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File 163522021435.png - (17.31KB , 500x500 , p1a.png )
1013611 No. 1013611 ID: afe7de

A quest about cotton based life forms called STUFFIES, their tribes, and how they survive in the world.

A brand new story written by EDMANGO and illustrated by TIPPLER.

DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
EDMANGO'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/m/Edmango
TIPPLER'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/tippler



EDMANGO NOTE: No sexual content here! But there will likely be VIOLENCE, PLUSH GORE, HANDHOLDING, and HUGGING involved. I'm gonna try pretty hard to make this a briefer quest, but we'll see!
TIPPLER NOTE: Pay me and I will draw your quest, I crave only the sweet nectar of capitalism.

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No. 1016081 ID: c0a638

Talk about that POLE. Hey, what if your needle had a string on the end for easy retrieval? You'd probably want a smaller one and a strong string.
No. 1016178 ID: afe7de
File 163790244356.png - (13.16KB , 500x500 , p68.png )

Your eyes glow for a moment as you get excited at this fancy new contraption. You start talking about the NET TRAP you used to catch fish once on a river and GYOB remarks that that’s the EASY way to fish. If you really want to taste the flavor and get some SICK GAINS you have to fish with a POLE AND HOOK. He tears the hook from the dead paperling’s mouth to show you, but snaps it in the process. He chucks it on the ground and shrugs, pulling out another one to show you.

You can immediately tell that it’s made of SUB PAR materials, you could easily make something better if you had the right STONES. But even with it’s weak structural integrity you can’t deny the results. He mentions that BAIT tends to do a good job of attracting them to the hook and goes into detail of some PLANTS and STRINGS that they are attracted to. Though this one in particular prefers PAPERLING MEAT, and is a more fulfilling meal.

You offer GYOB [1 CHARGE] of SALT which he takes gratefully, remarking that the stuff costs QUITE A BIT. In return he hands you a HOOK, saying that you can use it to FISH if you attach some STRING to a ROD approximately half your size. You thank him and remark that his HOOKS seem to be of LOW QUALITY and that if you find some GOOD STONES you could make him some BETTER ONES. He thinks for a moment and says that if you can get him a set of 3 he will pay you [10 BEADS] or trade you a similar value’s worth of MATERIALS and DRIED MEATS since he tends to collect a decent amount and only trade them if he needs something. You ask if he needs any ROPE or STRING and he declines saying he has some HIGH QUALITY LINE that he’s purchased from the GENERAL STORE. You look at his rod and notice that the string is thin but durable, you can’t help but wonder what it’s made of, is it some sort of high tensile plastic?

You hear a cough from behind you as AN BOREALIA gestures that it’s time for you to move on. You briefly mention PHOENIUS’S death to which GYOB tilts his head in confusion, saying he lives close to the DEEP FOREST and never heard of a BEAST like that. Then again he purchased some TRAPS, and they haven’t gone off, so he thinks he’s SAFE. You mention for him to stay with someone but he declines, saying he can take care of himself before wandering away with his catch back to his cabin.

AN BOREALIA nods and you carry on. She remarks that he’s a bit of a LONER and doesn't mix too often with the other stuffies in town. You shrug, you’ve done your part, and you’re too busy doing some mental calculations, [10 BEADS] is a good sum of FUNDS, but you were told things were way more expensive out in the wider world, maybe KA XU will be able to provide some INSIGHT on this if he went to the [GENERAL STORE]. You also think about making something like a CHAINED or ROPED LONG NEEDLE so you could toss and retrieve it. It’d be something similar to KA XU’S CHAINED NEEDLE AND SCISSOR, maybe you could ask him about it later.

You gave away a charge of SALT, you have [6 CHARGES] of SALT remaining
You’ve gained a LOW QUALITY FISHING HOOK, you put it in your satchel

No. 1016179 ID: afe7de
File 163790245056.png - (5.46KB , 500x500 , p69.png )

You begin to head to a building in the distance, it’s a two story house built with a balcony facing the MINE. You imagine that on the roof you could get a clear view OVER [THE FOREST] and could see the [MINE ENTRANCE]. You rap at his double doors and after a moment, so does AN BOREALIA. She remarks that MORTIFER’S been rather CRANKY lately and not to take what he says to heart. You hear the sound of BOOMING footsteps and GROWLING as something approaches the door. A SLOT opens up in the door and you see two beady eyes that must belong to a rather large body, larger than AN BOREALIA even.

