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File 167446158681.png - (27.04KB , 700x700 , begin.png )
1054479 No. 1054479 ID: 1173be

Just a little lost-at-sea quest full of swashbuckling fun and nothing ominous at all.
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No. 1054480 ID: 1173be
File 167446206246.png - (22.39KB , 700x700 , u1p1.png )

Nicoletta awakens in a pathetic little dory in the middle of the sea. Looking around the vessel, she finds she has nought but her unloaded flintlock, a canteen full of water, and a dull headache. It also seems that she can recall nothing from the previous few days.
No. 1054481 ID: 1173be
File 167446206784.png - (18.85KB , 700x700 , u1p2.png )

In all regards, it is a beautiful day, except for the fact that the water is a horrendous oily black. Nicoletta's stomach tells her that it's about to be lunchtime.
No. 1054482 ID: 1173be
File 167446207124.png - (17.75KB , 700x700 , u1p3.png )

Off in the distance, a large ship stands on the weird water, its sails furled. Another dinghy sits in the sea closer to Nicoletta. It seems to be carrying something underneath a maroon cloth.

Apart from her headache and some joint stiffness, Nicoletta thinks she could most likely row as far as the ship. However, it is more a question of whether whatever's on either boat will be worth the effort.
No. 1054483 ID: e7c7d3

Let's check out the dinghy
No. 1054484 ID: a7a180

What the devil was offloaded to that dinghy? Well, if there's no land in sight it's better to get (back?) on the ship. Ration that water until we know there's a bigger supply around.
No. 1054485 ID: e51896

Check your pockets, see what you have, and if you have bullets to reload the gun.

wonder if there is an oil spill

anyway, check the small boat, see what is under the covers
No. 1054497 ID: 5d9787

Considering you don't remember the last few days your navigation predicament seem very dire. A larger vessel should significantly increase your survival chances even if it brings new unknown risks.
No. 1054545 ID: 933e2b

Now Nicoletta remember what got you into that mess
No. 1054638 ID: 933e2b

So Nicoletta do see any of the ships flying flags?
No. 1054647 ID: 1173be
File 167462058268.png - (26.39KB , 700x700 , u2p1.png )

>Now Nicoletta remember what got you into that mess

Unfortunately, Nicoletta cannot remember what could have gotten her into this situation. In fact, the latest thing she can remember is her captain treating everyone to a round of drinks at the pub following a successful day at sea.

>Check your pockets

One pocket reveals itself to contain nothing, however, the other proves to be more bountiful.
Nicoletta adds the most weevily piece of hardtack she has ever seen to her inventory. It might come in handy.
No. 1054648 ID: 1173be
File 167462058896.png - (20.92KB , 700x700 , u2p2.png )

>Check the dinghy

Okay. Enough faffing about. Time to check under the dark red cloth.
Nicoletta rows over and uncovers what looks to be some sort of cabin boy snoozing under a cloth. From what she can tell, she's likely a couple of years his senior, and most definitely a number of ranks his superior.

She decides not to wake him for the moment, partly so she won't have to deal with him, but mostly because he looks rather peaceful there.
No. 1054649 ID: 1173be
File 167462059584.png - (18.97KB , 700x700 , u2p3.png )

>A larger vessel should significantly increase your survival chances even if it brings new unknown risks.

Nicoletta would tend to agree.
There's no sense in carrying some unconscious fellow onto her boat, however, so she gets into his instead and rows over to an oddly convenient rope ladder that seems to be hanging from the ship.

However, now Nic faces a dilemma. She doesn't really want to leave this guy here unattended, but it might also be a hassle to deal with him now.
No. 1054652 ID: e51896

tie the covers to his boat, and the ladder so he doesnt drift away. Then, we can go exploring the ship. When he wakes up, he can climb the ladder later.

Take the oars with you so he doesnt row away and leaves you stranded here when you explore the ship.
No. 1054655 ID: 15c72a

I say wake him up, quietly. If there's something dangerous on the ship then he might know.
No. 1054656 ID: a7a180

Tie him to the ship and climb up. If you remember going to the pub, then you can't be too far away from shore right now, hopefully.
No. 1054670 ID: 08de23

Ditto to waking him quietly. He seems harmless! Unless you reckon he's going to panic and turn your ship exploration into an annoying escort mission, no harm in letting him know you're heading off.
No. 1054682 ID: 933e2b

>Unfortunately, Nicoletta cannot remember what could have gotten her into this situation. In fact, the latest thing she can remember is her captain treating everyone to a round of drinks at the pub following a successful day at sea.

