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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 147519529921.png - (683.49KB , 800x1280 , sketch1475192312537.png )
28023 No. 28023 ID: d0b2b6

How do I contact quest/thread admins? I only have access to mobile and do not believe I can connect to IRC. Thanks!
No. 28024 ID: 595d54

Slinko at least is pretty active, try questdis if you need help. Do you need a flat-out admin or will a moderator do? Also, IRC's old, old technology and should run smoothly on most stuff, I think.
No. 28025 ID: 3abd97

There are a bunch of different irc aps for mobile, if you wanna try that.

You can contact mods via irc, asking in threads, or using the report function there on the lower right (if your reason for contacting them is relevant to a specific post).
No. 28029 ID: d0b2b6

Thanks for the help!
No. 28030 ID: d0b2b6

Thanks for the help!
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