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File 159072300025.jpg - (181.15KB , 800x592 , cop1.jpg )
968318 No. 968318 ID: 7ae189

Your name is BAN. You're a cop.

It's another shitty day in your shitty office. Three new cases have reached your desk. You've only got two detectives to throw jobs at, so it looks like you'll have to pick one to tackle yourself...

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No. 984623 ID: 66e77d

See if you can catch up with Kyle, ask him if he found anything.
No. 984631 ID: cd79f5

Sitrep guys. What's going on and where?
No. 984633 ID: 53560f

Would it be better if he was thinking those thoughts willingly?
Anyway, leave Sam in a guarded cell for his safety for now and go see the major.
No. 984740 ID: dba489
File 160970672803.jpg - (312.74KB , 800x713 , cop147.jpg )

You arrange for a couple officers to put Sam in a cell and guard him, for his own safety. He hangs his head, but goes along with them without a fuss.

You peek into KYLE's office and are relieved to see him sitting at his desk. A patrol vest is on the floor by his chair, and Dane's rifle is propped against the wall. He looks up from his laptop and gives you a wave.

>"You made it back in one piece," he says gladly. He looks over the sorry state of your armor. "....More or less."

"What's the situation?" you ask. "What's going on, and where?"

>"Right now? Not a lot, honestly... The patrol guys trickled in a while ago, and it looks like they went through some shit to make it here. Hugo and Pete got nicked, but they say they're still ready for duty. The rest of the guys are still alright, somehow. When they didn't hear from you they decided to just wait until you got back, I think they're all in the ready room right now."

"How's it going with you, did you find anything?"

>KYLE scratches his ear. "I've had one hell of a day, man... After the action this morning I came back here to suit up, but my gut told me that I should stick to plainclothes. I put the rifle in the trunk of my car--my car, not the patrol one--and went out digging, again. I've never been so scared, just driving around town..."

>He waves a piece of paper at you. You recognize it as the mansion guest list. "Do you know how many of those donors are on this list? All of them, mixed in with some bureaucrats and other donors. I almost didn't know where to start. I was still a little scared to go knocking on doors, so I figured I'd come back and start with the guy that I could find the most dirt on from a distance, YAMA. Did you know he fought in the war, too?"

"Yeah, we picked up on that earlier today."

>"Well, did you know that he's also the current head of the Anomaly Collective?" KYLE shifts through some of his notes. "And these two, LILLITH and ADAM, they're also Collective members. Between the three of them, they've got their fingers on the pulse of every industrial, medical and police worker's union for people like us in the city. All of these other big donors are chapter leaders for major unions, based out of different parts of the city. It's uncanny though, it's like half of these guys don't exist in real life. YAMA's obviously huge, it looks like LILLITH's something of a celebrity and ADAM's a big name in veteran affairs, but these other people have no public history to speak of. Weirdly anonymous, for millionaires... I'm just trying to figure out their angle, now."

"I might be able to help with that..."

You fill your subordinate in on everything you've found out since this morning. His eyes widen as he listens--you can see something click in his head as you explain. When you finish, he frantically turns to his laptop and starts typing.

>"Fuck, they've covered all of their bases. That action comittee that they donated to is a front to pool their wealth. They've got direct influence over the local government, and through running the unions they have intel on the whole damned city's infrastructure. I've gotta trace every single guy from that company, we need to know where they are. They could be acting as sleepers, anywhere in the city." His typing gets more desperate as the information sinks in further. "Anywhere, jesus! Give me a sec buddy, I have to figure this out...!"

KYLE's gotten completely absorbed by his work. You decide to leave him to it and go practice your--what?? Why would you think that? You try to clear your mind as you head for the door. Keep it together, BAN...
No. 984743 ID: dba489
File 160970818215.jpg - (341.42KB , 1200x554 , cop148.jpg )

You move to The Major's office, flanked by Devin and Dane. You leave the shotgun at the door and head inside. She rises from her desk when you enter.

