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File 169032255856.png - (264.17KB , 550x500 , 000.png )
1068906 No. 1068906 ID: 11f77a

NSFW for nudity and possible casual lewds
Chapter 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/823974.html
Chapter 2: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1059064.html
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Calliope
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No. 1070656 ID: dd3fe0

Tell her, "I need to go to the ER. I think I might have a brain injury."
No. 1070987 ID: 15a025

Look at the licenses again?
No. 1071009 ID: 11f77a
File 169316585885.png - (294.99KB , 550x500 , 030.png )

>Did Len –just- die?
>Do you have some kind of a memory problem??
I... wait.

I... I remember now. He did die. For a while now. I can recall that day. The news broke to me after school.

He overdosed or... something. He took some pills before class. He may have been drinking heavily. Partying the night before. Maybe it was anxiety. He was stressed the fuck out in college. I don’t recall every detail, it’s been a while. There may have been a test that morning so he took something to stay awake and alert. But he blacked out in the middle of class and fell out of his desk.

I was returning home after high school; I finished an evening of cross-country. Mom picked me up. Dad immediately drove over three states to see him.

There was a funeral. We had family over in my aunt’s backyard.

I kept his wallet. I don’t know why but I kept a lot of things from his room. Mostly decorations, mementos. Memories. His old portable TV he played Xbox on during our camper trips. Books. Stuff now in my closet.

That was seven months ago.

But I just saw him a minute ago.

I remember months of his presence, though. Not even dream-like, but as real as memories can be.

I’m looking at his license again--making sure it’s all true, making sure it’s current.

Jase: Mom...
No. 1071010 ID: 11f77a
File 169316588801.png - (222.44KB , 550x500 , 031.png )

>Have you been forgetting everything since the accident?
That was one of the things I’ve never told mom when I was younger; the time I was almost hit by that truck. Was it a truck? Car? Jeep? I know I dodged it. And I haven’t had moments where I’ve been forgetting things--especially as important as my brother’s death.

Jase: I think I need to visit the ER. I might have a brain injury.

Mom: Did you hit your head against something? Turn a bit. Let me check for a bump.

Jase: What day is it? Isn’t it August?

Mom: Saturday the 16th.

Jase: Yeah, sounds about right...

I don’t know how to explain what I’m going through. Maybe I did hit my head.
No. 1071017 ID: dd3fe0

Do you know the symptoms of a stroke or brain aneurysm? Because I don't. But I know major memory loss while awake and alert means I probably need to see a neurologist. And some brain stuff is seconds count.
No. 1071021 ID: e51896

That ear piercing is new between when you saw your brother leave on the road trip, to now. Maybe if you continue having these memories, you can try to feel your ear and see if the piercing is there or not. if it's not, you're living a memory. If it's there, you are in the present. use that as an anchor.

When did you get your ear pierced by the way?
No. 1071024 ID: 8f9bc4

Symptoms of a stroke? Of course you know those! Sagging face muscles, inability to speak or form words, eyes dilating improperly, an absolutely abominable headache. You probably read up on a bunch of brain disorders trying to find an explanation for... this. None of them really fit.

So you didn't get some sort of horrible head injury in a car accident you don't quite remember right. Were things slipping even then, between one truth and the other? Even when you were a couple of dumb kids?

One way or another, your brother's both alive and dead at the same time. His wallet's the only link you have between these states of being, or mind. Keep it safe. You don't want to lose this. Do you remember what drugs it was that he overdosed on? If you could find out what those pills were, or where he got them, they might be something... stranger than drugs.
No. 1071028 ID: b1805a


Didn't you guys talk about something, way back as kids that one day you hung out on the boat? About what would happen after you die?

