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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 142385447963.jpg - (42.78KB , 556x417 , Capicino catitude.jpg )
26994 No. 26994 ID: 8fb9fe

My friend is thinking of making a cat-only pet store, but needs a name and specialty items that can set him apart from the major competition.
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No. 26996 ID: a19cd5

Call it Dogs-r-us
No. 26997 ID: d958ad

No. 27001 ID: c506d0

Possible Names: Purrfect Purchase, Kitty World, Cattitude, Mew Station, Lion's Den, Cat Towers.

Items that might work: Catnip Oil, Custom Furniture, Books/Guides on Cats/Breeds, maybe plants they would prefer to eat over the ones they currently eat.
No. 27002 ID: 91cfcf
File 142397681963.jpg - (44.01KB , 500x448 , not vegan cat.jpg )

>cat food

Pls go and stay gone, vegan cat-murderer
No. 27003 ID: d958ad

Well they do eat grass, but I think that's to help with digestion or something? I know that there are brands of grass seeds marketed towards cat owners.
No. 27004 ID: c506d0

Thank you for pointing that out, but that isn't what I was getting at.

My indoor cats love to attack and in response eat my palm which has no benefit or negative to them. Now there are lots of plants that cat love and in many cases need in order to be healthy. In the wild they would eat plants to relieve stress, kill internal parasites, relieve headaches and muscle aches and all such. Much like we do. Now they have less tolerance to truly potent human remedies such as onion, garlic, and willow bark all of which can kill a cat, but not a dog. Is it nutritionally needed no, but consumption has benefits. It is not ever meant as a replace.
Vegans themselves - require allot of supplements to replace the iron, protein and calcium and such that a balance meal provides.
No. 27005 ID: b33e85

Some things that would really help are items that assist in cat discipline like bitter apple spray and double sided tape. I wouldn't suggest squirt bottles, as that might just seem rude.

>Doesn't know about catgrass
No. 27006 ID: 8fb9fe

These are some good suggestions, its giving my friend allot of ideas.
No. 27013 ID: 321d85

Please note that onions and garlic can, in fact, kill dogs.

No. 27017 ID: 3f6dfc

never give your cat viagra pillz
No. 27021 ID: 5b1b99

Cat traps.
No. 27031 ID: 35cae8

No. 27032 ID: d958ad

No. 27033 ID: c1a40d

The cat-alogue.
Make sure the kitties have all-natural scratching posts and there's tons of reading material on felines.
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