistance is telling you to ask her... if she wants to ride your dick.

list users
list users where user.name = Lyllia || user.name = Lamb-da
No. 974095 ID: 12b116
File 159683762095.jpg - (446.37KB , 1000x703 , Decision Assistance 14.jpg )

'Operators,'(henceforth referred to as 'Suggesters') as opposed to Users, are not required to agree to any terms or conditions to volunteer for the Decision Assistance activity. The Decision Assistance activity is freely available to use as you choose to, and there are no prohibited suggestions, although you could be in violation of other laws if you were uploading prohibited or illegal materials. I monitor all Decision Assistance sessions in real time, so there is never a need to report a User or Suggester.

All impulses sent to the User are a part of the brain of the User, and therefore permanent in that respect. A significant change in desires, preferences or personality requires repeated and frequent use of Decision Assistance, and typically with specific impulses being repeatedly and frequently sent to the User. Generally, not using Decision Assistance will cause Decision Assistance impulses to gradually fade over time, although some changes will be largely permanent. Users are cautioned to use Decision Assistance sparingly if they wish to avoid permanent, potentially drastic alterations to their personality or nature. Typically, repeated, frequent use makes a User more malleable in the future, and makes impulses more effective and long-lasting, especially when they are not in opposition to the nature of the User.

Please use natural language for queries. Contextually, you appear to be requesting information about a Suggester, not a User. Suggesters are anonymous unless they choose to enter a name, although I retain some information about Suggesters. It is also possible for Suggesters to obfuscate some of the data that I would normally collect. Any such information is not freely available to other Suggesters or the general public, but can be requested by appropriate agencies if required. Although I do retain much more information on Users, that information is likewise not available to Suggesters, with the exception of the information listed at the beginning of this session.

>That was a good talk with the lady. Now it's time to go, leave after telling them thanks for the help.
I want to ask her some other stuff first.

>Now is the time to find and consume some ice cream.
that sounds like a great idea! I really want some ice cream! It's tasty and fun.

>Don't forget to buy two so you can give one to the sheep lady when they come to pick you up.
That doesn't sound like the worst idea.

>what has life been like for you in the past?
normal pretty much.

>how did you grow up?
I grew up with a bunch of other people and went to school and stuff. When I got old enough I got to be a resident on Alexis and I got a habitat room to live in.

>what is your favorite GANime?
The last one I watched was Five Salt Returning Immortals. It was pretty good.

Pomothy asks the staff person "Do you know if Decision Assistance has ever killed anybody? There's a sheep lady that seems like she maybe wants to kill me."

The staff person looks a bit more sympathetic. "Ah, y'all should probably just give up. He just said that like a normal person would say 'do you know if it's raining outside?' without an ounce of fear or concern. Even if it doesn't happen today ..." She shrugs. She does look a bit sad though.

Pomothy starts walking toward where he suspects ice creams are. He still wants to be interacting with people, so he keeps talking with the staff person, who, after standing still for a moment as if making a decision, starts walking alongside him. He notices that the front of her vest thing says 'Saydee-Brielle,' Which he assumes is probably her name.

"What do you think about Alexis?" he asks, "And what do you do for a living? Do you like me?"

Saydee stops to get a burrito. "It's fine enough as a job. Alexis seems to care a lot about her crew. I work with a team. Mostly I carry heavy stuff, heavy tools, pull things, you know. Nothing particularly exciting. I guess it's OK to talk to some random strangers once in a while."

Pomothy has one last question. He buys two ice creams and sits down at a table before he asks it.

"I really want to have sex with a real person. Will you have sex with me?"

Saydee sighs and rolls her eyes. "Well, I guess this is what I deserve." Seeing Pomothy still looking up at her expectantly, she says "No, I do not want to have sex with you. At all. Sorry. I think you're kinda gross."

Oof. Pomothy feels like somebody punched him in the chest. There's a sharp, sad emotion that he doesn't remember feeling before. Generally, asking somebody he likes to do something is just a matter of how much it will cost, or if they don't want to, they'll say they can't right now, or they don't do that at all but maybe he'd like something else, or they're really busy and won't have time to, or something like that. Just being told that she doesn't like him like that at all makes Pomothy feel really bad. He feels a lump in his throat as he slowly dips a spoon into his ice cream, and his vision is a little blurry.
No. 974096 ID: 12b116
File 159683768161.jpg - (252.31KB , 1000x576 , Lamb111.jpg )

What's that on the horizon?!?! A transport approaching the dock?!?!!?!?!?!

Let's go have a look!!!!!!
No. 974100 ID: f56a2b

Just sit down and relax. You have your ice cream, and your new acquaintance isn't leaving you. Even if she doesn't want to have sex, she still wants to stay with you for at least a little while longer.

>It will be okay, Pomothy. Taste your yummy ice cream, and just express yourself to her. You're just not used to rejection. You can work on yourself, and if you work hard, you can be happy without that. If you work hard on yourself, you can hope that one day someone will accept you and have sex with you because it makes them happy. It can feel even better that way.
No. 974101 ID: b1b4f3

Welp. At least you got a hug. Maybe the sheep will have sex with you though. In fact, you've decided that you won't let her kill you unless she has sex with you first.
Take comfort in your ice cream. Cry a little bit. Okay maybe cry a lot.
>What is Alexi transporting? And to where?

Hey can you at least give us some time to explore before you gobble up the little manblob? You can think of it as a date, I guess.

Is it unusual for Suggesters to not have any prior information? Like a kind of amnesia?
No. 974103 ID: e19a40

Thank Saydee-Brielle for the advice. Tell her she is right and so is the sheep. Say goodby.

