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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 165099581642.jpg - (8.18KB , 128x117 , bandicam 2021-04-03 22-40-37-912.jpg )
29776 No. 29776 ID: f32ee1

Hey guys, I might be new here because I accidently found this site when I was playing those idle game and looking at some sites.
And yes, I did. I think it was Shark Game, kinda old idle game that I played from 2 days ago.

It was for Seamergency, pretty much a small charity. And there was a website to it on Youtube video promo, clicking the link will show you the art section, no real main link site. Just the art.
But if I remove the sharkstream at the left website URL, it went me to this site which I'm at.
It gave me these 4chan vibe feeling from this site. Board comment, background and more.
Bit odd discovery I found.

But still, thanks for my reading my thread.
No. 29779 ID: 77a731

That's cool, booth shark game and seamergency where fun and an interesting way to find this place. We primarily do quests here as you would see.
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