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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 147732631992.jpg - (16.73KB , 238x328 , kwang_nam_jang_82266.jpg )
28099 No. 28099 ID: 2dee8e

post comics/manga/manwha that you think are really good.
i'll start with Hellper.
is a fantastic romp of comedy, action, drama, and FEELS. like holy shit, i was not expecting anywhere near this many feels from something staring this guy.
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No. 28103 ID: 726a91

Don't let the early chapters fool you, the 'tournament' gag doesn't last long before you get into the meat of things.
No. 28107 ID: 37f049
File 147739642427.jpg - (201.76KB , 800x543 , dorohedoro.jpg )

DOROHEDORO is the touching story of a man cursed to have a lizard for a head and also amnesia.

He goes around with his friend eating gyoza at her restaurant and cramming wizards' heads into his mouth so they tell him what the man stuck inside him says. This is all in the hopes he can track down the wizard who cursed him.

It's completely grody in the best way imaginable.
No. 28112 ID: a606da
File 147754498155.png - (262.70KB , 500x250 , mongols ain't shit but horses and conflicts.png )

SHUT HELL is a story about an instrument-maker guy whose mind gets magically shunted back in time to the early days of the Mongol Empire. To his utter confusion, he finds himself occupying the corpse of a lady who has recently been executed.

Soon after, he learns the life story of his acquired body. It belonged to a woman referred to as Shut Hell, whose village was completely destroyed by the Mongols. Following the loss of her home, she became a near-feral wandering marauder who slaughtered so many Mongol soldiers that they started calling her 'the Evil One'.

This eventually leads into an adventure to help the pacifist bastard child of Genghis Khan save what basically amounts to a glorified encyclopedia.

Overall, Shut Hell reads sort of like a chaotic road trip through war-torn anime Asia in the 13th century. It's pretty fun!

Note: The translation sucks for the first few chapters (at least in the version I read) but it gets way better after a little while.
No. 28114 ID: 3663d3
File 147772403635.jpg - (354.45KB , 1326x899 , 001.jpg )

Gakkou Gurashi!
story of cute girls living at school. :D

but actually it's a zombie apocalypse and the main girl has severe PTSD so everything appears to still be okay as her brain tries to protect itself from the harsh reality that almost everyone she cares about is dead.
No. 28115 ID: 188451
File 147778413465.jpg - (53.25KB , 600x250 , wake-up-deadman-3338073-720x540-e1456627178660.jpg )

Wake Up Deadman.
Setting takes place in a world where some people that die get back up again as zombies with their minds mostly intact. MC is one of them. He tries to go after his crush that he died saving who ended up a famous musician. 82 chapters and he still hasn't gotten there yet, but he's learned about what he's willing to give up to keep moving forward. I suck at descriptions, but I liked it a lot. The thing has heavy tones after a bit, and feels after that.(in my mind)

I really really suck at descriptions, so if anyone wants to tack on or change something I said, go ahead.
No. 28119 ID: 9f3729
File 147849943831.jpg - (276.74KB , 1200x857 , i-am-a-hero-5825875.jpg )

In addition to a second reccomendation for Hellper, I'd like to bring to your attention the excellent "I am a Hero."

I am a Hero follows one Hiro, a manga artist and slacker, as he deals with the zombie apocalypse. Hiro's a genuinely good guy, but also kind of a creep, and it's a really interesting kind of main character to roll with.
The zombie apocalypse is ALSO neatly handled, I won't spoil it but I will say that this is a series that caught me during a particularly bad spell of zombie fatigue and managed to make me not hate zombies again simply by being such an interesting and unique take on them.
It's also a fantastic window into the many problems with modern japanese culture, a big theme of the first act is the collapsing of their society as the zombie menace takes hold, it's really quite good!
No. 28123 ID: 47f07a
File 147867989490.png - (1.04MB , 1500x1320 , GrossFeeder.png )

Kumo Desu ga nani ka (So I'm a Spider, So What?) is basically likea combination of Overlord and SAO where the main character isn't an asshole self-insert masturbation fantasy character, but is reincarnated into a fantasy setting as a small, weak-ass spider monster.

It's great and funny and tense all at the same time, and is also great for reaction images, I guess.
No. 28207 ID: a4a29e

i need more of this and my life feels incomplete without more
No. 28216 ID: c441c1

No. 28243 ID: 9f3729
File 148261970143.jpg - (25.59KB , 245x350 , Dungeon_Meshi_cover.jpg )


This is dungeon meshi, it's surprisingly hard to find the first few chapters now but make the effort to do so.
Because it's GOOD. Very good, even!
The core concept is essentially "Dungeons and Dragons does Ghibli Food." After one of the party members gets eaten by a dragon, the others are punted back to the start. Unable to save her without their gear and lacking money, they make plans to keep their equipment at the cost of rations. So, they start eating dungeon monsters.
This is a great fantasy series, and while it's a bit tolkien-esque it avoids the pitfalls of most fantasy works by A: being interesting, and B: trickling in exposition instead of dumping it all at once in an interview with an elf.
No. 28245 ID: 9f3729
File 148265123631.png - (373.04KB , 960x1508 , img000060.png )

Also, here's fire punch, possibly the most metal manga ever after Berzerk.

The protagonist is a dude who's superpower is swift regeneration who got set on fire by another dude who's superpower is producing flames that don't go out unless he wills it.
As you can imagine, he's pretty fucking pissed about being on fire and vows to kill the guy who did it.

This is all set in a post-apocalyptic winter and it's a pretty fun ride!
No. 28276 ID: 47f07a

I signed up for dude on eternal fire punching shit and ended up getting crazymotherfuckers in their underwear beating the shit out of people
No. 28302 ID: 4cc846

so 11/10 is what you're sayin'?
No. 28306 ID: 47f07a

Oh yes. The scene with Director Lady driving the truck was great.
No. 28359 ID: 621cb9
File 148624069808.jpg - (121.08KB , 564x751 , 6fa10dc0a32d14ff686ae16cb3d22527.jpg )

Requiem Chevalier Vampire is the best comic I have read. It's French, but there are translations floating about.

It's about a Wehrmacht soldier from the Eastern front who enters as a vampire into a bizarre and inverted underworld where the most evil people in life were rewarded with power in the afterlife. A lot of real figures show up in the story re-imagined as characters.

It has enjoyable humour and aesthetics. Somewhat outdated 1990s edgy looking shit, but it has some cool designs also.
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