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File 154414998242.png - (172.45KB , 800x800 , 152.png )
913306 No. 913306 ID: 470289

“Wait up! You’re going too fast! Max!”


“Whatever we call you, stop walking so fast. Socrates is tired.”


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No. 955784 ID: 1ed92d

Hey, look! The government's mishandling things into a riot again! Ask why we're rioting today.
No. 955787 ID: e7c7d3

Yeah, ask what's going on. Surely Luvi wasn't the only one who worked here.
No. 955801 ID: 13059a

> Ask why we're rioting today.
You're trying to start shit huh? actually that could be entertaining.
No. 955808 ID: 015bf2

Approach a disgusted rogue - you're probably more likely to get an answer out of them than the more mopey or irritated ones. Ask why there's a gathering of rogues hanging. Ask if they've seen Luvi.

Tell them that there's a meeting that rogues should attend at the town hall this afternoon at three. Sounded like something was going down that'd be bad for rogues if people don't show up to make a stink about it.
No. 956042 ID: 29dce7
File 158148777896.png - (136.81KB , 800x800 , 227.png )

I approach one of the rogues that looks like he’s been sucking lemons.

“So, why’re we rioting today?” The look he gives says he’s not in the mood for jokes.

>“Apparently, we’re not allowed in to discuss our case until working hours. Even though it’s our fucking livelihoods on the line!” [Anger]


>”They revoked our union license.” [Irritated]

“I see.” He can tell that I don’t see.

>”Union licenses let rogues organize and register as a hive for business purposes. Without it we can’t legally work on any of our contracts. They fucked us out of our jobs, and they don’t even have the balls to face us!”

Every time he yells he turns to the doors.

“Well there’s a town hall this afternoon, maybe you can bring it up there?”

>“You think I have the time to go to a town hall while we’re trying to make sure we can eat tomorrow?”

“Uh…” This got kind of awkward. “Well, have you seen a pink neumono a little shorter than me go into the building?”

>”No, and I’ve been here since it was dark. A couple of aliens went in, that’s it.”
No. 956043 ID: 29dce7
File 158148780102.png - (138.30KB , 800x800 , 228.png )

I try the doors myself just in case to make sure they’re locked and peer through the window. The only person I can see is the pomi at the front desk.

I guess my options are to try and get inside to ask someone if they know where Luvi is or try one of the other places Kark said she might be. Gentle Pastures, the old rogue’s home, or her church her sister is at. I could also take another crack at convincing these rogues behind me to go to the town hall meeting, but I’d need a pretty good argument to convince them. Or at least a bribe or something.
No. 956050 ID: e7c7d3

Maybe try a pied piper routine? Play a calming tune so that the general empathy becomes more reasonable. Maybe then you can talk to people to go to the town hall.
No. 956057 ID: 13059a

They're only gonna have a chance to get heard at the town-hall, since it's clear they're getting stonewalled here for the time being.
No. 956058 ID: 4bea11

That front desk lady looks overwhelmed and trying to figure out where things went wrong already. She probably won't be able to help much, this is something happening further up the totem pole.

For all we know, the meeting at the town hall involves this very issue. Maybe send a message to Kark asking about it? If so, there's a ready crowd of recruits right here.
No. 956070 ID: c2f1f6

Are you all of different union hives, or can one of you stay and get stonewalled while the rest of you go to the town hall?

Then go inside and ask what happened to Luvi.
No. 956147 ID: 29dce7
File 158157026008.png - (160.56KB , 800x800 , 229.png )

>They're only gonna have a chance to get heard at the town-hall, since it's clear they're getting stonewalled here for the time being.
>For all we know, the meeting at the town hall involves this very issue. Maybe send a message to Kark asking about it?
I text Kark asking what’s in it for the rogues who come to the town hall and if there’s anything that could help with union stuff. He texts back instantly and between the cursing he gives about three actual points.

1.You get to yell at Mayor Rollas and Chief Mund to their faces.
2.Engendering solidarity between rogues in order to strengthen future political capital.
3.You can bring up issues affecting you to the local government and theoretically get them resolved but more likely get ignored to your face. Which he implies is an improvement, I think?

