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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 147607183118.jpg - (63.06KB , 1505x744 , Why+is+spurdo+a+leg+monster+now+_3582a189fb7153614.jpg )
28044 No. 28044 ID: 4dc2d2

On a scale of 1-10, how dead is this site?
No. 28045 ID: 595d54

No. 28046 ID: 398fe1

No. 28047 ID: d3c670

No. 28048 ID: 5164ae

No. 28050 ID: 52d0bb


There's at least six of us here
No. 28052 ID: 4dc2d2

I'm here now too with the Hiro bullshit that's been going on at the original /tg/. I'm hoping this board picks up.
No. 28055 ID: ea1c62


/quest/ has a fairly active population. Other boards, not so much.

Makes sense considering the original purpose was to provide a more furry quest friendly alternative to /tg/.
No. 28059 ID: 4dc2d2

Well can we push the furries out? /tg/ needs a new Shoah what with the MTG and CYOA spam.
No. 28060 ID: b9aa79

Quest is updated pretty regularly, quest discussion thusly follows. General discussion and Traditional games are pretty dead there's only a few people on there. Drawing I assume updates about as much as quest discussions, it's mostly porn though just FYI. I'm not sure what MTG and CYOA you mean, or what "hiro bullshit" means either but I'm also not even sure what the tg in tgchan stands for. I don't really use reddit or 4chan or those kinda sites so I'm as "hip with the lingo" as one could be.
No. 28062 ID: 398fe1

That is not an option.
No. 28063 ID: 52d0bb

Sure why not? For an encore we should push the feminists out of tumblr.

Magic: The Gathering, Hiroyuki Nakamura owns 4chan, and... uh, Cyanobacteria Yield: Organic Agriculture.
No. 28064 ID: b9aa79

gottcha- 9 recognized the acronym for MTG but I didn't see any of it on here. Unless they were to a different site having a lot of MTG on it?
No. 28067 ID: a788b7


I mean

good luck?
No. 28068 ID: 9876c4

CYOA=Choose your own adventure.

This newfriend objects to the content of the quest board.
and furfags, and tripcodes. And probably bacon and the smell of autumn rain, too.

I'm detecting a theme, here.
No. 28070 ID: 595d54

No. 28072 ID: 179856

Maybe you should try 8chan instead.
No. 28074 ID: ea1c62

>/tg/ bans quests, furries, and smut
>tgchan is composed entirely of quests, furries, and smut.

I'm looking forward to the MTG purge, I can finally run that phyrexia quest I always wanted :^)
No. 28077 ID: 398fe1

>phyrexia quest
That sounds pretty boss, why not start it now?
No. 28079 ID: ea1c62

Eh, I'm not really in a position to do it justice at the moment tbh.

Gigeresque biomechanical monstrosities lean towards the graphics-intensive side of possible subject materials, and I'm struggling to keep up with the projects I already have. It would be cool if someone else with the time/talent/inclination were to pull it off though.
No. 28080 ID: a788b7


To be fair, anyone using a tripcode but not producing content is a cunt.
No. 28081 ID: a6ae5c

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