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File 147729047413.png - (414B , 49x28 , WikiLink.png )
28094 No. 28094 ID: b7883c

Could the site mods to add a [Wiki] link to the top menu next to [WT] [Home] [Manage]? It would be more convenient then having to access the wiki through [Home] every time.
No. 28097 ID: 398fe1

I feel like more links should be on top of every page, not just /quest/. For instance a bigger link to the catalog on every board, and a link to Rules (and a direct link to the FAQ while we're at it) everywhere.
No. 28100 ID: 2dee8e

you do know if you go to https://tgchan.org/kusaba/ instead of https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/
you get a sidebar, right?
No. 28105 ID: b9aa79

It's not immediately obvious, but from the home page link, at the top of the side bar, you can navigate to both the rules and FAQ from the same page. So you can navigate to FAQ page directly, it's just not labeled as such. One problem I have noticed though is a lot of link destinations cease to work if the quest has been archived (at least I think that's what it is)
I have no experience with coding, and I'm getting to use the site for free so I don't mean to presume by asking anyone for anything, but if it is possible to make links re-route that might be a quality of life improvement worth adding
Another one I'm sure we've all thought of is the ability to edit posts, but again, I have no real grasp on the kind of difficultly it takes to more these things work.
No. 28108 ID: b7883c

That works to some extent, but a link at the top would be preferable to avoid taking up screen space while reading through a thread. Also, that approach also does not work for opening quests in new tabs.
No. 28174 ID: 395c02

<div class="navbar"> {if %KU_GENERATEBOARDLIST} {foreach name=sections item=sect from=$boardlist} [ {foreach name=brds item=brd from=$sect} <a title="{$brd.desc}" href="{%KU_BOARDSFOLDER}{$brd.name}/">{if $brd.name != 'meep'}{$brd.name}{else}general{/if}</a>{if $.foreach.brds.last}{else} / {/if} {/foreach} ] {/foreach} {else} {if is_file($boardlist)} {include $boardlist} {/if}

i will if i figure out what all this gobbledygook means
No. 28177 ID: 398fe1

That's the board list generator, it puts every board in the top left: [draw/general/quest/questdis/tg/icons]

I think the code stops after the questarch link. Looks like questarch is in a different section in the boards list?
No. 28178 ID: 395c02

That makes sense, considering the big secret of questarch, quest, and graveyard

the secret is they're all the same board, seperated by shenanigans
No. 28356 ID: b9aa79

People were looking for this thread, so I'm bumping it up, hope that's okay
No. 28361 ID: 398fe1

Hey, maybe the site should check to make sure you aren't double posting? Like, if you've posted the same thing twice in a row it goes "no, don't" or asks you if you're sure.
No. 28385 ID: 5b93d3

Bit of an odd bug: in the most recent Dungeoneer thread (https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/780479.html), using the "Expand All Images" button will not expand any images from post 781414
onwards (regardless of the 'view all' 'last 100' or 'last 50' view modes).
No. 28521 ID: 3ce125

Is there a cap to how many threads you can have hidden at once? It keeps unhiding threads after I try to hide them.
No. 28522 ID: 3ce125

After some further experimentation the answer seems to be yes. Is this necessary due to the way the site is set up, or is it a bug?
No. 28523 ID: 2016eb

I think its a protection against losing threads forever.
Like, you hide a thread and then keep up with it while its active, but then it goes to the graveyard.

You probably stop watching it, but it'll still be hidden.

Having a queue of hidden stuff is just an easy way to unhide older things.
No. 28524 ID: 3ce125

The older threads didn't unhide when I hid the new ones though. The new ones just wouldn't stay hidden.
No. 28601 ID: 3ce125

The graveyard catalog has only one page, unlike every other board. It's starting to take a long time to load. Please fix this! If it's like that so that you can ctrl+f to find quests quickly, might I suggest a built-in search function instead?
No. 28839 ID: 35089a

does tgchan have an discord group or any game servers
No. 28842 ID: 47aff3


there's irc which is like discord except for hackers and there's a minceraft server
No. 28855 ID: b7e0a2

You know how theres nsfw black text. I want there to be a button just like expand all images but it;s force true mouseover nfsw
No. 28927 ID: a96440

Tough to figure out
No. 28928 ID: a96440

Tough to figure out>
No. 28929 ID: d22dc0

The general discussion thread very rarely has any sort of normal activity; the main function of the site is the quests, in the quest thread, which are a form of cooperative storytelling. The quest discussions thread is used to talk about quests without disrupting the re-ability of the story, and the drawing thread is where artists post drawings. Traditional games rarely has any activity, and icons is more of a tool dump than a thread where people do stuff.
No. 28968 ID: d22dc0

It would be nice if the rules about NSFW images being being covered by a spoiler were more consistently enforced.
No. 29092 ID: b1b4f3

Suggestion! Add an upvote/like button to posts, but nobody can see the number of upvotes except the person that made that post.

It's for positive reinforcement, and nothing else. Unfortunately, people with dynamic IPs will not be able to see if other people like their posts.
No. 29179 ID: e95cec

From what I've gathered, there was a bunch of debate about this, then somebody in charge got tired of it and just turned off image spoilers on non-graveyard threads.

However...I appreciated the image-spoilers. I'd like to be able to skim past the NSFW bits, without actually seeing them. The no-spoiler change kinda led me to drift away from the site for a few months, which is a shame, because TGchan is my favorite website.

I concur that having a "unspoiler images" link, like the "expand all images" link, would be a good solution. If it's annoying to implement, or the relevant people don't have time, I'd gladly fix the code myself. (I've been a programmer for quite a few years, now, and I'm pretty good at my job.)
No. 29201 ID: a32fb9

Hi, I'm not sure where to post this (the most obvious target being a locked thread), but there's a small bug with the "report" form:

At least on Firefox, when I type some text in the "reason" textbox and press Enter, it submits to the "delete" button (usually yielding an "incorrect password" error) instead of "report".
No. 29208 ID: b1b4f3

Suggestion: an official discord channel would be good. Discord is more popular than irc so we might get more readers/authors!
No. 29210 ID: 40df11

It's an idea that gets talked about every now and again, I think the main concern is moderating it.
No. 29213 ID: 498ed0

i support the idea of a tgchan discord. Couldnt the people who are already mods moderate it?
No. 29266 ID: 899ebf

Casting my support for a tgchan discord.
No. 29269 ID: 688dd6

I'm supportive in theory of a tgchan Discord server. Maybe we could even have a whole section for channels for quests instead of them being spread around everywhere!

Agreed. Isn't moderating what mods are for? Get more if you don't have enough.
No. 29280 ID: 891b91

I'd be down for a tgchan discord, too.
No. 29291 ID: 8d26c4

People have been asking, but no action was taken... so I took some action.


This Discord server is unofficial but if enough people use it, it will probably become official enough.
No. 29292 ID: 5fc3a0

Official: https://discord.gg/Fh5zMTX
Link on the actual site in a while, crocodile.
No. 29295 ID: 900559

Now that's what I call functional democracy, hell yeah.
Kudos, mate.
No. 29425 ID: 5b93d3

Dangit, this is driving me up the wall! Bad enough that we're stuck with a redirect rather than a proper domain alias, but can the root URL at least redirect to the root URL!
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