>"Major!" Dane barks, saluting smartly.

>"Captain, sergeant. You had me worried," she says, returning the salute. She glances at Devin and smiles. "Mr. Fletcher, yes? We ran a background check on you earlier. You really get around with that camera, don't you?"

>Devin slinks behind you sheepishly. "Er, yes..."

>The Major looks at you more seriously. "I hear that things went poorly this morning," she says. "From the looks of my cars out front and your vest, very poorly. If you're able, I want a full report."

You tell The Major everything that's happened to you and Dane, and what KYLE's come up with. Devin presents the photos that he took, and the three books that you collected from the mansion. As she listens, your commander's usual half-smile slowly falls.

>"I see," she says heavily. She crosses her arms and sighs. "Damn... I'm sorry that I threw you all into this unprepared. I had no idea that Mayor Durst's death would be tied to something this big, and frankly, it's way past your pay grades."

>"We can handle it, ma'am," Dane says. "We just need the resources, that's all."

>The Major closes her eyes and leans against her desk. "There are two options that I can think of. They're spread pretty thin right now, but if I went to the SIG with this, we'd get at least a platoon from their Capture Team and some of their special agents, maybe thirty or forty men total. They're the best around, but they're paranoid as hell--it'll be tough to expand our team any further once they get here, unless they decide to bring more SIG members in. On the other hand, I could reach out to the other precincts, and put together a much larger task force. If ERIK's men are spread as far as you think, though, we might compromise ourselves in the process..."

>She opens her eyes and looks at you again. "It's your choice to make, captain. As out-of-hand as it is, this is still your case, and whoever we pull in will be your men."

The feds or more cops, you muse. Either option would be a great addition to your force, but you're sure that they both come with baggage. You think about the options carefully and try to come to a decision...
No. 984750 ID: 094652

Government corruption is what started this mess, but ultimately? We're dealing with a billionaire. We need to Umbrella this @#$%er and get YAMA's assets frozen by the government as soon as possible.
Call the feds, make sure the team is more interested in political power than economic connections, because YAMA will cutout-bribe everyone who touches this case.
No. 984756 ID: 19a984

Feds is going to be the best choice. As KYLE said, these guys have the police unions under their thumb. More local cops is too risky. The feds will be too high up the food chain to be influenced since the cult's influence seems to only be within this city. Feds will also have access to much better gear than we do.

That being said, round up as much gear (swat gear, flashbangs, assault rifles, shields, armored cars, etc.) as you can and start practicing with the cops we do have. Is there a shoothouse at the range we could use to practice cqc in?
No. 984767 ID: df76b1

We don't know if Erik's persuasive enough to have moles in SIG.
We do know he's burrowed in nicely among the department.

It's a shitty choice in general, but going to the feds is the tactically correct one. At least that Paranoia will serve us well.
No. 984768 ID: 41e388

Paranoid is pretty much what we need at this point. We can't rely on other precincts, any cop could be a sleeper agent like ERIK. Call the SIG, dealing with police corruption is in their job description.
No. 984776 ID: ce39da

I almost don't even need to suggest, but yeah, if this isn't a time to call the feds, I don't know what is. Other people explained it nicely; they aren't compromised, and they can grind the flow of the enemy's assets to a screeching halt; dealing with corrupt cops and billionaires is their whole job.
No. 984790 ID: eb1fcc

Feds for sure, but remember what we promised STEVE. We're gonna do our best to get 2p out of this with a clean rep.
No. 984805 ID: 3ed3c3

I hate to say this - and I really do - but I think it's time to call in the suits.
The force - the entire city - is compromised. Anyone could be in league with these freaks, and we can't take risks.
So, as much as I dread to think what the consequences may be, call in the feds.
No. 984990 ID: dba489
File 160987202944.jpg - (262.56KB , 880x437 , cop149.jpg )

The more you think about it, the clearer the choice seems to become. "If you could contact the SIG, I'd appreciate it," you tell The Major. "If this isn't a time to call the feds, I don't know what is..."

