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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 150421281253.jpg - (2.66MB , 9087x9340 , rabenmutti2_result.jpg )
28613 No. 28613 ID: bd6a9d

Just another random Angela Merkel CDU Wahlkampf poster...
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No. 28614 ID: bd6a9d
File 150421297043.jpg - (2.84MB , 12800x7200 , rabenmutti_wallpaper4_result.jpg )

No. 28615 ID: bd6a9d
File 150421304490.jpg - (2.24MB , 12800x7200 , rabenmutti_wallpaper2_result.jpg )

No. 28616 ID: 1c3b98
File 150437816361.png - (829.87KB , 12800x7200 , martinschulz_wallpaper1.png )

Martin Schulz von der SPD Partei,
No. 28617 ID: 1c3b98
File 150437819791.png - (799.85KB , 12800x7200 , martinschulz_wallpaper2.png )

Martin Schulz von der SPD Partei,
No. 28618 ID: 1c3b98
File 150437828329.png - (878.55KB , 12800x7200 , martinschulz_wallpaper3.png )

Der Wahlkampf bleibt spannend...
No. 28619 ID: 1c3b98
File 150437834149.png - (687.96KB , 12800x7200 , martinschulz_wallpaper5.png )

Bis auf die letze Minute, that is...
No. 28620 ID: 3ce125

That quote is fabricated.

This is all propaganda. Please go away.
No. 28621 ID: 27b597

I suppose it's true. I mean that shit is exactly what is happening in the EU.
No. 28622 ID: 9876c4

Turn this into a quest if you want input. There is nothing to discuss about this.
No. 28625 ID: 67c7ac

The funniest things about these threads btw is whenever I get around to banning the IPs who post them, the only other posts they have are Coxwette votes, which means this guy must be using the same proxies as votestuffers
No. 28626 ID: 9876c4

Interesting stuff. Not an enormous surprise, though.
No. 28630 ID: be0718

This shit's literally at 4 cuils of disassociation from reality. Why are we speaking German?
No. 28746 ID: 9c2d0c

Pretty sure its because the German voice is guiding EU policy these days, and by asking that question and making me answer it, you have fallen for the trap.
No. 28825 ID: fb6306

Are you sure, though
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