Maybe this is it, except with Len gone, things are trying to "fill in the gaps." You're the leftovers of his world.
No. 1071032 ID: ad91cf

Wave it off as having been half awake and still dreaming. It could just be that and it's not like mom worrying helps anything. If it's not just dreaming... Well the only way to figure out is by it happening again.
No. 1071107 ID: c4e98f

This doesn't seem like grief, nor does it seem like the result of an accident. He was very quickly reminded, almost as if he was snapped out of a haze. Jase might be dissociating with what Len could have been doing if he were alive.
No. 1071309 ID: 11f77a
File 169343752254.png - (229.88KB , 550x500 , 032.png )

>When did you get your left ear pierced?
>That ear piercing is new between when you saw your brother leave, to now
Oh, right. The ear ring. Len and I got them a couple summers back; I think it was the same year when I got drunk. We were at a Claire’s store and I was convinced to get one with my brother. It was on impulse, more or less. Didn’t even hurt--I was surprised. Mom was fine with it, no biggie.

Or did I? I must’ve. I’m both certain and confused now that it’s brought to my attention.

>Do you remember what drugs? [...] they might be something... stranger
Hell if I know. I always played it safe--so I’m not well-versed in pot smoking, drug symptoms or their names. I guess it was something like Adderall to help stay awake for the test.

Jase: Can we still visit a hospital? I don’t know if this is going to be a stroke or aneurysm. I just have a bad feeling about this.

Jase: It just happened as I walked in my room. Maybe I ran up the stairs too fast. I know I get migraines once a year; but this is different.

Mom: Alright, hon. If you think so--I’ll quickly get my purse with my things. Meet me in the car.

She turns away. I don’t feel a headache, it’s a lot of information at once. But I have to be certain of this memory loss.

>Jase might have been dissociating with what Len could have been doing if he were alive.
>Were things slipping even then, between one truth and the other?
No! Or... I don’t think so. Nothing significant. Nothing to make me question my reality. But now I’m conflicted with what’s true.
No. 1071310 ID: 11f77a
File 169343755865.png - (187.22KB , 550x500 , 033.png )

I sit in the car. I have memories of him as if he were a phantom.

>Didn’t you guys talk about something, way back as kids that one day you hung out on the boat?
We were pretty tipsy; more than that, even. Shootin’ the shit and making up dumb questions. I can’t recall word-for-word what was said--but the idea that we’re all left behind is ridiculous!

Could it have been a dream? Have I missed him that much to imagine him beside me when I was alone? I feel groggy. I hope this doesn’t evolve into early schizophrenia.
No. 1071325 ID: fcfcb3


You mean early onset dementia?
No. 1071353 ID: 1ca80a

No, he's worried that he's going to start seeing and hearing things regularly. He's also worried about memory loss but that's an additional issue.

But the symptoms don't really line up either way. Unless these two illnesses are comorbid in some strange ways, I'm guessing it's something else.
No. 1071389 ID: 8f9bc4

What's out the window?
No. 1071390 ID: 149ec0

Thats actually a good point. Something does seem reflected on the window.
No. 1071491 ID: 15a025

Did your piercing disappear? Feel your ear for it and look out the window.
No. 1071534 ID: 11f77a
File 169377538619.png - (241.02KB , 550x500 , 034.png )

>You mean early onset dementia?
I don’t know, to be honest. I’m too young to have this shit happening to me. I worry about my future and descent into madness. And I’m only 17...

>What’s out the window? // Something does seem reflected [...]
>Did your piercing disappear? Feel your ear and look out the window.
Huh? I never had a... piercing...

???: --cause Cam wanted to reach a friend before it gets dark. I’m like, dude, it’s four states away. We’re three minutes from my house, let’s loop around.

No. 1071535 ID: 11f77a
File 169377547187.png - (289.04KB , 550x500 , 035.png )

Len: So anyway--yeah, thanks for finding that for me.

Jase: O-Oh, no problem.

I hand over his... tablet.

Jase: It was under the... uh... must’ve fallen between furniture.

Len: Yeah, really would’ve sucked without it. Anyway, can’t chat for long so I’ll see ya in a month or so.