>The Major nods and walks over to a telephone on the far wall. "Good call. I'll make it happen, captain. Take a breather in the meantime, all of you have earned it."

You're dismissed from The Major's office. The three of you regroup a little further down the hall.

>"Forty SIG slugs squatting at our precinct," Dane thinks aloud. "I wonder who they'll arrest first, ERIK's crew or ours..."

"It was the right call," you say. "It was a shitty choice in general, but at least we know those guys aren't compromised." The SIG does have a reputation for getting cannibalistic with other departments, but maybe some paranoia is what you need, here. You are a little worried about what their presence could mean for STEVE and the 2P, though. Coordinating with him and keeping his precinct's name clean may take some extra work, now...

>"So what now, we just wait for these SIG guys to show up?" Devin asks. A thought crosses his mind, and he looks at you worriedly. "Hey, just how paranoid are we talking here? I'm not gonna disappear or something, am I...?"

Dane silently stares at Devin and smirks. The look makes him sweat bullets.

>"H-hey, you know what, why don't we go do something?" Devin says nervously. "You know, idle hands and all that..."
No. 984991 ID: dba489
File 160987263546.jpg - (578.50KB , 1100x640 , cop150.jpg )

Devin busies himself with getting the new evidence processed while you and Dane work on consolidating gear. First, you check the parking lot for anything tougher than a patrol car. There are several patrol SUVs sitting toward the back of the lot. At the very back of the lot hides the shame of the 1P, the decrepit 'Battle Van.' In all of your years here the precinct's mobile command vehicle has only been deployed once before, when you got bored while rescuing a cat... It's easily the most well-armored vehicle in your arsenal, but it's also the most run-down.

You go back inside, go downstairs and visit the armory. When it comes to tactical gear, the selection is poor, to say the least... You can't find any assault rifles or heavy armor, just stacks of patrol rifles, shotguns and standard patrol vests. Some deep digging uncovers an ancient box marked 'RIOT' with a stack of infantry helmets inside. You also find a crate that looks like it used to hold flashbangs, but it's empty... You inwardly curse the precinct's miniscule weapons budget, and hope that the feds bring some extra gear with them. While you're here, Dane bluntly reminds you that your vest still looks like dogshit, and you take a moment to replace it with a fresh one. Your clothes are still rough, but your armor is ready to go, now.

You look around as you exit the gun vault. You find what you're searching for down near the end of the shooting range--a long maze of walls and windows, a makeshift killhouse. It probably hasn't seen use since the last major police academy exam, but it should still work. You could practice CQC with your guys there, if you wanted.

You glance at your watch as you plan your next move. It's only 2:35... The Major will be on the line for at least another hour, getting everything figured out. The concept of downtime is weirdly foreign to you, considering how the day's gone up until now. You're hesitant to go back across the bridge, but if there are any other tasks that you want to handle here or elsewhere in Shiptown, you should have the time for them...
No. 985011 ID: 19a984

See if you can contact STEVE and have him send over as much supplies as he can (actual riot gear and shields, assault rifles, rams, grenades, drones, etc.). Also we need a shortlist of everyone he his absolutely positive is not involved with any shady shit. We need to consolidate.
No. 985012 ID: 19a984

In the mean time, practice breaching and clearing in groups of four. Shotgun in front. Since we don't have adequate armor or grenades, only have guys like you (demons) take point since you can take a few hits. You will get shot at.
No. 985034 ID: 46a721

Close quarter combat practice sounds quite relevant right now.

Also, make a mental note to propose a city-wide curfew to the Major once the feds show up. If ERIK is planning to literally paint the town red, people must be made to take shelter.
No. 985049 ID: df76b1

We absolutely should not let slip that we know what's going on. Give STEVE time to work, and SIG to set up it's dragnet.