Mortifer: WHAT?
An Borealia: Just doing the rounds, everything okay?
Mortifer: No. The mine’s still out of operation.
Mortifer: But soon I’ll figure it all out, we’ll find a vein and-
Mortifer: Whose this?
You: Cob, here to help out a little bit while I’m in town
Mortifer: Hm, cute.
Mortifer: Anyway, the answer is uhhh…

There’s a pause in his cadence. You can’t see his body and figure out what he’s doing, but you think you hear the sound of him fumbling with something. AN BOREALIA doesn't seem to notice this and just plays with one of her ears absentmindedly and shrugs.

Mortifer: No, nothing to report.
Mortifer: Went there this MORNING, still NOTHING.
An Borealia: Well, keep an eye out, PHOENIUS was found DEAD.
Mortifer: Irah’s Kin?
Mortifer: What a shame.
Mortifer: Or it would be if he wasn’t a blasted THIEF
Mortifer: Good fluffing riddance!
An Borealia: Hey!
Mortifer: Boo hoo, you know how many kin died in the mines during the ACCIDENT
Mortifer: I lost my WIFE, I lost my SON, I lost my FRIENDS
You: We’re not saying your pain isn’t valid but-
Mortifer: Anyway, you done?
Mortifer: I just want to HYBERNATE this storm out like I always do.
You: We just think you should be concerned abou-
Mortifer: Just TRY and get in here, I bet you can’t.
Mortifer: No one has, not even during the RIOTS.
Mortifer: Listen, I trust AN, and if she trusts YOU, then that’s fine.
Mortifer: But I’ll be FINE, I always have been.

No. 1016180 ID: afe7de
File 163790246916.png - (8.46KB , 500x500 , p70.png )

He SLAMS the SLOT shut, but it bounces back slightly leaving a crack that you’re just barely able to see through. You see him turn around, holding something in his maw, a bag that’s practically bulging. But you’re unable to tell the contents inside. An SHRUGS, saying that that’s the best outcome really, he’s a little too SHORT SIGHTED at times to understand LARGER IMPLICATIONS, it’s why he failed at running the mine so hard. You nod and the two of you set off, but you feel a bit strange about that encounter for some reason. Like there’s a tugging from your [ANCESTOR] vaguely in the direction of the house, or is it to the forest? It’s unclear.

The road you cross appears to be a vestige of what it could have been, rocks piled up sporadically, the grooves made by years of carts traveling through have been overgrown with plastic grass and moss, and now there’s a thick layer of snow covering a majority of the place. You look to the NORTH and see a long road through a hilly outcropping that AN BOREALIA tells you leads to the [MINE]. But it’s a LONG WALK, like she said before.

You notice on the ground a recently dropped FLOWER, it appears to be of the same kind that DATOR was holding and it’s covered with some fresh snow. You almost missed it. Near it you see two rather large FOOTPRINTS, almost like a large force was exerted, unfortunately you can’t make out what kind of feet they are. You find this weird as there’s no other sets of footsteps, perhaps they were covered by the INTENSIFYING snow. You guess if there were other steps around they would have been PRETTY LIGHT to not leave any prints behind if these stayed.

You point this out to AN but she doesn’t find it all that weird. And you continue onward, passing the entrance to the [FOREST] to your WEST. There’s a moment of silence as you walk and the storm calms briefly. AN BOREALIA mentions that it’ll be JUST ABOUT NIGHT by the time you finish your PATROL, and that the only real stops left are to JACK’S and THE INN. You look to the sky and do see that the SUN is in fact setting. You wonder why they even call it that anyway, it looks more like a BULB to you, language is weird.

Given this moment of calm, do you talk to AN BOREALIA about anything, or do something else on your walk back to town?
No. 1016181 ID: e51896

Take some time to try to remember, was that bag Mortifer had looked anything like what Drift was carrying? Maybe Drift dropped that off at Mortifer's place for some reason.
No. 1016182 ID: c0a638

Maybe there's only one set of heavy footprints because they jumped way up in the air or something.
No. 1016183 ID: f70a55

Ask An about what Mort was reporting to her, and what his accusations of Phoenius being a theif was about.

Also, what was the deal with Dator's flowers?
No. 1016184 ID: 96c896

I think someone literally jumped DATOR. Or is it the other way around? Can DATOR jump? Maybe you should try to find him and return the dropped flower.
No. 1016201 ID: fc8216

Ask about Da Crone and Jack. We heard from her she didnt have a good opinion of him
No. 1016231 ID: 0f7dbf

So i am a bit late to the party here, but I think we should really backtrack on the doing this job for sexual favors cuddles and smooches. Obviously we can't just undo the job, but I think we should just do it to gain favor with An Borealia rather than the hugs and such. I mean, we are kinda naive, and there is probably a reason why Ka Xu balked at the idea. Plus, it seems like it is kind of taking advantage of Borealia being in a tough spot.

