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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 144518041508.png - (130.16KB , 500x254 , tumblr_inline_nua28hAPkW1tuxk2u_540.png )
27347 No. 27347 ID: f02a77

Probable quest-maker here, and I've been wondering something from other QMs (hoping this is appropriate to ask):

What program do you guys use to draw your quests?
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No. 27350 ID: 79288d

I use a few different programs, but usually it's just Paint Tool SAI.
If you're going for something free, GIMP or Paint.net may help you out!
No. 27351 ID: f56624

Krita is super simple but also super good, I can also recommend that.
No. 27352 ID: fee819

No. 27353 ID: f02a77

Guess I shouldn't have expected anything too fancy, huh? Photoshop's easy to come by anyways, at least the older suites, which I'm using personally.

On the topic of art, it's kind of hard to feel motivated around here. Everyone's just so much better at art than I am, which I can't help but feel impacts any quality my posts will have. It's like if you were given two foods, one that looks great and the other that looked like puke, you'd obviously choose the better looking of the two, right? Following that logic, a thread that has amazing art will get way more suggestions than the shitty one.

Probably not the place to vent off my insecurities, though. I just don't have anyone else to talk to about Quests and that jazz.
No. 27354 ID: 79288d
File 144531424252.png - (3.63KB , 203x463 , Bub.png )

Trust me, I understand the art thing.
For now, I'd say stick to something simple for your first quest.
Maybe try something like this image I posted for your characters?
As for the world, maybe base it off of cubes?

Overall, I'd say give it a shot. This board is full of surprises, so you never really know what'll get picked up by suggestors.
No. 27355 ID: 3e5cad

art dont mean shit (although ppl are most likely to read quests that have at least some art), imo what gets suggestions is the quality of the writing and plot, you should check out the quest advice thread in /questdis/
No. 27368 ID: bb78f2

Does anyone use a smartphone for drawing quest panels, ever?
Just curious.
Mind sharing the type of phone and app? Plus any stylus they might like a lot if they use one on a phone.
No. 27372 ID: 28d02c
File 144543135175.png - (86.66KB , 722x661 , deem_inkscape.png )

I use Inkscape, which uses vectors. It's probably not a good idea to emulate me.

>On the topic of art, it's kind of hard to feel motivated around here. Everyone's just so much better at art than I am, which I can't help but feel impacts any quality my posts will have.
Just tell yourself if you're not going to do your idea, who will? It's silly to not feel proud of your achievements just because someone else is good at that thing. You won't close the gap if you don't try.
No. 27375 ID: e4b345


Have you ever had Indian food? Looks like shit but sweet Jesus it's amazing.

As long as you can write a compelling story, art is secondary, just put some effort into what you do draw. Plus, you've gotta start somewhere, you know? The only way to get better is practice. Get paint.net and fuck around for a few days.
No. 27429 ID: 0a7e48

Used to use Brushes on an iPhone for mobile quests.

Most recently used Procreate on iPad. It's surprisingly powerful and most of its more useful functionality really requires reading the manual to even be aware of it.
No. 27484 ID: f8b4f5
File 144580453659.png - (13.60KB , 377x414 , cakes.png )

No. 27485 ID: f02a77


It's not that everyone else is better than me (which they are), it's that I can never make the things I want to make the way I want to make them. And compared to people who can draw at least something that looks like a hand, my junk just looks like...junk.
No. 27487 ID: 088824

Then draw a lot of junks in Porn Quest: The Pornening.
No. 27488 ID: 79288d
File 144581707245.png - (31.55KB , 800x600 , HAAAAAaaaaaaaaands.png )

Try using these? As long as you got something there it's fine.

Or, if you want to practice, I highly recommend http://www.quickposes.com/gestures/random and selecting "hands".
Use the images as a reference while you draw!
No. 27489 ID: f02a77


Thanks for the help, but not what I meant. Well, not really. I just can't see my ideas as having stick-arms or knob-hands, but like, I can't draw anything else so that it looks like anything.

Meh. I shoudl stop bringing my problems up in here.
No. 27490 ID: f56624

Incorrect. Oftentimes outside assistance is what gets me moving in the right direction.
Specify exactly how you're having trouble getting ideas out onto paper.
No. 27491 ID: f02a77

If you say so.

I guess I just...when I first get and idea, I visualize it. Obviously. But after I visualize it, I can't help but think about it in any other form but the one I originally thought it up in. Okay, that might not be worded right. I think it'd be better to say its "style" - I think of an idea in one style, and can't think of it being in any other style? If that makes any more sense.

Doesn't matter too much, though. Truth is that I disappoint myself by not being able to draw something the way I think it should be, or write something the 'right' way. It never looks the way I want it to look, which I guess just destroys my motivation.