So yeah, tactical drills, incident reports about this morning, but nothing special until we've got all our pieces on the board.
No. 985084 ID: 66e77d

Backing this.
No. 985196 ID: dba489
File 161005473019.jpg - (838.88KB , 800x919 , cop151.jpg )

You round up your task force for some drills in the killhouse. Dane's sidelined and KYLE's too busy with his work to join in, but all of your team's patrolmen are present. Hugo and Peter are sporting some bandages, but they seem to still be in fighting shape.

You give your guys instructions on how to breach and clear rooms. Move in fireteams of four, breach with a shotgun, soften the room with a grenade, hit them fast and hard... Muscle memory kicks in almost immediately, and you have to consciously slow your pace until they get the hang of it. After an hour of drills, though, they're all moving a lot better and can keep up with you...almost. When you finish the practice session, they all decide to stay and keep running drills.

>"You're not bad at that," Dane remarks. She watches jealously as the cops head into the killhouse for another drill. "I would've been a better support, though... They weren't catching onto everything you did."

"Until you're back in the mix, they're good enough," you reply. Maybe she's right, but by most people's standards your cops are surprisingly solid. You're sure that they'll be able to hang in there beside any of the SIG's less-skilled operatives, especially if they've got someone who's hard to kill taking point. You'll handle that job yourself, you decide...
No. 985199 ID: dba489
File 161005618151.jpg - (712.66KB , 880x759 , cop152.jpg )

It's 3:40, now. You head upstairs, stop by the dispatch office and ask them to try and get STEVE on the line. The dispatcher tells you that she'll make the call and patch him through to your phone, soon.

You head over to your office. While you wait, Dane digs around in her corner of the room and throws a shirt at you. It looks a lot larger than the rest of hers.

>"You didn't bring any changes of clothes," she says flatly.

You're about to object when you realize that you haven't even seen the inside of your apartment since Tuesday. "Er, I--"

>"I knew you wouldn't." She crosses her arms and faces the wall. "Put that on, you can't just run around with blood on your collar."

Your phone starts ringing mid-change. You rush to finish putting your vest back on as you pick up. It sounds like he's somewhere with a lot of traffic. "STEVE?"

>"No, it's grandma," STEVE says snidely. "Just listen for a second, I've got a lot to tell you."


>"The 2P's major is another vet, BAN. I don't know if he's from Durst's company or not, but I'm not risking it. I'm trying to make sure he's convinced that I don't know anything about that, just in case. I told him that there was a hostage situation at Burg's because you bungled something related to the murder case. I said that the two of us came to support you, and ERIK's still out tailing the perp that got away. And as much as it pains me to say it, I'm pushing for the major to station 'us' at your precinct as fast as possible..."

"What about the security footage, though?"

>"Nobody else knows that it exists or that we've seen it, as far as I know. If we're lucky, I can get the hell out of here and start working on this shitshow more openly."

An idea comes to mind. "Do you think you can get supplies sent over, as well? Riot gear, better weapons, rams, drones..."

>"Jesus, do you want my house, too? I'll see what I can do. I painted a pretty ugly picture of the current state of your precinct, so he may just say yes to anything out of pity."

You try to send a glare through the landline. "Great, thanks... Is there anyone else at the 2P that you know for certain is clean?"

>"I wish I could tell you that... My sergeant KEN doesn't have a military background, but I'm not certain about the guys below him. Cops who I'm not in charge of, I have no idea. I'll try to find out, but I'm not blowing my cover for it--"

Someone starts talking to STEVE, but you can't make out everything that they say.

>"Shit. Land it, we'll report back," he says to the new voice.

"What's up?" you ask.

>"That address that Sam Durst gave me," STEVE says. It sounds like he's started moving quickly. "Me and one of my guys just scouted it out with a drone. It's a traphouse that we've been watching for weeks... The Southern Bandits' headquarters."

Shit...! "Any sign of the getaway car?"

