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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 136813068990.jpg - (418.12KB , 1280x960 , Meat58.jpg )
24589 No. 24589 ID: b53faa

delicious meat products rain from the sky, pelting and tenderizing my body as I drift ever further down. Suddenly, gravity ceases, and I begin to float among the meat.
A ham hock lazily floats by, pelted into a slow spin by a stray kielbasa. A set of barbecued ribs splits in half, the seperate pieces fluttering like the glistening Flagella of a deep sea creature.

And all the while I sit there, motionless, watching as the meat world surrounding me coexists with me in perfect abstract harmony.

I am with the meat.

Part of the meat.

One with the meat.

And then, the meat clouds come. Giant, billowing masses of ground beef, roiling with the hot frying grease and battered chicken eager to burst loose on the world.

Thunder rolls, and a thick rain of grease bathes the meat landscape, feeding the t-bone flowers, granting life to the wild bacon trees, and allowing life to thrive.

But not all is well, and soon enough the grease overflows the land. Thick rivers of the stuff coagulate along the banks, flowing slower and slower until finally, it thickens to paste, and the once-nurturing life-giver takes up its dues.

But not all is lost, and soon a flock of hungry lambchop gazelles leap into action, drinking up the nutritious grease from the drenched and sticky landscape. Barbecue rivers start to flow once more, and the vivid life present in the meatosphere resumes its daily grind once more.

And on the circle goes. Meat to Meat, Ham to Ham.

A beautiful brown baconbow dresses the horizon, he beauty nearly overwhelming after the horrors of the storm.

I pluck a juicy meatball form a nearby beef blossom tree, suckling the delicious substance tenderly, leaning back in mild wonder at this beautiful world of meat.

And I drift off to sleep, and the meat world is no more.
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No. 24590 ID: 400dc8

i dont know why this is here
but i accept it w/ joy
No. 24591 ID: b53faa
File 136813257520.png - (474.91KB , 900x695 , Alex_Boake_HappyMeat.png )

No. 24592 ID: 747c7e

No. 24595 ID: f2c20c

No. 24597 ID: b53faa
File 136819934363.jpg - (64.86KB , 468x461 , meat-ad.jpg )

No. 24599 ID: b53faa
File 136819988719.jpg - (21.76KB , 400x328 , 1369Loin T-Bone Steak.jpg )

No. 24600 ID: 306558
File 136820181702.jpg - (58.84KB , 800x630 , kinderham.jpg )

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