I just kind of wanted to get this out before it is too late.
No. 1016232 ID: afe7de
File 163798829061.png - (13.61KB , 500x500 , p71.png )

You break the silence first, asking about MORTIFER and PHOENIUS, why would he call him a thief, and what he was reporting about. She gives a big, long, sigh. Saying that it goes back to when the mine was still in operation. PHOENIUS was a worker there and he announced his leave near the end. But on the day he left, some WOOD ORE went missing and MORTIFER always claimed it was PHOENIUS that took it, although no one could ever confirm that, it's certainly impossible now.

She then continues, explaining that the thing he was reporting about was if there was something going on at the MINE, since he has a VIEW of the mine and tends to JUST STARE AT IT for a majority of the day. You remark that that's weird behavior and she says that he's just getting older and is wistfully reminiscing.

You pause to look at the FOOTPRINTS for a minute longer and remark that they look like someone JUMPED from here. AN BOREALIA says that it's quite possible that DATOR jumped from there, you look at her in confusion, wondering how that would be possible.

She remarks that FUR KIN like herself tend to have a SPECIAL TRAIT. She, for example, has OPPOSABLE THUMBS but can't move fast on all fours like most. Instead she can JUMP fairly well and has trained in the art of the CROSSBOW. She imagines DATOR could have trained his LEGS to do something similar. You ask what MORTIFER'S SPECIAL TRAIT is since you're on the topic and she remarks that he has a LOUD ROAR and is VERY STRONG, but lacks any opposable thumbs.

You ask why ASH don't have one of those and she gives you a look, remarking that you have ARTICULATED HANDS, which means that you can SEW, MAKE TRAPS, and WIELD TOOLS with much greater efficiency than everyone else. You flush at your faux pas and decide to take the flower, maybe there will be some use for it.

A PLASTICINE ROSE has been added to your satchel
No. 1016233 ID: afe7de
File 163798832283.png - (14.06KB , 500x500 , p72.png )

You think hard for a moment about the bag that MORTIFER had, comparing it to the one you saw DRIFT have. The two had very distinct colors. MORTIFER'S was a deep and royal blue, whereas DRIFT'S was a generic brown. One thing that you missed about MORTIFER'S that you can vaguely remember is that it looked like a lot of TINY things were in it, like it was a BUNDLE OF BEADS or a BUNDLE OF BERRIES or something of a similar size. You vaguely remember that DRIFT'S bag looked like it was more just filled with RANDOM SUPPLIES that you couldn't determine.

You remember DA CRONE having a problem with JACK and bring that up to AN BOREALIA. She thinks for a moment and says that maybe she just found her WEIRD? JACK speaks in the THIRD PERSON most of the time and others find that a bit odd. Also JACK can be a little GREEDY. As far as she’s aware there’s no REAL ENMITY there other than maybe being upset for being OVERCHARGED occasionally.

As you head to the town square, briefly stopping by the FARM and noticing that it appears that NO ONE has been there for some time. The BARN itself is LOCKED, and the only window is HIGH UP. AN BOREALIA remarks that PLUM has the key, she's been trying to GROW CROPS from her SEEDS to help contribute to the TOWN, which she appreciates.

You briefly stop by the GENERAL STORE, but AN BOREALIA asks you to stay outside, as she wants to talk PRIVATELY with JACK about your REWARD. You tilt your head at that but aquesque to her request and wait outside. It's only a minute or two later before she comes out. She says that JACK is closing up shop for the night and hands you something.

It's a small piece of PAPER with a BEAD scrawled on it. She remarks that this is a VOUCHER for her store. She says that the more you do for me the more the value MULTIPLES, AN BOREALIA says that she's not that good at MATHS, but that just means you should work hard for her before giving out a very cheery chuckle.

You’ve gained one JACK’S VOUCHER
- You still don’t know how much it’s worth
- You stuff it in your BEAD POCKET since it’s basically currency, you think

No. 1016234 ID: afe7de
File 163798834613.png - (39.49KB , 500x500 , p73.png )

You finish your patrol at the INN, walking in with AN BOREALIA in tow as the sun crosses the horizon and the darkness of night amplifies. You can feel it getting colder and the snow begin to buffet against your porcelain and cloth HARD. You barely escape the hurriedly intensifying storm and enter the WARMTH of the INN. It’s abustle with kin inside. You see SVART sitting by himself in a corner, nursing a drink and watching the comers and goers. You briefly see IRAH heading upstairs from the OUTHOUSES and KA XU heading towards the OUTHOUSES himself.

You see BELLA with three plates in front of her, two have been cleanly eaten whilst one still looks full. She gives you a brief wave and gestures to the plate in front of her that has yet to be eaten.