>"I don't see it. They've got a garage, but the door's down." STEVE'S end is silent for a moment. "BAN, he could be in there. Even if he's not, someone in the know could be. My guys have been waiting for an excuse to crack down on those punks anyway, I could take them!"
No. 985200 ID: 094652

Can you hire an assassin or something? That place is a deathtrap waiting to be sprung.
Have snipers posted around the area, and scout the nearby sewers. Do not engage yet, fly as many disposable RC drones into the building as you can, trip the C4 and other traps. Then you may breach.
No. 985209 ID: 3ed3c3

Wait for backup, STEVE! You rush in there with a head full of steam, you're liable to lose it!
No. 985212 ID: 5a788d

>My guys have been waiting for an excuse to crack down on those punks anyway, I could take them!
"You can take a warehouse of street punks. But if that's a warehouse of armed vets?"
No. 985216 ID: 53560f

I mean, yeah, you probably could take ‘em but if you attack now then we risk losing a potential advantage later and not to mention that if there are any of the vets in there then things might escalate before we have a proper plan set up.

How about you take note of it’s location and continue to have it watched. Later we can probably use this knowledge against them, knowing where they’ll retreat to hide and lick their wounds is a pretty useful thing, could get them all at once if we do it well.
No. 985219 ID: 2e15a9

Steve, you do not get to say "Nobody else knows that it exists or that we've seen it", followed by "waiting for an excuse to crack down on those punks anyway, I could take them!". You know they know you're coming, PLEASE don't get killed tempting fate.
No. 985231 ID: cd79f5

We should get Dane to get someone to fix up the precinct's old battle Bus. Fill up the petrol tank, brakes, hydaulics, even the windshield wiper soap. The entire maintainance works. We might need it later on. Better to have and not need to me.
No. 985415 ID: 66e77d

Will we have time for something like that?
No. 985479 ID: 88966b
File 161046652510.jpg - (223.21KB , 900x526 , cop153.jpg )

He's actively trying to get jinxed, you think to yourself... "Wait for backup STEVE, if you go running in right now we'll lose our advantage. What if there are more vets in there? Just note the location and have it watched, maybe check the surrounding area and sewers. We'll hit it when we have a solid plan."

>There's another brief pause, followed by a frustrated sigh. "Alright. We'll hang back and keep tabs on it. Give me a call if you need me, I'll go see about getting those supplies."

You hear STEVE say something to another cop, and then he hangs up.

>"He'd better not do anything stupid," Dane mutters.

You peer out through your small window. That beast in the back of the parking lot keeps catching your eye. "Do you think you could get someone to try fixing up the Battle Van?" you ask your partner. "General maintenance, filling the tank... Would we have time for it?"

>"Give me a few hours, boss," she says resolutely. "I could do it myself."

"You're a mechanic, too?" you ask, surprised. The glare you receive in response makes it clear that this is another thing that you've just forgotten. "...I mean, that would be great."

>She lowers the brim of her cap and starts for the door. "I'll drive it to my dad's shop and handle it, don't burn the place down while I'm gone."

"Hang on, you'll drive it?" The command vehicle already handles like a bitch, you can't imagine anyone trying to drive it with a concussion.

>Dane crosses her arms at you testily. "What, you want someone to drive me? Who's got the time for that, you? Because you're not putting the paparazzi behind the wheel of that thing..."
No. 985482 ID: 446cd3

One of the other cops could do it. Having a concussion is a real problem and having someone for driving and backup is the best idea.
No. 985502 ID: 3ed3c3

Any other cop. Like, literally anyone else. We are not letting Dane get herself killed from a combination of stubbornness and a concussion.
No. 985503 ID: eb1fcc

I'd say pick out whoever looks most winded from the drills earlier, they'd probably appreciate the break.
No. 985521 ID: df76b1

We can spare two cops on this, let's send someone with her.
No. 985537 ID: 19a984

See if we can't get some tools brought over here. We should probably keep the van on the premises.
No. 985649 ID: cd79f5

I'd send another cop with her. Tell them to come back with coffee. It'll be a long night.
No. 985655 ID: e30795
File 161063838414.jpg - (230.98KB , 950x483 , cop154.jpg )

You rack your brain for options that don't include her operating a vehicle... "Can't we just get some tools brought here?" you ask. "The van should probably stay on the premises."

