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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 140748487389.png - (260.65KB , 1402x530 , seamergency2logotransparent.png )
26600 No. 26600 ID: 2a5ef3

The most best wonderful great time of day is here again!

Seamergency's back around once more, dear TGChan, the 96-hour livestreaming charity marathon of donators' art requests being drawn to life and speedrunners (like those at Games Done Quick) demolishing games in a manner most quick, all towards the benefit of the WildAid charity program, SharkSavers!

Tune in to our Twitch at http://twitch.tv/seamergency to join us as we're gonna be streaming from Thursday going through the weekend to Monday, ending at 6/9PM PDT/EDT!

For a mere 5 dollars (or more) donated towards our cause, you can request a lovely piece of art (just put what you'd like to see in the Comment box) and a chance to win one of the prizes graciously donated by WildAid.
You can also support the cause by buying a shirt at http://bombch.us/m2M with an adorable design made by TGchan's own Malificus!
All money you donate or profits from shirts go directly to the SharkSavers program.

Hope to see you all there!
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No. 26606 ID: 7eb080
File 140781438134.png - (293.13KB , 700x353 , bCsZO0z.png )

Seamergency 2014!
No. 26623 ID: cd8db0

While there's no ironclad guarantee that the last requests will be completed, just a reminder that donation arts are getting placed in http://sharks.thatquestsite.org/art/index.php/Seamergency-2014 as they come in.

Thank you again, everyone who participated and everyone who donated. The sharks thank you!
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