MIMI still is behind the desk but she has a rather FLUSHED expression, almost giddy in nature. AN BOREALIA heads over to her and after a few words is handed a small parcel, it looks like some FOOD SCRAPS. She heads back to you, remarking that you did a GOOD JOB on patrol, a little shaky with DATOR, but otherwise fine. She’s sure you’ll do well enough on your own and says to come see her when you want to PATROL again, and remarks that you can redeem those SMOOCHES and CUDDLES and HUGS at any time, especially if you want some company IN BED. She gives you a wink and then sits down in an isolated booth and begins to eat her bundled meat.

After AN BOREALIA seats herself you see KA XU walk in from the OUTHOUSE, he takes a seat in front of BELLA and then notices you, waving you over. He gestures to the plate of PAPERLING MEAT in front of him and makes an EATING GESTURE, you are a bit HUNGRY, but you’re also TIRED.

It is now the [NIGHT OF DAY 1]
- You are feeling tired and should get to bed soon
- The later you wait to go to sleep, the later you’ll wake up
- You can also chose to SLEEP IN which guarantees you’ll have a DREAM
- You get the feeling if you chose to talk to someone, everyone else will finish up and head to bed

What do you do?
No. 1016236 ID: e51896

Let's go see Bella and Ka Xu, seems like they both want to talk to us and saved us a meal.

Who knows, maybe Svart might join in.
No. 1016237 ID: 96c896

Ok you're obviously supposed to go eat with KA XU so don't be rude. Take the invitation.
Tell him about patrol, ask him if his search was fruitful.
No. 1016238 ID: 629f2e

Eat with Ka Xu. Hear what he's been up to, let him introduce you to his companion, and fill him in on what all you found. Make sure to tell An before you do what room you're staying in, so that she can find you to cuddle tonight. We all need Cob hugging this bunny, there will be no delays on calling that in.
No. 1016239 ID: a90ed6

Nerd out to Ka Xu about Gyob, talk about how you want to go find some stones tomorrow afternoon or evening if the weather isn't bad after your patrol in the morning, and then craft him some hooks, and get 10 beads from him.

But ask for his insight about prices for doing that since we were told things in the wider world is much more expensive, but you still want to help Gyob regardless and be his friend.
No. 1016241 ID: c0a638

Talk to Mimi.
No. 1016248 ID: 0f7dbf

I don't know if we do. It still feels like we are taking advantage of her, to me. I mean, do we really want to do that with the knowledge that the other participant doesn't even necessarily want to do it in the first place? Do we really want to be that much of a pig?
No. 1016249 ID: 0f7dbf

We should go over to Ka Xu, but maybe offer to bring over An Borealia as well and share the paperling meat? I mean, it seems like it would beat food scraps and be a nice thing to do.
No. 1016253 ID: a90ed6

If An is anything like Andrea from Catalyst (the character she is based off of) I'm sure she is more than perfectly fine with it and even encourages it.
No. 1016267 ID: 96c896

Oh, ask Ka Xu if he saw what made Mimi excited. If nothing happened, then... I think she's excited about the blizzard that's about to happen tonight. Because she's going to go out and hunt. Well, either that or she's gonna get some cuddles with IRAH.

Hmm, I think that since DATOR can jump, he was probably the person on the rooftop, spying on us because we're new in town. He'll also be pretty safe since he can travel through the labyrinthine residentials faster than anyone else... I wonder if we can get his help against the killer?

Can our WARMTH melt snow? Won't be dangerous unless it melts the snow *before* it reaches our body though. Snow absorbs moisture so even if it melts against our body new bits of snow will help dry off somewhat.
No. 1016300 ID: afe7de
File 163806498770.png - (20.14KB , 500x500 , p74.png )

You head over and put some food from your plate to another, you're only a little hungry and she seems famished. You then hand her the meat and offer her to join you over at your table, but she says that it's a bit crowded. She thanks you for the food though and begins to practically vacuum up the meat. You let her know what room you're staying in too while you're at it.

You head over to the seat that's been prepared for you, with your meager snack in hand, and are welcomed back by your companion. He begins to go into detail about what he was up to while you were gone. You summarize it as the following:

He noticed JACK outside muttering about the storm.
He entered the GENERAL STORE and learned about the available stock.
Jack gave him a SMALL TOY and pushed him out of the store.
Meets BELLA in the INN and watches MI SNOW get real mad at the lack of rooms.
Sees MIMI give her a SUNSTONE in exchange for some BEADS so she can survive the BLIZZARD, as MI SNOW was too paranoid to stay in the COMMON AREA.
He took a dump, ate and got you some food.

BELLA introduces herself as a GENIUS, remarking that she's great at NOTICING STUFF and has a rich knowledge of HISTORY. Really she just used to be the teacher at the SCHOOL and was a SCRIBE for her old CLUTCH working closely with her SHAMAN for a long time before that.