>"We could do that," Dane says. "I'll just grab a car and go pick them up--"

"Hugo will grab a car and drive you there," you say in your most authoritative cop voice. "Peter too, we can spare two cops for this. They both could use a break, anyway."

>Dane stares at you with an unreadable expression on her face. When it becomes clear that you're not going to budge, she tsks and heads for the door. "Got it, boss..."

"Bring back some more coffee while you're at it," you add. "It'll be a long night."

You heave a sigh of relief after she exits. Keeping Dane's stubbornness in check until she's healed is going to take a year off of your life... Speaking of coffee, you realize that in all the commotion you forgot to eat lunch. Your wallet will be upset, but you might want to hit that diner by the docks again later.

You only have a moment's respite before your office phone rings again.

>The Major is on the other end. "Captain, I've gotten everything squared away with the SIG," she tells you. "Three special agents will be here by tomorrow, and a Capture Team platoon will be in by Saturday."

"That's great," you reply.

>"It's something," your commander says uneasily. "The discussion of jurisdiction and command got...interesting. I managed to get them to agree to act as support for you, but it was tough. Very, very tough... These guys will be a huge help, but stay cautious, BAN. You'll have to keep them convinced that you're two steps ahead of them, or they might just snatch the case and leave us in the dust."

"I'll do my best, ma'am." Is there a single outside force that isn't trying to screw you over, you wonder...

>The Major switches to another line for a moment, then comes back to yours. "Captain, it seems like one of the SIG's agents is close by. I'll see if I can arrange a meeting for the two of you so you can--"

A loud knock on the door yanks your attention from the phone.
No. 985656 ID: e30795
File 161063878731.jpg - (287.00KB , 850x737 , cop155.jpg )

A woman that you've never seen before steps into your office. She looks around with visible disdain at the small space...

>"Captain BAN?" she asks as she comes closer. She pulls out a badge and shows it to you. "I'm Special Agent HALE. I was already in town for my last assignment, so I figured I'd come over to scout things out. I understand that we'll be working together, now."

You hang up your desk phone. That was...fast. You try to hide your bewilderment at the agent's sudden appearance. "Yes, that's correct."

>"So...?" HALE stares at you expectantly.


>You bristle as she keeps staring. Her vibe is unsettling... "Four cops in a basement, a couple detectives in broom closets?" she asks. "That's your counterterrorism team? Really?"
No. 985657 ID: 46a721

We didn't know this was a terrorist conspiracy until a few hours ago, and we didn't request additional support from the other precints for fear of them being compromised, like the 2P was.
No. 985658 ID: eb1fcc

>saying that 2p was compromised
>the thing we promised not to do

hard no.

Instead, we say that we've taken command of the 2p assets, and have been rounding up the home troops for a raid. This is more or less true, since STEVE is already in position and just needs backup. It'll also paint us as immediately ahead of the game, thanks to STEVE's proactive nature.

Be sure to mention he's going to be heading the raid so we don't accidentally steal credit for his op, we really want to make sure 2p gets through this mess.
No. 985662 ID: 8fab7a

Play a little to her paranoia, but don't target 2P in particular - target the entire police force. Looking into who's a war vet or not is something they'll think of anyway, so it's not a dead giveaway - it'll just make you seem paranoid. Which with these guys is probably a good thing.

