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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 150518025764.png - (73.44KB , 680x643 , idtracker.png )
28635 No. 28635 ID: e8f4bd

If you're a quest author, then this userscript is going to make collecting suggestions faster, easier, and more robust. You will no longer need to remember or look at suggester IDs ever again.

The script has the following features:
- Multipost Detection
- Post Navigation
- Post Count
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No. 28636 ID: e8f4bd
File 150518027831.png - (7.32KB , 200x200 , multipost.png )

Multipost Detection:
One of the annoying parts about collecting suggestions is that, you never know when a certain user made more than one suggestion for the update. You have to keep manually searching for IDs to make sure a certain ID doesn't appear multiple times which can get very tedious when you have a lot of suggestions. Fortunately, this feature does all of that for you automatically.

Whenever a poster makes more than one suggestion for the update, a red text Post X/Y will appear next to those posts. This allows for instant recognition of such multiple posts. You can then use the Post Navigation feature to navigate Up and Down through these suggestions to be able to easily discern which of the poster's multiple suggestions you should take into account.

Side note: The script considers any post with an image to be an update. So this feature won't work correctly for text quests.
No. 28639 ID: e8f4bd
File 150518041597.png - (6.50KB , 200x200 , navigation.png )

Post Navigation:
Sometimes you'd like to quickly navigate to poster's previous or next post. Perhaps to check what the poster suggested in the previous update, or in case the poster made multiple suggestions for last update. This feature accomplishes that by adding two buttons ( ⏫ and ⏬ ) to every post, clicking on which will navigate you to the poster's previous and next post respectively. The buttons are, of course, greyed out if nagivation further up or down is impossible.

Side note: If a poster uses a custom name, then his name is used instead of the actual ID for all purposes.
No. 28642 ID: e8f4bd
File 150518068152.png - (9.04KB , 200x200 , postcount.png )

Post Count:
Sometimes it's useful to know how dedicated a suggester is. This feature adds a number next to the poster's ID which represents the total amount of posts he made in the current thread. It provides an easy distinction between loyal and new readers. In case the reader has only made 1 post, or only made posts in a single update, this number will be marked with red color.

Side note: The extension only sees the posts which are loaded on the current webpage. If you're viewing only the last 50 posts of the thread, then the script will only be able take into a count these 50 posts. This means that, for this feature to be reliable, you need to have the whole thread open.
No. 28643 ID: e8f4bd

Installation instructions:
First you'll need a browser extension:
Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/
Chrome and other: https://tampermonkey.net/?browser=chrome

And then you can install the userscript:

End notes:
I've tested this userscript on Chrome and Firefox, but I can't be sure if it works flawlessly for everyone. Any testing and feedback is appreciated.
No. 28644 ID: c2051e

Good to know creepers don't get the point of an anonymous imageboard.
No. 28645 ID: 3ce125

You might want to restrict "updates" to images posted with the same ID as the OP. Though that's not foolproof either since sometimes quest authors(arhra does this) post images alongside clarifications. Also it would get screwy if the author's ID changes mid-thread.
Is it possible to add a button to tell the script that a certain post is NOT an update? That'd be foolproof since you could flag clarification posts and suggestions that have images.
No. 28646 ID: 2870fe

Yeah, ID is unreliable. Actually, it's quite often that quest author's ID changes, so I can't use the ID to identify which post is an update. Similarly with the name, as some quest authors juggle names left and right. And some don't even use any. I can't think of a robust way to detect which posts are updates.
As far as the button goes, unfortunately adding such a button would be quite a hassle due to complexity. If a lot of people request it, then sure, I'd add it.
Fortunately, it's extremely rare that image posts are made which wouldn't be part of an update. In case such a fake update post is made, it's still possible to determine which posters made multiple posts, by looking at the ⏬ button. If the ⏬ button is enabled, you'll know that the user made posts before, and after the fake update post.
No. 28650 ID: 4d6cc0

If this was an anonymous image board then there would be no post IDs. This isn't 4chan, hope that helps!
No. 28971 ID: 8df643

I've updated the script.

The script now puts SIGNIFICANT effort into determining which posts are updates and which aren't, so it's something which now works rather well. For that it uses various techniques, such as an advanced graph-building algorithm, predicting filenames and post subjects, hell, it even checks if posts contain icons to determine which posts are updates, or rather, which IDs/names should be linked to the quest author.

But yeah, I'm proud to say that it now works perfectly for the vast majority of the quests. It now also works for text quests. The only time it gets confused is when a quest jumps between text and image updates.

Other than that, it's got two new features.
No. 28972 ID: 8df643
File 152902519842.png - (63.71KB , 634x441 , clarifications.png )

When an author of an image quest makes a non-image post, such a post will usually be marked as a "clarification". It provides an easy distinction between common suggestions and author's posts.
No. 28973 ID: 8df643
File 152902522927.png - (89.31KB , 634x486 , nonupdates.png )

When a non-author posts an image in a quest, such a post will usually marked as a "non-update". It provides an easy distinction between updates and non-update image posts, such as paperdolls, various edits etc.
No. 28974 ID: 8df643

As mentioned before, the script can be installed from
I suggest using Tampermonkey over Greasemonkey due to the fact that Tampermonkey runs scripts twice as fast.

Please tell me if you find any quests where the script misses updates.
No. 28976 ID: ac5c24

Hmmm this can be really useful
No. 28977 ID: 891b91

Just wanted to say that I love this userscript -- I've found it incredibly helpful, both as a quest author and as a reader. Thanks a ton for all your hard work on it.
No. 28978 ID: 891b91

(lmao oops, the subject line isn't the email line, sorry about that)
No. 28979 ID: 8df643

Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, most quest authors don't visit this board and they will never know this userscript exists.

Btw, if you make a mistake, you can usually fix it simply by deleting your post and making a new one. I know I do that all the time. Instant regret D:
No. 28980 ID: c750eb

Dumb question can this work on Firefox phone browsers?
No. 28981 ID: 8df643

That's a very good question. Let me check.
*fetches his android phone*
*installs firefox browser*
*installs tampermonkey*
*installs script*
Why yes. Yes, it works just fine.
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