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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 148053407278.png - (430.07KB , 544x416 , TitleScreen.png )
28184 No. 28184 ID: e136ae

So I had a few conversations with people last night about the Dungeon concept. Some people wanted a more permanent link to test it out.

This is a conceptual, incomplete game I made in RPG Maker. The inspiration for Rekki, Nem & Macha all began here. Other characters like the witch and the bloodslinger were less interesting and never made it into quests.


That's the original concept test I did for a Dungeon that gets angry over time. It has a few RNG elements, but these elements are impacted by the Dungeon's rage. While I could go back and fix some elements, I'd just as soon start fresh and plan things out so the code can be more optimized and less experimental.

Plus maybe learn some RUBY to do some more advanced things.

It's made entirely with default assets -- at the time I wanted to see how much I could do with just scripting and standard assets.

Quick FAQ:
Q: Is this finished?
A: No, not by a long shot. Long story but I stopped at the concept level.

Q: What's this made in?
A: RPGMaker VX Ace or something.

Q: What does the Blood Slinger do?
A: The Blood Slinger's concept was one who could use the blood from enemy corpses to empower his mystic blade, and allow him to build up enough charges to one-shot enemies. Different enemies provided different kinds of useful blood.

Q: What does Bleed mean?
A: You bleed until you bandage yourself or heal at the inn. Bandages don't restore any HP, just stop the bleeding.

Q: How do I heal?
A: Unless you're lucky enough to stumble across a healing potion, you have to go to the Inn where your characters will rest under the care of hired physicians until their strength is restored. This is expensive as you have to pay for room & board and physicians.

Q: Can I win?
A: The Win state is broken; I rushed it. It became apparent that I didn't do enough planning so the code got messy, but there was enough of the game in concept to suggest it could be a viable thing. It's still possible to see a win message, but it only works for the Berserker and only if she gets the Secret Ending, which is the only ending state. :(
No. 28199 ID: 9f3729

needs more creeping dread and more playing around with the concept than just harder monsters, like more traps and harder to navigate areas.
Maybe style it similar to Witch's House and have it slowly become an impenetrable deathtrap of monsters and booby traps
No. 28201 ID: e136ae

Appreciate the feedback. I'm going to be addressing stuff like that in the next test. Right now it's just about testing potential.
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