You remark that she must be pretty old then and she gives you a look of disappointment before saying that a lady should never reveal her age. You take note of that and continue your discussions.
No. 1016301 ID: afe7de
File 163806502252.png - (10.20KB , 500x500 , p75.png )

KA XU asks you about what you saw on PATROL, hoping you learned something. You briefly relay what you've found and learned on your trip, not seeing any need or reason to hide what you've found from either of them.

You then excitedly talk about your opportunity to earn [10 BEADS] making some HOOKS for GYOB and KA XU pats you on the back, saying that he's glad you found a way to make money. He then asks to see the FLOWER you got and you hand it to him. He takes a look over it and says that the THORNS have been stripped rather FINELY and QUICKLY with something SHARP. He imagines that this PLASTICINE ROSE might have come from a BRAMBLE BUSH. Maybe even the same one that blocks the path to the peak?

BELLA then speaks up saying that they're rather common in the [FOREST and DEEP FOREST], there's no real need to go that deep to find them. She remarks that they're almost like a WEED with their abundance the deeper you go in the forest. Some kin used to COLLECT and SELL them to traveling merchants.

You bring up that MIMI seems to be quite giddy at the moment and ask what that's about. BELLA speaks up and mentions that she was probably SNOGGING IRAH in the back room. BELLA remarks that she did leave briefly earlier with him. KA XU didn't notice because he was knee deep in a story about how COB tried to catch a paperling when you were a kid and got pretty beat up. You pout at that and glare at KA XU who gives you the most innocent kitty-like expression in response.

You then ask about the PRICES at the GENERAL STORE. KA XU remarks that they're rather EXPENSIVE, at least for anything useful in blizzards, but that [10 BEADS] should net you some extra supplies. At the minimum you could get a [SEWING KIT] and [A FEW WEEKS OF RATIONS] and he'd consider it a fair deal. He does remark that there's an awful lot of FISH SCALES and DRIED MEATS, you assume that to be the work of GYOB.
No. 1016302 ID: afe7de
File 163806505837.png - (12.98KB , 500x500 , p76.png )

You bring up the idea of having AN BOREALIA join you upstairs for a night of CUDDLING and that SMOOCHING thing and KA XU gives you a look that you can't quite describe. It's somewhere in the middle of shock and disappointment.

Ka Xu: Don't you feel... I dunno, weird about this whole thing?
You: Whaddya mean?
Ka Xu: I mean yeah I get you're fine with paying for stuff in HUGS
Ka Xu: And apparently being paid in a similar fashion
Ka Xu: She seemed desperate, like you're TAKING ADVANTAGE of her
Bella: Pffffff, wow
Bella: There's still stuffies who think like that huh
Bella: Well, it might be like that in SOME places still
Bella: An is a pretty strong lass
Bella: She into that stuff
Bella: And she wouldn't offer it if she wasn't into it.
Ka Xu: But that's like a big deal right?
Bella: Let's assume you're taking advantage of her right, hypothetically
Bella: She's also paying you in vague vouchers
Bella: To do a job that’s OBJECTIVELY HARD
Bella: So she can probably SLEEP, or I dunno do ANYTHING ELSE
Bella: Which means this apparently poor, dumb, sweet bunny
You: Isn't that just COOPERATION at that point?
Bella: Basically.
[DESIRE] - You: This conversation is irrelevant, I just want this cool new experience
You: And she seems EXPERIENCED, so won't that make it better?

You hear KA XU grumbling before he mentions that if you're going to do it, go do it at her place because there's only the ONE BED in the room and he’s not feeling it with anyone other than you because at least he knows you and has known you for a while. You remark that you have BEDROLLS, and he can just borrow yours to sleep in. He remarks that you could ALSO do that during the day instead of at night.

Bella: To each their own I guess.
Bella: It’s just cuddling to me, not like you’re SEWING A KID or something crazy
Ka Xu: It’s just the principle, I mean,
Ka Xu: Ugh oh great CINDER why can I explain PLANTS but not THIS

The lights of the inn start to DIM as MIMI begins to take them out one by one. She remarks that it’s LIGHTS OUT time and that everyone should GET TO BED. Everyone gathers up their plates and stacks them in a corner for MIMI to go and clean. She remarks that BREAKFAST will be delayed into [NOON] since she wants to SLEEP IN. SVART nods his head to the three of you as he heads upstairs. AN BOREALIA has just finished cleaning out her space but is sort of dragging out her motions, taking a long time. You think she’s waiting to see if something will happen.