He says if union licensing is their issue no one local can do anything about it, because it’s not up to them. I don’t get the specifics but it’s some kind of jurisdiction issue. So, I can’t really tell these guys the town hall will help them specifically. At least not without them knowing I’m lying. I can still try to get them to come, but self-interest might be the wrong tack to take.

> Go inside and ask what happened to Luvi.
How? The doors locked and they have only let the ORS workers go inside. I can get the pomis attention by knocking maybe but I’m not sure what would convince her I’m different from the other rogues out here.

Whether I stay and keep trying to talk to people or not, I have to decide where to go next. Either the church or Gentle Pastures, since I’m pretty sure Luvi isn’t here. I can’t feel her empathy anywhere in the building.
No. 956148 ID: e7c7d3

Try the church. Less chance of running into old people with nothing better to do but waste your time
No. 956150 ID: 48ce40

Church. Possibly more friendly/charitable people around there, so at least you could do a spot of busking?
No. 956176 ID: 1ed92d

Seek the church, maybe there will be helpful missionaries there!
No. 956182 ID: 13059a

>You get to yell at Mayor Rollas and Chief Mund to their faces.
think you can whip up a guitar/vocal power ballad with that as the main theme? should influence peolpe to go to the town hall.
No. 956400 ID: 15a025

Let's go to church.
No. 956661 ID: 470289
File 158205899319.png - (138.01KB , 800x800 , 230.png )

>Think you can whip up a guitar/vocal power ballad
Not on the spot. I can just play a calming tune to break in the guitar and try out this busking thing. Make it so the trip here isn’t all for nothing. A few people might get annoyed at me, but I’m sure enough will like it.
No. 956669 ID: 470289
File 158205936758.gif - (240.45KB , 800x800 , 231-b.gif )

No. 956670 ID: 470289
File 158205938237.png - (119.91KB , 800x800 , 232.png )

No. 956671 ID: 470289
File 158205941693.png - (159.16KB , 800x800 , 233.png )

The next place to look for Luvi is the church where her sister is supposed to be. I guess maybe Luvi’s old hive goes there? Or her parents got unlucky and had two daughters go rogue. Whatever it doesn’t matter.

>”You okay, kid? You feel like you’re about to puke.” [Concern]

I put the guitar back in its case and throw it over my shoulder. I’m heading straight to where my phone says the churches should be. I shouldn’t be wasting time buying guitars and crap.
No. 956672 ID: 470289
File 158205944416.png - (170.15KB , 800x800 , 234.png )

This place is the only church in the last few blocks with a bird on top, so I’m guessing this is it. I feel two- no three neumono inside. None of them are Luvi, but hopefully one of them knows where she is.
No. 956673 ID: 470289
File 158205946952.png - (167.87KB , 800x800 , 235.png )

I find who I expect, plus a heef.

The girl praying seems disturbed and is trembling a little bit. Her empathy reminds me a bit of Gys. Not in personality, but in how wired she feels. She’s totally absorbed into her own little world.

In front is where there’s a woman excitably talking to the heef. She’s almost manic with how hard she’s gesturing, but she’s not threatening or weird, just super passionate about something.

The guy next to them feels serene. I get the sense he’s a placid person and is taking things in. He doesn’t seem to be part of the conversation but is still standing close? At least he indicates empathetically he’s willing to talk to me, unlike the others.
No. 956675 ID: e7c7d3

Approach the serene one and ask if he's seen Luvi lately.
No. 956682 ID: 977456

Eaves were made for dropping.
No. 956684 ID: c2f1f6

So what happened back there?

Talk to the guy who's willing to talk.
No. 956846 ID: 9a21f9


Pay half a mind to what's going on. Anything to distract you from... what happened.
No. 956973 ID: 86eb65

Pray to bird Jesus.
No. 957027 ID: 91ee5f

So what happened? Did you play anything or did you get stage fright and give up without doing anything?

Talk to the person that’s willing to talk.
No. 957104 ID: 15a025

Talk to the one who feels serene. Maybe they know where Luvi's at?
No. 957709 ID: 470289
File 158309939306.png - (158.08KB , 800x800 , 236.png )

>So what happened back there?
I had some trouble breathing for a minute. Things got blurry. I’m fine now.

>Did you play anything or did you get stage fright and give up without doing anything?
I didn’t play anything.