Why does it feel like I'm seeing a ghost? I’m both neutral yet... joyful to see him again.
No. 1071537 ID: 07c1f4

Tell him you had a horrible dream that he died from a drug overdose, and to please give you a call if he ever feels overly stressed out so he doesn't have to do such things as much. You're his brother after all.
No. 1071540 ID: b04e3d

Man, I don't know what's up, but I feel like I'm becoming unanchored in time. Hey man, if I was like, precognitive, or did mental time travel, or had the gift of prophecy, or whatever, if I couldn't prove it... You wouldn't blow me off, would you? Even if I couldn't get you lotto numbers or Kentucky Derby results and shit, you wouldn't Cassandra me--You'd still pay attention, right? Keep what I say in mind? Like, even if fate is in stone or some shit, which I don't fucking know one way or another, you'd at least TRY to avoid a bad end?
No. 1071563 ID: 1ca80a

I'd suggest pinching yourself but you already know you'll feel it. You can read and tell time too, no question. It'd be easy if this was a dream, but...

Probe him for what he's doing. Something about if he's gonna have fun, and how you've been thinking about your own future.
No. 1071710 ID: 8f9bc4

His... tablet? What about his wallet?
No. 1071767 ID: 11f77a
File 169396785728.png - (234.96KB , 550x500 , 036.png )

>His... tablet? What about his wallet?
What about it? He has it... I would assume. Hold on...

I stop him before he walks too far.

Jase: Hey, uh, there’s no roundabout way to say this but--

Jase: Just try to avoid any bad ends, okay?

Len: Eh--what? Huh. Did mom tell you to say that?

He’s confused, shrugging my comment with a chuckle as it was pretty out of the blue. But what I experienced doesn’t add up. And if I am somewhat unanchored in time--maybe it’s more of a premonition of what’s to come, or what might have been. There’s no way to prove it today, but this is a mighty big hunch.

Jase: I know this trip is a good vacation from school and all.

Jase: If something feels wrong out there--or if you’re feeling uneasy about going through things... just give me a call or something, okay?

Len: Uh--heh heh--sure I guess.

Jase: I mean it.

I aint in the chuckling mood; he sees that clearly now.

Len: Alright alright. Don’t worry about me, bro’sive. I’ll see ya later--I'll be fine.

He jogs back to his car and I hear the door shut. They drive off and I’m left standing wondering what just happened. I recall his death from another life. I saw grief on the faces of my family during those months without him. And now everyone is fine... as if I was the only one who carries that pain--
No. 1071768 ID: 11f77a
File 169396792963.png - (173.30KB , 550x500 , 037.png )

Oh hey. Looks like my stop is here. Good thing I found a spot to pause the story. Brook’s Clove is just down a few blocks.

Sure enough I’ll say hello to Emmylou once inside. I wonder how she’s been doing.
No. 1071778 ID: dd3fe0

Yea! Hang out with your friends, catch up with them, that's super important!

Out of curiosity, is there anyone that you haven't told about your experiences that you should? So far, people haven't reacted negatively when you described your vision thingies in culturally relevant terms, but that's, uh, not really 'pushing' it. Or maybe there's someone you think you might get away with pushing that envelope with?
No. 1071828 ID: 8f9bc4

Emmy seemed really enthusiastic about your writing. Maybe tell her how Nick and Robin saw you daydreaming some scribbles for inspiration, and about lost their shit when they thought it was actually supposed to be song lyrics. Then ask her what she thinks of your actual song lyrics, that you wrote from the orange dream?

Definitely share with her that you might have found a winning script. She had to put up with those honking awful other scripts too, yesterday.
No. 1071979 ID: 11f77a
File 169420282988.png - (163.11KB , 550x500 , 038.png )

>Is there anyone that you haven’t told about your experiences that you should?
Maybe I ought to list those who may already know, first. I have told my friends only surface-level details, however. Half-truths even. But nothing so straight-forward about communicating via dreams. I remember bringing up Carter to Emmylou but I played it off as someone ‘I met in passing’.

I mentioned bad dreams to Nico. He probably laughed it off due to my... delivery of it.

I don’t think I talked about my dreams to the band, but there have been weird things they noticed--like dozing off or how I’ve been writing lyrics down.