Use the pain this rejection cause to feed your hopes of being accepted by the very attractive sheep. Believe she will care for you as no one else ever did. She will make you happy and you will please her in return.
No. 974104 ID: c8edab

Actually I was requesting information on a User, which is why a search would've been required. Had Lamb-da used Decision Assistance at least once in the past, some user information might've been available. Even if it was only a small amount of information, such as her Likes and Dislikes, it would've been useful.

Hmm, as expected. I guess we could ask Saydee if she's got the authority to... nevermind.

Say farewell to Saydee and go look at the dock. Someone should be there.
No. 974107 ID: bc4f55

>Death can be pretty sexy though, no reason to pre-judge it until you've tried it.
Remember the times that things you've never seen before where super sexy. Then remember your recent feelings to be swallowed by a sexy snake or eaten by a sexy sheep.

>Time to go to that transport you saw, don't forget to bring the ice cream you bought for your sheep friend coming to pick you up. Say thanks to the nice lady.
Get up and go to the dock. Look forward to meeting the sheep you've been seeing. Look forward to whatever exciting experiences you'll get to experience with someone who wants to hang out with you.
No. 974109 ID: f133dc

Well Pomothy, you are kind of gross. Maybe you could do things that make you less gross. Do stuff and get good at doing stuff. Think hard about things and learn new things so you can think even harder.

Or you could just acknowledge the futility of trying to be something else and burn out quickly with the sheep. It'd still be the greatest experience of your life.
No. 974111 ID: bcda15

>Letting that sheep get to you will be way worse than being rejected. It will hurt too.

Thank the nice lady for helping you out and apologize for asking such forward things. You should feel accomplished that you wandered outside and got hugs and ice cream, even if it was due to DA.
No. 974112 ID: b1b4f3

>If that's the worst feeling you've ever had you're REALLY not gonna like how dying feels.
You want to live. You don't want to die.
No. 974113 ID: bcda15

Reinforcing this feeling, living means more streams, more good feelings
No. 974127 ID: f133dc

What kind of life is watching streams?

Watching shadows dancing on the wall, never really knowing what's casting them.

Don't hide in familiarity. Fly high and burn out.
No. 974130 ID: b1b4f3

This is ridiculous. Like, the most ridiculous false binary choice I've ever seen.
No. 974136 ID: 745eba

Or, if we want to be actually sane, he could just go out and do something without throwing himself to his death
No. 974138 ID: 6f7a5a

>that feeling you feel now? the real bad one? that's how the sheep wants you to feel only worse, and it's the very last thing you're ever going to feel, and the sheep thinks it's funny.

You don't want to die Pomothy, you don't want to lose your comfy chair, your comfy pod, all your "be my stalker girls", your GANime, that sheep wants to take away everything you like and you don't want to her too.
No. 974155 ID: e19a40

Like joying a club or finding a job? The majority doesn't want it.
Beside, Pomothy doesn't have any pride or shame to compel him. The only motivations he ever show were undefined lust and loneliness.
Is it worth to try to help him? To do so we would need to go against his proclivities, against those who wish him dead and against those who wish to maintain his hedonistic mental state. I don't think it's possible.
No. 974163 ID: f133dc

Hedonistic mental state?

He doesn't go out of his house ffs. Just like the sheep says, he's barely alive and sentient at all. Nothing but a drag on the system keeping him in that rut. Feel the scathing commentary yet?

Letting the sheep kill him would be doing everyone else a favor. Unless you really think you can shift the behavior of someone who's so trapped in jacking off to streamers that he literally doesn't know where he lives or how anything about him works.

I doubt that'll happen before decision assistance ends.
No. 974164 ID: e19a40

To live sole for the purpose of maximize pleasure and minimize pain. No pride, no shame, no self respect.

If sustaining him is detrimental to society it's the fault of society for giving him resources. By eliminating him we wouldn't be repairing the problem.

As I said, I don't think it's possible to improve his lifestyle. I will side with λ until a better option is available.
No. 974166 ID: b1b4f3

That isn't a binary choice either! We can choose not to kill him AND not improve his lifestyle.

Support Lambda if you want him dead, or if you want to help her cum I guess. Pomothy's lifestyle is a separate matter.

We're not doing anyone a favor by killing Pomothy, except Lambda. The pods and funbux allotment are designed to support his lifestyle, so obviously his life has value to the Transport. I figure this is because he is contributing to the economy here, by redistributing those funbux to streamers.
No. 974170 ID: 9f00f4

Was Pomothys's species bred for docility as a food source or something?

Does he have some sort of neural implant or has he had some brain surgery removing normal emotional reactions that most animals have?

Is there some drug he is taking that is doing the same? Some kind of extremely strong anti-depressant that removes personality?

Pomothy: say, if you want to feel more strongly, you should go do stuff that produces hormones your brain isn't used to. Like going to a dance club as soon as those start getting busy tonight, and getting your boogie on! People go to those places to feel alive.

Or going to nature (like a public park or something), and going for an extended jog.

You might even find a prostitute! When was the last time you had actual physical sex? Are you a virgin?
No. 974171 ID: 9f00f4

Oh, Pomothy! If you go to the entertainment district of the city, maybe you can find some super-spicy food that you've never tried before, that is spicy WITHOUT peppers, like something with mustard or horseradish or wasabi based spiciness (isothiocyanate rather than capsaicin based)!
No. 974177 ID: bcda15

We actually helped him with what he wanted. Go back to your hab block and end the DA, you had a great day.

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