BELLA remarks that she’s beat, and that she’ll see you all in the morning before heading up herself, she also remarks that if you want to chat briefly about something SPECIFIC before bed that you can knock on her door. KA XU gives you a look and an eye roll before asking for the key to the room so he can head upstairs. You hand it to him and he starts to walk away.

What do you do?

AUTHORS NOTE: While it is night time and you are TIRED, you can choose to power through the night and do other activities, talk to other kin, or make PREPARATIONS for anything you might want to do.

Oh, and WARMTH can melt snow over a long enough amount of time, but you’re not skilled enough to make an aura of warmth strong enough to just melt snow on contact and make an aura of clarity around you. It’s more like body heat regulating more then anything at this point.

No. 1016305 ID: e51896

Realize that Ka Xu might actually be jealous of An potentially cuddling with you and not him exclusively, and he wants to see cuddling as something special between you and him, not something you just give away.

Go upstairs with Ka Xu to not disappoint him further, go to bed. We want that WELL RESTED bonus after all. share dreams you've both had in the past with him, and teasingly ask if he's jealous of An and actually wants to cuddle with you right now before you both sleep

I mean, he did technically hinted at it by saying he'd rather not cuddle with anyone other than Cob so...
No. 1016306 ID: 629f2e


We will side with Ka Xu and turn down the bunny once.

One time!

Tomorrow night, cuddles are happening, but we'll give him a night to get over his hangups and potentially acquire alternative lodgings before bringing An to our room.
No. 1016307 ID: 96c896

I wanna stay up a bit late and get those smooches and cuddles, maybe An can teach us how to hug better too.
Who knows maybe it'll work for PASSION training to enhance WARMTH?

Mimi says she's sleeping in, but does that actually mean she's sneaking out? And if so, when is she sneaking out? I wish we could keep an eye on her window to make sure she stays in her room tonight like she claims.
No. 1016309 ID: 58acf3

Catch up with Ka Xu, go to bed and rest up. Maybe we can practice our warmth a little with him before we sleep?
No. 1016345 ID: 34dfce

I say for now we just stay with Ka Xu and turn down An Borealia for now. I still think we should rethink taking her up on her offer in general and just work as a guard to help and make friends with An.

Maybe we could ask Ka Xu in private a bit more about this. Maybe have the whole birds and the bees talk (at least in regards to intimate relationships as it exists in this world, not so much the reproduction part). We seem really naive on the subject, like it was never thoroughly explained to us one way or the other.

If after that, we do still decide to take up An on her offer, then at the very least, have a frank conversation about whether she really wants to do this and what doing that actually means to her before we actually do anything.
No. 1016366 ID: afe7de
File 163815890778.png - (13.21KB , 500x500 , p77b.png )

You wave towards AN BOREALIA and wish her a GOOD NIGHT. She offers you a smile you see tinged with a little bit of sadness and waves back to you, heading off to the GUARDHOUSE so she can rest for the night. You turn around and see MIMI taking all the DISHES into her room, and KA XU slowly walking up the stairs. You rush towards him and pat him on the back, he’s surprised, but smiles a bit as you go up.

You: So are you like… JEALOUS?
Ka Xu: What? ME? Pfffff, don’t be ridiculous!?!
You: Well I kinda got the impression you wanted like exclusive cuddle rights to me
You: Or something like that.
Ka Xu: Well I mean I uh.
You: I wanna EXPERIMENT while I’m in my prime!
You: and my [DESIRE] is pointing me straight into nuzzling that WARM BUN
Ka Xu: I know, I know, I’m just the kind of stuffie that prefers to take their TIME
Ka Xu: PURSUING your [DESIRE] isn’t a bad thing, everyone goes through it.
Ka Xu: There’s nothing wrong with it, but maybe I just worry
You: Worry what?
Ka Xu: That you’ll just add whoever to the CLUTCH while we’re on this journey
Ka Xu: And that you’ll slowly stop considering everyone involved
You: Cmon, we’re besties, I’m not just gonna abandon you!
You: Wanna cuddle tonight?
Ka Xu: Uh… No, I think just sleeping near each other like normal is fine

You shrug, giving him a playful punch on the arm in the process and speed up the stairs with a short trot. You reach the apex of the steps and point out the window you see.

You: There’ll always be times for cuddles later, not like we’re going anywhere anytime soon!

You get the feeling he actually DOES want to cuddle, but is EMBARRASSED that he was called out, even if you did it in a slightly playful manner. You’re sure if you gave an excuse like PRACTICING YOUR WARMTH he’d easily accept.

