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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 138794596357.png - (383.29KB , 433x723 , support-snowden.png )
25775 No. 25775 ID: 672d09

Time to give to those who gave so much to us: http://imgur.com/uT8jnJQ
No. 25776 ID: df41f8

this is the single neckbeardiest thing I have seen on this website
No. 25778 ID: beeca1

You haven't seen the MLP discussion thread?
No. 25787 ID: 7e859d

let me know when he takes dogecoin
No. 25790 ID: 88efa2

An excellent ploy to pocket bitcoins by playing to people's sensibilities.

Seriously, a bitcoin wallet address and no other identifying information? Are bitcoiners just stupid or am I missing something? What exactly would this "money" be used for??
No. 25792 ID: 42ad0e

Most aren't but I bet that wallet got some money anyway. Easily enough to be worth the work of making that poster.
No. 25793 ID: 88efa2

Should have gone with Dogecoin instead. I bet they're much more liberal with their spending right now.
No. 25933 ID: 53548a

Definitely, dogecoin is all about sharing.
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