Thanks for the offer to help, but really, it won't. Everybody can give advice, but it takes two people for advice to be taken.
No. 27494 ID: 1d031d

I resonate with what you're saying, I used to think very much like you. I eventually stopped giving a shit and let go of my insecurities. You'll find style later. And every artist has struggled with a desync between the image in their mind and the image on paper. The only way to fix that is practice. Just let go and have fun.
No. 27495 ID: 1e7be5

I can't. Physically, I can't "just let go". I've tried, and every time I do, it doesn't work. Can't go with the flow, can't not worry about it. It's next to impossible for me.
No. 27496 ID: ca8bf9

I get it's hard dude. It was an uphill battle for me and it lasted a while, but I broke out of it on my own. Maybe you need to see a counselor or therapist? This seems like a deeply rooted issue.
No. 27497 ID: 805c6a

Can't do that either. The only time I can talk about myself, or put my feelings into words, is when I type things to people that are inconsequential in my life (no offense to you folks). I used to have a therapist, but that lasted all of two sessions and we got nowhere.

I am going to stop talking about this now because it's an thread about art programs, not my pathetic rambling
No. 27532 ID: a107fd

Keep doing the thing you want to do despite the feeling. Eventually you'll look back and realize your skills have improved.

Or, maybe you won't. Question is, do you want the risk of disappointment from trying and failing, or the certainty of disappointment from never really trying at all?
No. 27552 ID: 0a1420

Dude, fucking EVERYBODY is anxious about their work when they first start doing art/showing their art. The only exception are those lucky few who've been doing it since they were young children when they had no shame. Every single other person has to deal with the hump of anxiety and lack of skill and ability and powering through it anyway. If you're under the impression that you've just got it worse somehow, you're fucking wrong. Almost everybody else here has dealt with the hump of anxiety. And every one of them have just said 'fuck it, I'm doing it anyway' and powered on through it until they got better. So don't whine about how you're just too anxious to manage, how it doesn't work and you just have it too hard to manage, poor little you. Because we've all gone through the exact same and we managed.
No. 27553 ID: f02a77

Never said I was special for feeling this way. I'm not ignorant, I know I'm not the only damn person to ever feel insecure. I wasn't trying to say that, either, and I'm sorry that my openly-stated self esteem issues pissed you off so much. I'll try to be more cautious, since I don't want more people insulting me for being sad and unsure of myself. What a thoughtless person I am.

While I'm here, might as well turn the argument back at you; just because you manage to live a normal life without putting yourself down doesn't make YOU special. YOU don't have the right to curse out somebody venting their feelings of inadequacy. Maybe I'm incapable of "powering through it". Maybe I literally can't manage. I don't know, and neither can you, so I don't see how you can even be that rude to someone you don't even know.

Yeah, it wasn't my place to just haul all of my whining into the forum like this/that. I get it, I just couldn't help myself and I sent it before I could think about it. And yeah it probably is super easy to stick to something long enough for you to not put yourself down. It's not like I think it's the hardest thing for everyone; it's just the hardest thing for me, whatever the reason is. Believe it or not, some people work differently than other people. Shocker, huh?

Nice job on complaining and whining about someone complaining and whining, btw. Real professional.
No. 27555 ID: e20f68


This thread almost seems like a front to vent your insecurities from the start. It didn't devolve over time: your second post here was putting this information forward and we were in a catch 22 from the beginning. Asking for a drawing program to help you with your quest with currently no intention of using any of the ones listed due to crippling insecurities about drawing. And hey, most others including myself chiming into this thread have offered you empathy and genuinely wanted to help. It's fine being insecure and talking about it, were all fairly nice people on this board and want to see new authors come forward and contribute. But you've gotten to the point where you're lashing out. What do you want us to say? You're right, you really can't do this, I'm sorry we tried to help you?

Chill for a sec, it didn't seem like >>27552 was cursing you out. He used curse words for emphasis, sure, but I didn't see any insults. I think he brings some good points especially because I have 1000000% been there. The difference between you and us isn't our insecurities, depression, anxiety, etc. Everyone feels like playing the victim game. It's an easy game to play, there's no risk, and the reward is that you get a trump card you can flash to anyone who challenges you. The difference between us is that we got over it, and we're getting done what we need and want to get done or at least trying to put in the effort despite wanting to be a victim. Because being a victim doesn't help us grow and improve. Working on this shit despite your feelings is the harder struggle and is worthy of respect. Folding up and pissing about it isn't. Do you even want to author a quest? It's been almost a month, what have you done? You've come to us wanting to make a quest and have done little more than assert that you can't make a quest. We are batting for you and trying to encourage you, telling you that you can, that we have experienced your struggle, and we're here to help, but it's been like sucking blood from a rock. I will tell you that I believe in you and genuinely want to see what you can do. But at this point, I don't think I can say any more than I'm sorry your insecurities run your life and I sincerely hope you can work through them.
No. 27556 ID: f02a77

i mean, that wasn't the reason when i first made the thread. i was legitimately curious what kinda programs were floating around. i dunno where this thing came form like that. i need to find better outlets for my emotions i think.

Since this is pretty pointless now should i just like delete the thread or something?
No. 27570 ID: b49f7c

nah, leave it up i say. theres some good points brought up here that could be pointed at in the future.
No. 27674 ID: 9c510d

my art is shit and I'm proud of it
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