> INN - 2F
You look around at the second floor and notice 6 doors. Three on either side with a WINDOW at the end of the hall. The light from the MOON illuminates your path. You look to the doors and can see some LIGHT and SHADOWS coming from the cracks of ONE, you assume that to be BELLA’S room. One door immediately to your left is half open, a sign on it says SUPPLIES, PLEASE DON’T STEAL. You peek your head inside and notice a mop, stone bucket, rags, and a few THICK BLANKETS. You imagine you could snag one if there’s not enough in your room.
No. 1016367 ID: afe7de
File 163815892797.png - (8.30KB , 500x500 , p78.png )

You hear a KA CHUNK as KA XU opens up the door to your room. It's the middle left room. You take a look inside and notice it’s dark, but he fiddles around and pulls out a MOONSTONE, illuminating the room. After a few moments of manipulation he turns a knob near a weird box on the side of the room and you feel the WARMTH of the SUNSTONE really permeate the room as some slots in what you now recognize as a VENT open up.

After closing the door you look around and notice that there’s FULLY BOARDED UP WINDOW, a SINGLE 2-PERSON BED, a CHEST, a small mount on the wall you imagine could hold a MOONSTONE for light, a TABLE and TWO CHAIRS. You suppose keeping an eye out on anyone leaving the building won’t be possible while you’re in your room. You wonder if other rooms have unobstructed windows as you put down your supplies and the two of you strip. You hang your TRENCH COAT on a small hook near the bed and take a look at the door. Being a professional TRAPPER you notice that the security is absolutely flimsy. The key turns a latch that locks the opposite side of the door down, but you imagine some THIN TOOL could slip through the crack in the door and knock the latch up, opening it. Failing that the door itself is made of a lower quality plastic, and you imagine the right amount of force could easily break through.

KA XU notices you staring at the door and asks what the matter is, you breach your concern and he shrugs, saying that it’s PRETTY COMMON in SMALLER TOWNS. You only really see secure places in BIG CITIES or CASTLES as they can actually afford someone with your skills to design something secure. You nod and remember that things weren’t really that secure back at the CLUTCH, since you lived mostly in tents and other propped up structures. You just had a lot of people on WATCH and to GUARD in case something happens.

The sound of PLASTICINE BOARDS creaking can be heard as the wind and snow buffet the building. You realize that it must be PRETTY INTENSE out there if it’s causing a racket like that. You imagine that hearing if someone is walking outside your door is going to be PRETTY DIFFICULT, but you would easily wake to the sounds of KNOCKING.

You’re not too concerned and get ready to disrobe as a thought occurs to you. You could go to sleep now, or DO SOMETHING BRIEF before bed. What do you do?

A. Go to bed immediately
- Lets you wake up the earliest
B. Do something about the door
- You have traps, and are fairly proficient in using them
C. Practice your WARMTH
- Gain XP towards improving it
- Pick an EMOTION when you do this, practicing in different ways might have benefits
D. Sleep in
- Wake later, but DREAM
E. Other
- Suggest a thing I didn’t say

AUTHORS NOTE: The general vibe seemed to be do a SINGLE THING before bed, so feel free to suggest what that is, doing stuff before bed means you’ll sleep in later.
No. 1016368 ID: 8483cf

C. Practice WARMPTH
No. 1016369 ID: c92a02

Sleep in.
No. 1016371 ID: 629f2e

C: Practice warmth and use it as an excuse to cuddle Ka Xu.

We should use an emotion that we feel passionate about for this, and what better than the [DESIRE] we keep getting for physical affection? Not exactly LUST, but in the same vein. Focus your mind on how holding Ka Xu fulfills it, without letting go of that feeling of wanting to be held either.
No. 1016372 ID: e51896

Practice on the passion emotion for a larger radius and more intensity on your warmth... with Ka Xu. Use this as an excuse to cuddle with him a little.
No. 1016375 ID: e51896

Actually? Desire might be an interesting emotion to practice our warmth with since that is passionate. Good idea Himitsu.

Maybe use a desire to want love or cuddles as we train warmth. Maybe a desire to want to make stone tools for people like Gyob
No. 1016376 ID: 96c896

C, try PASSION this time. Think about something that drives you, like your Desire or your passion for crafting.
No. 1016380 ID: f8fa51

C, cuddle your clutch-mate.

Under absolutely no circumstances should you set any deadly traps.
No. 1016387 ID: 34dfce

Without using a whole action, could we just prop up something against the door so that if someone tries to sneak in it falls and makes a loud enough noise to wake you? Doesn't need to be elaborate (do we still have our weapons? if so, just lean the long needle against the door).


Voting A to go to bed immediately.
No. 1016389 ID: 0838d6
File 163822513788.png - (13.91KB , 500x500 , p79.png )

You decide to take a little time to practice your WARMTH before you head to bed, locking the door behind you. You get permission before KA XU consents to CUDDLING under the BLANKET, you can see a small, contented smile on his face. It's quite comfortable, and you've never actually slept in a BED before, mostly just your BEDROLL and sometimes some cushioned mats.