Hm seems like the classic case of Shanghaiing or
as the sea dogs like to call it crimping. Although you usually wake up in the Gally of the ship and not in a raft, also it usually happens to landlubbers and not actual crewmembers, which you presumbalby are.
No. 1054714 ID: 1173be
File 167470863384.png - (16.30KB , 700x700 , u3p1.png )

>seems like the classic case of Shanghaiing

Nic would normally think so too, but for that to be the case the crimps are either incompetent or don't care too much about losing her, which makes her think that something else is afoot. However, if it turns out that she has been crimped, she'll be sure to deal justice to the culprit.

>wake him up
>don't wake him up

Carefully weighing up both options, Nicoletta eventually comes up with a plan that would ideally give her the best of both worlds.

She ties the little dinghy to the ship, climbs the ladder, and and calls out to the fellow below.

He stirs, and whines out a demand for five more minutes.

It now seems to Nicoletta that he's awake, though she thinks it would be dishonest to tell anyone that.
No. 1054715 ID: 1173be
File 167470863794.png - (16.00KB , 700x700 , u3p2.png )

Interestingly enough, the ladder doesn't seem to be attached to the ship, but rather hanging on via a couple of grapnel anchors.

Almost like someone had to throw it up here.

Oh well, Nicoletta is now free to explore the ship.

Toward the bow, there are two doors, as well as one staircase leading up to the quarterdeck, and one leading below the deck.

On the port door, there is an impression of a golden anchor, and on the starboard door, there is a heavy-looking, golden padlock.
No. 1054716 ID: 1173be
File 167470864687.png - (15.97KB , 700x700 , u3p3.png )

Toward the stern, there are another two doors, and another staircase leading up to the quarterdeck.

The port and starboard doors both sport signs stating "GALLEY" and "MESS" respectively.

And, of course, there's a ladder smack dab in the middle of the deck leading up to the crow's nest.
No. 1054717 ID: 978778

It might be a good idea to go into the mess and see if there's any good food to be had. Remember to stay on the lookout, however - the crew may not take the presence of a stowaway all too well.
No. 1054721 ID: 15c72a

Bless the mess.
No. 1054728 ID: 520a3f

Might as well check the mess hall. We can maybe scavenge something from it, or at least check to see how long this place has been screwed over.
No. 1054734 ID: bbb04b

A bit queer how there's nobody on-deck when it's daylight out, isn't it? And it seems like somebody beat you to the punch in regards to the whole trespassing issue. The plot's already beginning to thicken.

Speaking of thickening... I don't believe anyone has asked this yet: Is the sea normally a vast, oily tar pit?

And yeah, mess is where I'd go to look for food and life aboard this ship.
No. 1054735 ID: b0d4b2

Surprising that the doors would written signs above them.

I say let's check the floor to see if there is anything useful here, then head to the galley.

Also, what year and months is ir?
No. 1054773 ID: 1173be
File 167479971521.png - (23.29KB , 700x700 , u4p1.png )

>check the floor

It is worth mentioning that this deck seems to be entirely barren, save for the signs of salt beginning to accumulate.

>what year and month is it?

To Nicoletta's best knowledge, it is late August in the winter of 1683.

>Is the sea normally a vast, oily tar pit?

Absolutely not! If Nicoletta accurately recalls most (if not all) of her many years at sea, the water generally ranges from a stunning cerulean to a murky brown. This is the first time she's ever seen it black.

>Check out the Mess

The Mess contains little but a table, six wooden stools, and a lavish looking chair which seems to be covered with felt. Nicoletta believes it to be the captain's, and recalls that her captain had something similar.

On the table, illuminating the room, there is a candlestick containing what looks to have once been a mighty candle.

In front of that, and closest to Nicoletta, there is also a plate containing a rather stale looking brick of bread.

Between the candle and the bread, there is a sprinkling of a substance which looks to be salt, and a little golden crucifix.

Sitting at the head of the table, there is a big, black bottle, probably with something alcoholic in it. Now, Nicoletta understands that she needs her wits about her right now, so she won't drink it this minute, but what could be the harm in taking it?

Nicoletta adds the bottle to her inventory.
No. 1054774 ID: 1173be
File 167479972253.png - (22.02KB , 700x700 , u4p2.png )

>Check out the Galley

The Galley is a mess.

There are several hooks for hanging pots, pans, knives, and various other things on the wall, but most of them are bare. It seems that some things have been strewn across the floor, but most have been abducted.

What Nicoletta can only guess is a hybrid between a sink and a counter for preparing food is overflowing with what certainly smells like rancid meat. The repulsive chunks are packed so tightly together that their juices are spilling out and staining the side of the counter.

Interestingly, it looks like someone stepped in this meat juice at some point in the past, and then proceeded to drag their feet across the floor and out onto the deck.

