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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 146308388730.gif - (494.11KB , 500x770 , SU Season 3 Diamond.gif )
27780 No. 27780 ID: 241e41

Today marks the beginning of the Summer of Steven, the time when Steven Universe enters its third season, beginning with "Super Watermelon Island" and "Gem Drill".

So, here's a thread. Just in case anyone wanted to talk about the show.
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No. 27889 ID: 7501b4

I absolutely can't wait for the rest of the season.

(Also, I totally can't remember my tripcode. Damn.)
No. 27896 ID: 241e41
File 146887014872.jpg - (659.41KB , 1280x1160 , summer of steven.jpg )

Here we are! Today's the day that the Summer of Steven truly begins. This time, it'll last for more than a week!
No. 27898 ID: 241e41
File 146891188063.png - (152.00KB , 640x360 , Steven_Lands.png )

Well, that happened. :pomf:

Today we started off the Summer of Steven with two episodes. My feelings on them are... mixed.

Steven Floats was a nice, lighthearted episode about Steven's development, with some funny character interactions and a nifty new thing to use in future episodes. It's nice to have these episodes about how magic and powers impact the characters' everyday lives.

Drop Beat Dad was... not much. I'm generally okay with episodes about the townsfolk, but this wasn't one of the better ones. It was pretty bland for the most part; things just sort of happened without much humor or drama, and you could pretty much see where it was going. On the plus side, there's the bit at the end. Steven's dad is a millionaire now! Lucky him! If nothing else, I'm eager to see where that goes.
No. 27901 ID: 908ead

Have you seen Mr. Greg yet? They shipped it, the absolute maniacs!
No. 27902 ID: c6e626

Mr. Greg was so good and full of really memorable songs. That's got to be one of my favorite episodes so far.
No. 27903 ID: cea69d

Not to plug shamelessly, but I'd like to plug shamelessly here. I'm a huge Steven Universe fan, and after getting both my sister and my father to watch it we caught up in time to start doing reaction videos. If you like talking about Steven Universe and a stream of endless bad jokes check out Storytime Family on youtube, twitter or tumblr.
No. 27906 ID: c441c1

No. 27907 ID: 595d54

Just ignore and report the spambots.
No. 27910 ID: 908ead
File 146970242617.png - (872.12KB , 1360x768 , end_of_stevengelion.png )

Oh Steven Universe, never change. Any other big references people have picked up lately?
No. 27922 ID: 241e41
File 147033217390.png - (314.74KB , 400x1000 , thursday gems.png )

Well, here we are! It won't be long before we reach the show's hundredth episode, and today's episode is looking to be quite an interesting one, if the promotional materials are any indication. Apparently, it's going to be a half-hour special. Not just a two-parter, but a full double-length episode!

It's safe to say that it's officially Happening. We don't know how exactly it's going to go down, but it's sure going to be something to see.
No. 27923 ID: a788b7


I sure can't wait for a big situation to come up that essentially resolves itself with nebulous input from the protagonists
No. 27924 ID: c441c1

It happened it was serious and it was amazing.
No. 27925 ID: 908ead

See, Steven sworded it out in the end. Er, sorted it out.
No. 27935 ID: c441c1

Because everyone is in the IRC freind
No. 27936 ID: c441c1

No. 27939 ID: 241e41

So, a lot of stuff happened in yesterday's episodes.

To no one's surprise, Pink Diamond is confirmed! To somewhat more surprise, Jasper turns out to be made for her and not Yellow Diamond! Which explains a lot about who she is and why.

Also, Steven can fuse with Gems! Which is rather strange, since he has an organic human body. How organic is Smoky Quartz, then?

On a lighter note, Peridot gets a chance to be useful in combat! And she's finally getting along with Lapis now! I would've liked to see a bit more reconciliation onscreen, but okay.

Oh, and the Ruby Squad is apparently done searching Neptune. Good for them!

And it's not over yet. There's sure to be some Happening to be had in "Back to the Moon". Probably involving that floating orb that they ignored the last time. Maybe we'll finally find out what it's for!
No. 27940 ID: 241e41
File 147089653886.gif - (4.23MB , 640x360 , The_Milky_Way_Galaxy_in_all_of_her_ineffable_glory.gif )

And there we have it! Season 3 has officially come to a close. Now we've just got reminiscence and speculation until Season 4 begins.