It seems I haven’t said anything about it to my boyfriend, Sebastian. And realizing now--he’s most in the dark about this. Although, he knows about the sleepwalking but that’s happened all my life.

I may need to talk to someone about this eventually. The problem is being certain they won’t think I’m a lunatic.

Emm and I make our pleasantries and she’s able to step away from the counter for a few minutes. I’m drinking a coffee to start my morning; I can feel my bones warming up. I’ll figure out a way to bring up the scripts eventually.

Marlene: So I’m guessing no one’s been asking for me around here.

Emmylou: Why, you owe the mob some money?

Marlene: No. It’s the Carter guy. Remember?

Emmylou: Oh! Right, right. Nah. Nothing yesterday. I was out by 5, too.

Marlene: Say, how was your date with that... guy yesterday?
No. 1071980 ID: 11f77a
File 169420287073.png - (162.56KB , 550x500 , 039.png )

Emmylou: Oh, Frederick?

She brightens up, kind of the opposite reaction I was expecting given her normal streak of dates.

Emmylou: Yeah, our lunch was nice! Fogerty’s seems like a nice couples restaurant. You and Seb should try it out. It’s not fancy but it’s a swell luncheon spot.

Emmylou: I’m also really sorry about how he acted yesterday. I should’ve told you about his sense of humor. It can be a bit out-of-left-field but I guess it gives off a certain charm as well. Certainly not like other guys I’ve been with.

Marlene: You seem pretty chipper about him, sounds like.

Emmylou: You think? I agreed to another date tonight without giving it much thought--so something must be working.
No. 1071981 ID: 8f9bc4

Or she could be being mind controlled by the Martian robot zombies from dimension X!

Carter never did say you were going to meet together. It's a long drive, that he's not confident enough to make. It would have been nice if he had come anyway, but oh well. Nothing unexpected here.

Ask Emmy how Fred really did ask her out, a few weeks ago at the hardware store?
No. 1072052 ID: 15a025

Must be going well if you're already going out again. What's the plan this time, Dinner again, or maybe checking out that new movie playing tonight?
No. 1072099 ID: 4efd82

Well, if she was to give it much thought, does she have anything else to add?

And it is pretty hard to even drop hints about the dream stuff. But she's in a pretty useful position. If Carter ever does show up, and you tell her before then that you haven't actually communicated before, that'd be pretty good evidence. Not that she couldn't call you a liar, but...
No. 1072264 ID: 11f77a
File 169457035187.png - (139.95KB , 550x500 , 040.png )

>It would have been nice if [Carter] had come anyway
I’m sure one of these days we’ll finally meet in person. It’ll just take some time for him to trust me. He seemed a bit shy to give away his phone number, or email. At the same time I’m a little hesitant about it in the real world. We are still strangers, in a way, but somewhat acquainted through unnatural means.

I resume the conversation.

Marlene: Well that’s good, I guess. What’s the theme this time? Dinner and a movie?

Emmylou: Obviously dinner. We’re hanging out at the park first, actually. Gardens. City sights. Then find some place to eat.

Marlene: How’d you even meet this guy?

Emmylou: Right here.

Marlene: I mean like... how did he charm his way to get you to say yes?

Emmylou: I‘unno! Like, you get regulars here. You recognize them eventually and start to make their favorite blend before they order at the counter. He visits the hardware store close to here for his roofing job. I guess he knew me enough to strike up a conversation. Aaaaand... one thing to another, ya know?

Emmylou: He was mainly talking about his job. Usual stuff: accident stories, how hot it can be in the sweltering heat with black fur, and such. Maybe I was the only one willing to listen to him complain about all that--not like my annoying stories here could top it.

Emmylou: But we talked about our exes and I suppose that just led to sharing some horror stories we could connect with. Soon enough we’ve been opening up like pals until he popped the question.

Emmylou: I don’t wanna ramble on for too long. There’s still a lot we don’t know about each other. Maybe I ought to restrain my excitement to be going out with someone new.

