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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 139062836332.png - (60.30KB , 800x393 , cdR3u2A.png )
25858 No. 25858 ID: eb27db

note: Quantum Thaumaturgy is archived incase we need/want to start that back up again.

Maintaining my buggy-ass resource intensive modpack from before there were many big 1.6.4 packs was getting to me more than it should have, so I moved the server to a new pack.

It's based on the FTB Monster pack, with a few addons and removals. Instructions to get it working are below, and hopefully lengthy but not too complicated.

Server is mc.tgchan.org:2525

No. 25859 ID: eb27db

Also if enough people want me to enable specialmobs then I can. It's a simple file modification serverside and enabling it clientside + minor change to the instructions.
No. 25860 ID: eb27db

eating my words. Updated the addon pack and the instructions.
You need to also enable specialmobs, and the new addon pack should additionally have archemedes ships and Redstone in motion.
No. 25952 ID: eb27db

Check above. The txt and the zip included were both updated for monster .10. Was a pain in the Arthur Dent to get it to not mess up its own item ids whenever you ran it for some reason. Some stuff probably vanished or might need fiddling with to get working, but I haven't found anything overly broken yet. Talk with Deadbeard or Seven if you need something spawned and/or fixed.
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