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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 149172872684.png - (764B , 105x27 , TgChanNo.png )
28450 No. 28450 ID: 6311a8

I've got a problem with the "No." links that used to simply point to an anchor on the same page.

Now they always open the "Entire thread" page, even if I'm on the "Last 50 posts" page. It's hell for anyone who doesn't have an unlimited data plan on their smartphone...
No. 28451 ID: 6311a8

Oh, and on a desktop it's merely "annoying as fuck" because I have to re-expand the image(s) I was looking at in the first place!
No. 28452 ID: 70983e

No. 28467 ID: c6b31f

Seriously, whose bright idea was it to make this change? And why?
No. 28476 ID: e38f48

Turns out in the graveyard, it still works.

I poked around a bit with the Javascript debugger, and couldn't find a significant difference between /quest/ and /graveyard/, that would explain why one works as before and one doesn't.
No. 28477 ID: 398fe1

I'm gonna go ahead and blame the emoji code.
No. 28478 ID: c9f250

Is it better now? I hate javascript libraries.
No. 28479 ID: c9f250

Also http caching, that might be to blame.
No. 28482 ID: 398fe1

Seems to be working!
No. 28486 ID: e38f48

I just tested on /quest/ and it's working again.

Thank you and sorry for the harsh tone.
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