"Apologies for discovering what appears to be a serious terrorist conspiracy on a mere precinct budget, miss HALE, but the situation is fluid and we're still trying to bring some of the other precincts' resources to bear - resources right now, not men, although I've liaised a bit with Captain STEVE from 2P. You'll find that 1P's nature has been - and may continue to be - a strength, though. There are a lot of war vets out there who could harbor sympathies with these guys and some of them joined the police force - like me - so I can't guarantee there won't be someone feeding them a line from other precincts. In 1P, I'm one of the few vets - you can do background checks I'm sure. In fact, please do, just in case someone hasn't been forthright. Frankly speaking, this precinct isn't as... glamorous as the others. We do good work, but there's less local violence, so less gear and funding. The Mayor's case happening in our jurisdiction was sheer happenstance, but we took it as seriously as we could and this is where it lead us. Now I'm building up a force to find and neuter these guys before things go bad."

Fold your arms, facing her.

"I want this to be taken seriously, not shuffled off someone's desk until the inevitable happens. Take it from me - if the two I ran into were any indication, these guys are itching for a fight, but want to pick the time and place. One literally begged the other to shoot him so he couldn't be kept captive and interrogated. They've got zeal, they're local and probably dug in and relying on anonymity, local connections. They've gotta be pretty confident about their numbers and chances if they're popping off people like they have so far. Did anyone tell you there was an attempt at me and my sergeant's life as well? Before we figured out there was a conspiracy? So, proactive and disturbingly well-informed."


"Anyway, SIG got called in because, yes, we need the backup. You're out-of-towners, so we can put a little more trust your way. You've got extra sway and pull to throw around, so I don't have to rely on other precincts for everything and can keep a tighter inner circle. And here's a bone to you: if it all blows up in our faces - or looks about to - you can swoop in like angels and call it my mess. See how that works? But until then, this case is ours, so please help like you mean it. And by help I mean, what can you do for us that a lowly captain wouldn't immediately come to think of? I've got ideas, of course, but I haven't worked tightly with SIG before. If you want to get to work ASAP, far be it from me to keep you from it."

Pause and look her up and down again.

"Also, trust-wise and all, why were you in town, agent HALE? A case? Do you have any local connections yourself?"

Make a mental note to see if YOU can run background checks on the SIG team.
No. 985664 ID: df76b1

Once you review the evidence Ma'am, I'll be happy to discuss how I used too much caution.

Up until 2 hours ago, This was just a murder case.
No. 985669 ID: 19a984

Honestly, idk. It might be better if they just take over. I mean, it wouldn't be ideal, but in the end, the only thing that matters is that the criminals get brought to justice.
No. 985673 ID: eb1fcc

>trusting the feds to do a good job

This is usually a bad idea. They'll only ever do an adequate job because this isn't their hometown they're mucking up. Maintaining control over this is a better idea.
No. 985682 ID: 3ed3c3

"Oh, my apologies, Agent HALE! I can assure you, if the secret terrorist cell of actual cultists had done the polite thing and phoned ahead, we would have been more prepared! Really, it's so embarrassing. I hope you can forgive us."
No. 985686 ID: 2e15a9

Don't apologize, you've done nothing wrong. You've been a counterterror unit for less than a day and have already ran drills, requisitioned bigger guns and got the war wagon out of storage. Unless she's offering some of that federal budget to renovate the building herself, you don't want to hear it. Now, 2P has a suspect location surrounded and under surveillance, have you any assistance to render before I go down there?
No. 985703 ID: cd79f5

We were investigating a murder. When the case expanded, we sent it up the chain of command.
No. 985706 ID: eb1fcc

we want to come off as competent and in-control, not as petulant impulsive children. Don't do this.
No. 985806 ID: 5a788d

"Ma'am, less than 4 hours ago this was still a murder investigation".
(1540 STEVE called - moments ago - and 1200 was when Sam spilled the beams on it being a vast conspiracy rather than a mole and some old war buddies)
No. 985972 ID: da1170

"We... didn't exactly get the funding for that kind of stuff..."
No. 986002 ID: cd79f5

We should go to the Mayor's house soon. Or at least call in. We did have an appointment.
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