Also, Season 4 starts tomorrow, so we've got that to look forward to.
No. 27945 ID: 908ead
File 147099144467.gif - (0.98MB , 300x100 , steven_this_is_life.gif )

Evil Steven confirmed.

Perifrog also confirmed. She might be indestructible also. I'm glad Steven commented on it because I was certainly thinking it.
No. 27953 ID: c441c1

truly the face of pure EVIL!
No. 28353 ID: 241e41
File 148583823258.png - (1.38MB , 1080x1080 , time for answers.png )

Now it is officially Happening again.

You probably already knew this, but here we go.
No. 28354 ID: dd5b4d

That escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand. I think we can all agree Greg's out of this world though.

Oh and Andy showed up again.
No. 28355 ID: b9aa79

Wasn't the strongest group of episodes ever aired, but I really enjoyed them. Interested to see what happens with while the gems are away- wonder what they'll set up as the next sort of arc for the gems to go through
No. 28357 ID: 952ab0

in before relativistic effects have caused years to pass on earth since they left.
No. 28362 ID: b9aa79

Well based on the information released about the upcoming episodes, the episode coming out the 10th looks like it's gonna go over what happened while the gems were away, and then after that steven is back in town. It would be a cool scenario for them to be gone for longer then they experienced, but it seems doubtful to me that they'd make it be years since they were gone.
No. 28366 ID: 241e41
File 148670766065.png - (1.03MB , 750x2116 , feeling blue.png )

That was a really nice set of episodes. Everything fit together well, we got a lot of lore and an exciting plot to go with it. I really like how they characterized the Diamonds. A lot of what we saw in the last StevenBomb was implied beforehand, but it really helped put everything into perspective.

I especially like what they did with Yellow Diamond. She's been an ominous, looming presence since the later parts of Season 1, and they managed to put an amazing amount of character development ino her one scene. It seems to me that she's not simply an evil overlord, but that she feels she's obligated to fulfill her role as much as any other Gem. In Homeworld society, the Diamonds are flawless, absolute rulers, and that is the image she has to live up to; she can't allow herself to be distracted or weakened by emotions when her people need her to lead them. With one of their leaders gone, another too caught up in her own grief to help, and whatever's going on with White, Yellow has to run a significant portion of Homeworld without the support she's used to having; with all the stress of her job, Yellow has no time to deal with the loss of Pink, so she just tries to power through it and do her duty while erasing anything that reminds her of her pain.

It seems that, while Yellow and Blue Diamond care deeply about one another, they don't actually understand each other's feelings very well. They're so focused on their own grief over losing Pink Diamond that neither one of them truly understands how the other was affected; Blue spends so much time dwelling on the past that she doesn't see how much stress Yellow is under or how much she needs her, and Yellow wants to help Blue move on because she can tell how badly she's been hurt, but is too out of touch with her own feelings to understand Blue's pain or know how to heal it. That might have started to change, though, if Yellow Diamond is planning to help Blue collect more from Earth before it's destroyed.

On that note, the human zoo could be giving us some insight into Pink Diamond's character. Garnet described it as some sort of horrible trophy of conquest, but it seems to be designed by someone who truly wanted to take care of the humans' well-being. It has a pleasant Earthlike environment, has systems to take care of all the humans' needs, even some approximation of fun and games. Whoever designed it seems to be a gentle sort of person who wanted to keep the humans happy and healty... but also thought they were simple and interchangeable. Perhaps Pink Diamond felt some affection for Earth in her own way, and wanted to preserve some of its native lifeforms so that they wouldn't go extinct after the Gem colonies rendered the planet uninhabitable.

I'm excited to see what happens next. With "next" being "tomorrow", of course.
No. 28367 ID: dd5b4d

Well, the New Crystal Gems were fun. It was nice to see someone calling them out on having the emotional maturity of a six year old.
No. 28418 ID: 9d1e7c

weird how Ronaldo's inclusion is so outre after Connie's fitness is unquestioned when it's time to form the Flawed Gems
No. 28419 ID: 420271

Rocknaldo would have been so much better if he'd tagged along on a mission and his crazy theories had saved the day. So many of the townie episodes are about them being unlikeable jerks and/or Steven's IQ dropping 50 points. It's a little frustrating.
No. 28420 ID: c31aac

Absolutely, yeah.
No. 28511 ID: 4e9a6d

That trial tho
No. 28512 ID: 8c51fa
File 149612411081.png - (696.95KB , 1280x720 , Steven_Universe_Wanted_Promo_Title.png )

Gem things are happening.
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