Emmylou: Your backpack seems a bit lighter~ Did you end up with any finalists for the golden script?
No. 1072279 ID: d6d4cd

Something with promise. You're still going through it but it's been a lot more enthralling than you expected. Just like with Frederick and her, maybe it's something about commiserating with some of the experiences you've been going through since the protagonist is having a weird time of his own.
No. 1072289 ID: 1ca80a

Surprisingly yeah, it's fantastic. Would need a lot of work in both the filming and the editing room to make it shine visually but it's enthralling so far.
No. 1072301 ID: 8f9bc4

Your rambling's beautiful, Emmy. It's great that you could share that about yourself and you two; sounds really promising. It's just a relief to know the guy more than that awful first impression. It'd break your heart if he left Emmy with another horror story to tell.

Anyway speaking of horror stories here's a guy being time displaced by his haunted dead brother!
No. 1072344 ID: 11f77a
File 169466433678.png - (157.35KB , 550x500 , 041.png )

Marlene: Oh don’t you worry about rambling on about him, Emmy. Sounds promising, really! Least it’s a better first impression than what I’ve had.

Emmylou: His humor is something to attune to.

Marlene: Oh, it’s probably not even him. I just was caught on a strange day, I suppose.

Marlene: Anyway--I think I have something showing promise. I’m still reviewing it but it’s a lot more enthralling than expected! I guess I feel sympathetic to the protagonist, due to the weird experiences I’ve been having.

Emmylou: What’s it called?

Marlene: ‘Jason in the Kaleidoscope’. The logline says it’s about a boy experiencing parallel lives. Time displacement it seems. It could shine with some good editing and filming. Beautifully written by some Osman Neiro. I don’t recall a screenwriter like that.

Emmylou: How long does a script like that go anyway?

Marlene: Well, typically a page equals a minute. Standard Hollywood is 110 to 130 pages nowadays--

Marlene: Hold up a minute...

I start rifling through, counting pretty quickly. I start to notice some things--while a majority of the script is in typeletter, there are sketches of notes in pencil and pen. Sometimes words are scribbled out. Still comprehensible. Seems more and more like a rough draft than anything. But by the time I reach the end of the script it seems to cut off at...

Marlene: 73 pages?

Emmylou: Short film?

Marlene: Wait, no. It can’t be...

Some quick murmuring of the last few pages

Marlene: There isn’t even an ending! It just stops abruptly!
No. 1072345 ID: a7a180

Maybe you should contact the author and see if he has a more up to date draft. The story showed promise.
No. 1072350 ID: 1ca80a

Well it's not like you'd get paid for ghostwriting the ending... unless you can leverage that into a job, gotta find the writer.
No. 1072357 ID: e5709d

>No ending
I think this would make a great first season.

So what if there is no ending yet? What you can do is submit the draft for editing, and then search the forums for discussions about what viewers think the ending to the series is going to be.

By the time the producers realize they've tied their name to a one-trick pony, they'll all get showered in cash and it will be too late to take revenge without looking like spiteful maniacs.
No. 1072464 ID: 11f77a
File 169489598137.png - (146.22KB , 550x500 , 042.png )

I’m double-checking for a number.

Marlene: I have to see if I can contact this author! I need something more up-to-date! Maybe Silenus has the address this came in...

Emmylou: Can you submit an unfinished script?

Marlene: Well yeeeeah but unless you’re Tarantino or Scorsese everything else is straight into the trash or... or maybe someone can buy the rights or...

Emmylou: Can’t you just finish it, then?

Marlene: Well, I suppose if Silenus bought the script they’d have free reign over rewrites. But who knows if they’ll just, uh, add ‘unwanted flair’. Someone else will end up working on it, I’m sure.

Emmylou: You don’t sound thrilled to hand it off.

Marlene: Oh... uhm... maybe I just...

She’s right. I feel very strongly for this story. Given what the three black sheep have been working on--I’d hate for a story to be ripped apart to please all audiences possible. Ya know those types of executives. Then again it sounds like the Industry ought to take a few risks to get back on top.

