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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 128694200018.jpg - (61.44KB , 841x640 , twinkiepie.jpg )
8730 No. 8730 ID: fd6d7e

I bring joyous news to ponychan!

part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjl8XulH51E
part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkeLzQv7Mn4

[spoilers]seriously, did I miss this being mentioned?[/spoilers]
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No. 16119 ID: 3387d1

As generic as it would be, a DM screen with a couple d20's in front of it.
No. 16120 ID: cdc095

Something language- or linguistics-related. A schwa in brackets?
No. 16125 ID: 9cb4b3

I think most of us would have quills and parchment cutie marks, or paint brush and pallet cutie marks, or people who run text quests would have typewriters for cutie marks.

It's what you love most and what you are best at doing, what your driving passion is.
No. 16146 ID: 9ee666
File 130791730292.png - (169.28KB , 640x360 , run.png )

funny face = comedy
No. 16168 ID: f5fe2f

Is it because you fully embrace the corporate-shilling lifestyle?

blankflank for life
No. 16171 ID: e3f578

They should totally make an episode for an adult blankflank. Just to throw expectations for the Crusaders around.
No. 16195 ID: c0b6e3

No it's because SLEEP IS THE DEVIL.
No. 16196 ID: 804d70

Sleep is your enemy?
No. 16206 ID: 2eac65
File 130810307404.png - (582.13KB , 1023x573 , 2826 - rarity Sapphire_Shores.png )

They should make it about Sapphire Shores, because continuity.
No. 16232 ID: 1854db

>It was merely an oversight. Her initial design was front view only and her butt was covered by her dress. No one noticed it was missing when a new angle of her had to be designed for the scene.
No. 16233 ID: e3f578

A blankflank adult would be interesting regardless who it is. I had my doubts that woman would be a true blankflank, especially if she's notable in the world of fashion.
No. 16236 ID: 2563d4

>notable in the world of fashion
>assuming not a talentless bint
No. 16242 ID: 35e1a0

it's cause she only is helping the people she LIKES be fashionable. she needs to decide to help EVERYONE. basically she found only a PART of her talent.
No. 16244 ID: 2563d4

It's Sapphire Shores, not Foto Finish. I should have said "notable in the world of pop" but fucked up blindly copied Dirtbag, apparently.
No. 16245 ID: e3f578

I'm not a master of details in animated ponies. I just assume "Hey, she's some sort of celebrity with fancy jewels in her name. Must be similar to Rarity talent-wise with fashion."
No. 16363 ID: 2eac65
File 130834954049.png - (30.06KB , 614x492 , 5134 - genderswap Snails snips.png )

Random theory: As you've probably noticed, the easiest way to tell a pony's sex is the shape of their snout. In most observed cases, females have a rounded nose, while a male's nose is noticeably more flat and angular.

Conclusion: Snips and Snails aren't boys, they're just very ugly girls.
No. 16370 ID: 1854db

Or maybe they're just girly boys. ...Possibly their snout only changes shape once they're more grown up?
No. 16395 ID: c1524b

Or they're just designed to be clumsy and, in general, "those stupid boys" ponies, which is expressed in their appearance.
No. 16399 ID: 2563d4

Well if we're going to keep bumping this, have some new RainbowCrash88 content.

He's also done Pinkie's Pony Pokey ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJUr7sdFYb4 ) but, honestly, I don't think it works well separated from the context of the episode (where it's chuffing brilliant).
No. 16511 ID: 445b4c

Jugding by the ponibooru comments, Weaver seems to be nearing Idlecil's levels of fanrage. Seriously, what is the deal?

I can understand people losing their shit over scootabuse - Scootaloo is at least nominally likeable. But Snails... I'm not following any of the pony-related chans, so how did this amount of drama come to be?
No. 16513 ID: f5fe2f

>You guys really do not understand why people don't like straight shipping, after ALL this time? Even Sprinkles himself seems clueless, which I refuse to believe isn't just an act. Nevertheless, I'll explain.

>The first reason is the My Little Pony fandom is full of fans that get overly attached to the characters. It is no surprise because they are very lovable. Good work on Hasbro's part. As such, seeing them in romantic relationships with males makes many fans grumpy. The reasoning varies from person to person which I will not delve into, but overall, it is frowned on, intensely. Lesbian shipping is immune to this, as nobody cares about girls loving girls, no matter what the pairing is. Some might, but they are the buried underneath the barrel minority.

>Snails is the most grotesque pony on the show, next to Snips. It's part of his design; it is what he is. The last thing fans (most fans) want to see is their favorite female pony having sex with him, for any reason.

>No doubt you've heard people yell "TROLL ART!" "TROLLING!" when it comes to Snails. Well, they weren't kidding. Snails shipping art from the very start was used to upset people and it still is. Some artists remain naive to this. Some know it well and draw it on purpose. And a few don't care either way and draw it indifferently.