>“I’m sorry Erilet, I know I’m not making sense. I just, I know my purpose now. I haven’t been so focused in decades. It’s amazing.” [Earnest]

>“Congratulations. You’re still not talking to my flock before, during, or after service.” This heefs voice is as grating as the rest of them.

>“But we could help them even better than Erilchacht!”

>“That’s an excellent argument to convince an ordained minister of Erilchacht to allow foreign evangelists steal believers right from under them.”

>“Really?” [Eager]

No. 957710 ID: 470289
File 158309946313.png - (157.99KB , 800x800 , 237.png )

“Excuse me, do you know anyone named Luvi? She’s a really, well, happy pink neumono. Maybe she came here this morning?”

>“I’m afraid I haven’t had the pleasure. Is she a believer of Erilchacht? My friend Chidi may know her, in that case.”

“I… don’t know?” Is Luvi religious? I didn’t get that impression, but I’ve known her for like a day. “Her sister comes here, I think. I don’t know her name.”

>“Well, we can ask Chidi once she realizes she’s talking to a brick wall.” He chuckles.

We lapse into a silence only I feel is awkward for a minute while the heef and Chidi argue in the background. He keeps focusing on my guitar and the longer we stand here the more obvious it is he wants something from me.

>“Sorry if I’m making you feel uncomfortable,” [Considering how to phrase what he wants] “You’re a musician, correct? Are you good with that guitar?”

“Y-yeah. I mean, I’m decent.” He notices I tripped up on answering but politely ignores it. He believes that I can play at least.

>“We,” He gestures at Chidi. “are having a get-together tonight with some of our friends and I’ve been thinking some musical accompaniment could lift everyone’s spirits. Do you play at parties?” [Hopeful]
No. 957713 ID: e7c7d3

If you think you can get past your stage-fright then say yes and that your rates are low. If not, you can go and try to get past whatever block you have, but for free of course.
No. 957715 ID: 891b91

"No, only Bar Mitzvahs."

Then wonder why you're making a joke that invokes human customs and correct yourself: "Just kidding. I guess I might be available, although I need to find Luvi first." Maybe try to signal via empathy that you need some kind of reason why this would be worth your time and effort.

This is all assuming, of course, that you can manage to do the music thing without choking like you did earlier. Seems like the suppressed trauma you've got going on with your former hive might specifically have something to do with performances in general... I guess you must have royally messed up that performance you gave before you got kicked out.
No. 957716 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, why do you even have stage fright? You've been performing all your life. Have you never performed in front of non-hivemates before?
You better explain your Issues before even thinking of accepting.
No. 957717 ID: 015bf2

>Musician? Party?
Recent experience dictates you say no until you've successfully managed to busk a crowd.

Say it's been a bit since you've played, the guitar's a new purchase and you've realized you need to work through the rust. And you have some stuff that you need to get to terms with and you're not keen on being a downer or - side glance - having to deal with overeager conversion attempts.

Not that you wouldn't mind a side gig, but today's a poor time for it.

>Religion, pendant.
What religious denomination are they? Have a look at their pendants.

>What next?
The minister doesn't know Luvi, so she wasn't here recently and probably doesn't speak directly to the clergy. We can wait for Chidi, but if this goes on for more than a couple minutes, go gently bother the girl with the wired empathy. I mean, I refuse to think there's a neumono, even one who lives in their own world, who wouldn't notice Luvi's presence.

Heck, for all we know it could be Luvi's sister herself.
No. 957762 ID: 977456

Play a little first... to check that the guitar works? Yes, that is a sensible excuse.
No. 957767 ID: 094652

Ask the enthusiast if she joined a 'secret religion' (cult)). Then try to convince her to spread more than just the opening pitch, but whatever secrets she has been told.

Tell the minister you can attend, but he'll owe you one.
No. 959713 ID: 470289
File 158519377556.png - (142.09KB , 800x800 , 238.png )

>Play a little first... to check that the guitar works?
The guitar sounds fine.

>Have you never performed in front of non-hivemates before?
I have.

>You better explain your Issues before even thinking of accepting.
It's none of his business.

> Seems like the suppressed trauma you've got going on with your former hive might specifically have something to do with performances in general... I guess you must have royally messed up that performance you gave before you got kicked out.
It was my magnum opus.

>”Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you?” [Surprised]

Dumb. Stop thinking about the play. Stay in the moment.