Marlene: It just seems promising and I don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.
No. 1072465 ID: 11f77a
File 169489603012.png - (151.70KB , 550x500 , 043.png )

Emmylou: Why don’t you write the rest, then? Perhaps make it into a television show. One hour pilot. You can get your friends to vouch, right?

Marlene: Right but... I don’t know if I’m ready to stick around Silenus again.

I take a deep sigh.

Marlene: I was offered a job to return to the studio the other day, let’s just say that conversation ended a bit awkwardly. That’s why I feel like I’m in such a pickle right now. I want to work there yet... I don’t.

Emmylou: Oooh.

Marlene: If I can get in touch with the author, maybe there’ll be a more complete story without the need of much editing!

It looks like the author’s name is all I’ve got. I suppose this draft was submitted on accident and the real one has all the necessary information. Would I really consider going back to work for Silenus just for this?
No. 1072480 ID: 8f9bc4

It's uh... it's natural to have feelings for Nico; he's confident and helpful, a wonderful man and dead sexy. You can't help feelings that women just have sometimes, but it's not safe to work for Silenus, until you talk with Seb about the feelings you're having for Nico. Not... love, but allure and fascination. An understanding that you two click, that you never... consciously agreed to.

See if you can find out who Osman Neiro is just by the name. It's probably a pseudonym, but he might have published other stuff under it.
No. 1072484 ID: 15a025

Seems pretty clear going back to Silenus is a bad idea. Let's try and get ahold of the script's author first.
No. 1072691 ID: 809e5e

Given the circumstances, but the need for some additional info, you could compromise with putting a call in to the studio -- you exchanged numbers with Dolly and you're doing her a solid as it is, so odds are she may be your best bet for contact deets!
No. 1072738 ID: 5d8541

Sounds smart. Anything to sidestep various creeps.
No. 1073134 ID: 11f77a
File 169560480868.png - (135.75KB , 550x500 , 044.png )

>It’s natural to have feelings for Nico
Uuugh, maybe I can ask Dolly if he’s in today. That way I can wait for a perfect moment to miss him.

Marlene: I’ll text Dolly about it, and I can just meet her outside the studio! There are other scripts good enough for that $100 for now. She can answer me with ways to contact the author.

Emmylou: Is withholding a script bad?

Marlene: Not really. But if I try to pass it off as my own--sure. Obviously.

Marlene: Scripts are thrown out all the time in droves. Maybe Osman made copies and submitted to Bacchus and all the other studios. Perhaps they’ll all reject it; perhaps Bacchus will snag it first.

I consult the laptop to figure out whether Osman Neiro is a pseudonym of some kind. Some names show up but sometimes it’s not even the right name--such as Nero Osmand. It’s just a... peculiar name. Nothing else has been published in particular. No books or movies show up (aside from facebook accounts of normal people, I guess?) none of them say ‘screenwriter’.

Marlene: Why is it hard to just find who you’re looking for on the internet?

Marlene: I suppose my best option is to get in touch with Dolly then.

Emmylou: Yeah! Get that script to the big screen! I’m glad to witness the beginning of an Oscar-winning film.

Marlene: Heh, if only.

There’s only a few minutes left on Emm’s watch before she’s back to her job. I suppose I have the choice whether to call Dolly and head to Silenus or go on my normal routine to visit the Mnemonic Gaps first.
No. 1073136 ID: b1805a


Could notify Dolly that one of the scripts looks to be missing a few pages and drop the name of it and the author. Maybe it's as simple as someone having accidentally left the rest of it in a filing cabinet or something.

Since we ARE still working on the matter, it'd at least give us another day or two if we want to go visit the band as well.
No. 1073214 ID: 5d8541

Call Dolly first. Don't want to miss out on the chance to miss out on the chance to see Nico. If he's there you can see the band anyway.
No. 1073291 ID: 8f9bc4

Of course! It's his real name written backwards: Orien Namso! Wait no that's stupid.

osmanneiro... anoisemorn... inonomares... orinsoname... ismoanreno...
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