While pondering this profound arrangement, Nicoletta is interrupted by a loud crack, followed by a splash coming from the deck.
No. 1054776 ID: f8083d

Peek out the door to check if anything is happening on deck.

Also, take the stale bread if it's even remotely still edible.
No. 1054778 ID: 15c72a

Get that knife before you go out.
No. 1054780 ID: b57fea

I give 1 in 3 odds that's human meat, grab a knife and prepare to defend thyself.
No. 1054783 ID: f15d6d

Pick up the nearest deadly kitchen implement and cautiously check out what's happening on the deck. It might also be a good idea to check on your friend in the dinghy.
No. 1054801 ID: 08de23

Take knife, don't take anything else. The less you have weighing yourself down the better in case you need to run (and I suspect you will). Check on your pal if possible.
No. 1054807 ID: 81a1f2

Let's go to the mess
No. 1054893 ID: 6a2a09

rip cabin boy
No. 1054908 ID: 1173be
File 167491035371.png - (17.07KB , 700x700 , u5p1.png )

>Take the knife and see what's going down

Nicoletta seizes the sharp knife and races out onto the deck.

However, she immediately drops her knife, as, in place of whatever beastie or marauder she was expecting, there stands the cabin boy, wearing a sheepish grin and standing just far enough from the hole in the gunwale where the ladder once was that he can't be accused of attempting to obscure it.
No. 1054909 ID: 1173be
File 167491035925.png - (19.20KB , 700x700 , u5p2.png )

Nicoletta allows a shaky laugh and pats the lad on the shoulder in an attempt to lighten her own mood.

As the two watch the dinghy drift away, the fellow tells Nicoletta that his name is Damien, and she returns the favour.
No. 1054910 ID: 1173be
File 167491036227.png - (19.94KB , 700x700 , u5p3.png )

The pair spend a bit longer discussing what they both know, and they find each other kindred spirits in that they know absolutely nothing about what's going on.

Their chatting is quickly interrupted by a ghoulish murmur emanating from the crow's nest...
No. 1054911 ID: 6a2a09

i hope we got everything useful off the dinghy.

Anyways, uhh... Step away from the crow's nest just enough so you can get a good view of whoever's at the top, and wield the bottle as a weapon!
No. 1054926 ID: bbb04b

Given the bizarre state of the sea, the abandoned-ness of this ship, and our mutual amnesia, it's safe to assume that something extremely fucky is going on here. Like, not your usual kind of fucky, either; let's shelve that press-gang theory for now, seeing as we can't safely assume anything under these odd circumstances.

Get up on the topdeck to see if you can get a better view of whatever's up there. Maybe call out to them. If it's a nasty, better to provoke it into a great fall than be at the top of one yourself.
No. 1054928 ID: 08de23

How much combat experience do you and Damien have vs other people? Wildlife? Regardless, call out to it.
No. 1054946 ID: 15c72a

Ask who's up there.
No. 1054955 ID: 978778

Try and get a good look at what's up there, and call out to ask who or what it is. Gotta be cautious, everything seems very, VERY off here.
No. 1054965 ID: 1173be
File 167496899534.png - (17.85KB , 700x700 , u6p1.png )

>get away from the crow's nest and, if possible, try to see what's up there

Nicoletta retreats onto the sternward quarterdeck, and Damien follows suit. The pair spy a nice looking telescope.

After checking the lenses, Nicoletta peers through the eyepiece.
No. 1054966 ID: 1173be
File 167496899912.png - (19.20KB , 700x700 , u6p2.png )

Sitting, hunched, atop the crow's nest is an ill-looking sailor. He seems conscious, but looks as though he's teetering on the edge of a coma. A likely candidate for the pained noise Nicoletta and Damien heard.

He also seems to be fettered to the mast for some reason.
No. 1054967 ID: 1173be
File 167496900363.png - (17.13KB , 700x700 , u6p3.png )

Figuring it couldn't hurt to look at the opposing quarterdeck and swinging the device around, Nicoletta sees that there already seems to be someone manning the helm.

How strange.
No. 1054968 ID: 978778

Go and check on the sailor atop the crow's nest first. The fact that the helmsman isn't doing anything about his clear pain is pretty suspicious.
No. 1054969 ID: 15c72a

Well, the guy up there is chained up and you don't have the key. Ask the pilot wtf is going on.
No. 1054970 ID: 08de23

Betchu the guy up there has some kind of zombie virus. Consult helmsman.
No. 1054971 ID: 11902f

I get the feeling the helmsman went cookoo bananas and decided to force the other guy into watching for land as he sails the ship.
I wonder how he manages to move it with no sails.

Anyway, we should probably free the guy on the crow's nest.

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