“No! I just… only do Bar Mitzvahs!”

>“Ohh… kay?” He doesn’t get the joke. I barely get the joke.

“Sorry, I mean, yes, I do play at parties. And have low rates. But I do need to find my friend first. Today might not be the best time.”

>“Of course. We’re meeting in Ispaati Park after dark. If you do find yourself free, I would love if you could swing by…?”


>”My name’s Krieg.”

“So, you and Chidi are in the same… group?” I’m desperate to keep talking so I don’t have to think about anything.
No. 959714 ID: 470289
File 158519381123.png - (173.10KB , 800x800 , 239.png )

>“We’re Omnists.” [Placating] “And I’m not offended if you are a bit wary. As rogues it’s good to be cautious. But we strive to be a harbor for any lost souls, rogue or not.” As he speaks his necklace catches my eye.

“Is that wood burned?” I ask. “It looks different somehow, do you know how it was made?” He smiles, and I think I’m projecting as normal again.

>“Usually people just comment on the spirals. I think the artist who made mine used an acid process. Design-wise, I wish I could say it represented something like the universality of our beliefs through galaxy iconography, but I think the designer just really liked spirals.”

“Um, is it okay to say that about your religion or whatever? Don’t you have to be respectful about that stuff.”

>“We try to be open about everything in our faith. Neumono are already skeptical about us, no need to encourage it. You see-"
No. 959715 ID: 470289
File 158519385785.png - (168.31KB , 800x800 , 240.png )

>“Are you interested?” Chidi asks as she pushes herself between us. “Omnism is amazing, it’s like, better than having a hive, because you’re important.”

>“Chidi, maybe calm-” [Exasperation]

>“I’m calm! But she needs to know about how much better her life could be!” [Excitement]

>“How about before that you tell her if you know anyone named Luvi who comes here?” Krieg asks her.

>“Never heard of them!”

“She’s really happy, like all the time.” I add and her mood drops.
No. 959716 ID: 470289
File 158519390959.png - (171.92KB , 800x800 , 241.png )

>“Her?” She frowns. [Confused] “Why could you want with that freak?”

>“Chidi.” [Admonishing]

>“Sorry, Krieg. She has just as much value as I do.” She doesn’t seem to believe much in what she says though as she turns back to me. “She doesn’t come by very often. I think she’s one of Erilet Canggu’s charity cases.”
No. 959717 ID: e7c7d3

Alright, and who is Erilet Canggu? And aren't we all charity cases?
No. 959718 ID: 465a14

Why do the arms of the spirals on their pendants keep changing number? It's acid-washed wood, right? Nothing that would change shape from different angles?
No. 959719 ID: b1b4f3

Consider joining. Like get some pamphlets to read. Stay focused on finding Luvi though, ask to talk to Erilet.
No. 959721 ID: c2f1f6

I'm unfamiliar.
No. 959726 ID: 12b116

I think that's the heef cleric, if so let's ask him. If not I guess let's find out who this is. You should think about playing for them, it might be a relaxing atmosphere. Just don't go joining their cult right now
No. 959735 ID: ecd116

ask Chidi & Krieg what their life was like before and after joining the Omnists? also what are others groups/organisations opinion about the omnists beliefs and mission, and opinions about luvi and rouges in general? and if this ok to ask in, do they know that girl on the bench and why is she deeply praying for?, and who was both that one neumono & heef talking and what was that all about?
No. 959739 ID: 015bf2

Erilet seems to be the heef priest. Krieg mentioned their name earlier.

>Charity case
You don't know about that. She seems fairly well off despite being, well, literally all too happy to help others. You're genuinely grateful for her assistance so far.

Either way, there's some politics thing that's going down at Town Hall this afternoon, you're repaying a favor by running an errand to find her. Speaking of which, would they be at all interested in attending? You honestly ain't got much of a clue what it'll be all about, but apparently it's important to rogues so you were encouraged to invite anyone.

After that, thank them for their help, say you'll consider meeting at the Park and try talking to Erilet, since he must be the one who knows about Luvi and whether she's been her today.
No. 959748 ID: 465a14

Erilet is probably a title- Erilchacht, Erilet. Canggu is probably the heef's name- they said they were an ordained minister. Might as well talk to them.
No. 959960 ID: 15a025

Ask who Erilet is?
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