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File 171203557442.png - (10.27KB , 781x715 , JQTitle.png )
1087715 No. 1087715 ID: 71143c

You are Sarah Hanchett. The smell of sulphur and iron fills your nostrils. The heat is intense, almost unbearable, making you sweat in your outfit. You realize your eyes are closed as you let the other senses of your environment wash over you.
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No. 1087717 ID: 588b52

[heavy, resigned sigh]


Get naked.

YOu knew how this would start.
No. 1087718 ID: 462d8c

Flip the calendar. It's been so long that it's now July Quest
No. 1087719 ID: 273c18

Open your eyes
I see
your eyes are open
No. 1087720 ID: 42bb51

you're in intense heat, you need some relief
No. 1087721 ID: 71143c
File 171203612738.png - (786.04KB , 781x715 , JQ1.png )

Getting naked in this environment would be counterproductive, as your gear while sweaty and near uncomfortable, is keeping you alive.

You remember the date, it is Eleasis 29th, 1492 Dale Reckoning. What is this... July?

You open your eyes. The caverns and waterfalls of lava fill your vision once again.

The sight of the Forge is such a complex feat of engineering; it is impressive, to say the least. How the followers of Shar managed to build it is a thought that will keep you awake for many a tenday.

Phalar Aluve hangs heavy on your back.
No. 1087722 ID: 462d8c

Raise fist and swear vengence on your nemesis
No. 1087723 ID: 42bb51

walk up to the FORGE and BASK in its glory!!
No. 1087726 ID: 75b262

Use telekinesis on your sword to swing it
No. 1087727 ID: 71143c
File 171203667661.png - (909.50KB , 963x538 , JQ2.png )

You are already on the Adamantine Forge, but the sight of the enormous hammer in the center is awe-inspiring. It already made a deafening CLANG as it struck the anvil, bringing the entire platform almost flush with the lava flow.

There is a creeping excitement as you insert the Heavy Armor mold into the Mould Chamber and insert a chunk of raw adamantine ore into the crucible. Gale seems excited to see the machine in action, while Shadowheart and Karlach stand by, in trepidation.
No. 1087728 ID: eb0a9c

Suddenly, the Dark Urge takes a bite out of your jugular, then humps the hole
Ya die
Ya die
Ya die
No. 1087730 ID: 462d8c

Be sure to quicksave!
No. 1087732 ID: 71143c
File 171203699802.png - (64.89KB , 313x147 , JQ3.png )

Done and done!

Dark Urge? There is none of that to be found here. The only urge is to ensure the Forge completes it's creation process.
No. 1087733 ID: 75b262

Go home and be a family man
No. 1087734 ID: 462d8c

Drink to pass the time. Just the first potion in your inventory
No. 1087736 ID: 71143c
File 171203752692.png - (102.70KB , 272x219 , JQ4.png )

You are trying to return home to Baldur's Gate, but the way is blocked by many obstacles, the least of which is the Forge here.

You take a drink of a Healing Potion. You don't really need it, as your health is topped off and ready to go. Shadowheart frowns upon this act of waste.
No. 1087739 ID: 462d8c

Clearly upset she didn't get one too. She can have a..... try offering her the fourth one there
No. 1087743 ID: 71143c
File 171203837691.png - (1.56MB , 966x1077 , JQ5.png )

You hand Shadowheart a Diluted Oil of Sharpness flask, but she puts her hand up.

"Thanks, but I use a quarterstaff. Nothing to sharpen here."

You shrug and turn your attention back to the forge. According to the book you found, you need to turn this wheel to flood the chambers with lava, allowing the adamantine ore to soften enough to work. With great heft, you slowly turn the rusty wheel with a loud creaking. It protests your actions as the wheel gives, moving gradually.
No. 1087744 ID: 71143c
File 171203853817.png - (316.98KB , 1000x526 , JQ6.png )

The intense heat hits you as lava floods the chamber. You almost pass out from the intense heat, but manage to keep your composure.

As the lava flows though, the pipe begins to emit a clanking, mechanical noise.

How strange, you think. That isn't supposed to happen.

The clanking gets louder, the mechanical sounds of whirring and grinding become bigger.
No. 1087745 ID: 71143c
File 171203872845.png - (737.52KB , 1000x562 , JQ7.png )

Emerging from the pipe is the source of the noise: a terrifying, many-story tall construct. It's fingers snapping into place with metallic whirring and clacking. It's other hand, a gigantic mace, slides through the lava until held up by the behemoth machine.

It cannot speak, yet it almost screams by audibly spinning gyros and grinding metal upon metal.

You suddenly remember the name of this thing, this guardian of the forge, and how it was the pet project of a long-dead Sharran engineer.

No. 1087747 ID: 462d8c

Probably is lonely after all these millenia. Give it a hug
No. 1087754 ID: 71143c
File 171203964122.png - (924.36KB , 807x596 , JQ8.png )

You want to hug it, but it's looming, imposing figure seems a bit too daunting.

"I have an idea!" shouts Karlach. She drops her backpack and from it produces a large metallic barrel.

Oh shit, you think, she actually found a barrel of Runepowder?! How? When?!!?
No. 1087755 ID: 71143c
File 171203973885.png - (1.23MB , 1302x871 , JQ9.png )

"Eat this!" she bellows as she launches the barrel at the construct.

The barrel strikes the superheated leg of the automaton. It ignites.

There is a flash.

Then a thundering boom as the flesh is peeled from your body, your armor disintegrating, your torso separating.
No. 1087756 ID: 71143c
File 171203979966.png - (162.56KB , 700x222 , JQ10.png )

Then nothing.

Your last thought was of how maybe you should have done a better job securing the inventories of each member of your party.

No. 1087758 ID: eb0a9c

Appropriate meme posted from the Questden Discord Channel

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