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File 148508437534.png - (108.47KB , 1000x500 , 1485083272606.png )
28312 No. 28312 ID: 15fae4

Dear fellow posters of tgchan. There is a matter of grave importance I must bring to your attention. As some of you may or may not know, Americans do not celebrate one of the most important Christian holidays on the calendar. The holiday in question you may be asking, is in fact, Easter. More importantly, it has become apparent that through some strange turn of events, Americans are in fact completely unaware of this holiday. The exact reason behind this is largely unknown, despite the best efforts of many posters questioning Americans to determine how such a religiously Christian nation could completely abstain from such an important Christian holiday. It now appears that the only way in which we may shine light on this peculiar situation is to continue to question the Americans and raise awareness of their deficiency of Easter celebrations. To conclude this announcement, it is recommended that whenever you see an American on tgchan, remember to ask, “Why don’t Americans celebrate Easter?”
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No. 28313 ID: 15fae4
File 148508444591.png - (14.96KB , 718x420 , 1MEUIvT.png )

Why don’t Americans celebrate Easter?
No. 28314 ID: 15fae4
File 148508447407.png - (150.66KB , 860x758 , 1463065982422.png )

A celebration marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior?
No. 28315 ID: 15fae4
File 148508455545.png - (35.06KB , 420x472 , 1459058219379.png )

The death and subsequent resurrection of Christ?
No. 28316 ID: 15fae4
File 148508460211.png - (66.94KB , 1456x1108 , wk1wDXY.png )

The Lamb of God?
No. 28317 ID: 15fae4
File 148508469248.png - (24.18KB , 420x420 , 1459058214378.png )

Tell me about the Americans, why don’t they celebrate Easter?
No. 28318 ID: 15fae4
File 148508489476.png - (77.07KB , 900x900 , 1459058214379.png )

Why can’t the leaders of the free world enjoy the freedom of partaking a holiday celebrated by most of the free world that celebrates the freeing of Christ from the bondage of death?
No. 28319 ID: 15fae4
File 148508508106.jpg - (31.52KB , 420x420 , 1479948669345.jpg )

It troubled me greatly when I became aware of the fact that the American people do not, in fact celebrate the event of Easter (also known as “Pasha”, or Resurrection Sunday). The cause for the distress that this revelation has caused is due to the fact that Easter is an event of much importance, which Americans appear to have disregarded. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he willingly died in a noble sacrifice to forgive us and all of humanity of our sins and therefore cannot go by uncelebrated, Americans have somehow forgotten about it and erased it from their historical and religious curriculum entirely. This is a great problem and arouses the question, “Easter?”
No. 28320 ID: 15fae4
File 148508538838.png - (25.62KB , 861x758 , 1485082989857.png )

I have recently learned a most distressing fact. It is that one of the more Christian nations does not celebrate a specific Christian holiday that is central to the religion. Now we all know that America definitely celebrates the birth of Jesus because of the sheer amount of spam. But they don’t celebrate Easter? The death and resurrection of Jesus is a central part of the Christian religion. And I just can’t fathom why they don’t celebrate it.
No. 28321 ID: 15fae4
File 148508554003.png - (16.93KB , 420x420 , 1485085288929.png )

No. 28322 ID: 15fae4
File 148508557587.png - (17.82KB , 592x420 , 1485082151263.png )

A story of humble beginnings; of life and death, perhaps? A story of... betrayal?
No. 28323 ID: 15fae4
File 148508643172.png - (243.25KB , 1500x1500 , 1479170226355.png )

It has recently come to my attention that a certain “Christian” country does not celebrate the most important date in the Christian calendar. There have been many threads concerning the issue but alas there has been no real definitive answer to this philosophical puzzle. Maybe the country in question itself does not know why it does not celebrate this holy festival. Could it be due to geopolitical factors? Or is it a matter of ignorance? WHY DON’T AMERICANS CELEBRATE EASTER?
No. 28324 ID: 15fae4
File 148508849886.png - (383.64KB , 550x296 , 1485088327380.png )

To rise again on the third day, in accordance with the scriptures?
No. 28325 ID: 15fae4
File 148509138758.gif - (304.39KB , 840x210 , 1485088757340.gif )

No. 28326 ID: 9876c4

I'm sure this seemed like a good idea at the time.
No. 28327 ID: 91cfcf

We do celebrate Easter. My family does it every year.

t. Clapistani
No. 28331 ID: 398fe1

This really is a big steaming pile of shitpost.
No. 28332 ID: 15fae4
File 148521452950.jpg - (87.34KB , 916x1100 , A Treat Good Enough To Steal.jpg )


No. 28432 ID: 77f1b6

An egg killed my father
No. 28433 ID: 87b6cd

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