You begin to practice and in the process think about what your PASSION is, what DRIVES you, makes you tick. It's hard to fully grasp something abstract like that but you enter a sort of meditative state as you hold the small cat man.

You feel your love and enthusiasm for TOOLS and CRAFTING, manifest as a desire to CREATE. You feel a lust for NEW EXPERIENCES, be that a QUEST, COMPANIONSHIP, SMOOCHES, or CUDDLES with new individuals. You also feel a DESIRE for physical affection and a smaller, yet not insignificant need for VALIDATION. You're not sure if you feel ROMANCE in there, but aren't opposed to it yet.

You feel a bit of HARMONY beginning to arise from your WARMTH. It's intrinsically tied to your [ANCESTOR], which has recently been at odds with your [DESIRE].

You get the feeling that if you continue along this path they may MERGE into something new, rather then being two distinct feelings.

No. 1016390 ID: 0838d6
File 163822516019.png - (6.85KB , 500x500 , p80.png )

Eventually the inky blackness of sleep consumes you, your eyes unfocus as your eyelids become droopy and you can only feel the warmth of the small man in your arms.

You don't dream tonight, being too tired and are occasionally startled awake by the sounds of loudly creaking plasticine boards. You'd feel unsettled if you weren't warm and blanketed.

There's a split second when you wake up and you could swear you saw a pair of gleaming eyes at the door. This shook you awake briefly but in the blink of an eye when you looked again the door was closed and latched, as if nothing was amiss, you think your nerves are just strained.

You stir from your slumber noticing that a MOONSTONE is on the holder you saw the other night. KA XU can be seen seated, looking at his BOOK OF HERBS on the chair. He gives you a nod and greets you, saying he's only been awake for a LITTLE LONGER then you have. You look at the door and see that it's still locked, maybe you just imagined that last night.

There's a moment of pause while you decide what to do now when you notice something, the wind is buffering a lot less than earlier, so you imagine it's not as intense right now. You then feel the inklings of the beginning of a telltale bowel movement. You forgot to use the outhouse yesterday. You get the feeling you could HOLD IT IN if you wanted to do something, but that you should probably use the outhouse before too long.

Ka Xu: So what do you plan on doing today?
Ka Xu: Other than... yknow.

The [MORNING] is almost over, what do you do?
No. 1016391 ID: 629f2e

Don't hold it in, but don't leave either. Hug Ka Xu tightly and let it out. Make this shared moment of comfort into a shared moment of horror.


Okay but seriously, go to the outhouse. Mention to Ka Xu what you think you saw before you do.
No. 1016392 ID: 96c896

Draw a sketch of the intruder. Give it to Ka Xu and have him ask around downstairs to see if anyone recognizes them. Meanwhile, use the toilet.
No. 1016397 ID: e51896

I agree with sketching and showing a pic of what you saw, but I disagree with having Ka Xu show it around, might make potential villains suspicious.

Tell Ka Xu we plan on going on first eating since there's supposed to be a meal at noon, then patrol immediately after brunch, and then after patrolling, we'll go searching for herbs for medicine, and stones to craft hooks for Gyob together.

Ask if Ka Xu could patrol with you, You're a bit nervous from last night, but you'll understand if he says no.

Oh yeah, use the outhouse.
No. 1016398 ID: 3f5c39

see if Svart is there to talk to during our meal downstairs. Get to know him.
No. 1016399 ID: 34dfce

That sorta looks like Phoenius's friend with the scar that Plum described. Try to burn the details into your memory, even if just as an itemized list. Cloth-kin with a scar on the top right of their head, dead or blind(or just lighter colored) left eye, sullen eyes, a little lump on the top of their head, two ears or nubs or maybe hair on their left side. Given they were hunched over (and barring any unusual anatomy), they were probably just a bit taller than the distance from the floor to the point where the latch attaches to the door.


Tell Ka Xu that you saw someone last night, but tell him you need to excuse yourself and will be right back. Go use the outhouse (preferably skipping the nitty-gritty details) and then return and give him the full rundown of the individual.
No. 1016400 ID: 34dfce

Probably should keep this to ourselves for now.

We don't know what the person's motive is, only that we have felt like we were being watched yesterday and then had the person look in our door last night. They are obviously monitoring us and obviously don't want us to know about it. Since we don't know who they are working with (if anyone). Blindly asking around could end up painting a target on our backs for being too nosy.
No. 1016409 ID: f8fa51

Ask Ka Xu if he put the moonstone there this morning.
No. 1016410 ID: 96c896

We're here to be nosy. What would you do instead? Try to make money, pretend there's no murderer until we get attacked directly?
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