>The second reason is the males on the show are very underdeveloped, save for Spike. Shipping them with any of the ponies tends to be difficult because people do not have much to work with. It is simply easier to have the characters who interacted with each other pair off instead, which happens to be mostly all the females.

>Seeing Fluttershy blow herself VS Fluttershy having Big Mac do her up her ass is going to go in the favor of futa Fluttershy, not surprisingly. Why? It's not any worse than seeing Fluttershy rip open her stomach in a Dead Space parody illustration. It's just shocking. It doesn't interfere with shipping, it doesn't make people feel insecure, it doesn't effect mai poni waifu people, etc.

>TL&DR: Straight shipping is taboo and straight shipping Snails is terrible. Do either at your own peril.

People don't like seeing their waifu getting fucked by Snails, near as I can surmise.
No. 16523 ID: f5e4b4


Hahah, and when I thought they couldn't get any more retarded.
No. 16530 ID: 2563d4

There is no upper limit on how retarded a fanbase can get, despite frantic attempts to reach one.

So. Hey. There haven't been any episodes for months because the season is over. In those posts above since we've got stupid drama, people discussing their fucking ponysonas' cutie marks, and more stupid drama. Can we give it a fucking rest yet? Maybe give the pony-frenzy a chance to cool off before Season 2 rolls around?
No. 16540 ID: 07416a
File 130871001869.png - (430.37KB , 512x1306 , kimispice ponies.png )

New humanizations!
No. 16544 ID: 2eac65

Nice art. I like the outfits. Some of the heads look a bit wide, though.
No. 16565 ID: f7ae22

MLP: Fighting is Magic
No. 16587 ID: 445b4c

Not a fan of fighting games myself, but this looks damn good.
No. 16594 ID: f5e4b4


I was expecting lousy MUGEN sprites, I'm pleasantly surprised.
No. 16602 ID: d86f54


This is... quite lovely. And I'm not just talking about the nifty-looking fighting game there. That tune is damn catchy.
No. 16851 ID: 966bbf

I'll just leave this here.
No. 16861 ID: 2eac65
File 130969794424.png - (784.35KB , 794x964 , poonie_meguca.png )

This is worth sharing.
No. 16870 ID: 1cfaaa

>beta tester: capt slowpoke
it's a small internet after all
No. 16914 ID: a1a489
File 131002143426.png - (315.56KB , 500x688 , tumblr_lnjs4xhZF81qm7p4so1_500.png )

No. 17056 ID: 55bd47
File 131043652988.png - (1.37MB , 1671x911 , cyclopsengage.png )

Someone pointed this out to me today, and frankly it's rather disturbing.
No. 17059 ID: 9c538a
File 131045683222.gif - (2.39MB , 426x240 , ARGH.gif )

No. 17060 ID: 2eac65

...What? I can't tell what you're trying to convey.
No. 17061 ID: c3c9c0
File 131046077452.gif - (136.87KB , 770x770 , b2b0b891439e507e668ebc0ecf18d4e3.gif )

No. 17092 ID: cd63f6
File 131049828724.png - (113.19KB , 800x800 , CyclopsVanHouten.png )

No. 17241 ID: 682610
File 131079949819.png - (801.03KB , 1024x2619 , CMQ Adventures 1 by spurkeht.png )

I absolutely love the expressions here.
No. 17242 ID: 682610
File 131079953220.png - (714.58KB , 800x2432 , CMQ Adventures 2 by spurkeht.png )

No. 17243 ID: 682610
File 131079957824.png - (1.06MB , 900x3600 , CMQ Adventures 3 by spurkeht.png )

No. 17246 ID: 2563d4

Haha. They wrote Rainbow Dash right.
No. 17447 ID: c6d57d
File 131167497661.gif - (99.08KB , 300x220 , 7c604dfb2ab69b9c3c92c6a69ae4133c.gif )

Looks like I've found a new game in development to feverishly wait for.
No. 17474 ID: 3292ea

Well, whad'ya know?
No. 19255 ID: a00394
File 132292344463.jpg - (285.57KB , 1600x1214 , discord_by_twintailsinc-d4anl0s.jpg )

No. 27014 ID: 321d85

Sorry for bringing this old thread back to the top (I can only assume it was on the first page because of spam), but I had a question about it. The first post and its date imply that ponychan (presumably ponychan.info, which I believe was basically an alias for tgchan.org; am I correct?) existed before MLP FiM began. What was it before FiM? (in whatever sense it could be considered different than tgchan). Was it just related to the old MLP stuff, or what?
No. 27015 ID: a19cd5

I'm... not actually sure. There's a pony theme that seems kind of unrelated to mlp that generates a silly pony name and icon for specific IDs though, that's pretty fun.
No. 27016 ID: db2d60

The site was changed to it entirely as an april fool's joke, then it was kept around as a stylesheet/mirror because it was amusing.
No. 27168 ID: 4c2072

i love them all
No. 27169 ID: f68a09

cool, guy me too
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