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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 139289178634.gif - (2.00MB , 400x259 , SqZlt1I.gif )
25937 No. 25937 ID: 61da19

I'd feel guilty editing the news on the front page since it's become something of a legacy that "four more years" will be over four years old, but I'd like a place where I can actually talk about new features or other changes that happen to the website. This way, everyone can tell me everything I do is a horrible idea and how dare I change it!

No. 25938 ID: 61da19

Now to shotgun recent things.

Lagotrope is now a mod, and will be in charge of favicons. He can also edit posts.

Lawyerdog is now an mod, leaning towards IRC stuff.

Starit is no longer a mod. We wish him the best!

Dylan added a script to do image replacing. All mods are now able to replace images.

All pages now show 20 threads, up from 15.

I made some changes to the top of /quest/, /dis/, and /arch/, making it slightly easier for phone users to change boards, and making the Catalog View more obvious/visible. What a long sentence!

"View first 100 posts" is now "View last 100 posts". I'm open to the idea of making it 150.

/icons/ was made public. It's no longer in an experimental phase.

Please keep discussion in here civil. We're literally on the same board as Big Dumb Arguments if you want to shake your fist in fury at any changes that were made.
No. 25944 ID: 0ee153

I admit, it mildly irks me that I keep confusing this thread with the bird thread.

Otherwise, most of the changes seem good. I don't know what the consequences, if any, would be of making view last 100 posts 150. Longer load times?
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